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Joined: Apr 2012
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So Tekken 7 being officially announced, I hope first of all that Raven stays and that he gets a few good tweaks and changes. So my official wish list is below! Post yours too

First of all, all doppelgänger attacks are actually made useful somehow. Not really sure how. Less recovery most likely.
I'd also like to see some moves added where he uses his daggers

4,1: doesn't leave you back turned any more. Safe on block, + on hit.
4,1~b leaves you back turned

d/b+2, 1: delayable, CH confirmable

1+2: NH launcher (similar to Arc Blast). -12~13 with some pushback.

f+(2), 3: bound move (if bounds stay)

u+3: Range increased

u+3, d+3~d, d/b, b, u/b, u, u/f, f+1+2: will be his u+3, d+3~d to the ki charge he does, straight into the his unblockable

d/f+3+4: replace this. Maybe make it his ws 3+4 homing move instead

(f+3+4), 3+4 (and the version from the b+4, b+4 string): -14~15

BT b+2, 3: CH confirmable

b+1+3 / b+2+4: when Raven drops down from the sky after this reversal he drops straight into Haze

hmm not sure what else. what do you guys think?
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Most of this stuff is fine i guess but "BT b+2, 3: CH confirmable" would be really really broken .
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Joined: Apr 2012
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From: Australia
PSN: oo-sphinx-oo
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Haha yeah I suppose =P
Mr Adam0
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#4 “Quote” Edit Post
I just hope he's in it.

I agree with u3 needing more range, that move would be way more useful if it did. I really miss 3,3 jailing, I'd take neutral on hit with jailing over no jailing with + on hit any day of the week. Probably just a minor thing, but I really miss CH b+1 being +15.
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The two that immediately came to mind:

1) His UB! should be available for input the entire time Raven is ki charged (not just immediately after d+1+2)
2) d/f+1+2 should be his old DFA UB!, get rid of this qcf+2~1+2 crap

I'll assume the TTT2 qcf+2 nerfs will be reverted, so no real reason to beg for it in T7, I hope...
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Joined: Apr 2012
Posts: 208
From: Australia
PSN: oo-sphinx-oo
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forums so quiet...
Lone Wolf
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#7 “Quote” Edit Post
Hopefully he's in T7. Some stuff I think would be fun...

f+2>4 - New high followup after f+2, it'd knockdown and wallsplat but be HCable. Something like this would make his whiff punishment stronger at the wall. Could be like a tailspin move as well

f,f,f+3 - Change animation to a running version of f,f+3. Does that heavy blockstun animation on hit

f,f,f+3+4 - If not the above then this which would be like a jumping version of f,f+4. Same properties as above

Unblockable - Take the mandatory ki charge off of it. It's slow enough on its own

b+1 - Return it to T6 status. On CH nets you free 15f or lower

d/f+2 - Increase speed by 1f to make it like other d/f+2s speed-wise. That or at least make it launch vs crouchers

b+3 - Such a slow and linear move, yet it's one of the few moves that leave him + on block so it's nice for pressure in certain situations. A better reward on hit would be nice though. I'm thinking on hit it should knock them down in a FDFA position

3,3 - Make it a mid,mid or just make that shit jail again. It's pretty useless as it is now
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#8 “Quote” Edit Post
Honestly, I'd just like it if they sped up some of his punishment.
i14 b+2
i15 d/f+2
Also, please for the love of god, take d/f+3+4 out, maybe make f,fn3+4's notation change to d/f+3+4. Lastly, more HAZ transitions and fix u/b+1,2's hitbox.
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