combos out of hellsweeps for n00bs

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Pardon if this has been covered somewhere else, but -- why didn't you all tell me you can combo out of:
cd 4,4 < 4 ...

(so that's a hellsweep with two spin kicks, pause a tiny bit, get the ws 4 for the pickup -- takes a minute or two to get the rhythm right, but you can get it pretty reliable if you futz with it in practice mode -- don't press 4 too many times!)

What I've been doing with / is:

cd 4,4 < 4 d1 ~5 TA! [Kaz: cd 4,1] uf+3,4

... and that's like 84 damage. And you just have to catch somebody with a hellsweep! Easy, so easy!

So, experts: what else ought one be doing here?

edit: OK, there are actually a bunch of these on the Heihachi solo thread, looking a little closer:

... I saw somebody doing this online and it looked so sick; was pretty proud of myself for figuring it out.
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You should be able to do:

CD+4,4, CD+4,n+4, b,f+2, d+1~5, Kaz CD+4,1, Hei f+3+4,2,1
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Ooh yeah. I can do that RAI 2,1 too, for a little more damage. Haven't tried that b,f+2 in there, I'll give it a shot!
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old post but you should be able to get staple ewgf juggles on mediums/bigs from cd44
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I'm new to the game but i find that the best way to win is to use f+3 then keep on using 3+4, f+1+2 until there dead.
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yo can do ewgf,ewgf,cd+4+4,n,4,dewgf d+1(bound)
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