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Play Style:

Poke, Offense, Patient/Whiff Punish

Similarly to Bob, I try to use my pokes and attacks based on what the opponent will react to next. Use frames for attacks also to bait out whiffs for small and big whiff punishes, makes them not want to attack at close ranges when I am putting on pressure..Hence letting me create more pressure!
I use frames to work against them, whether negative or positive, I try to create an option using safe attacks and special mid jabs [d+1]
Once I know they freeze up to attack, I can use ff+4,3, FFF+3 and slower, heavy damage mid/low mix ups.
There will be times in the match where I will go low one after the next just to create that fear that the low is there and you better start ducking. F,F+4,3 is a great move for this.

Attacks and Keep Out:

1,2, DF+1, B+1 [Fast, tracking mid, good range, good to use, but kills your momentum on block], DB+1, DB+4 [Be weary to use, use it when someone is coming in to attack, this will create more CH situations and most players won’t run in and duck low automatically, also you can use it outside of Hopkick range ], DF+1+2 [long range mid that tracks at the final frames, so if you use it while your opponent is still and then suddenly tries to move when they see an animation, it will hit them. CH gives free ground damage and it leaves you in a desirable position on block too]


B+1, definitely worth throwing out, even if you don’t predict a sidestep. DF+1, tracks to Lars’ left a little, but not consistent side step catch. D+4, cheapest tracking low haha, I love abusing this move! F,F+1+2, use it when opponents back is NEAR or at the wall, they wouldn’t be able to step it easily. F,F+1+2 is also good to use at around 2+ character distances away.. It’s a good “close in” move for space, beware though as it will whiff if an opponent steps to the right. Using WS+2 after D+4 or D+1 and DB+1 is a great tool to catch people who quick step.
Counter Hit Catches:

DF+2 [which leads to a juggle] is great to use when you are in your opponents face and expect them to try to use most moves other than jabs [slow mids, lows etc]. A good way to condition them into getting your CH a lot is by using your fast mid and low pokes with your jabs up close, it will force an opponent to use low crushes etc. Using these fast pokes along with a small sidestep to scare them into throwing out anything slow is also a dirty trick to get your counter hits. DF+2 has good tracking too, its not a consistent tracking move and the range can be back dashed.

Mix Ups:

FF+4,3 mix up with FF+2 or DF+1+2, or even FF+1+2 if they’re really fearful. DB+4 and UF+4 is also a mixup that will get them REALLY hitting their heads.

Top 5 Most Used Moves: [I’m excluding F+1+2 because it is a whiff punisher]

TA Fillers:

DE~D [Cancel], WS+2,F+1, DF+3,3 [Great wall carry potential], FF+2~F,3 [or 1],

Wall Fillers:

1+2~B, F+4,1,2,1

When in your opponents face, and they’re not hitting a button, where there is a pause between both of you, use your close range DF+2 to tempt them into getting CH’d. TRY IT!
Differentiate your play style round after round to really throw off an opponent, Lars can do this. Extremely offensive one round, DF+1, jabs, D+1 and D+4 into WS+2, etc, and then the next round, play completely patient, keep out game using jabs, back dashing and sidestepping in and out, you will be amazed on how many whiffs you will punish. Also, playing YOLO mode is good with Lars, FF+4,3’s, UF+4, DB+4 are risky but good moves to use only once in a while.
Running 2+4 is deadly and can be buffered of most moves on hit.
DE+1 should be used as a back roll catch after opponent is grounded [Head up, feet towards you]
Use DB+1,3 in situations where the opponent will not expect it, not only when standing, this is because using the full string is risky enough, might as well use FF+4,3 for the damage. People are afraid and will crouch against Lars, so use db+1,3 to punish safe moves, use it if you hit them with moves such as B+1, DF+1+2 etc.
Lars has an amazing sidestep, utilize his movement side to side and only take one stride backward at a time [since his stance and back dash are not that great]. SS F+1+2..done.

Tag Punishers:
F+1+2 is an awesome tag punisher up close, if they are far, run in and F+1+2!
I cannot stress how great this move is as a tag punisher.
If you launch on the side or back turned, use d+1, WS+2,2 as your combo after F+1+2.

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