Moose's Scrub guide to Feng

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Feng Wei

Part 1: Punishment and Converting Damage

Standing Punishment


1, 2, 2 (34 damage)
1, 3 (31 damage)


b+1+2 (40 damage + KD)


uf+4 (17 damage + launch)

FC Punishment


duck jab (6 damage)


WS 4 (24 damage)


WS 1, 2


WS 3 (27 damage + launch)



f+3, 4
SS 4
BT d+3
CH (1), 1
CH qcf+1
2~1, 1 launches some large characters.


f+4. 3
db+2, 2, 2
f+3+4, 3
BT 2, 2

Staple Enders

f+3, 4
f, f+4, 3, b+1+2 (higher damage, but harder/less consistent)

Sample Juggles

f+3, 4, df+1, df+1, f+4, 3 B!
qcf+2, dash jab, f+4, 3 B!
qcf+2, f+3, jab, db+1+2 B!
CH qcf+1, dash 1+4, db+1+2 B!

Part 2: Key Moves and Poking

1, 1

This move is very good if used properly. The 2nd hit can be delayed quite a bit and launches on CH. The trick is to mix it up with his f+1, 1 10 string to make it safe. But, when I say "safe" it's not really safe. You're using the variable number of hits to force hesitation. You can even do just the first jab and you'll gain hesitation advantage because your opponent won't swing due to the 2nd hit being a CH launcher.

If you're playing on stick, you can hit dead buttons to make it sound like you did 1, 1 when you only did the first hit and so on. This will force even more hesitation if your opponent can hear your inputs.

2, 4, 1

2, 4 is high, mid 10 frame string that is punishable on block at -12. However, you can delay the 1 to catch people swinging, which is actually critical to stopping people from swinging when you go into BT. 2, 4, 1~B will cancel the 3rd hit and put you in BT for mixups.

From here, you can do BT d+3 for full launch (very risky), you can do BT 1+2 to hit mid and stay BT, or you can do BT 1+4 for a nice damage throw option. From BT, you can hold db to spin away and duck, which can sometimes force a whiff if they swung late, but I wouldn't suggest doing it for that purpose.

f+3, 4

This is Feng's highest damage whiff punish. The thing is, it's slow and super omega hella launch punishable on block. Use this only for telegraphed or huge whiffs, or to punish raw tags.

The first hit by itself is a solid poke. Nice range, mid, safe. Again, you can get hesitation by dead buttoning the 2nd hit, since your opponent definitely doesn't want to get hit by that.


Feng's df+1 is 0 on block. this means that you can still move around, sidestep, or continue your offense. You can do b+1 to try and catch a CH from someone assuming you're at -frames. You could also do the same thing with his b, f+1 backswing blow, but that's much riskier.

df+2, 2 and f, f+2

I'm grouping these moves together because they work in conjunction with one another.

df+2, 2 is mid-mid, safe, good damage and wallsplats. But, it is somewhat slow compared to df+1 or 1, 2. But, if you dash into df+2, 2, it looks alot like f, f+2 which is unsafe. What this does is tries to get your opponent to swing between hits and get CH by the 2nd hit for a knockdown and potentially a wallsplat.

df+2, 2 is also his highest damage wallsplat after a fully charged f, f+1+2 at the wall, next to f+3, 4.

f, f+2 in itself is a decent move, similar to Jin/Devil Jin's f, f+2. Use it for a knockdown attempt, but try to hit it at the tip so that you're as far away as possible to make punishing it difficult, if not impossible.

df+3+4 and uf+3

I'm also grouping these moves. Not because they serve the same purpose, but because they give the same Egyptian setups that i'll cover below.

df+3+4 is a long range homing move, but it is slow. This move is the long range alternative for when Fish Hook (b+4) will not reach.

uf+3 is a safe low crush that tracks pretty well. You use this when you suspect a low, but don't want to commit to a hopkick.

Egyptian Setups

After df+3+4 or uf+3 on hit, you can dash up and do b+2, 3, 4. If they quick rise, it'll all hit them in the back. If they lay there, the low will hit them grounded. And if they escape it, you're relatively safe. Egyptian setups are a good way to apply pressure after otherwise difficult knockdowns to capitalize on.


This move is fantastic. Huge range, high crushes, and it even tracks at the tip. However it is launch punishable.

i'll take this opportunity to reiterate what Aris said regarding this move. This low is UNSEEABLE. That means, if this low is blocked and you get launched, that's your bad. You suck. You were predictable. Don't shy away from this move because it's risky. If you use it when they're standing, it won't be an issue..... because it's not seeable.

Fish Hook (b+4)

This move is a 12 frame mid that tracks almost 180 and is completely safe. The only drawback to this move is the range. You can borderline spam this move near the wall, since the opponent can't backdash away, and they'll be highly tempted to try and sidestep or sidewalk to get away from the wall. This move is very important near the wall for that reason.

Against any opponent who loves to SS, this should be your go-to tracking move up close. Again, at further distances, df+3+4 is your other option.


I recently started doing this more and it's hella cheap. It covers distance well, tracks for days, and is only -2 or so, so you can keep pressuring after it. To WS out of CD, just hold the df until Feng starts to tuck his legs back underneath him (when he tries to go to FC) then let go and hit the 1. A really great approach tool.

Part 3: Brief Movelist Analysis

1, 1- This move is godlike in conjunction with his f+1, 1 10-string and his 1, 2. you can delay it to catch a CH (only if you don't do the f+1, 1 version) It is -11 on block, so keep that in mind and don't overuse it.

1,2- Basic jabstring. 0 on block. Nothing really special.

1,2,2- A 10 frame punish option, but it's -14 on block. Can be transitioned to BT by holding back. The BT transition still leaves you at -12 and facing away, so don't do it unless you know it will hit.

1, 3- another 10 frame punish option. It's safe and +5 on hit. High,High.

2, 4, 1- The first 2 hits can be used as a 10 frame punish. 2, 4, 1~b goes into BT for some pretty tricky mixups.

3, 3, 4- This is a new string in this game, and a decent one. The first 2 hits are high-high, jail, and do good damage. The 3rd hit is a launch punishable low but can be used with proper conditioning. Be wary. 3, 3, 4~b will transition to BT. On hit you can mix them up, but on block, you're dancing with death.

2~1, 1- This move has lost it's usefulness since the tech trap from T6 was removed. 2~1 can be used to bound for certain combos. You can get full combo on hit on certain characters though, so if you can get it to land, go for it.

3~4, 3- Great, but difficult, TA filler. First hit can potentially used to catch raw tags. The 2nd hit will get blocked 99% of the time. Hold b to go to BT.

4~3- Somersault. I use this alot as an oki tool to hit grounded. It spikes backrolls and forces them to block it if they tech. Beats low getup kicks too. It is safe, but using in on a standing opponent might not be a great idea. If they block it late, as in right before he hits the ground, it's + on block. This usually happens when they tech and block it on wakeup. Good to keep in mind.

1+2- It has a punch parry. I rarely ever use this move. Slow and unsafe at -13.

1+4- low, high. Can be used as a poke on occasion, but it's main use is for juggling after CH qcf 1. 1+4, b+1+2 is a good wall combo for low wall hit.

f+2, 1, 2- An iffy string. NCc I believe and the 3rd hit is extraordinarily unsafe.

f+3, 4- A good launcher for whiff punishing. Be very careful because it is launch punishable on block. The first hit can be used for poking and mindgames too.

f+4, 3_f+4, 4- f+4, 3 is good bound move and bounds on normal hit. f+4, 4 is a low extension but is blocked quite often. f+4 by itself is a launcher and can be transitioned to BT by holding b.

f+1+2- Feng's secondary shoulder. It's 0 on block and leaves you in BT which can lead to some mixups. You can end wall combos with it to force free BT mixups at the wall.

df+1- 14 frames and 0 on block. A very solid mid poke overall. Use often.

df+2, 2- Safe, knockdown, wallsplat, and it looks a lot like f,f+2. You can often catch people with the 2nd hit because they thought it was f,f+2 and tried to hit a button.

df+3- Safe mid launcher, 18 frames, but awful range. Usable, but not something to rely on too much imo.

df+4- Mid poke, but slower and less advantageous than df+1. Just use df+1.

df+3+4- Big mid homing move. Somewhat slow, but can be used for tracking at ranges where fishhook would whiff.

d+2- One of Feng's best lows. Only -11 on block which is great. Used in conjuction with db+3.

d+4, 1+2- Can be used as a combo ender. NCc. -10 on block. d+4 by itself is a pretty good low as it's only -11.

d+1+2, 1, 2- You could end wall combos with this to be flashy, but other than that, forget this exists.

db+1, 2- Good wall ender after TA. -11 on block. db+1 can transition to forward Kenpo, but it leaves you at -16, so it's only good for mixups after a wall combo. It can also transition to back Kenpo, but there's no practical reason to do that.

db+2, 2, 2- Feng's most reliable B! at the wall. Can be used for mixups if you cancel it with db, but the usefulness is limited.

db+3- Fantastic low. Huge range, tracks at the tip, and high crushes somewhat. It is launch punishable, but if you mix it up properly, it should rarely get blocked because it's not seeable.

db+4- Big homing sweep. Massively unsafe obviously. You can whiff this at a distance to keep people out because it's somewhat hard to whiff punish. Grants followups such as stomp or d+4.

db+1+2- A less useful bound move. Has a low followup, but it's pretty telegraphed, so I don't use it.

b+1- 10 frames, high, and -10 on block. Grants dash into b+1+2 on CH for good damage. I use this alot when under pressure because the risk/reward is in my favor.

b+2, 3, 4, 2- Sorta like Law's junkyard. Most players will low parry the 2nd hit, so use it carefully. There are oki setups involving this move, though.

b+3, 3- Mid, High. Safe and has a built in SS. Can be useful at times, but don't depend on it too much, it's 23 frames.
Can be delayed for potential CH.

b+4- Fish Hook. Mid, tracks almost 180. Safe (-9). Use this a lot against opponents who like to sidestep a lot. Godlike move.

b+1+2- Shoulder. Severely punishable, but it's a good whiff punisher and combo ender. ATP has it down as 13 frames.

u+2- A less useful bound move. Can be used in a few situations such as after f+4, but otherwise not great.

uf+2- Not as cheap as it was in T6. It still sidesteps, but not as evasively. Jab punishable at -10. Use in anticipation of jabs.

uf+3- A hopkick of sorts with good tracking. Safe. Gives Egyptian setups on hit. Pretty nifty.

uf+4- Standard hopkick. Low crushes, -12, launch on NH.

f, f+2- -10 on block. Used similarly to Jin's Demon Paw (from tip range). Use with dash df+2, 2 for mindgames. (df+2, 2 is safe, f,f+2 is not, potential CH and so on.)

f,f+3- slow mid, but +3 on block. Hits grounded. Used carefully, it can be a valuable tool.

f,f+4, 3- If delayed all the way, it gives full launch. First hit alone is launch punishable, the 2nd hit is -12. If not delayed, it usually gives d+4, 1+2.

f,f+1+2- This move has to be delayed all the way to be safe, which will work more than you'd think. Fully charged f,f+1+2 at the wall gives free launch on hit for high damage combos.

b,f+1- Backswing blow. Really useful, but really punishable at -15. Use with discretion, but be sure to represent it.

WR 3- Slash Kick. Not too unusual. Mid, +6 on block, very linear. Use from a distance to close in and create an advantageous situation for yourself. Don't overuse this, because it is steppable and you can be punished pretty bad.

WS 1, 2- An ok WS punish option. 13~14 frames. WS 1 by itself is only -1 and can be used for pressure. WS 1, 2 is -10 and shouldn't be used other than for punishes. WS 1, 2, 1 is not really that great at all.

WS 2- 15 frame mid, safe and gives knockdown. You can use it as a random poke if you're gutsy, but it's meh.

WS 3- Feng's WS launcher. 15 frames and -12 on block. Use for punishing big lows and after ducking highs. Don't throw it out willy nilly because it's punishable.

WS 4- 11 frames, mid. It's -7 on block, whereas WS 1 is only -1. Unless you're punishing something that's -11 from FC, don't bother poking with this move.

WS 1+2- It has a punch parry. Mid, knocks down, and only -10. Use sparingly. If you successfully parry a punch and get the stagger animation, f,f+2 is free. Dash b+1+2 is possible too, but risking death for extra damage is not worth it.

FC df+1- a decent low. only -10, so it's not the end of the world if it's blocked. You can use it after a db+3 for a mixup.

SS 2- an akward backhand of sorts. Homing. Leaves you in BT and only -1 on block. Great for forcing BT mixups. Use often.

SS 3, 2- I don't really like this move very much at all. It's -5 on block and leaves you in BT, and on hit it knocks down in a way that limits your BT mixups off of it. You can use it, but I've never felt a need to.

SS 4- This move is great as long as you don't get predictable with it. It's a low that gives full combo on clean hit from the front. At the side, it doesn't launch. However, it's extremely punishable, so use VERY wisely.

SS 1+2- This move is great at the wall. Wallsplats and only -2. Does pretty good damage too. You can use it midscreen too, with minimal fear.

opponent grounded d+3+4- Feng's stomp. Not really unique in the world of stomps, but important to know it exists.

1+3+4- Feng's taunt. Not really useful, but good for trolling I guess.

Part 4: Stances

Forward Kenpo aka Shifting Clouds (f+3+4)

Forward Kenpo is something you'll mainly use in forced mixups. For example, db+1~F will transition to STC. You can end combos with db+1~F instead of finishing db+1, 2 to get this 50/50 mixup without too much hassle. STC can punch parry 2 hit strings during the initial animation, which can be set up somewhat.

STC 2 and STC 4 are your main 50/50 tools from STC. STC 4 hitting low and STC 2 giving feet-away launch. The other STC options have very limited usefulness.

Back Kenpo aka Kenpo Step

This stance can be used more freely in the open. It has some auto block and some evasive properties.

KNP 1- This is his low from KNP. You can use it, but don't make a big habit of it as Feng has many other superior lows at his disposal.

KNP 2- This is his pseudo Deathfist from KNP. Safe, but high. Grants free b+1+2.

KNP 3- A hopkick from KNP. I use this alot to quickly evade moves and launch. Be careful as it is -12 on block.

KNP 4, 3+4- KNP 4 is a big flying kick. 3+4 causes Feng to automatically kip up afterwards. Both options are safe. I use this similar to a Bryan b,b+4.

Backturned BT

Feng has moves from BT that are not generic, so i'll consider this a pseudo stance.

BT can be accessed manually by pressing b+3~4

The moves that can transition to BT are:

1, 2, 2~B
3, 3, 4~B
2, 4, 1~B

Moves that leave you BT include:

SS 3, 2
SS 2
BT 2
BT 1+2

BT d+3- a somewhat fast low launcher. This is Feng's most obvious choice and the most rewarding. Unfortunately, this means that you have to use it rarely because people are almost always gonna duck. It staggers on block, so if it is blocked.... you die. Be very careful.

BT 3- This is very similar to f,f+3. Slow mid that's +on block and hits grounded. I wouldn't suggest using this vs a standing opponent just because it's slow and gives them plenty of time to CH you and fuck you up. You can end wall combos with f+1+2 and do this and just be a bitch.

BT 4- A quick turnaround kick. I believe it hits high. If you went BT after 3~4 and it hit, you can do BT 4, d+4, 1+2 for nice damage.

BT uf+4- A turnaround hopkick. I will have to test how unsafe it is. It hits mid, but the hitbox is weird. It will only hit crouching opponents at point blank range.

BT 2, 2- The first hit is safe at -6, but you're in BT, so you can still eat jabstrings if they're quick. Not sure if you can duck in time. You can do just the first hit to stay BT if you're really in their head, otherwise just do the whole thing. It IS -13, but it forces crouch, so you'll just eat a WS 4 most of the time. Don't do it against TP happy Kazuyas I guess, or Bruce.

BT 1+2- This is my preferred mid from BT. Knocks down every time, but leaves you in BT, so followups can be weird away from the wall. At the wall you can mix up BT 3 and BT d+3 for some really annoying mixups.

BT 1- This is a 12 frame high jab that's only -1 on block and +14 on hit. Gives free shoulder on hit. BT 1 into b+1+2 for a ton of free damage. SS 2 is a popular setup for this move.
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