KOR's Bob/SlimBob guide

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Added by KOR:

Play Style: Poke, Offense.

I try to use my pokes and attacks based on what the opponent will
react to next. Use frames for attacks also to bait out whiffs for giant
whiff punishes, makes them not want to attack at mid/ far ranges.
I use frames to work against them, whether negative or positive, I try to create an option using safe attacks.
Once I know they freeze up to attack, I can use db3+4,4, db+3 and CD+4,1+2 [Hellsweep].

Attacks and Keep Out: [To track, and to catch CHs
use moves < 15Frames ] 1, 1,4, B+2, DF+1, D+1 [15 frame start up or
when I know I have + advantage], D+2,1, Standing 4.

Tracking: f+4 [Use to catch opponents sidestep on an
obvious read], ff+4 [Use on opponents wake up], d+1 [Use to track at
mid range], b+2 [Tracks to Bobs Right], DF+1 [Tracks to Bobs Left],
CD+1 [Use to track at mid range and to catch CHs when opponents are
rushing in].

Mix Ups: CD4.1+2 and CD FF+2, or CD+1+2 [HOLD]. DB+3+4,4 and U+3+4.

Top 5 Most Used Moves:


TA Fillers: WS3+4,4, D+2,4, D+2,3, B+2,2,4,4 [Short Bound]
Wall Fillers: WS3+4.4
You can tag out from the one or two throw with Slim Bob.

Combos after F,F+1+2 w/Fat Bob:

F,F+1+2, F,F+2 B! [TA Slim Bob - F+2,3] Run up, CD+1, D+2,3, B+1+2. -62 DMG

F,F+1+2, F,F+2 B! [TA Slim Bob - WR 1+2] CD+1, D/B 2, D+2,3, B+1+2. - 64 DMG

F,F+1+2, F,F+2 B! [TA Slim Bob - CD +2 ] CD+1, D/B 2, D+2,3, B+1+2. - 66 DMG

Near Wall:

B4,1, B! [TA Slim Bob WS3+4,4] F,F+3, D+2,3, D+1.


After Hellsweep [CD4,1+2], if they stand straight up, you can CD+2, or run up B+2,2,4,4
After F,F+2 on hit, you can bound if they stand straight up with another F,F+2, or you can run up and b+2 into full combo if they roll back.
I go for B+2,2,4,4 for an back roll catch when they are face up, head towards you or to punish TAG CRASH near walls. Takes 70+ damage.
After DF+1 on hit, Jabs are unsidesteppable or uninterruptable.
DB+3+4 alone is really good for following up with constant momentum.
You can buffer ff+1+2 from b+2 and DF+1 and DF+2 on hit, making it practically unseeable.
You can tag out from the one or two throw with Slim Bob.

Tag Punishers:

CD+2, covers almost full range. UF1+2,1+2 and F+2,3 to punish tag near the wall.
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