Eddy Or Christie???

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#1 “Quote” Edit Post
Whats the difference between Eddy//Christie//Tiger???

Im thinking of picking up a second character because things are getting to easy with Paul..

which one of the 3 would be the easiest to Master?

Which one has the best moves and Who is better tier wise?

Im leaning towards christie because i like her the best, but i dont want to use her if shes missing a great move that 1 or both of the other 2 have or vice versa....

Thx for reading
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Christie and Eddy are borderline identical. The only difference is that Christie is smaller, Eddy has slightly longer reach on certain attacks, and they have different throws (though Christie's are generally acknowledged as being better).

Tiger is inferior to both of them solely because he doesn't have b+1,4.
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This thread should be on Chreddy section!

Christie has smaller range, as afore mentioned, but nothing too different. This is a set back for Christie on regular play, but it's a good advantage on combos. Eddy's combos are harder to do.

If you try Christie's bnb combo after a normal juggle starter (qcf3_CH df2_CH ws2_df3+4_rlx 3~4 etc):

df1_qcf3, b3,3, rlx2,4 B!...

She will hit it every time. If you try that with Eddy, you will whiff everytime, unless you delay the second hit on the b3,3 string by the exact time, no more, no less. It takes time to get used to it, and even then, you will whiff them occasionally, even the pro's do.

Christies grabs are much better. They are positive on break, and both have a guaranteed d4 at least, while Eddy's are negative on break, and leave the opponent too far for any guaranteed hit or even oki.

Tiger is the same as Eddy (range and grabs), with some moves different. His ss2 is the old one, instead of the new ss2,4. He doenst have the b1,4 either, wich is a great tool, he gets b12 (it binds) instead of it. he also has other taunts and weird stuff noone cares about.
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Tiger's has magic 4 and ws2,3 which is +5 on block. But doesn't have b1,4 which is really good.

For that reason I'd go for eddy. Who does have b1,4 and greater range.
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Tiger doesn't get anything off of a CH4 in the open though, think Noodalls has tried just about everything
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Eddy > Christie due to the range. Christie does have more consistant juggles and far better grabs. It depends on your playstyle as well. If you like playing defensive and spacing out of your opponent's range, you'll find that MUCH easier with Eddy than Christie (that's the way I used to play Eddy in BR and vanilla TT2, when I switched to Christie in TT2U I had to abandon that playstyle because it became a lot less effective.)
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Now as far as differences between Eddy and Christie, check out these and make the decision for yourself:

1.) Christie Wins:
As mentioned, the capo staple combo is harder with Eddy, b+3,3,2,4 B! . It requires stricter timing but with Christie it can just be mashed out.

2.) Christie Wins:
Christie has better throws. She gets a free d4 after every basic command throw which makes each throw atleast 42 dmg and other high risk/reward options (i.e. stand right up and you get b+3,3 relaunched for full combo).

3.) Eddy Wins.
Christie's range can be a disadvantage. Sometimes she cannot hit the 4 B! in the staple b+3,3, 2, 4 combo at certain distances. Eddy can always hit it. Sometimes she can't get the launching starter when she hits a CH b1,4, 3+4 (3+4 whiffs). That's no bueno but Eddy always hits it.

4.) Christie Wins.
Christie is slightly more evasive. For example, if you do HSP 4 and it gets blocked, you can do d+3+4 and it'll launch someone like Bob who would try punishing a HSP 4 on block with b2. Try that with Eddy and he'll just get float comboed. Also certain situations Christie can evade into RLX better than Eddy as well. Plus, have you ever played a double capo, and then when someone tags in Christie she just seems harder to hit than Eddy? (her smaller frame comes into mind). Christie Wins.

5.) Eddy Wins.
Eddy has slightly better poking range. df2 and uf4 feel more solid, as well as df34 launcher. RLX 4~3 has much better range. This is the main reason more people pick Eddy.

6.) Playstyle preference. Christie makes you want to go in more, with her evasiveness and smaller frame you're not as scared to run in and ss4 with fear of it being crushed (however, Eddy has better ss4 range imo). Eddy you can just sit back and df2 for keepout. Preference here.

7.) Eddy Wins.
CH FC 3+4, 1 gives you a juggle starter then b+3,3, 2, 4B! ... here's the difference. Christie's version her legs can sometimes miss the B! and the 4 whiffs, Eddy's never whiffs but the B+3,3 has to be timed correctly.

8.) Eddy Wins.
CH B1,4, 3+4 hits more consistently on bigs with Eddy than it does Christie because of her short legs.

There may be more I'm missing but that's all off the top of my head.

The Business Team:
Tiger and Eddy

Two range monsters, Tiger and Eddy are good against high level players who know how to get around b1,4 BS since Tiger doesn't have b1,4. When you use Tiger you tend to play a simpler, safer capo style reminiscent of Tag 2 and T3, and that kind of capo is really hard to break. Then tag in Eddy and those players forgot that b1,4 existed and they get CH by it

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#8 “Quote” Edit Post
I like both, Christie and Eddy are good character.
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Christie due to her more consistent combos. Because of this she can dish out 87 red life damage if used with a Mishima. There's a reason why Golden Eggs uses Christie on his combo videos.
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