Specific problems when playing capos

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So, what do you usually do against those safe launchers you would usually ss?

That Lili df3+4 looks like the best move in the game when I'm playing capos. Safe launcher, mid, float starter, hits grounded, hits rlx, advantadge on block, extensions, etc, etc, etc... How do you deal with this?

Orbitals, Bryan b1, Lars uf4 and every generic running 3 give me the same nightmare.
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You can actually ss something even with Eddy.. I'm studying this stuff still, but you can do it in some specific cases.. I know it's "unusual", but it's true LOL. Still have to verify the consistence, but if you try in practice mode you can ss Leo's uf21 for example..
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Oh definetely, he can sidestep stuff for sure. It just has to be linear and your timing has to be on point. The one big use I see for his sidestep is if you put opponents in a situation where they're in forced crouch and then bait them to do something like a ws+4. Like ss+4, the opponent blocks, they try to react with a linear move, you ss+3+4 or ss+2 or even ss+4 again.

The other place I try to use it is after moves with pushback, like ws+4 or standing 4 on block. Since his SS isn't that good, I feel safer only putting it in situations like that as opposed to point blank range.
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Yeah, I know capos can still ss some stuff. When I anticipate moves like Hwoarang running 3's, it works, and it also works on some strings.

However, you're not gonna ss on reaction the moves I listed. These moves I usually side walk to avoid them, and when using capos, my mind is set to focus only on backdashes, not sidewalking ever (cause they cant do it anyway). And the moves I listed are very hard to backdash enough to create whiffs, especially Lars running 3 (although this whiffs on RLX for sweet sweet launcher). In these cases... things get pretty tough for me.

BTW, nice combo video ENHEAS

Paul ff4 can be negated by b2 on reaction, thats a good one to know on raw tags.
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Capos can sidestep....but only towards the background.

By just doing u~d~u~d~u~d very quickly they can cover lateral space decently, but I would only do it mid range.

Lars' u/f+4 I would think would be less threatening because it's pretty linear, and Bryan b+1 can be kept at bay with ss+4. Lili d/f+3+4 is still a big bitch though.
Joined: Dec 2012
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It looks to me as capos ss cover the same ground as any average character, but they tend to get hit while doing it more often

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