Problems with Miguel and Jun

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Having difficulty with Miguel and Jun, does anyone know how to punish these characters.
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^ Thanks AZYG4LYFE!
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You're going to have to be a lot more specific than that.

What moves are you having trouble with?

As for general strategy:
- Miguel's df+1 is exceptional for stopping random b+3's. So you're going to have to be a little more patient against him. However, do remember that df+1 is -2 on block now.
His df+1 leads into all sorts of shit. df+1,1 (duckable), df+1,2 (-12 on block), df+1~SAV into SAV moves (pretty much everything is steppable on block, not on hit). Both df+1,1 and df+1,2 are NC.
His hopkick is now -13 not -14 so 1+2,4 won't work as a punish. However, it's linear and can be stepped in both directions.
Come to think of it, Miguel has an issue tracking to his right (aka SSL against him). f+4 is an annoying homing move (it's essentially Baek's ff+4 except easier to do), but on block you have the momentum. If he does decide to finish the string, f+4,2 is launch punishable.

- I don't have an extreme amount of knowledge of Jun, but this should help: Credit goes to Iron Lobster for this
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