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Oh, I thought you meant an actual punisher. In short, GEN's low parry just puts the opponent into bound state whilst CAT's reverses and hopkicks lows for a big chunk of extra damage. That's the kind of change that I'd like to see.
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Would allowing IZU to jail in the future fix some of her general problems? I find that stance to be completely useless. I only throw it out every once in a while when I know the opponent is not familiar with Jun.
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f+1+2 is a homing move that sometimes doesn't home lol.
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To me, the only real mixup out of IZU is IZU 1,2 and IZU 1,4

The rest can be stopped on reaction, 1+2 for the IZU grabs, see IZU 4 and block the rest of the mids.
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Originally posted by x MAD AXES x
f+1+2 is a homing move that sometimes doesn't home lol.

Yeah thats pretty weird lol. Im pretty sure it has something to do with her moving forward as she performs the move. When you walk it to one side (forgot which, probably your right), its like she moves forward then backwards and thats why you dont get hit, cuz you reduce the range by sidewalking it; kinda difficult to explain lol.

Just give her an i15 df+2 at -10/-11, 2,4 as a knd i12 puni, d+4 +1/+2, 1,3 +1 like BR Asuka, more danny for the second hit of b42, d/b+1,2 to knd and db14 NC and Im set. Oh and her vanilla d/f+4, that shit was cheap lol.

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