Why should I (You) use Michelle?

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I been looking for the answer and it doesn't seem to be on Michelle's forum, there's no Q&A thread neither. So I should ask you all:

So far, I see a vast majority of players who claim to have tested either Jaycee as Michelle, and almost everyone one of those players agrees that Jaycee is better than Michelle.
So, assuming I do not want to use a Chang-Chang team, why should I pick Michelle over Jaycee to make a tag team with any other character? What moves does she has that Jaycee doesn't that makes her a good option?

PD: I have the feeling my last question may not be as understandable as I'd like, but that as far as my english goes, lol
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lol I literally just asked this in the jaycee forum. you might wanna keep an eye out over there for answers.
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Because she's not Julia. Fresh air in appearance I suppose?
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There are several reasons, actually:

* Unless your partner is Feng, Lei, Leo, Xiaoyu, Miharu or Wang, Jaycee will not have access to d,df+3~1, whereas Michelle has access to it all the time. And damn, if f+3~1 isn't a fucking amazing long-range whiff punisher...
* Further to that, Michelle has a semi-decent low/mid mix-up from f+3
* Michelle has, IMO, better tag assault options
* SS+2 and ff+1+2 are useful unique moves
* Her MA provides better oki than Jaycee's does

Jaycee is slightly better overall, but it's not as big a difference as people like to make out. In fact, the only thing Jaycee does significantly better than Michelle is wall damage (and Michelle's isn't terrible either).

That said, if your partner is Leo, definitely go for Jaycee - those two make an amazing team. If your partner is anyone else, Michelle isn't an unreasonable choice.
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Why I should use Michelle?

Simple. Jun. She and Michelle make an ultimate MILF team.
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Because I liked her from the very first tekken THE ORIGINAL CHAR!

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