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I'm new to Lili and need some help. I've never used her before, not even in T6 or T5DR. So I need everything for TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Lili, including combos, juggles, setups, BnB's, Bound Enders, top 10 moves, best punishers, wall combos, best panic moves, best pokes, information on any crush attacks she might have, the works.

This character is completely new to me. My main has always been Asuka, but recently I've decided it's time for a change. Just to keep things interesting. So if anybody could provide me with any and/or all of the things listed above that would be much appreciated. Right now I'm not too worried about any of the tag stuff. I'll get to that later. I just want to learn Lili as a solo character right now.

The sooner I can get all the stuff I'm looking for the sooner I can start training with this character. Thanks in advance.
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Prob wanna check her T6BR thread for her solo stuff. The only things that I can think of that has changed juggle wise is that you can end juggles w/ f,f+3~f+1,2. Also, her f,f+3~f, ss1, d/f+3 filler ie d/f+2, f+2,3, f,f+3~f, ss1, d/f+3 B! Punishment, check Kane's punishment thread.
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Her best panic move, for me, is her d+3+4. It's high crush, 17 frames, negative 21 on block though but it often has pushback. It's also powerful(d+3+4, U/F+4, f+2, 3, d/f+3+4, BT 1+2 B!, f, F+3~F, 1, 2). For pressure use qcf+3+4(+6 on block, high), d/f+3(+3, mid, CH launch[CH d/f+3, 4, 1, d/f+3 B!. . .), and f, F+4(+3 on hit, low, can go to BT by ~B). Check her frame data for more.
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you brought up a post that was from 2013. closing the thread, thanks
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Originally posted by Lukmendes
I honestly wonder if Kane has a list of "Why Lili sucks" on his computer, to avoid having to write the same things over and over again .

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