Bears oki and tech traps thread

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It's been a long time since this game is out and I see no oki thread around here and it's never too late to make one.

I've found a really good wall combo + tech trap with bears, I've had no chance to test it against a human player, but it always works against the ps3 IA, damage is insane, though timing is kinda strict (not too much, but a little)

This would be the situation, you have kuma+panda, your opponent is against the wall:
Kuma f+2,1, df+3,2~5 B! Panda f+3+4,1+2 Kuma b~f+2+3 [Hold]

So: Panda's f+3+4 hits and the following hit (1+2) is reaaally slow, panda will stay on the screen hiding what kuma is doing. When panda finally attacks, kuma's unblockable will be ready to go. As it's a low hit, if they stay on the ground it hits them, if they get up it still hits them with full damage, if the try to counter attack it would probably be a counter hit.

Could you guys test it out and confirm if it's actually applicable on an actual match? I think the best way to get out of it would be tag crashing
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it's more better do the b1+2~3+4 because it's more homing and hit on techroll!
if the opponent try to recover with techroll, he block the 3+4 of panda but it's hit with the unblockabe!

Plus, you can do df2 in hbs for more damage, and tag in the parner, for another tech trap with b1+2 or if u are more lucky, hit the wall and do another juggle.


Ah, when u do the wall combo, after f3+4 1+2
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#3 “Quote” Edit Post
The problem is you can escape that tech trap by simply staying on the ground, and by tag crashing too
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#4 “Quote” Edit Post
Btp 5 Mardock 2,d1+2 5 kuma db12 TA df3,1+2
81 damage
Tech trap kuma with the b1+2,3+4 hunting stance free hit of choice. Brings them to near death after the 81 damage combo.

After the same combo you can BTP back roll catch into
BTP (on back) 5 Mardock 2,d1+2 df4,2 TA kuma uf4,3 Mardock wr3
Does 98.
Add 81 + 98= 179
1 point away from an Instant win

Once they understand this, they will probably stay on the ground so you can start going for a ground hitting move to hurt them.
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I was testing this on Lili, so there may be some slight variations for littles and bigs; will test later.

BTP, f+1, d/b+1,2 B! u/f+3+4...

From here you have a few options:

  • SIT 2 launches quickstands in the back and CH launches getup kicks
  • SIT 1 hits siderolls and getup kicks, but can be blocked by quickstand
  • ROLL 3 will catch backrollers
  • ROLL 4 gives a blockstun on techrolls and backrolls, but will leave you FUFT
  • If you expect a Tag Crash backroll and you'll get a free d/b+1,2 when they come in

Alternatively, instead of using u/f+3+4 you can do 1+2 which gives the following:

  • f, ROLL 4 catches backrolls in the back
  • f, nothing closes the gap on techrolls and you can go into HBS again or standing
  • f, ROLL 3 will miss on techrolls, but leaves you down to use FUFA 1+2 if they press buttons
  • 1+2, f gives plenty of time to buffer RNR on quickstanders
  • 1+2, f, nothing lets you block getup 4's (f+2,1 or d/b+1,2 to punish) and getup 3's (WS4 punish)

1+2 into HBS will give:

  • Getup 4's will whiff, allowing for HBS d/f+2 to relaunch
  • HBS 1,2 will CH getup 3's
  • HBS d+1+2 crushes getup 3's but also whiffs
  • Don't go into HBS after 1+2 and you're spaced perfectly for a Hopkick, ff+2, or BTP launch on tag crashes

This is all I have at the moment, but everything will be double checked against a real opponent since I don't trust Practice Mode.

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#7 “Quote” Edit Post
Nice finds.

I used to use these but I stopped using them and eventually forgot how to do them.
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#8 “Quote” Edit Post
Good reset combo, or nah?

Came on here to post this video, and I skimmed through this thread and saw some similar traps.

Don't know if this was fully explored yet, but I stumbled upon this a few days ago. Definitely escape-able, but your combo can be adjusted depending on your character and your opponents wake up habit(s). In this particular case, the 1+2 in f+3+4, 1+2 covers Paul's qcf+1+2.

If they get up, the block stun from the butt puts them in a position where they cannot move. They can still duck to block, but I noticed a lot of my opponents didn't and probably tried to low parry/SS/back dash and got hit with gunba/riptide anyway.

At the very least, I was doing demo man and with the butt and demo man, it takes significant damage without putting the opponent's other character in rage.

Paul/Kuma Reset Combo

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