b+3qcf... Useful or Useless?

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Practicing some Lili things, i've found (or refound) Its own Sidedash.


I'm confused about its use; Because cancelling the qcf with an u/f+3+4 on hit is +2~+5, and is -9~-6 on block.

Another thing is doing 3+4 after the qcf it gets an good (14~) Punish and 6 on block. Besides, a qcf+1,2 after the b3 or b4 it's a good 15~16f punish.

Fighting against hwoarang: i've punished him alot with a b3~qcf~u/f1+2 and the another moves mentioned above. With poke-style characters i've got not so good result.

P.S: Sorry about my bad english, i'm venezuelan.

P.S2: Venezuela Rules!!
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best to test it on your own see if the player falls for it.

thats what rest of us are still trying to learn lili.
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#Anna4T7 or will it be in Tekken 8?
Originally posted by Climbing Dragon
Obviously I will recognize Steve, Drag and Feng as Lili's superiors when it comes to overall performance.
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Bunny hop cancel into sidestep. Extremely useful for quick evasion, especially since you can execute it mid-backdash whilst holding back for safety.
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Gimmicky mind games.
In early Korean T6:BR videos, Liliman and ccer were using this at the wall but not the Dew Glide part. Just the Feisty Rabbit (b+3_4) since 4 was was splat and 3 was small bound combo on hit. But she has better options on the wall anyway.
Beyond Range 3 I used this to close the gap. Or to stop my run. She doesn't get a combo off of the b+3_4,3 anymore so this is even more useless now in my opinion.
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