Need help with armor king throw mix ups. Offense.

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Hey Armor king pros. I need help on his throw mix ups during poking game on a match. I always end up using GS when I'm about to lose. Its like being my last resort or desperate move when I'm in danger. But GS kinda sucks because it can be tech rolled and your throwing your opponent away from you and gives him a free tag opportunity.

What are your throw mix ups during an intense poking scenario in a match so your opponent won't have the time to back dash and turtle you? can you give me some tips? Because I'm having a hard time against players who turtle a lot(blocks all my mid pokes) and back dashes really far away from me. And when I chase them down, I usually eat their launcher since I'm approaching. Its annoying and very cheap.
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i have met few players that are turtling + has v.good reflexes which as a result, very hard to beat!

first GS doesn't suck.. because it can catch opponent in air, and this really Helps alot against players who do random kicks or whatever random air stuff.. This really gave some of those players i met a hard time doing their random hop kicks front me..

my strategy in this situation in breaking their strategy by trying to take a good bite of their HP first, and playing their strategy against them... You know that they will no longer be defensive if your HP is higher you need to be defensive and let them approach you once you have the higher HP... you will always be in disadvantage hunting them around..

in case you have the lower HP.. and you need to do damage against very defensive player, you have only two options, grabs + lows... use fast lows... i would suggest d+3+4 ..yes it is not safe but it's range is so huge that they won't see it coming from long distance..

also be dirty and try to use more throws, no need to hold yourself back on throws.. or limiting them for only danger moments.

Try not be predictable.. for example try to moving forward and backward, i think they are able to launch you because they predicted what you will do.. try to fake your intentions to push them to whiff and punish them heavily..

once you do the previous points, you will break their comfort and... trust me.. they will be in a nightmare..

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The best thing to do is learn how to iSW if you don't like only using GS... Also if you GS with your back to the wall that is a ridiculous amount of untechable damage. AK also has good lows like d+3 ffn2 and db3 for offense if people don't like ducking. db+4 is pretty good too as on block it leaves you grounded so they can't punish much
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Yea I'm really working on my iSW at point blank range. But its difficult though, but I can pull it off a couple of times in a match now. But sometimes I'm screwing it up and end up with a 2+4 throw. But its worth it.

About the wall GS, yes I know that already. I'm just frustrated with a turtle opponent. about the lows yea you reminded me about the db+4. Thanks for the tips.


I assume you use Armor King also. Be dirty with throws huh? Will do this. I've been practicing iSW now. It is really effective against turtling opponents. because the way they back dash in front of me gives more space to make iSW's inputs really easy. But sometimes when they see it coming they usually duck under it and launch me in the air. >.<

What other throws are you using with Armor King aside from GS and iSW? Btw thanks for taking some time posting in my thread.
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i use GS not only with walls. 45 dmG (at least), 10f, bufferable,.....

they cant duck isw on reaction. mix it with iwr+3.

ff+3 for sidesteppers (after blocked WR+3). GT guaranteed

annoy them with lows but be careful because they are all - on hit except for ff n 2, d3(bad range) and db3. you can use also the breath attack. but you never want to do CD3 and db3 against someone with "average" reflexes. also mentionable is 3+4. you can follow up with throws (they can only guess wich one) or a simple low kick. you can launch them if theyre starting to duck/parry it.

other throws? let me see... GTs, qcb+1+2 (on bad days if im not able to do isw constantly), chain grabs sometimes. i should use Tombstone a bit more but i feel often that i dont have the opportunity

PS: not a pro
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^@Hades Drops

Whew never thought of mixing iSW with WR+3. I really need to work on my mix ups with Armor King. Will do this. I need to keep in mind these 3 things(iSW, WR+3, ff+3) from now on. Thanks for the tips.

I do use some lows, but some of my turtling opponents just throws out random hopkicks or low crush moves which are scary. lol (Maybe I'm abusing too many lows?) that's why I sometimes mask WS 4 with 1 - 2 crouch dashes mixing it up with ff n 2 or ff+2 or GS or chain throws. I only use db+3 when I'm fishing for a high crush.

qcb+1+2 is this really worth it? I mean when I screw the inputs up(I play on stick), I end up doing b+1+2. I use tomb stone when I'm being rushed down and when I punish with b+1, 2 then TS or GS or hop kick so as d+3.

Thanks for the time and tips mate.
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qcb+1+2 is a really nice alternative to iSW out of wavedash, quite a bit easier to pull off att close range.
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out of a wave dash? Thats sounds hard. How do you do the inputs? is like this? f, n, d, df, f, qcb+1+2?

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