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2nd Dan
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Hi bears bears user, this is very important

Everybody knows that bears suffer so much they movelist cause is absolutely NOT TRACKING on left side.

Every move, except df1+2 (too slow) , d1+2 (so unsafe), ws3 and unblocable , are so easly to make it whiff on his left.

But i found an incredible and so BUG move That kuma can have for evade this .

If kuma has Heihachi as a partner, he obtain a NEW move, and Its is safe, mid, left TRACKING and wallsplat: is b2+3.

I have a question for All of you: is possibile to write an email for harada to fix this thing and Made it use even without Hei as a partner? Its soo useful, its THE MOVE missing on his moveset

Im so sorry for my bad english i Hope you can understand what i try to explain you.

Wait for you response.

Signature Peace&Bears

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