Miguel's Punishers

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i10 - 1,2 - Short ranged and low damaging (22 dmg) 10 frame punisher.
i11 - 2,1 (40 dmg; +7 on hit; SAV options available if you hold F after 2,1)
i12 - 4; Use this for certain moves that have push back on block. For example, Jaycee's ws+4 is -15~-14 on block and has push back. Miguel's hopkick
and his 14f punish (f+1+2; d+1+2) will not reach. standing 4 would be the recommended punish for this situation.

i13 - d/f+1,1 (33 dmg; +5 on hit; SAV opportunity/mix-ups. Use this string for -13 moves that 2,1 cannot reach). d/f+1,2 is another option (same damage as 2,1).
i14 - f+1+2; d+1+2_f+1+2; f+2+3 or d/f+4,1 (+6: though it's recommended not to transition into SAV; use for long range punishes that f+1+2 can't reach. You can use f+1+2; f+2+3 for moves that Miguel's d+1+2 cannot hit (Example: Law's 3,3 is -14 on block. f+2+3 ender will hit, but d+1+2 will not).
i15 - u/f+4 - Launcher. One of the best hopkicks in the game due to its range in close.
i16 - d/f+2,1 (Launcher; can be a bit iffy range wise from certain attacks like Paul's qcf+2)

i10 - d+1 - sit jab punish for moves that leave you in crouch on block (a la Lili's BT 1+2 (-10~-9 OC))
i11~i12 - ws+1: (+8~+9 on hit. Hold F after input for SAV options). Short range. It can't even hit Heihachi after his d/f+1,2 on block sometimes!

i11~i12 - ws+4: +5~+6 on hit. Recommended choice over ws+1 due to longer range.
i14 - ws+1+2: The beginning to his ten hit string. The first 3 hits of the string (1+2,4,1) are guaranteed, but no frame big advantage here.

i15 - ws+2,2_ws+2,2,2: Elbow launcher. It can launch running slides, but sometimes may not hit. You can use this or...
i15 - u/f+4: You can use this out of crouch as well if you're execution is on point. More damage output than ws+2,2_ws+2,2,2. Timing can be strict. Try blocking Feng's d/b+3 and see if you can punish it with u/f+4.

I'll edit this for further expansion/details

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Thank you so much!!
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Isn't d+1+2 21f on startup?
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Originally posted by ThePharmacist
Isn't d+1+2 21f on startup?

Yeah, I think it is. But this: f+1+2; d+1+2 means that after f+1+2 you get a guaranteed d+1+2 for good damage, so you can get f+2+3 after f+1+2 too.
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Thats what i thought thanks.

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