Wang's Mixups and Oki?

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Hi guys! I'm new to Wang and I'm still having problem on his oki and mixup games... a friendly tips and guide would be greatly appreciated.
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Give us something to go on. What moves are you using that aren't working for you? What situations are you in (Opponent at the wall for example) that you'd like more information on?

Here'sa trap/oki vid Aris did with Wang:
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Really cool video by Aris, but aren't d+3+4 and FC df+4,3 both launchable? I usually go with df+3 at the wall.
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hey guys so im starting to spike with d2 with the old man. what do you think his best okie options are? especially if they just lay there? i know if they back roll you can get a FC,df2 but can you get anything better like a reset of some kind? what about side rolls? thanks in advance.

EDIT: also, are there a better spike options than d2? for example 1+2?
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I'd go for d2, recovers faster I think. I usually start with d2, cc/ss4 on grounded. Not entirely sure but I think you should be able to just cc (ff) b3 to pick up backrollers or maybe even directly into 1+2 B!
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I use b+2,1 a lot to catch back rollers. I like d+2, and if they don't do anything wait as long as you can before finishing with 1+2, you can catch some people pushing buttons on wakeup and get a CH juggle. I'd give away all of Wangs new moves to have d+2 to hit grounded again though.
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uf+4 ff+2 jab b+2,1 1+2 B! df+3+4 uf+3 wiff FC mix up for tech
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good shit guys thanks! yeah its looking like a mixup between B! d2 ssl4 or B! d2 sslb3 or B! d2,ff2/ff1+2. i also found a pretty dangerous unblockable tech catch with wang and skillpachi. i'm using it for wangs magic 4 cause i haven't found a good juggle for that launcher yet and people love to tech right after it cause it looks like you fucked up the juggle but it works for every launcher. wang: magic4 1+2 B! pachi:SSR,d2,1 Wang:SSR,f1+4.

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