Rushdown, Mixups, Setups, and Defense

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#21 “Quote” Edit Post
1, 1, 1, 1, b+4,b


1, 1, 1, 1, db+3

I saw Speedkicks use this. It makes sense. The opponent often attacks, trying to interrupt for some reason, after about the 3rd or 4th jab.

This way, Law can get them to eat his best pokes. Unless they get smart and use a low jab or another high crush.

Keep an uf+4 ready if they crouch and you see them do it in time.
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#22 “Quote” Edit Post
I noted some good things to do VS a techrolling opponent:

f,f+1+2,D, FC


f,f+1+2 causes KS, launches on CH, +1 on block!

b,f+3+4, not f,f+3+4 obviously, since that will do a grab.

At the wall, I liked The Game's choice on SSL, b+3 VS teching opponents.
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#23 “Quote” Edit Post
New information from Rip at WNF!

After Law WS+1>2, a f,f dash to db+4 can be escaped by the opponent simply with a Tag to make the db+4 whiff! Laws can get heavily punished for going for this OLD Tekken 6 okizeme option!

And another tidbit from Reepal! Laws can jump cancel his uf+3+4 stomp to make it come out sooner. I have never used a jump cancel before, but sounds really neat.


I think?

Just watching Rip again and I liked f+3+4 (blocked), SSR+3+4.

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#24 “Quote” Edit Post
At the start of the round

After a position reset or at the start of the round, when the announcer says, "Round 1, Fight!," I have been trying 2,2 as a round opening move. 2,2 is decent because I believe it will stuff and float players who hopkick immediately at the start of the round. This does especially well against Kings. King players love to hopekick at the start of a round.

The downside to the Round 1 Fight 2,2 strat is that the BT uf+4 is almost always out of range after the 2,2, even if it hits at that range. So, I have been using BT 2 after the 2,2. I can not hit confirm the BT 2,2, personally. I think the timing on the HC is more strict than people realize. They can block the second hit of BT 2,2 if you mess up your HC and if they do block the second hit, Law is at -17!

They do tend to duck after the 2,2. Probably expecting BT d+3 or BT d+4.

I like 2,2 (hold 2), 4~Tag to buffer the Forest/Marshall Tag grab. The best thing about this strat is that if the 2,2 hits before the Forest/Marshall BT Tag throw, the red life will extend completely over their healthbar, taking the red life even from the 2,2's damage! A small thing, but I like it.

One thing to note is that hopkicks, more often than not, will beat out b+4,b at the start of a round. Kinda dumb, seeming how b+4,b is 14 frames, a frame faster than those hopekicks. But, it does almost always lose to the hopkick at the start of the round.

SS+3+4 is a great round opening move. Probably not as good as just sidewalking though, looking for a whiff and then using df+2, rather than using a move that does so-so damage. I know, you can get a combo from SS+3+4 now. I can't hit it in 1 out of 5 tries though...really hard imo. I usually just use db+4 after SS+3+4 hits, or f+3+4. f+3+4 is 27 frames, 3 frames slower than Dragon's Tail, but spikes if they try to get up.

Opening a round with a standing basic 1 is not as good as opening a round with standing basic 2...standing 1 has much less range. Law's 1,2 punches string comes out really fast, like Steve's, though, so it is not TOO much of a problem, but just be aware of what you are doing. 1,2,UF+3,D, FC is a decent round opening move. I really like UF+3,4~Tag in is safe on block!

I used to like opening a round with Dragon Storm (b+1,2,1) in past Tekkens, but it is now pretty slow at 16 frames.

The range on Law's standing basic 4 is not enough to use it as a round opener either, too risky. The characters start the round farther away from each other than they did in Tekken 6 BR, seems like to me.

Forest has a backflip-like move with his u~ub. It covers a lot of ground, but he can get floated out of it if he tries it at the start of the round.

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#25 “Quote” Edit Post
I also use Lee Chaolan, and I think that Lee's FC uf+4 knee hopkick is his mixup to the Slide, since Lee's WS+2,3 is now -16, way too risky to use like it was used in Tekken 6.

I am trying to master Law FC uf+4 hopkick. I think FC u,uf+4 or maybe FC db,b,ub,u,uf+4 might be how to do FC hopkick.

I definitely think FC hopkick is harder with Laws than with Lee. I can do it every time with Lee, but not with Law. I still get FC uf+4, the FC Backflipper, quite often.

While Law's WS+2~Tag has pushback, some characters can heavily punish it.
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Attacks I have been using at the wall are:

It has a low hitbox, so if they roll, it can hit them. Plus it will crush getting up 3s, as well as many other attacks.

Only -10, mid, and 14f.

Slow, but it is SAFE!

Wallsplat on CH

d+2, WS+4, d+2
A good sequence of poking mids to get them to enter a panicky state of mind. After the WS+4, you can 1,2,3, or after the d+2, you can WS+3 or Slide.

SAFE. I often do df+2 (blocked), SWR, df+2 again.

Mixing up the delay, fast and slow, you can make them eat lows if you use a couple of b+1,2s. Good poke.

Safe, a good mid option out of FC.

Attacks to avoid using at the wall:

NO PUSHBACK AT THE WALL! -17! Even Law can punish another Law's WS+2 with df+2, that is how bad it is!

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I want to expand on why I think db+4,4 SHOULD be used.

So you did a 1,2 punches or df+1, then you did db+4,4, and they blocked it. Good job, opponent! You have blocked a seeable, 24 frame, high crushing, long range sweep.

Think about that, though: db+4 is 24 frames, hella slow! That means the opponent must have been looking out for the db+4,4, not attacking in the process. They were not using quick mid attacks that can hit Law out of his FC. See where I am going here?

If the opponent has blocked your db+4, you should switch to Law's FC mixups. Let me tell you, it takes way less than 24 frames to get Law into FC. The fact that the opponent is looking for the high crushing db+4,4 gives you enough time to get into FC by simply holding down or down-back on the stick.

I have had opponents who blocked my db+4 in the first round end up eating multiple db+4,4s in the later rounds.

Another thing opponents like to do VS Dragon's Tail is to twitch crouch. They do something like db,b,db,b,db, trying to option select the low and the mid. Against this, it is a great idea to go for an UF+4~Tag, especially on 2P side. Since Dragon's Tail has the sweep come out from the right side. On 2P side, it hides the sweep a bit more. But I think UF+4 has a similar animation to db+4.

Just remember to also use quick mids, like df+1, b+1,2, and b+2,3,4.

While it is a special mid, I think d+2 is also a great mid. You can use df+1, d+2 to attack with a 13 frame mid, then get quickly into FC.

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#28 “Quote” Edit Post
I also use Nina, who can be played as a rushdown character as well. The importance of Nina's d+4 is pretty big. It comes out really fast. It is a move that only does 12 points for Nina, but it serves a purpose of stopping the opponent's offense in its tracks, and shifting the momentum.

Law used to have a standing basic d+4, but then, they gave Law his new d+4,3. I know some Laws like this move, but I hate it. Having this move means you need to double button press just to use one of Law's most important pokes, his FC 4 done from standing.

I hate messing up my inputs. I often get a d+3 or d+4, even when I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that I inputted d+3+4. Honestly, I really fucking hate having to input d+3+4 and needlessly risk messing myself up all the damn time, especially since d+3+4 is so important for Law!

To avoid constant input errors and losses as a result, I button mapped 3+4 to a button. Yeah, I joined the button mapping club. But only because Namco forced me to. Neither d+3 or d+4 high crush. So if the game thinks you did one of those moves instead of d+3+4, you can die a horrible death quite easily.

Law's d+3+4 only does 9 points, but it comes out on the 12th frame while high crushing. -2 on hit and on counter hit, a WS+4 rarely gets countered simply because of d+3+4's speed. If your opponent can recognize a 12 frame low and do a low jab to beat out your WS+4 on reaction, good on them, but just be more wary of opponents who are using a character with an 11 frame standing basic 4, and are good at using it.

-13, not safe, but it is still fairly safe.

df+1, d+3+4, WS+4, d+3+4, FC UB+4,D,FC, FC df,d,DF,N, f,f,f+3

Law's df+1 is still his primary mid poking tool, despite its lacking range and high hitbox. -1 on block and +5 on hit and on counter-hit, you can go for a quick df+2 launch attempt if the df+1 hits.

d+3+4 will come out at 12 frames as mentioned, and will high crush jabs, which can beat out a jab from Law after his df+1 is blocked since the df+1 is -1 on block.

WS+4 is 11 frames, 18 points, mid, -4 on block and +7 on hit and on CH. Law's staple mid out of crouching, doing more damage than WS+1, which is only 12 points, and coming out 2 frames faster.

Another d+3+4 is a good idea, even if the WS+4 is blocked and Law is at -4! In a longer set, you might even condition your opponent to duck after blocking a WS+4 this way, allowing a hopkick attempt (uf+4) or Dragon Storm (b+1,2). Both of those mids are unsafe though...use a b+4,b if you need a safe mid. db+2 and df+4 are also decent, df+4 not recovering in BT.

Just remember that you can make BT safe by following up the b+4,b with either BT d+3 or BT 2. I use BT 2 more often than BT uf+4 because BT uf+4 has less range than BT 2.

Coming out at 14 frames, Catapult Kick High (FC UB+4) can recover crouching by holding down during its recovery time.

Your opponent might rush in after the Catapult Kick Highrecovers crouching. If that is the case, using another Catapult Kick High is a pretty good option to get some breathing room to set up your FC Slide game.

After doing the FC df,d,DF mini crouch dash, your opponent will be aware of the impenting Slide, but I find they often just stand there, trying to react to the Slide with their crouching guard. In this case, f,f,f+3, a mid Slash Kick, is a decent mixup to the Slide. FC f,f, then quick mids like df+1,3,2 or b+4,b are also good if you do not feel like risking either the Slide or WS+2.

Another note about d+3+4 is that Laws' movelists do not contain many high crushing moves. He only has generic low jabs, and really slow moves like db+4,4 or d+1. d+3+4 fits Law's moveset really well as a result! d+3+4 is a quick high crush that makes the opponent think twice before using jab strings to lock Law down from using his staple moves. Moves like b+4,b Junkyard Kick Combo, Dragon Storm, db+3, the list of Law moves that are staple moves that Law always uses which do not high crush at all goes on and on!

Even really fast attacks such as standing basic 4 or 1,2,3 will get counter-hit by opponent's jabs or standing basic 4 sometimes because they do not high crush.

Personally, I think that d+3+4,3~Tag is better than d+2,3. d+3+4 will crush more. It will hit lower to the ground, hitting stances that d+2,3 will whiff against like Ling's AOP and Eddy's Relax.

All in all, I really fucking hate that Namco screwed Law over and put his old d+4 from standing as a double button press move. There is no reason for it! d+4,3 is probably my most hated move for Law. The moment I saw it on Law's Tekken 6 movelist as a new move, changing Law's Low Kick to Somersault to a double button press, I said to myself, "Maybe I will try Nina in Tekken 6 instead of Law." But, now, in Tag 2, I just use d+3+4 by inputting it with the 3+4 button binding. I am not from Europe, and I hardly ever play Soul Calibur, I swear!

d+3+4, then a Sidestep Up and 3+4 for a quick Double Dragon (SS+3+4) is another cool way to implement d+3+4 into your offense! In the old days before Law's new d+4,3, I used to buffer the SS+3+4 by holding down the 4 from the standing d+4.

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#29 “Quote” Edit Post
Range Moves

Tekken does not have projectile attacks, nor does it have a character like Dhalsim who can punch his opponent when at the other side of the stage. But, most characters have moves that can reach farther than most other moves. These moves tend to come out slower. Probably to balance out the game, to not make the long range moves too good.

I use f,f, df+2 or f,f, uf+4 when it comes to whiff punishing most of the time. With that in mind, I took a list of the moves in Forest Law's movelist that can reach a long distance.

Probably my favorite long range Law move. I use this a lot. After lots of backdash cancels and spacing the opponent out, they can try to run in carelessly to try to get into range. That is the time to use b+3 for a knockdown and running mixup with great oki and possibly even a wallsplat!

If the first hit misses and they are doing a move, you might get a full launch if the second hit hits on CH!

I personally do not use this move outside of punishing, with the second hit a high, pretty negative on block, and no DSS. I do sometimes use just the first hit on its own, though, as a poke, followed by a high crush like d+2, or maybe a sidewalk.

A good mixup for Slide, good range, lots of plus frames on block. Be wary of opponents who can sidewalk well though, because this move can easily be sidewalked.

FC df,d,df+3
Comes out really fast. Mix it up with WS+2~Tag for a mid launcher if you suspect they might crouch, or use a WS+4 to play it safe.

Often, you can just use FC df,d,df on its own to fake a Slide and make them think about blocking.

While it does not have great range, it does have okay range. Try to use f,f+4,3 to get a full bound combo.

I personally do not like or use WS+3 very much. I feel like Laws have better mids out of crouching that allow them to keep the pressure on. If the opponent's back is against the wall, though, WS+3 is great. It is a safe wallsplatting mid! I suggest using Forest's WS+3 at the wall like Marshall's Dragon Roar (DSS f+1), which is my favorite move to use at the wall when I am using Marshall.

This move has less range than Junkyard Kick Combo. But it still has pretty good range! Mid,mid, too, so no need to worry about the second hit being low parried. -13 on block.

Safe on block, Taggable! Slow as hell, but good range. You can hold down after UF+3 to make the Fake Flip recover sooner and recover crouching. A great way to set up a Slide.

Launch on CH, +1 frames on block, hold down to recover crouching, mid, knockdown on normal hit, the only thing this move does not do well is hit grounded.

This move does everything f+1+2 does except knock down on normal hit, be plus on block, and have the ability to be done as f,f+3+4, which is a grab.

If you can get a good read on your opponent that they will move towards your Law, this move can beat out what they are doing most of the time for a knockdown or wallsplat. -10 on block, not TOO bad, but not great, either. Pretty easy for them to get a jab string punish on.

1,2,f+2 or 2,f+2
The second hit is a mid with good range. There is also the thread of the last hit of the string, the 1+2, which knocks down, wallsplats, and is -13 on block.

This poke has surprisingly good range! The full 2,2>1~2 string can be used if they try to interrupt your BT options, with a big delay on the third hit and no delay on the last hit. That way, you get the BT mixup, then go to the mid as quick as possible.

Another poking string that ends with a mid with good range, this attack is very bad on block at -9. I am usually using 1,2,f+2, personally.

I am trying to use this move more than df+3 now. df+4 seems better than df+3.

f,f, d+3+4
Another use for the super fast high crushing low, you can use it after a f,f dash. This way, you get a 9 point low to hit and recover crouching. Be aware that you are at -2 on hit, but a WS+4 is still a good idea, I think.

At the tip of its range, many characters can have trouble punishing this high crushing long range sweep. Many players also underestimate its range.

If you are using db+4 at the tip of its range as a long range attack, it may whiff. In these cases, I suggest only using the first hit, db+4 on its own. That way, if it does whiff, the opponent has to decide if they will try to punish or wait for the second hit to come out.

Using a trick, you can do f,f+2 after taking a full running step! f,F to start to run, then with the forward still held down, press the 2. If the 2 hit, press 3. They can techroll this move's knockdown, and it will only wallsplat if their back was flat against the wall.

f,f,N,4 or f,f,df+2
Not the greatest long range moves by a long shot. But, if you can get a read on your opponent, that they will attack at a certain time, these moves can net Law a full launch on CH.

-17 on block, this move is Forest's backswing blow. It has more range than b+3! It can crush mids, will knockdown and wallsplat.

-14 on block, this move bounds the opponent right away. The combos available as a result are not very damaging. But, the move does have long range. The first hit hits grounded, and will also hit low to the ground stances such as Eddy's Relax and Ling's Art of Phoenix.

More of a whiff punisher, since it is launch punishable.

The long range grabs are always available! f,f+3+4 and f,f+2+3 are decent, too. f,f,df+1+2 can catch people. df+1+2 comes out quicker than f,f+3+4 and f,f+2+3. Just be aware that Laws only have one 2 break grab, which makes 2+4 more important. Well, aside from 2+Tag.

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f+3+4 (blocked), d+2, WS+4, 2,2

After a f+3+4 hits on CH for a combo, d+2, WS+4, f,f+4,3 will do the same damage as CH f+3+4, df+2, 2, f,f+4,3.

The good thing about d+2 after f+3+4 is blocked is that it high crushes and recovers crouching. Slide mixups. But I use d+2 instead of d+3+4 because d+3+4 is negative on hit, and -13 on block, while d+2 is plus frames on hit and only -5 on block iirc.

WS+4 gets blocked frequently, I find. I tend to use the old d+2, WS+4, d+2, WS+4 trick a little too often, so my opponent can come to expect the d+2 after the WS+4 and use a hopkick. That is why 2,2 is after the WS+4.

A sidewalk right might be better after WS+4 is blocked. I just want to keep attacking with BT. And a f+1+2 might be better than the f+3+4 in the first place, since it is plus 1 frame on block!

I am used to using lots of d+2s and d+3+4 basic low kicks from standing with my Law. I am not used to getting those moves hopkicked, now that hopkicks go right through those attacks with the crush system.

I was playing a Jinpachi today. Jinpachi blocked my Tag Running Cross Chop, putting us at even frames on recovery. I did a predictable d+2, the Jinpachi did his u+4, and I lost. I guess I should have used a jab instead of the d+2. I just worry about being WS launched. I do not like Law's -9 on block 1,2,3 very much, either. One of those end of the match moments that you tend to remember.

WTF happened to Law's poking? Opponents can just hopkick and randomly crouch to WS launch punish all day. And if that fails, they can just block and wait for Law to put himself at -9. Standing basic 4 is -9 on block now, and df+1 is -1 on block, so they can get a jab interrupt on anything Law does. Law has df+1,3,2, but that string is old as heck, and weak in the damage.

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I see Rip using WS+1 as his mid option out of FC quite a bit. I think I should adopt that. Good okizeme if you hit confirm it.

1,2, df+2

I have used an uf+4 after my 1,2 punches, and more often than not, the uf+4 can not reach the opponent after the 1,2 hits! df+2 has superior range to uf+4.

I think that BT uf+4 is obviously an amazing move out of BT, but I often have the move whiff. Maybe if b+4,b hits, Law is in range of BT uf+4, and if it is blocked, it may whiff? Or maybe it is a matchup thing?

In any case, I have been using BT 2 most of the time, especially after db+2, which leaves the opponent far most of the time.

Been using f,f+1+2 as okizeme if the opponent techrolls in open stage to get frame advantage and the threat of a CH launch.

Been using f,f,f+3 a lot! I donno, even though its tracking is bad, the move can do quite a bit of damage with the guaranteed f,f, uf+3+4 if it hits and they do not quick roll back. The move crushes quite a lot of low attacks as well. If blocked, you can take your pick of attacks, but I find that Law is usually out of range of uf+4 and even df+2 if f,f,f+3 is blocked, and a f,f dash is required to use those attacks. b+4 and b+2 should reach the opponent on block 100% of the time, as with b+1,2 and df+4.

I usually use a mid after the f,f,f+3 is blocked. Opponents tend to crouch quite often after a f,f,f+3 is blocked, I find. f,f,f+3 (blocked) f,f,f+3 back to back slash kicks is always fun to use. Personally, I am really good at iWR. I thought about using Dragunov because of it, what with Dragunov's f,f,f+2, but my Dragunov is not that great.

For okizeme at the wall, a sidestep and uf+4 is VERY good! Rip said it well: "Dude, HELLA people duck at the wall." He meant on wakeup.

I see some good Laws using b+4,3, finishing the string, even on block. I never do that, but I just think it is interesting.

df+1,3,2 is a great poke all-around, but is even better if your opponent NEEDS to press buttons after they block something.

As okizeme at the wall, a leaping UF+4 to crossup, then BT d+3 to FC is Rip's specialty!

b+3,b, BT 1,2,3 at the wall.

Backdash cancelling to space them out, then a sudden b+2,2.

Wall okizeme df+1, d+1, WS+3 (W!), or WS+4 is uninterruptable after d+1 hits.

When spacing them out, try to make them run into your df+2.

Remember that a df+1 is uninterruptable after a db+3 hits. Good VS people who use a db+1 low jab if they get hit by a db+3...but if you anticipate that, use uf+4, or course. A df+2 is not too bad after a db+3 hits, either, or b+4,b or db+2. Sidewalking is good too. db+3 causes knee stun on hit, so opponents tend to use a WS attack. You can make it whiff with the SWR, then use a df+2.

Using b+1,2 as a poke is decent. Mix in your choice of lows. Remember to delay the second hit sometimes, and to only finish the string if it is a CH.

When using FC, remember to watch your opponent and to hold back on the stick if they are attacking.

Lastly, when in doubt, use JuNkYaRd! b+2,3,4, mixing up the delays.
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#32 “Quote” Edit Post
f,f,f+3 (hits), f,f, uf+3+4 (hits VS fully grounded), b+2 (misses because opponent is fully grounded), d+2, WS+4

If the opponent stays down for the b+2 following the stomp, I figure Laws can use the same combo as after a CH f+3+4: d+2, WS+4, f,f+4,3! This way, Law still gets a full bound, even if the opponent stays down for the b+2 following the stomp.

If the opponent somehow manages to get up and block the d+2, Law can obviously use the WS+4, do a Slide mixup, or, probably thr best option, just to b,b to backdash and block, safe.

If the WS+4 hits them rolling, Law can use f+2, f,f+4,3 or b+2, 2, f+1+2 as a combo after the VS rolling WS+4.

The okizeme after a f,f,f+3, f,f, uf+3+4 combo is very good, to say the least!

I have had the b+2 after the uf+3+4 blocked standing. They had somehow managed to get up and block it. In that case, I suggest using a standing basic 1 and df+1 to get the momentum for a mixup.
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#33 “Quote” Edit Post
1,2,f+2 is a great way to set up low attacks. The f+2 extension comes out fast enough to counter-hit low jabs done on reaction to the standing 1,2. The 1,2 itself jails on block, meaning they can not crouch under it if they block the first hit.

2,f+2,1+2 is an excellent poke! The second hit and third hit can both be delayed. The third hit will wallsplat. The third hit will combo if the second hit hits on CH. The third hit is -13 on block, the second hit is -9, safe. 1,1,2,f+2,1+2 and 1,2,f+2,1+2 are other great pokes, but you can not delay the f+2 in those strings like with the 2,f+2,1+2. You can only delay the 1+2, the last wallsplatting hit.

df+4 deserves a mention. Pretty good range, and safe on block. Just a simple mid kick. -8 on block, pretty bad, but +3 on hit and on CH. I like using it after a blocked f,f,f+3 to set up a low attack. Opponents often THINK they can see Dragon's Tail, then, when they expect one, they find themselves getting hit by things like df+4 and df+1 because they are simply guessing and crouching in anticipation. The best move to use in that case, of course, is uf+4, but df+4 will reach opponents out of uf+4's range.

df+1, (db+4,4_uf+4_1,2,f+2_db+2_d+3+4_d+2_grab_b+1>2_db+1_d+1)

If I am playing an opponent for the first time, I test them out with the db+4,4 after the df+1 or 1,2 to see if they can react to it. Then, if I feel like they are just ducking after the df+1, guessing on when the db+4,4 is coming out, I use uf+4. That is the primary mixup after a df+1. But, there are so many more options after the opponent blocks a df+1!

Getting a read on your opponent is important. Try to figure out their skill level just by observing them. You can usually tell by watching their movement which attacks you should use. Like, if they are turtling and their movement is very good, they are more likely to be able to block and heavily punish Dragon's Tail, so use db+3 or d+1 or d+3+4 as your low move instead. d+3+4 is VERY fast, so even a very good opponent can be made to crouch when you use d+3+4.

1, 1, uf+4

This attack pattern is SO COMPLEX! You have to be extremely good at Tekken in order to use this! But there is a serious strategy to it:

"You subscribe to the opponent's tendencies."

This means if they NEED TO do a crouch jab after only ONE standing basic jab, then use only one standing basic 1 before the uf+4. If you have to do 1,2, 1, 1,2 to entice them crouch, do that! WHATEVER! Just get them to crouch your uf+4 and you are laughing in your opponent's face while you say, "Got him!"

1, 1, b+1>2, 1, b+1>2, db+3

This attack pattern is a lot like what I used to use with my Bruce back in Tekken Tag 1. I would use Bruce's b+4,3 instead of the first 2 hits of the Dragon's Storm, and Bruce's d+4 instead of the Law db+3, but the attack pattern is very similar. If you can get a read on when they might attack, use a standing basic 4 instead of the standing basic 1 to get a full launch.

With Marshall, Dragon Storm, when used as a poke, is better than Forest's version. The third hit of Marshall's is only -14 on block, knocks down and wallsplats, and has more range than Forest's third hit of the move. That said, I still use Forest's Dragon Storm in the same way as Marshall's. Just not for punishing, since Forest's version of the move is 16 frames instead of 14f.

But, all in all, Dragon Storm has gotten me out of some hairy situations. I like Dragon Storm because it is a mid,mid,mid move. It reminds me of other great mid,mid,mid strings from past Tekkens, like the Bruce triple knees or Jin's Laser Cannon.

As a general rule, use another b+1>2 if your b+1,2 hits, and use the standing jab if it gets blocked. Be aware that Forest's b+1,2 is -13, but, opponents tend not to punish it.

1, (db+2 BT_b+4,b BT)

I have been using db+2 in the same way as a df+1. db+2 has more range than a df+1 does, and you can still follow up the db+2 with a BT 1 for a quick move and plus one frame on block, or any of the BT moves. But the best thing about db+2 is that it is an elbow move: unreverable by a regular reversal, and many parries, too! If you are more concerned about them sidewalking, you can opt for b+4,b instead of db+2.

If your opponent crouches a lot, try using b+4,b or db+2 by themselves without the jab.

db+2, BT b, db+2 is another great mid,mid poking option. You might be surprised at how quickly Law turns around after a db+2!

b+4,b, BT 1 is very good! BT 1 is 10 frames, +1 on block. If it gets blocked, you can follow it up with another jab and it is uninterruptable. Try 2,2, BT 1, db+2, BT d+3 as a poking string.

Just remember that if your 2,2 or db+2 or b+4,b is blocked, the BT 1 is coming out at 14 frames...pretty slow. Opt instead for a BT d+3 to high crush with another 10 frame move, BT uf+4 to low crush with a mid launcher, or you can hold back or DB to turn around.

If you use BT d+3 to high crush, BT uf+4 to low crush, and BT 2 to catch backdashers with a longer range mid, using BT can be great for applying pressure and setting up mixups in your rushdown!

After a b+2,2 hits, Law is at +4. This means a 14 frame move is uninterruptable. db+2, b+4,b, df+1, basic standing 4, and maybe even a df+2 are good ideas. df+2 can be interrupted, but df+2 can crush jabs. uf+4 if you get a read on them that they are likely to crouch. Some oponents crouch for no reason in particular. Punish them hard.

df+1, 1, 1, 1, db+3, df+1, 1, 1, 1, db+3

Great at the wall if you think they are likely to simply stand there until BOOM they try to use a hopkick as a panic button because they think you might do a low. The 1, 1, 1's often just get blocked. I have done over 5 basic standing 1's in a row in that situation, all blocked. Time for a db+3.

db+3 (hits), db+3 (hits), df+1, 1, db+3

If your opponent is smart enough to not attack after they get hit by a db+3, using another db+3 right away is a pretty good idea! Coming out at 17 frames, with the +3 that the original db+3 gives on hit, it comes out as a 14 frame db+3 the second time. After two db+3s in a row, I then opt for the uninterruptable df+1. If the df+1 is blocked, Law is at -1 frames, so a jab is pretty much your best bet if you want to continue attacking since it is Law's fastest attack. Then, why not use another db+3?

f+1+2 (blocked), (1,2,3_4)

Since f+1+2 is +1 on block, those options are uninterruptable.

At the wall b+3,b, BT 1,2,3, SWR, df+2, SWR, b+1>2, d+1, WS+4, 2,2, BT 3, db+2, BT B to LFF

After all that, if they are still just standing there, I just backdash. I often do not want to risk a low because of the crush system. I often use b+1>2 as a poke. You might want to sidewalk after the WS+4 since it is negative on block. The BT 3 will wallsplat for great damage, and the db+2 that follows it is a 14 frame poke that you can get to go back to standing normally by simply holding back on the stick.

b+3 is always a threat at the wall, and f,f+3 is always a threat if the opponent whiffs a move, despite it being -15 on block. Laws have fairly decent long range power mids that knockdown and wallsplat.

b+2>3 is good to get in on an opponent. Not finishing the Junkyard Kick Combo is a mixup in itself. Law can get further pokes on the opponent or even a slower move, maybe, since they are left standing there, wondering what happened to the last hit of the Junkyard.

You can even mix up b+2 and b+2>3. Like b+2, b+2>3, b+2, uf+4! Hopkick them if there is the slightest chance that they will crouch.

b+2, d+3+4, b,B

d+3+4 is -13 on block and -2 on hit and on counter-hit, but it is still a good move, I think. Just know that you are at -2. A backdash is a good idea, holding back on the second back to block incoming attacks.


Back in Tag 1, Law had no f,f+4 move, so I would often use f,f+4 as a way to give my standing basic 4 more range. You can still do this in Tag 2, but you need to return the stick to neutral.

db+1, FC df,d,DF, WS+2~Tag!

Remember that, even with your back against the wall and with Law low on health, you can use a db+1 to get into FC and completely shift the momentum of the match in an instant! d+2 is great in that way too but is a frame slower. Sometimes, that difference of one frame can feel like a long time.

f,f,f+3 is great if they techroll for okizeme, since it is probably impossible to sidewalk if they just techrolled and you are already doing the move as they recover. You can use f,f,f+3 as a mid option from FC. f,f,f+3 is one of very few long range moves that Laws have.

Forest u,ub evades lows!

When turtling, UB+3,d is a great spacing move that recovers crouching. Use f,f,f+3 as a mid option for your FC game if they are too far for WS+2. Just remember that you can get jab floated out of all u+3 versions, as well as the f,f,f+3.

At the wall as a threat on okizeme, if the opponent has rage, df+2 or some other non-jumping move should be used, not an attack that gets Law airborne. This is because, if they Tag Crash and you are doing a f+3+4 or uf+4, you get hit by the Tag Crash and get knocked down! A bad situation! Even a 1,2,3 can get hit out of the air by a Tag Crash. b+1,2 and 3+4 are two good attacks to use in that stuation.

At the start of a round, hold back to block and be defensive, then whiff punish with a f,f+3 or b+2,2 or 3+4. Using jab strings might work sometimes at the start of a round, but jabs are high risk and low reward. I also find that the characters start the round farther away from each other in Tag 2 than in Tekken 6. So many moves that would have reached the opponent in Tekken 6 at the start of a round might not reach them now in Tag 2. 4,3 is a good example. It would reach them at the start of round in Tekken 6 most of the time.

Sometimes, I find that I need to just take a moment to defend. Stop using jab strings and whatnot, but DEFEND! Sometimes, the opponent is concentrating on creating a whiff in order to get a quick launcher to equalize the round count or whatever the situation may be. Have confidence in your ability to block! Panicking and using a move that just pops into your mind will lead to your downfall. Patience is the ultimate virtue. Running out the clock is OK.

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Rip Notes

After any knockdown, for okizeme, f,f, uf+4 or f,f, db+3 is great, or b+4,b for a slightly quicker mid.

db+3 is 17f, only 2 frames slower than hopkick.

At the wall, after a db+3 hits and Law is at +3, if Law does his 14 frame b+4,3 instead of the uninterruptable 13 frame df+1, the b+4,3 can wallsplat! Mega damage, and even a re-wallsplat with b,b, 4,3 (W!) 2!

b+4,3, while the second hit is a high, is a bit safer at the wall against a good opponent. Better players tend to avoid ducking at the wall at all, even at times when they normally would or should crouch.

VS grounded at range zero UF+4,3 crosses up, which ends with Law Back Turned. Law can then opt for a BT move.

Another crossup to BT oki setup is, as the opponent is grounded or getting up, leap UF to jump over the opponent. This can and does include leaping UF+4, as well as just the leaping UF by itself without an attack, or even the empty leaping UF to BT d+3.

BT d+3 recovers crouching!

f,f,f+3 has great range and is hella plus frames. Use it.

b+3 if they sidewalk. Another mid with good range.

I just realized that the only thing the opponent can use to interrupt Law in-between a db+3 hitting and a b+4,b is a FC 1. WS+4 is 11 frames! It will trade at best, and lose to the b+4,b at worst. Probably lose to it. I forgot that db+3 forces crouch on hit!

When you have the life lead and the time is almost over, use Frogman Feint (db+3+4,d) to get Law grounded!

More rushdown:

1,2,f+2, db+2

df+1, grab

1, df+1,3,2

2,2 in general

d+2 in general

f,f,f+3 from crouch

More Ripnotes
If your Slide hits, and you do u,3 to do the delayed getting up 3 and it hits them getting up or rolling, then you immediately Slide and they block it, Law Slides past them!

More Ripnotes, this time in regards to defense in Tekken Tag 2
If you get side wallsplatted, you always techroll in the same direction, no matter what buttons you press to techroll. Even if you hold 2+Tag to Tag crash, you still get a techroll! In order to get a Tag crash in a side wallsplat situation, you must wait until you land on the floor, THEN press 2+Tag. Rip made a shoutout to KOFTekken. KOFTekken taught Rip that.

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d+1 (hits), WS+4, d+1 (hits), FC 2, FC uf+4~Tag

After a d+1 hits, Law forces the opponent into crouch (Knee Stun or KS), and is at +1, and is crouching.

WS+4 is a great option, since it is 11 frames.

Even if they block the WS+4, d+1 does high crush.

FC 2 is a pretty good option from FC, too.

I like using FC uf+4~Tag if I get a read on them that they will use a low attack against my Law when my Law is crouching. It cruches low, and a bit high, too, but don't bet the farm on its high crush ability. Law often gets jab floated out of it.

d+1, FC df+4

FC df+4 is a pretty good option after a d+1 hits, too. Just be aware that FC df+4 does not cause knee stun like db+3 or d+1, so opponents are likely to attack after FC df+4 hits with a df+1 or poking string to gain back the momentum.

-2 on hit and on CH. Still, depending on your opponent, you can sometimes use another FC df+4 after the FC df+4.

Best at range 0:
d+3+4, FC UB+4,D, FC

I used to do that ALL THE TIME! Man, it sucks that they made Law's basic low kick d+3+4 from standing. I totally forgot about how good this is. It has been so many years.

df+1, 4,u+3

Pretty good poking lockdown. I will try to see if Law still gets a full combo off of CH 4,u+3 like a normal CH 4.

With Marshall, using d+1+2,f+4, Marshall's instant Legend Kick, to punish Tag-ins, is great after you hit them with a full combo and they try to raw Tag.

Marshall gets a free f+3+4 after Legend Kick hits most of the time. They can probably get up to block it, but as Laws know, f+3+4 hits grounded and is a full launch on CH. Legend Kick also wallsplats if the wall is right behind them.

Forest only has b+1+2,f+4. It comes out much slower, and is kinda useless, unless they are being totally obvious about their Tag, and not Tagging as fast as they can. I only use Marshall's Legend Kick to punish Tags. With Forest, I just use f,f,f+3 or f,f+3, which are both good options, too.

Both Laws have df+2 though, which does way more than any of the options above to punish a Tag.

f,f,f+3 (hits), f,f, uf+3+4 (hits VS fully grounded), 2,f+2
uf+3+4 seems guaranteed as a combo after Law f,f,f+3 hits now and they do not quick roll back. After the f,f, uf+3+4, b+2 is great because it is a mid that is safe on block and can combo reset them. b+2 does not hit grounded, however. Enter 2,f+2, which does hit grounded, and works the same way, allowing a full combo reset if they try to get up!

It is possible to get up in time to block the b+2 and the 2,f+2, but, VS humans, it does still combo reset really often.

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With Law's back against the wall,

d+3+4, FC UF+3+4

b+4,b, BT D, BT FC UF+4

Opponents tend to freeze up after blocking either d+2 or d+3+4 because they expect the second hit, the d+2,3 or d+3+4,3. They want that launch punish, and are thinking, "Haha, yeah, go ahead, kill yourself you Law noob!"

Catapult Kick High (FC UF+4) can crossup, can recover crouching by holding down, is semi-fast at 14 frames, and, along with Rainbow Drop, can be done out of BT! While launchable on block, it seems safe to some opponents because of the guard stun it seems to give on block.

Rainbow Drop (FC UF+3+4) has the ability to crossup and leaves Law grounded. Not exactly "safer" than Catapult Kick High, it does keep the opponent honest. The opponent has to guess whether you did Catapult Kick High or Rainbow Drop. So, if they try to punish your Catapult Kick, they get hit by the Rainbow Drop. And, if they try to jab float Law out of Raibbow Drop, they get a boot to the face with Catapult Kick High. The two moves are less effective if you only use one of them. Mix it up to keep them guessing!

db+1, FC df,d,df+3

You can mix up the Slide with WS+(1_4_3) if you think they might crouch. Using WS+2 as the FC mid option is a bad idea with your back against the wall.

d+3+4, WS+4

This is great to get back the momentum. d+3+4 to WS+4 is also great when the opponent is low on life and you want a KO.

d+3+4, neutral to stand back up, d+3+4

d+3+4's speed makes it an extremely valuable tool in any situation. I find opponents eat the low kicks more often if Law stands back up, rather than do:

d+3+4, FC df+4,

FC df+4 is good too though, doing a bit more damage.

While Law's basic low kick from standing does only 9 points, 3 points less than pretty much the rest of the cast, it is unexpected and quick! Another great way to sneak out a KO.

SS+3+4 and 1,2,3 are other good attacks to use when cornered. They both end in a mid. Any jab strings are pretty good with your back to the wall, really, if you think they are not likely to crouch. 2,2,1,2, 1,1,2,f+2 are a couple good ones.

b,b,ub Wall Jump is available too.

If Law has his back against the wall, and the opponent just sidewalks with you, not allowing you to get away from the wall, one of these gimmicks might get Law out of jail, allowing him to squeeze out a win!

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b+2,3,4, DSS 2+4 is great for turtles! Especially since the grab will not mean Law gets counter-hit if the opponent does a move like Steve b+1. Oh, this is the Forest section? Oops

Leaping UF+4 crossup, then BT 4,3 VS BT can wallsplat.

BT d+3 (hit), then a grab! They are in range of a grab after BT d+3 hits.

Using back-to-back 1,1,1,1,2,f+2s is really good at stealing the opponent's momentum.

b+3 compliments the FC mixup game very well. Often, opponents try to get outside of WS+2's range to avoid the mid option. When this happens, they usually wait until you do a Slide. But, instead of doing the Slide, just wait. Be patient. After awhile, maybe 5 to 10 seconds of turtling, they will often try to dash into range again. This is the time to use b+3!

b+3,b, BT db can even grant Law a running unblockable shoulder tackle when b+3 hits. The BT db creates much more room after the b+3, allowing more room for an extra running step. The running tackle is not a fool-proof tactic, though. The opponent can eliminate its threat by just dashing forward, therefore not allowing enough running steps for the unblockable tackle.

The nice thing about using b+3 as the long range mid option for the FC mixup is that it not only has great range and is semi-safe, but it is a true homing attack, wallbreaks, and wallsplats.

Another use for b+3 is as a mixup to db+3. The two moves look similar, I think, both using Law's left leg in a circular motion. I think db+3 is borderline unseeable-seeable.
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1,2 (blocked), 1,2 (blocked)

1,2 punches with Laws, like most characters' basic standing 1,2 punches, is 0 on block. So, at range zero, after getting your 1,2 punches blocked, another 1,2 punches immediately is not a bad idea to keep the rushdown going. There is really not much the opponent can do to get away.

You can mixup the jab strings with Law a lot. 1,2,f+2, 1,1,1,1,2,f+2>1+2 with a big delay at the wall, or 2,2,1,2 are all great 10f jab strings, with 2,2 by itself ending in BT.

In a long set, you might be able to get reads on when your opponent will press buttons. Maybe after the opponent blocks two 1,2 punches back to back, they will db+1 low jab. Or maybe they will try to sidewalk after blocking only the first 1,2 punches, and so on.

If you do notice tendencies in your opponent, adjust your moves to counter their ability to defend against you. Maybe use a 1,1,2,f+2 instead of just a 1,2 for the first 1,2 punches.

Getting reads in this way is probably the best way to get a read on when to use moves like d+2,3~Tag or d+3+4,3~Tag, too. If you know they will attack for sure at set point in time, you can use d+3+4,3~Tag or d+2,3~Tag to get a full CH combo. Or, use Law's uf+4 hopkick to counter a low punch interrupt attempt.

Expanding on varrying your attacks to reduce your opponent's ability to defend, use b+4,b, Law's 14f mid homing poke kick, to track sidewalking opponents. This is a particularily good attack because it homes, and it also starts a back turned mixup on the opponent.

Good lows to use in rushdown include d+3+4 on its own. It recovers crouching and comes out very fast. However it does not do very much damage, and is negative frames on hit.

db+4,4 can catch opponents who are confused for a large amount of damage, especially if a wall is positioned so that they can get wallsplatted for a full bound and wall Tag Assault combo.

A much safer low option, d+1, recovers crouching, and is +1 on hit, and only -13 on block. Good Risk/reward ratio, and it high crushes.

db+3 is somewhat fast at 17 frames and tracks well, but is not a high crushing low attack.

Law's grabs include my personal favorite, df+1+2,1,2,1+2, which does 5 points more than his other grabs, f+2+3, or f,f+2+3 for a longer range version of f+2+3, f,f+3+4~Tag, and the normal 1+3 and 2+4 throws, which the 2+4 throw can be Tagged out if Marshall Law is your partner. Of course, Forest also has 2+Tag, the universal Tag grab, which is good since it is a 2 break and takes off red life.

Even if your opponent tries to dash out of range of Law's jabs and pokes, the threat of Slide is always present, and b+3 keeps them in check, too, a long range homing move kick. If you get a read on one of the opponent's long range attacks, you can use Law's standing basic 4 to get a full combo on CH. The best way to do that is to do f,f,N,4, giving it more range, while keeping the standing 4's speed at 11 frames by going back to neutral. f+4 is 14f.

So, even if the opponent decides to try to get away from Law, just be patient.

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db+2, BT df to LFF FC, WS+4, d+3+4, WS+4

I see Just Frame James use WS+4 after going back turned quite a bit. He uses Marshall, of course, who has DSS out of WS+4, and even free stuff after WS+4 hits on counter-hit, like DSS f+1 for a knockdown with great okizeme or a wallsplat.

Forest Law has no DSS to speak of, but WS+4 is still a great poking move that can be followed up quickly with d+3+4 to hit the opponent again with an unseeable low that recovers crouching. d+3+4 is -2 on hit though, so your safest followup attack, if you chose to attack at all, is another mid-hitting WS+4. FC df+4 is okay too.

If you get a read on them, that they are likely to just standing guard, you can use Law's db+3 after the WS+4 instead for more damage, and +3 with them forced crouch.

db+3 (hits), (df+2_4_d+3+4,3~Tag_uf+4)

While (gasp!) the df+2 can in fact be interrupted, the move is a launcher, and only 1 frame slower than b+4. That means that if they mess up their WS+4 in the slightest after they get hit by the db+3, they should get launched for half a life bar.

I prefer using df+2 in this situation instead of hopkick (uf+4) because Law's df+2 has more range than his hopkick. However, hopkick is a low crush. So if you notice the opponent using low punches every time you use a db+3, a hopkick might be a good idea!

4 is a similar option after db+3 hits, but it is 11 frames, only 1 frame slower than a standing basic 1. If the opponent does anything that is not considered crouching, like a mid WS+4 instead of a FC 1 or FC 2, they should get counter-hit for almost half a life bar. 4 is a high, and with that comes some risk.

Speaking of risk, enter d+3+4,3~Tag! I like d+3+4,3~Tag more than d+2,3~Tag, personally. -17 on block, but if you get a read on them you can get a full ~Taggable launcher and red life combo.

Just remember, you have safe options after a db+3 hits. b+4,b and db+2 are 14 frame mids that end in Back Turned. df+1, while faster than b+4,b and db+2 at 13 frames, has less range, and can sometimes whiff completely, especially if you used db+3 at the tip of its range.

1,2,f+2, d+2, Slide

1,2,f+2 is my favorite poke with Law. The range it has is really great, covering lots of ground, ending in a mid elbow.

The threat of the fourth hit, the 1+2, is always there. Condition the opponent to always standing guard your 1,2,f+2. Especially at the wall. 1,2,f+2>1+2, with a delay on the fourth hit, is one of my favorite attacks to use at the wall! -13 is not too bad if it is blocked. It has a surprise factor.

After 1,2,f+2 is blocked, you can do another 1,2,f+2 if you think they will just block, but there is a better option. d+2 is a great way to quickly get into FC! A Slide is the best option after 1,2,f+2, d+2, I think. If they standing guarded all of that already, it is unlikely they will crouch against your FC. But, again, try to get a read on them! If you suspect they might crouch, use WS mids.

UB leap, FC, Slide

This is great for when you find yourself nose to nose with something like Steve's Peekaboo Stance. Jump far away, which recovers crouching! This is great since you do not have to be in FC to use a leap back like you do need to be to use Catapult Kick High (FC UB+4,d).

3+4 at the wall

3+4 is Law's main threat at the wall. Hitting at the 14 frame mark, the mid-hitting move is only -10. I gress Namco thought it would be too cheap if it was safe. I also think they made the move 2 hits for a reason. If 3+4 trades hits with the opponent's move, the 3+4 will not wallsplat. Only the second hit of 3+4 wallsplats. So, while they made 3+4 a good move to use at the wall, they also added a couple of things to balance it out and to make it "fair."

db+3 is a good low option to mixup with your 3+4. d+1,3 is an NCC and will wallsplat and is -11 on block. d+1 by itself is a good low too, but is a bit slow for a low poke, 21 frames. d+1 is -13 on block, like db+3.

f+1+2 (blocked), 4_1,2,3

f+1+2 is +1 on block, so 4 and 1,2,3 are uninterruptable. Both moves are high attacks, however. Good at the wall.

At the wall f,f+3+4, uf+4 (W!), b+2,2 (TA!) Law uf+3,4, Law f,f+3

Another good option at the wall is Law's f,f+3+4 grab. The grab itself will not wallsplat, but you can get a wallsplat by sing a regular uf+4 hopkick afterwards, if your opponent's back is against the wall. After the uf+4 into the wallsplat, it is possible to use f+1+2 to bound them. However, b+2,2 is much faster than f+1+2 and is an easier combo to do.

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f,F, df+2 instead of f,f,f+3

Even crappy Tekken players know that a f,f,f+3 is easily sidewalked, yet Law seems to rely on it more than most of the cast. A long f,F dash followed by a basic uppercut is a safer option. Law's basic uppercut tracks a bit, and has more range than most other basic uppercuts.


Use the first 3 hits of Law's super good tenstring only for most of the time. You can use the first 5 hits if you get your df+1,3,2 blocked and punished as a partial mixup. If the second low attack in the tenstring hits, the remaining hits are all a true combo! Big damage, a knockdown, and possibly a wallsplat!

df+1,3,2 is a great move to use as a mid option in a FC mixup:

FC df,d,df, f,f, df+1,3,2

Only using the first 2 hits, df+1,3, is another mixup! They will expect the third hit.

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