Playing Michelle without d,df motions

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#1 “Quote” Edit Post
I have problems doing these mid battle and mid combo.
Are there any good solo combos without these and qcf motions? If not could there be at least decent combos without those motion(at least above 40 damage is fine for me!!) The combo thread didn't provide for me.
all I know is:
uf4,3,1,1 B!,dash,df4,2,3: 51 dmg

I'd really like some combos please?

and also,I'd like tips on how I should generally play without these motions please.
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You should probably try to add some f,f+1s in that juggle but like Bopper said to g-clef "my advise is to just practice the shotgun spins. They are vital to both her neutral game and combos, she is severly gimped without it. Just grind it a little and you will get it in no time :-)" Also, if you have any more questions could you ask them in the general discussion thread instead of making topics please.
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#3 “Quote” Edit Post
d,df+1 is more vital than ever to playing Changs.
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#4 “Quote” Edit Post
I know the motion seems intimidating, but you pretty much just have to force yourself to learn it.

At the very least, use it for pressure/punishment purposes. Like d,df+1,2 for a decent punish (granted, I'm also very new so this might not combo or be entirely safe, but it's been useful for me).

Eventually, you'll get the hang of the motion that you'll do it more or less consistently in combos.

That said, some combos that don't use it are:

df+3+4, uf+4,3,1 - Decent for slipping under high pressure
f+(3,1), ff+2 - Just a good for punishing raw tags.
df+2,1, f+(3,1), df+3, ff+1, ff+1, 4
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#5 “Quote” Edit Post
Practice practice. It takes a while but I tell you, their(Changs) offense revolve around that d,df+1 thingy called the shotgun. My first ever shotgun combo was uf+4,3 1,2 d,df+1~3~1+2 B! d,df+1,2. Try it, it's relatively easier than the others. You can also end this with a ff+2 to spike them down for some oki damage.

As for non shotgun combos, you can try the ones posted above and uf+4,3 ff+1, ff+1, ff+1, ff+1,4. Once you get better, you can then input d,df+1~(whatever) after the first ff+1. I hope this helps.

As an added tip, if you're using a square gate stick, what you can do is think of it as a "sloppy" df input. What I do is from neutral, I move the stick towards df but slightly off-angle that I hit the down actuator first before sliding towards the df corner of the stick's gate or restrictor plate.
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#6 “Quote” Edit Post
if you cant shotgun~spin, you either need to practice way more, or pick a different character. Its like playing a Mishima and not doing ewgf's
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#7 “Quote” Edit Post
Shotgun spins are a bitch and a half when using a brand new controller. *angry face*
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#8 “Quote” Edit Post
I feel like if you dont use shot gun you better just play jaycee, she has a bit more versatility can do some good juggle damage with d,df but its surely needed.

when i got a new controller I couldnt d,df or qcf to save my life. Gosh that was a horrible 2 months!
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#9 “Quote” Edit Post
d,df is basically only df with the xbox pad
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Learn it, or you'll never get decen damage. But you can do other things. Especially when your in a laggy match.

try this

uf+4,3 1,2,3_4,1 B+1~5 TA! (tag fill) ISW gets around 85
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#11 “Quote” Edit Post
I main Michelle and had that exact same problem. Great advise i got coming from a 2D fighting game background is fireball motion without the f at the end. Now i hit her shotgun spins every time. My problem with movement now is KBD, and I'm having trouble wave dashing. Not sure if she can wave dash.
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#12 “Quote” Edit Post
This sucks I really want to play this character but can't do combos easily I mean I can't even connect her ff+1 the timing is so strict. I guess this combo torment won't change in Tekken 7 too. Same for Lili's ff+3 and Jack's ff+1 and others you have to force yourself. I am using pad I really need stick for this moves I guess I have to prepare fight stick before getting a next gen console this time.


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