why ancient ogre?

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hi all

i used to main team ogres in my first few weeks of playing ttt2. after being stuck in the 3rd dan and a 30% win rate, decided to bench a.ogre and used jinpachi instead. my win rates slowly improving ever since. :-)

anyhows, i know i have much to learn. just curious as to why you a. ogre gurus would rather stick it out with him over jinpachi and true ogre?

is there a tech that im not utilizing well?

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Well, simply put he sucks ass. Broken hitboxes, lousy solo combo damage and not having fast pokes are killing him.

Having b+1,2, Waning Moon and uf+3,4,3+4 are the only things saving him from being the worst character in the game in my eyes.

So, why would anyone want to play AO? I seriously don't know, I guess I'm an total idiot using him.
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Why would anyone want to play AO? Because he oozes pure Tekken 3 awesomeness. Plus, you can customize him to look like the Hulk.

Seriously, he's just a fun character to play as. He just sucks because of the reasons you stated.

I'll still play as him. Meh

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