Heihachi players that travel or go to tournaments

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whatsup fellow hei/mishima players just wondering how many of you guys like to travel to play with other communitys or that go to tournaments

Im here in knoxville Tennessee we dont have a giant community but we do have an exceptionally strong one including myself jio trung and many other good up and comers we get to gether just about every day but especially on the weekends

Are any of yall going to K.I.T? if so post up in here it would be great to meet some other hei players ive been to over 20 tournies since i got serious in tekken back in t5 and only met 3 hei players game,smp,and bane im hoping since hei is now mr popular that changes id really like to sit down and play some sets,even if your new to hei i dont mind to sit down with you and share knowledge
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