Heihachi Oki?

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Something as important as Oki needs its own thread. The art of never letting your opponent get off the ground.

Oki after throws, spiked juggle enders etc. I have been using f+3, d+1 and CD~N4 with little effect.

What moves are you doing in your Oki? And after which move? What have you seen other Heihachiplayers use to keep someone from getting up off the ground?
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d+3 is hella scary for oki, use it to great effect. Safe, does lots of damage, looks painful and allows for an oki mixup with d+1.

Heihachi's oki setups aren't particularly great but he has very good options. Most of the oki setups would be coming off his generic throws but even then they're limited because the opponent can just recover so quickly in this game.
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I do what Light does.
Ie. OTGF as soon as they go to ground. If it whiffs or is blocked, mix up b1+4 and MOAR OTGF.

Tends to lose me a lot of games, heh.
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I tend to try to catch people when they roll backwards with f+3, if i hit i do d+1, but they can still roll away from it after f+3.

So like f,f+1+2, f+3,d+1

Or just do d+1 after headbutt.
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Was messing with Hei and found some wall stuff :

After wall ender CD444 n4 if they get up crouching or standing you can re juggle with bf22B! It also works after f4B! f4 and if they stay on the ground you have the usual stomp d4 or d3. Don't know if it's already posted
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Old News but Good to read it again.

I Myself like to go for a mixup between d+4 and f+3 After f+4 as the wallender.
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What do you get after f3 hits a backroll or something? I try to d1 after f3 hits backroll and it never hits, so now when I read a backroll, I just do d1 instead. Also getting d3 backrolled sucks... they get up and still have enough time to launch you in recovery lol
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