Unknown Juggles: Bring in the Spikes!

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I just came back so just now playing again. Liking her and having more fun than with Jun.
Gimmicks are always good to throw out and give your opponent something to think about.

as already mentioned TA filler b+2,1,2,1/2 is good. You don't have to worry about messing up a slash kick like you would with Jun's typical one.

just don't forget her basics like:
f+1,4 1+4 1,2,f+1+2,1+2 (b!) f+F+2,2 is 96 damage alone with no TA if the launch hits.
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Hey guys I don't know if you like combo videos but i've made one with Unknown:


I hope you'll enjoy it!
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@ Luksgammer360: That's one hell of a job you did there. I started to use jun-unknown together online since some weeks and without knowing them both at 100% i got double Byakko. Now thanks to your video i know more stuff to do! I already wrote down the imputs! ^^ nice 1!
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What's the best Unknown/Jun TA combo off of uf+4,3?

Right now I do either

uf+4,3 (TA!) Jun b,b, f,f+2,3, Unknown f,f,f+3, b+2,1,4


uf+4,3 (TA!) Jun SSR, b+2,1,4, Unknown b+2,1,4
Really easy.
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Tekken Tag 2: Avatar The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra Inspired Combo Video
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So does anyone have any tips of getting a consistent spike juggle? I just had one down for b+3 but the spikes won't connect.

b+3,4,1+4,(1),2, f+3,IZU~1+2 b!, dash, b+2,1,2,2 - 77 dmg
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