Miguel's intro and win qoutes? What is he saying?

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Lone Wolf
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Does anyone know what Miguel is saying in Spanish during his intros and win pose?

He's what I've gathered so far:

Intro 1: Yo me encargo de esto!
Intro 2: Has que no valga de la pena!
Intro 3: Something something, vamos a ja!
Intro 4: (This one is very hard to understand) something about being a pain.

Win Pose 1: Heh!
Win Pose 2: Yeaaah!
Win Pose 3: Te vas de gratis!

If anyone knows exactly what he is saying please post up!
4th Dan
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I couldn't get the screens, so I can only translate these ones. If you can get videos of them, I will translate them.

1) I'll take care of this!
2) "Haz que valga la pena" = Make it worth it
3) "Vamos allá" means "Let's go!"

WIN 1: Heh!
WIN 2: Yeah!
WIN 3: You're going for free!(No one says "te vas de gratis" ever, it is a pretty stupid phrase, gratis means free. I guess they wanted to make it mean "I'm going to hit you for no cost or something).

Source: 20 years of being Spanish.
Lone Wolf
Joined: Oct 2004
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I did some more listening
in Intro 3 he says: Que suplicio, vamos alla!
In intro 4 he says: Me estais empezando something dar??? Subtitled in the game as: You two are becoming a pain!

Do you think you could piece together the 4th quote? If I find a video of it I'll post it. Thanks!
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The intro 3 would be something like "what a pain, let's do it"

The intro 4 is "me estais empezando a fastidiar" and the english subs are pretty accurate. I think something in the lines of "you two are pissing me off" could be more accurate in the context of a battle.

Then again, I'm from Chile and not Spain so my translation could be a little bit off
Nike Timberland
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#5 “Quote” Edit Post
Me estais empezando a fastidiar - you guys are beginning to annoy me/piss me off
Me encargo de esto - I got this
Haz que valga la pena - Make it worth my while
Que suplicio, vamos alla - What a pain, let's go then
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Nike Timberland F.K.A. Stringer Baek
Lone Wolf
Joined: Oct 2004
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You guys rock! Thank you for helping with the translations! Also does anyone one know what the symbol on the front of his shirt is? It looks like some sort of Spanish coat of arms?
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It looks like his dead little sister imho
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The win pose "Te vas de gratis" is a special request from spanish Tekken players to Harada.
It's what they say in tournaments when someone gets beaten very easy...
There's no translation to English. In fact, it doesn't make a lot of sense in Spanish either

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