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i saw forrest law do this funny/awesome grab online but have no idea how the guy did it. i know there is very little i can do to describe it because it happened so fast.

it was a grab that was commited as the guy using forrest won the battle, and the camera got all theatrical and zoomed in on forrest as he basically beat the crap out of the person and he proceeded to scream all bruce lee style. anyone who knows forrest in n out know what im talking about and know how to do it?
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Is the law player was using shirtless outfit with a blood wound on his chest just like bruce lee?

If yes, he might be equipping a special upper body item called chinese something (i forgot).. it was a shirtless outfit with a blood wound on his chest. To use the special throw, win the match with a d/f 1+2 throw with this outfit.

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