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So I was watching a few videos of Knee using Paul and his usual pokes are QCF+3 and Dash (QCF motion) WS+3.

I'd like to know how he does the WS+3 consistently as whenever I try to do it the QCF+3 low attack comes out, not the Knee. If anyone can tell me the notation for it that would be great.

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it's d,d/f 3, if you hit F you'll get a normal CD.

the easiest way to get it is to do d,D/F,n,3,
at least for me it is.
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look man the move doesnt track sidestep, but if you sidestep it will hit you
steves b+1 isint safe because it only auto guards high and mid, but you can cancel it and block all lows
Jaycees u/f+4,3 is launch punishable on block but if you try to punish it the 1 follow-up will hit you
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You have to hold D/F like Shinjin says. I do the regular QCF motion but hold D/F for a second before releasing it to do WS+3.
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hmm needs sm practice
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