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Struggling with the choice of your character?
You dont have any idea on how you should play?
Look no further, take a look at this thread to see at very basic level how each character fights.
This thread is an overview to help newcomers, if you know the basics of your characters or you have exhausted the knowledge of this thread, look in character strategies in the forum.

Feel free to correct me if im mistaken (im FAR from being pro at this game) and post yours and I will be adding the information.

1.0 First post completed.
2.0 Second post completed.
3.0 Alphabetical order.
4.0 Pros and cons of every character.
5.0 Reasons of the partners.
6.0 DLC characters.
7.0 Explanation of the styles.

Thanks to: azL, Kilvoctu, Budding Fighter, green)Lei, g-clef_cannon, Jason4579, Keeper of the CRANE, Mr Adam0, lilleboff, Baraka, DEATH ,shauno, Bilal, aviax, AZYG4LYFE, leonized, Mingriah,ConCeal12, Tofma, NoodleHead, Taokaka Meow, mylvis, MMT, IRON LOBSTER, Brennan, lizanias for their contributions.

Use this guide to know every word you don't understand of the post.
- Terminology: http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/wiki/TZ_Jargon

-Style: Pokes.
-Suited for: Balanced, maybe more defensive.
-Difficult: Beginner-medium.
-Good partners: Roger/Alex, Steve to use Alex as an anchor with safe pokes, Jack 6 for damage.
-Why use: Use him if you live in Australia, or if you like Godzilla, well... fast pokes and a character underused is a reason too.
-Pros: Great pokes to do good damage to your opponent, he is relatively fast with his punches, The have good combo options from a few CH attacks.
-Cons: Lack of combo damage, his homing moves are very bad.

-Style: Pokes.
-Suited for: Defense.
-Difficult: Beginner.
-Good partners: Characters who desesperatly need a woman like Lars with great synergy and good options thanks to her tag bufferable launchers, if we look to the alliagnces Yoshimitsu and Zafina with their tricky stuff are a good options too.
-Why use: Use her if you like to turtle while poking your enemy.
-Pros: Solid mid-low pokes allows her to play very turtle, she has two stances with good options and her spacing is relatively good, also having a good core of low-mid pokes she can apply preassure if she is used smartly, her pokes are easy to execute and viable, allowing her to be less dependant on combos, which are easy to execute too.
-Cons: The low parry can make an uphill battle for her. Sidestep to her right will give her troubles. She struggles against other turtle characters because her mixups are pretty bad, her destruction form compensate this lack of mixups but is kind of slow andd can be jabed out "easily" of the stance.

-Style: Whiff punish, punish, pressure.
-Suited for: Balanced.
-Difficult: Advanced.
-Good partners: Characters with good combo damage like Steve or Dragunov, charachters with good wall carry like Bruce, characters with tag bufferable launchers to destroy red life like Jun.
-Why use: 1-You are a Mishima lover, 2- More situational movelist than the Mishimas.
-Pros: Devil Jin frametraps, better mids than Dj, great hellsweep (Kazuya quality), in general she is a mix of the Mishimas.
-Cons: Smaller hitbox than the Mishimas, she could have a better low poke, worse okizeme than the other Mishimas, hard to whiff punish certain attacks that the other Mishimas could do it more easily, she has a combination of the Mishimas, she lacks fast mid launchers.

Ancient Ogre
-Style: Pokes, whiff punishers.
-Suited for: Balanced
-Difficult: Medium.
-Good partners: True Ogre because Ancient has lots of tag bufferable launchers, Jinpachi for a hard hitting team.
-Why use: Very siyuational character with good pokes.
-Pros: Lots of tag bufferable launchers, excellent range on the limbs, great wall carry, good damage.
-Cons: Lack of technical mobility, also, since his movelist is "copied" from other characters, this results in a character whose movelist is somewhat lacking, for example he has a few Mishimas attacks that are really hurt by his lack of wavedash, so his moves has better range but they wont be as better as the originals.

-Style: Pressure and mixups.
-Suited for: Offense.
-Difficult: Medium.
-Good partners: Nina tag throws and tag combos, Jack 6 for re-launch options, Bruce synergy and wall.
-Why use: Use her if you like to apply 50/50s and have good frametraps.
-Pros: Great preassure game, good 50/50s, her mixups can launch either low or mid.
-Cons: She gains momentum easily and her stance must be feared because she has strong mixups, is critical to try to jab her out to stop her preassure game.

Armor King
-Style: whiff punish and throws.
-Suited for: Offense.
-Difficult: Medium-high.
-Good partners: King, Jaycee, Marduk, they all have special throws and synergy with AK, but he can pick lots of partners due to his versatility.
-Why use: Use him if you want a grappler suited for offense.
-Pros: Strong pokes, whiff punishers, the second best grappler in the game, great range, having a regular wavedash.
-Cons: If your opponent knows how to break throws he reduce his potential (but nobody can break throws forever), he has also poor tracking.

-Style: Whiff punish.
-Suited for: turtle, whiff punich, keep out.
-Difficult: Beginner-medium.
-Good partners: Characters with high combo damage or wall carry like bruce or hwoarang.
-Why use: Use her if you like to crush opponent's attacks and have dedicated safe pokes.
-Pros: Good crushing options, she has starters that beat highs and lows, so in defense your opponent will think twice before throwing an attack, she has tools to keep out too, so she (and Jun) can do an effective keep out strategy punishing whiffs, good CHs, good point character, good options against stance-based characters.
-Cons: Normal tracking, she could have some low dedicated to offense, weak tracking to her left.

-Style: CH (counter hit) fisher, pokes.
-Suited for: Offensive-Balanced.
-Difficult: Advanced.
-Good partners: Hwoarang for synergy and command throw and Wang (if you are a wall-lover).
-Why use: Use him if you like a fast characer with lots of cancels and a stance he needs to apply pressure.
-Pros:Without match up experience you can apply constant pressure, even if your enemy knows Baek well, his cancels can trick your opponent, plus, he has the best sidestep trick in the game.
-Cons: Very difficult to learn, and if your opponent knows the Flamingo stance an the transitions you will fight an uphill battle and you will have to use Baek as a counter hit fisher or poking because his mixups are average at best.

Bob/Slim Bob
-Style: Poking and mixups.
-Suited for: Offense (pokes) and defense (keep out).
-Difficult: Beginner-medium.
-Good partners: Ganryu for tag throws and combos, Lars to finish the job and compliment their lack of speed.
-Why use: Use him if saw the Top 8 Evo (Bob fest), if you wanna do damaging 50/50s.
-Pros: Very damaging offense, he can switch between his two fighting styles vey quickly, forcing you to adapt.
-Cons: He is very unsafe, so try to punish any starter/low he does, also, he is a bit slower than the rest of the cast and he is a big target so specific stuff will work against him.

-Style: Pokes and CH fisher.
-Suited for: Balanced-defensive.
-Difficult: Beginner-medium.
-Good partners: Since he is very well rounded he can chose a lot but Dragunov or Jack can increase a lot the combo damage, Anna with her preassure and FC mixups is a good option for him, the characters with tag bufferable launchers are a solid option too like Kazuya.
-Why use: Use him if you want to have great options in the wall, great CH and knockdowns, can turn many of his partner's inescapable stuns into Tag Combos.
-Pros: He can chip away your health bar until he score a big CH for big damage, he can wall carry great and do big damage in the wall, he can chose almost anybody in the game to pair with.
-Cons: His moves don't have a lot evasiveness to them, he lacks a ground-hitting mid , his homing moves are a bit bad , his low game is relatively weak overall, many of his better moves have tricky ranges, and his crush moves (both high and low) don't deal much punishment by themselves, his pokes could be a bit safer... anyway, he is a very well rounded character.

-Style: Whiff punish, pokes.
-Suited for: Defense.
-Difficult: Advanced.
-Good partners: D.Jin for hard hitting style and wall carry, Bruce for a keep out strategy and equal damage output.
-Why use: You like to move, punish FAILS and do big damage? Try him.
-Pros: Great mobility, great keep out tools, great damage, great whiff punishers.
-Cons: Having a defensive style force him to be agressive will force Bryan to stay agressive where he isnīt as good as defending, he needs to master the taunt to be a threat at the wall, potherwise his offensive game is bad.

Devil Jin
-Style: Pressure, punish, Whiff punish.
-Suited for: Balanced.
-Difficult: Advanced.
-Good partners: Thanks to his tag bufferable launchers characters with good wall carry are a good option like Bruce or Dragunov. If you like to destroy red life you can chose Asuka for a red bar destroyer team.
-Why use: Use him if you want damage, punishment and pressure.
-Pros: Great launching options, great punish options, great damage, great pressure good homing moves just like a Mishima, he has a relatively safe low poke with plus frames on hit.
-Cons: His frametraps can be "easily" recognized, risky crouch dash game, his oki could be better, he could have a fast low with advantage no hit, he could have a mixip in FC like Heihachi has, also his mids could be better, he can't be played exclusively to pressure or punishment.

Dr. Bosconovich.
-Style: Pokes, setups.
-Suited for: Stylish buttsliced to death!
-Difficult: To meassure the difficult of Dr B, you have to go online and test how much it cost to get one ragequit, if you make it in a minute (average speed) it means that he wont be difficult, btw is medium-advanced.
-Good partners: Lee for the easiest ragequit team in the world, a two moves Paul is good idea too.
-Why use: I could do a book about the reasons like being the big reward in TK3 Tekken force, having gold teeths etc
-Pros: Poetry in movement with his risky 50/50s while scientific analyzing the opponent to get a hit in and start dancing with his pain stance, the use of taunt 2 when you are about to kill your opponent is a must, in fact there is no reason to don't abuse his taunt two, you can basically taunt 2 the first to rounds and then win 3 in a row just to give your opponent a scientific lesson.
-Cons: To hell with the cons!

-Style: CH fisher, Zoner.
-Suited for: Pressure to position and control the middle range (Balanced).
-Difficult: Beginner-Medium.
-Good partners: He works well with character with strong pokes or throws like AK, Feng because the contrast in playstyles keep the oponent from establish a solid defense.
-Why use: You want to keep out, do tons of damage and have great counterhits? look no further.
-Pros: Long range limbs allows a very effective way to keep out your opponent and his pressure allows you to put your opponent in the wall "easily", he has solid frametraps to employ throw mixups so in the right hands he can be offensive too.
-Cons: His pressure isnīt suited for offense, is suited to put your opponent where you want, so a strong keep out game can be difficult for any Dragunov because his lows against this kind of strategy are crap.

-Style: Mix-up heavy, CH baiters
-Suited for: Defense.
-Difficulty: Medium-high.
-Good partners: Character that can sidestep moves easily, poke a lot, also a character that can both start and end a combo with huge damage.
-Why use: Once you're familiar with their moves, stances, the stance transitions, and you see the 'big picture you can have fun doing the mix-ups. Go crazy.
-Pros: Lots of mixups. Their launchers allow you to Tag during your combos. They are good dodging moves with evasive moves. Their CH'ing moves can yield combos that do over 100 damage.
If you're looking for a mixup heavy character, that can go from one stance to another then one of the Capoeira characters may be suitable for you.
- Cons: Can't sidewalk normally like other characters. They don't have many poking tools.

-Style: Versatile (pokes).
-Suited for: Offense (frametraps) Defense (whiff punish).
-Difficult: Beginner.
-Good partners: Dragunov, Jack 6, Mishimas because the contrast in playstyles (they are more defense-based while Feng can be very agressive).
-Why use: Use him if you want a character that can fight both ways (applying a lot of pressure with frametraps and controlling space with long reach attacks) and quickly switch between them.
-Pros: Thanks to his pokes, frametraps and his fast close range playstyle, he can apply non-stop pressure very well, being extremely versatile allows him to be effective anywhere he is, besides in defense is very hard to whiff punish certain attacks, he can even play a 50/50 game effectively, the question is how do you want to use him.
-Cons: His frametraps can be beaten if you analyze his patterns of attacks but Feng can change them to be unpredictable,uh...Feng is very powerfull the way he is i dont see many weaknesses in him, maybe, he could have a better normal hit launch game because he has to rely on pokes to do damage.

Forest Law/Marshall Law
-Style: Mixups, pokes.
-Suited for: Offense (mixups), defense (parries, punishers).
-Difficult: Beginner.
-Good partners: Themselves, Paul for tag throws combos and friendship.
-Why use: Use him if you want a character who can fight both ways or if you like the voice actor WATAAAAAA!!!.
-Pros: Great versatility, good punishers, parries, good back turned and crouch dash mixups, strong throws... lots of good things. He has lots of options so a lot of his weaknesses are nullified because of that.
-Cons: Online is a Law fest so you will find a lot of match up expirience but not a big deal... sidesteping to his left is a good option against him, his CD mixups can be punished if readed correctly.

-Style: Poking, FC Mixups, Spacing, General Punishing
-Suited for: Balanced, Defensive
-Difficult: Beginner-Medium.
-Good Partners: Characters with high-damaging juggles and good movement options - or poking/mix-up ones, to reinforce the playstyle of the team.
-Why use: Ganryu is mostly safe. His Pokes do above average damage, to compensate for a pretty 'okay' juggle damage output. On the plus side, he can net many opportunities do frustrate the opponent on FC - since his FC game is only rivaled by Anna.
-Pros: As already mentioned, he hits hard with Pokes. Ganny is also pretty safe-ish. He's easy to pick and play, being a good pick for beginners and pros alike. His TA! Fillers are also pretty good.
-Cons: Somewhat slow on movement (not on Jack's level, but slightly below average). Solo damage on juggles is just okay. Lack of a 10-frames jab.

-Style: Pressure, punish.
-Suited for: Balanced-offense.
-Difficult: Advanced.
-Good partners: Characters with good wall carry to compliment his scary wall pressure, or characters with high damage on combos.
-Why use: High damage with high execution.
-Pros: Damage, lots of damage and great punishers, Heihachi at the wall can be great, his mids can be extremely scary due to frames (hit or block) and damage.
-Cons: He has an extremely high execution barrier, he could have a faster or safer low to help his offense, his hellsweep is the worst of the mishimas.

-Style: Custom setups.
-Suited for: Offense-Balanced.
-Difficult: Advanced.
-Good partners: Baek for a similar team with tag throws and combos, characters with good tag bufferable launchers like the mishimas to create combo opportunities for him.
-Why use: Use him if you want a highly advanced character who has lots of options to lock down his opponents.
-Pros: Great lock down options, lots of custom setups in his 6 stances, good okizeme, difficult to learn his matchups.
-Cons: High difficulty because of the stances, movement execution etc, a keep away strategy hurts him because he needs time to stablich a solid offense.

Jack 6/Prototype jack
-Style: Mixups and spacing.
-Suited for: Defensive. Rushdown once gained momentum or at the wall.
-Difficult: Beginner.
-Good partners: Themselves for similar gameplan and tag stuff, Bryan to add combo damage keep out tools and other style of defense.
-Why use: Use him if you want to out-poke your opponent in the middle-long range and have great mixups.
Pretty easy to pick up. Spammable, great mid. Huge Russian robot.
-Pros: Big damage from a lot of attacks and combos, one of the best low pokes in the game, one of the best mids in the game, great range, great wallgame, great throws. Go-to moves are safe on block.
-Cons: Gets hits by bigger combos. Bad SS and CH-game, so weak when under pressure, lacks gtfo moves.

-Style: Whiff punish, high risk/high reward.
-Suited for: Defense with movement.
-Difficult: Beginner- medium.
-Good partners: He lacks good low pokes so characters with good lows like Jack 6 or Wang are good options, anyway, Jaycee can do lots of damage in rage so she is better as an anchor.
-Why use: Use her if you like a well-rounded character who moves a lot, baiting for the opponents mistakes.
-Pros: She is a well rounded character, she can do good damage from whiff punish, she can apply good pressure to bait for whiffs, good ch, fast pokes, her pressure game is excellent fast throws good attacks with +frames on block for turtles.
-Cons: If your opponent is very careful against she, she has to take bigger risk to do damage the best way to approach a whiff punisher character is not to whiff (clever, isn't it?).
-Michelle same optimal playstyle as Julia but with better throw oki, better whiff and raw tag punishment, better than her daughter on non-walled stages.

-Style: Long range poking.
-Suited for: Balanced, zoning.
-Difficult: Medium advanced.
-Good partners: Xiaoyu for more 50/50 and good keep out tools, Nina has good CHs and pokes like Jin, Bob have good keep out moves and solid pokes.
-Why use: A character only limited by the one who uses him, thats the beauty of Jin.
-Pros: Thanks to have good and safe pokes he can apply pressure without being punished hard. He has one of the best defensive options, the parry, he has the potential of being the best character in the game if used correctly.
-Cons: His combos do little damage, he could have a faster low poke with +frames on hit to help his offense game.

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#2 “Quote” Edit Post
-Style: Long range mixups.
-Suited for: Offense (mixups), defense (punishment).
-Difficult: Beginner-medium.
-Good partners: Wang for good wall carry and tag throw, Feng to compliment his lack of good pokes, Kazuya for tag throws, combos, great wall carry and great punishment options .
-Why use: Use him if you want to apply several knockdowns with some of the best punishment options in the game.
-Pros: Jinpachi do damage, serius damage, and have one of the best pletora of launchers in the game, he has a lot of knockdown options and one of the best homing moves in the game.
-Cons: Is somehow... slow, and his crush options are horrible so in defense he has to wait to punish to regain control and be able to go back to his range to start offense, lack of panick buttons.

-Style: High risk- high reward, whiff punish.
-Suited for: Defense.
-Difficult: Beginner-medium.
-Good partners: Asuka for similar playstyles, Heihachi, Lars to have good ofensive options and have contrast in playstyles.
-Why use: Use her if you like to turtle and have a pletora of launchers.
-Pros: (See Asuka too), lots of crushing attacks, great reversals, damaging combos ZzZzZ look Asuka they are in the basic idea the same, but Jun has a few 50/50 risky but rewarding, see has a cool hopkick too.
-Cons: See asuka.

-Style: Pressure, mixups, whiff punish.
-Suited for: Balanced.
-Difficult: Advanced.
-Good partners: Steve and Lars to freeze the opponent, Devil jin for great wall carry options and good combo options.
-Why use: Use him if you want to have the best punishers in the game and hard hitting mixups.
-Pros: Scary crouch dash mixups, above average speed, the best move in the game, scars to look more villian, great defensive options, he is one of the best turtle characters in the game.
-Cons: Characters with faster pokes can hurt him, he lacks pokes to keep his offense going.

-Style: Grappling, pokes, punishing.
-Suited for: Balanced.
-Difficult: Medium.
-Good partners: Marduk, Armor King, Jaycee. In order of practical synergy. Ie. Nothing to do with storyline.
-Why use: Relatively easy to pickup character with above average poking backed by having the best throws in the game will keep any opponent at a distance, which is where his punishing game comes to shine. If you enjoy grappling in any fighting game, you can’t afford to overlook King.
-Pros: Easy to pick up, challenging to master. Damaging basics, effective grappling, does not require heavy execution to be effective. Air grabs are awesome.
-Cons: Lows are not his strong, King is a large character; meaning some heavier combos might connect especially at the wall, he reduces his efectiveness if the opponent is consistent breaking throws

-Style: Medium-long range punishers launchers.
-Suited for: Defense.
-Difficult: Medium.
-Good partners: Themselves for similar playstyles, Marduk and Heihachi are great for their tag bufferable launchers.
-Why use: Use them if you want great punishers and launchers in the medium-long range, don't use them if you belong to PETA.
-Pros: Great punishers in the middle-long range, long launchers, with proper spacing abilities they become scary.
-Cons: In close range and against a faster character (maybe 99%, the other 1% being Ganryu) they need to take risk, they are also hitted by special combos because of their size.

-Style: Mixups,poke, whiff punish. (She actually feels very similar to lars)
-Suited for: Offense
-Difficulty: Medium
-Good partners: Alisa for high damage Tag Assaults on open ground and at the wall. Lili and Lars for high wall damage and fillers are good as wall carries.
-Why use: Very fast and safe character with great mixups, pokes, huge combo damage and tools... and she's a flippin ninja O_o
-Pros: Very safe character with tons of her moves safe on block which includes a few of her launchers, good punishers, has a large amount of good mids that do knockdown, has low hit launchers that can be cancelled for mixups, very good homing move options, hard to pressure because she has many tools to get out of tight spots and her combos deal a huge amount of damage solo and are easy as cake to execute easily hitting 80+ damage.
-Cons: She is very picky with her partner because she lands many hits before the Tag Assault, only a few characters can help kuni deal more damage during combos, like Alisa, while the others can only do a wall carry filler. Her lows arent all that great, with majority of them being pokes that don't grant frame advantage and if her low hit launchers are blocked... expect to get launched yourself, so be tricky with your low hits, you don't want them blocked.

-Style: Pokes, rushdown.
-Suited for: Offense.
-Difficult: Beginner-Medium.
-Good partners: Alisa for contrast in playstyles and good pokes, Lee for fast pokes and offense, Bob to add damage.
-Why use: Use him if you like fast characters who constantly force the oponent to chose where to guard.
-Pros: His hair, use it to your advantage, he is fast, great low pokes, simpliicity, great mids.
-Cons: His hair, use it at your own risk, if your opponent reads well your lows you will have a hard time.

-Style: Pokes, rushdown.
-Suited for: Offense.
-Difficult: Advanced.
-Good partners: Raven, Jack and Jaycee for the re-launching options, Alisa for fast pokes, themselves.
-Why use: Crazy wall carry, you like to poke until your opponent is mentally broken.
-Pros: The "Okingzeme" monster has lots of pokes, he has tools to stay in your face fishing for CHs while slowly draining your health bar, until you take risk and he lands a launcher, great hitconfirmable pokes.
-Cons: Against good WS punishers he has to be careful, and if the opponent doesnīt fall to his mental trap (wich i doubt) he wont be able to do major damage with his CH starters, altough his lows are pretty good in terms of frames on hit they are pretty unsafe and lacks damage so if the opponent play against them carefull they will have to take risk to do damage.

-Style: Mixups and tricks.
-Suited for: Offense (pokes and mixups) Defense (movement tricks).
-Difficult: Very advanced.
-Good partners: Lee, Nina for extended aerial combo.
-Why use: Use him if you like a lot of options and stances to confuse your oponent or if you like Jackie Chan.
-Pros: Being the Jackie Chan of this game allows Lei chan to have lots of tricky things, stances and that shit he loves, besaids he can be played effectively defending too, which farly increases his options, in the right hands he his a complete nightmare to the opponent, he has also the best backdash trick in the game, he has good juggle damage too.
-Cons: He is extremely difficult to learn, so you should use him only if you are Skynet or L. Lawlliet, he doesn't carry very far on aerial combos but with the right partner this isnīt a problem anymore, he has also below average standing block punishment.

-Style: Pressure, punishment, mixups.
-Suited for: Offense (medium range) Defense (punishment, control the middle range).
-Difficult: Beginner-medium.
-Good partners: Lars, Nina with better close range game, Xiaoyu for spacing, Mishima if you prefer a solid defense with great punishment options.
-Why use: Use her if you want a well rounded character, dont use her if you used Akira in VF because she is a bad copy, or use her if you want to know his/her real gender.
-Pros: very solid overall as a character, she has options to make the opponent guessing on the offense and defense, she has crazy damage with or without walls.
-Cons: A bit slow... lack of tracking, can get outpocked by some characters.

-Style: Whiff punish, punishment, balanced
-Suited for: Evasion and reach. baiting crushes
-Difficult: Beginner.
-Good partners: Mishimas and Leo for the high damage output, Alisa for defensive playstyle, Miguel for whiff punishment options and more solid pokes.
-Why use: Use her if you like to step and punish, if you like blondies, or if you are an onliner who wants to team her up with Alisa.
-Pros: Great sidestepping which compliments perfectly her pokes, she can bait for whiffs quite well to punish them later with her blondie legs. Her range is good. her damage is good, she can apply smart pressure, her okizeme is good.
-Cons: Since she is a steper lover the best way to defeat her is to stop her from stem with homing moves or being careful when you throw an attack. her tracking sucks, she is somewhat slow with her better moves, she lacks fast pokes, and its tracking is crap. her lows are all slow.

Ling Xiaoyu/Miharu
-Style: Keep out and pokes.
-Suited for: Controlling space through stances.
-Difficult: Advanced.
-Good partners: Feng, Leo to compliment the damage and aerial combo options.
-Why use: Use her if you want to control the oponent out of your face and put him where you want.
-Pros: Low and high crushers launchers, good pokes to keep out your enemies, great control of the space with her stances, good damage from CH and whiff punish, she has good evasive options, she has an excellent collection of block punishers, both standing and WS..
-Cons: Poor normal combo damage, learn how to deal with her stances is important, absence of a effective power low outside of Art of Phoenix stance to make an opponent crouch, and that many of her moves are weak to smart sidestepping.

-Style: High risk high reward.
-Suited for: Offense.
-Difficult: Medium.
-Good partners: Nina, Xiaoyu (for let him time to recover), Lars, Heihachi (to continue the agression).
-Why use: Use him if you want to control your opponentīs placement and bully them for great damage.
-Pros: Great post-knockdown game, great damage, good low pokes, great stance to apply pressure.
-Cons: A keep out strategy can hurt him, poor tracking.

-Style: Pokes, whiff punish, a bit of rushdown.
-Suited for: Best on offense (frametraps), defense (whiff punish).
-Difficult: Beginner.
-Good partners: Bob (special throw, Nina, Kazuya (contrast in technical movement).
-Why use: 1-His taunt, 2-Your are alcoholic and feel identified with him, 3-Great backdash to make the opponent whiff, good frametraps.
-Pros: Great backdash, he is very easy, good knockdown, great whiff punishers, great tracking, his pokes are very good in terms of frams and damage at al levels.
-Cons: He lacks technical mobility (like a wavedash), an opponent who knows his poke traps will force Miguel to take bigger risk since his most damaging lows are very punisheable for the reward they yield.

-Style: Pokes, rushdown.
-Suited for: Offense.
-Difficult: Advanced.
-Good partners: Anybody due to her versatility.
-Why use: Use her if you like highly versatile characters with lots of options.
-Pros: Great mobility, extremely versatile, her pokes can lock down opponents, and her whiff punishers are great, and she can create distance if she wants to! hell she even can make Gon appear in TTT2 is fhe wants to, she has the ss1 cancel to keep the opponent guessing all the time specially at the wall where she can get fast due to her wall carry.
-Cons: She is very difficult to master but this make her a character who is only limited by the human controlling her, your execution must be on point if you want to use her at max potential.

-Style: Mixups and damage.
-Suited for: Offense-balanced.
-Difficult: Beginner.
-Good partners: Laws, Steve because Paul in rage means pain so he is better with a character with good relationship..
-Why use: Use him if you like simply (but effective) powerfull mixups and easy combos.
-Pros: A drunken monkey can do his stuff, he do lots of damage for being a mixup character, simply 50/50s, Deathfist!!!!
-Cons: He is very unsafe (if not, he would be broken beyond belief), he is very simply and popular so a lot of people knows him, also he is a bit slower and he lacks pokes to keep his offense going.

-Style: CH fisher, Space control, Whiff punishment, Mixups.
-Suited for: Mostly turtling while poking from mid-range. Occasional high risk mixup.
-Difficult: Advanced.
-Good partners: Yoshimitsu for a ninja team with tricky shit, Xiaoyu and Zafina for matchup experience. Lars to add punishment and damage options.
-Why use: Underused character, very different from the rest of the cast when it comes to playstyle.
-Pros: Good pokes, great CH moves, great wallcarry, good movement, good combo damage, solid lows, good throws, good whiffpunishing.
-Cons: Very unsafe, lacks certain tools that other characters have. Has to rely on CH hunting to safely get good damage, his better mixups require specific situations.

-Style: CH fisher.
-Suited for: Balanced-Offense.
-Difficult: Advanced.
-Good partners: Paul, Marduk, Asuka, Capos he pairs well with characters with good tag buffereable launchers.
-Why use: Use him if you want a fast-paced gameplay who takes big damage from the opponents mistakes.
-Pros: Fast,intimidating mixups up close, great damage, great CH starters, great mobility.
-Cons: Very difficult character to learn, since the big damage comes from his CH game a careful strategy against him can give him troubles, so to do damage to turtles he has to take bigger risk.

True Ogre
-Style: Poking long-medium reach.
-Suited for: Defense.
-Difficult: Beginner-medium.
-Good partners: Jinpachi (hard hitting team, great damage, great wall carry), Lee (contrast in playstyles and wall carry), solo.
-Why use: Use him if you want a hard hitter who excels at keep out.
-Pros: Longest reach in the game and being a hard hitter easy to say.
-Cons: Is big, very big so struggles against pressure/rushdown characters. Lack of a good fast low, also lacks a good consistent crush move

-Style: Whiff punishing, pokes, mixups.
-Suited for: Balanced; you can go crazy with your sway and FC mix-ups or just do spacing and try to whiff punish/parry. Also his keep-out game is great and parry makes your opponent think twice before attacking. He also has other good CH tools from mid range.
-Difficult: Medium.
-Good partners: Xiaoyu (special throw), Baek, Nina (wall), Jinpachi (special throw good wall carry and the priceless sensation of having a team avobe 100 years old).
-Why use: Wang needs love, no one uses him, he is smaller and mke some WTF whiffed moments, and he is amazing in the wall, unappreciated character. Parry essentially makes Wang's potential really high and is so much fun .
-Pros: Great backdash, his size, lots of whiff punishers, he is a nightmare at the wall, he can change the positions there in a blink, he has very good low pokes which compliments his mobility quite well, his parry is unique in the game and provides solid mixups, first backdash evades really well, good taggable whiff punishers, good wall game, decent low pokes (most are minus on hit but rather safe), excellent homing moves.
-Cons: No fast tracking mid pokes, bad standing punishment, against turtles you kind of have to take risks, the low crushers gives Wang problems.

-Style: Mixups.
-Suited for: Defense.
-Difficult: Advanced.
-Good partners: He can chose anybody and be effective except Bryan and True Ogre, Alisa is a good choice in terms of alliagnce and "unique" styles.
-Why use: Use him if you like tricky characters with lots of options and 50/50.
-Pros: "Yoshimixup" was his older name but he changed it to be more trickier. He has lots, and i mean lots of situational moves, setups, etc, but his execution requirements are slow so if you like being creative , have useful unlockabes, good lows, mids and that stuff use him without a doubt.
-Cons: A character with good close range pokes can give some troubles to him maybe... but only give him troubles if the opponent has time to apply pressure, he has to take bigger risk in order to attack turtles.

-Style: Mixups stance based and tricks.
-Suited for: Offense-Balanced.
-Difficult: Medium-Advanced.
-Good partners: Raven for the tricky stuff, Alisa for a poke team, Lars for the punishers and combo fillers. jack 6 (great damage), wang (a very painful wall tag combo), capos (high red life killer capability team)
-Why use: Use her if you like to have a character with lots of stances and tricky offensive options. if you like finding the right timing and striking and hiding back. if you like finding ways to get momentum. once she gets momentum, you can begin your offense, continue it and play with her stances, once she lose the moment, time for her to space and wait. she's like a predator waiting to strike the prey
-Pros: Lots of stances with mixups in all of them, lots of crushing options in her stances, good range in some attacks, lots of transitions. buffed lows, buffed tracking, powerful ch damage
-Cons: Some attacks are very punisheable, poor tracking in stances, if the opponent know her stances you must adopt another playstyle or try to be more unpredictable. she's very hard to maneuver. some of her moves are slow making you vulnerable to ch, lack of decent punishers. Her punishers don't knockdown and deal little damage.

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There are many playstyles and you may be confused about that so here's a quick view:

Whiff punish
This is a balanced playstyle that relies heavily in your evasive abilities, characters like the Mishimas relies heavily on this, this style requires movement cancels like backdash cancel or ss cancel to be realy effective.
Your main strategy withi this style is to use very few pokes with relatively good frame advantage either on hit or block and after that set a "trap" using your mobility.
Because this style requires a very good read you must be very aware of your opponent options or you will be the one who be tricked.

The poking style can be very versatile, there are offensive pokes and defensive pokes, a character like Feng excels in offensive pokes, while a character like Alisa excels at defensive, the idea with the pokes is generally (depends on your playstyle too) to open the opponent's defenses or create distances between you and the opponent.
A character like Alisa use her pokes to annoy the opponent to make them commit mistakes and then use her whiff punish abilities when her opponent lose the cool.
Meanwhile, characters like Feng usually land pokes to make the opponent know that sometimes they will have to guess where to guard, and allowing Feng to have a constant pressure if you have a good read.

Throwing isn't as simply as go to the opponent face and do throws, if you do that you will be punished hard for that.
Throws often require the use of pokes to set them up, that way, after landing a poke where you are on positive frames, you have a bigger window to use the throw of choice instead of simply stand up in front of the opponent and throw.

The mixup characters like Paul are for people who want to take risk in order to do damage, this styles are generally unsafe, but the player can change that with a good read, if you want to do damage without having to set up your offense with pokes the mixup characters may fit you.

This charcters are generally one of the most difficultin the game, because all the options they usually have, the tradeof is that the enemy will have a harder time thinking what you are gonna do because you have a bigger movelist and much things in your repertory, so obviously the stance based characters are the most creative too.

CH fisher
The characters with this style are generally the most balanced and the mos versatile at the same time, since the ch can be used both ways, offensive and defensive, on defense you can search the best moment to throw certain attacks (they are generally safe so doesn't require a very good read), on offense you can set traps with pokes to fish for th big damage, so the question is how you wanna use this characters no what the characters can do.

Keep out
You know that the best they do is to keep out? (duh!)
First, this charactes requires a good read and be very, very careful to not whiff, you can't keep out if you constantly hit the air, if you can keep the calm and know when to attack this characters may interest you.

This is an offensive playstyle that use constant attacks (with a VERY good read on your opponent) while using some kind of punish when you know your opponent think is time to attack this punishment options generally have some kind of evasive propierties in them, this style has good low pokes to allow you to continue the offense, they can also have very good frametraps too with good evasive options to allow yo to stay at the offense.

Custom setups
This style is a mix of rushdown and mixups, the difference is that you must rely more on a plan than early anticipation, you have to think when and where to attack, this kind of offense isn't as "easy" as the rushdown because the custom setups usually has some stance in it.

This is basically a keep out game but more based on position than the keep out, characters like Jin or Dragunov rely heavily in this style, since is more based on positioning, it usually has some pressure options incorporated to control the range and position, this style is relatively balanced because you have to keep out the opponent but you also has to keep the pressure on to put them where you want.

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#4 “Quote” Edit Post
The title of this thread is crazy. How did you spell the word "character" the way you did, then spell it correctly in the same title????
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#5 “Quote” Edit Post
My contact lenses were killing me i didnt watch the word, lets see if a moderator change it because i canīt
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#6 “Quote” Edit Post
Very nice thread! Maybe beginners can use it as a basic guideline. This should be the first thing every beginner should look for, so we should make this highly accessible, somehow...
Maybe a moderator has an idea?!
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#7 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by Satsu
Very nice thread! Maybe beginners can use it as a basic guideline. This should be the first thing every beginner should look for, so we should make this highly accessible, somehow...
Maybe a moderator has an idea?!

The basic idea is done, all the characters have their basics, BUT maybe im wrong.
Feel free to correct any mistake i have made and i will be adding more info (thats why i reserved 2 post)
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#8 “Quote” Edit Post

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#9 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by azL
I stopped reading when Yoshi was listed as Medium-High.

Then why donīt you try to correct it instead of say that bs?
I wrote that because his execution isnīt high.
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#10 “Quote” Edit Post
Great guide, just what I needed!
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#11 “Quote” Edit Post
Nice guide I think this should be sticky'ed very usefull for beginners
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#12 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by Commandoo
Nice guide I think this should be sticky'ed very usefull for beginners

Thanks , next thing im gonna do is split the characters into Offense, deffense and balanced to have a better point of view.
Also im gonna search good matches of every character at high level play and that way people will be able to see how the characters fight once "mastered".
Don't forget that the guide maybe have errors, so your support is needed too, the guide is from and for the community, so as long as you show respect and give REASONS to change the info, i will do it (see the yoshi mainer above as an example of how you shouldn't post)
Thanks to all.
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#13 “Quote” Edit Post
This is something that I felt needed to be made cause as a beginner to tekken i have really no idea what these characters are about except for some characters that actually had a guide created in their thread. Good job.
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#14 “Quote” Edit Post
Thakns for all the responses, you guys make the guide possible, im going to wait a couple of days until all the info is correct because sure it has holes now.
The second post basics are written, i need you people check them out and tell me what you think.
Then i will upload the videos of each character and maybe add a new section of pros and cons in the main post, but im going to need help for that
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#15 “Quote” Edit Post
Great, itīs finally in the beginnerīs lounge, right where it belongs. So if i can help with anything, donīt hesitate to request any kind of support. I think that this is exactly what we need in this forum, since TTT2 reached the top speaking about intricacy and i fear that this is the main reason why beginners somehow fear the game. Of course this is basically a game for the veterans, but i think we shouldnīt forget about the rookies out there! At the end, we were all rookies at some point, right?!
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#16 “Quote” Edit Post
Thanks Satsu, the guide is something needed, you canīt release a huge roster like TTT2 and donīt incluse a basic character guide like Blazblue has.
I have asked a moderator if he/she can stick the post in this section.
My second post needs revision (the first too), can you people check them out?
Thanks to all ^^
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#17 “Quote” Edit Post
A bit off topic but you gave some VF references and your name is crouchjabpanic. Long time VF player? Nice post by the way. Definitely a good way to give an idea on what to expect from a certain character. (I do play Jun aggressively though. Then again, I am a scrub. )
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#18 “Quote” Edit Post
Yeah, i canīt remember how many times i lost from a "random" 2P lol
Thx btw
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#19 “Quote” Edit Post
Well, I do (maybe 60% of the time) start my matches with a 2P so go figure. lol.

Back to the topic, any way you can sort this list alphabethically? Just my 2 cents.
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#20 “Quote” Edit Post
Ohshit man I was being extra salty there. Instead of congratulating you for the work you actually did I caught on a very small and irrelevant point. Im sorry, LMAO. Can't believe I actually posted that. Oh well, instead of what I did, this is what I wanted to post.

Great work man! This will probably help alot of the beginners when they're trying to choose a char to play.
But alot of your stuff were not written backed with facts, instead.. joking around a little here and there. This might sound funny but beginners are not getting anything from it. You will need much more help in getting good partners for all the chars and more fact based write ups on why they are actually good/worth picking up. Also some of your difficulty rankings are off but I guess this is the early "BETA" version so you can work on that. Sorry for coming out in the way I did, forgot this was TZ, LOL.
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