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So I browsed for a bit on the WTF leaderboards online, and have discovered a few things. This is only referring to Dan Rank filter

#1 For each rank, the names of the players will be in alphabetical order, but in reverse, so if your PSN/XBL ID starts with the letter later in the alphabet, you will be placed higher...I don't really know if this is a fair end just way, I would have rather ranked it on the W/L ration for each rank obtained rather than reverse alphabet order.

#2 Same player, same character different ranks.... This only affects the 1% the rest should be. Hate to point people out but 1% i refer to happens to beTekkenGodZafina....Note FYI the images were taken today


It may be perhaps that with the vast array of data, it takes time for ranks to fully update without repeat data...so my mistake if that's the case.

Also, for the last time get rid of known boosters/D/C'ers, don't let this be a T6BRO all over again....

Good day

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