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#21 “Quote” Edit Post
I have revised my top ten moves. Here is my new top ten moves list for Forest based on how I feel now after using Laws as my main characters since the release of TTT2.

Going from 10 to 1:

#10) 3+4 While the opponent's back is to the wall, Law's 3+4 becomes death incarnate. It will knockdown and wallsplat on normal hit! It is a true mid attack, is very fast at 14 frames, and it is only slightly punishbale on block, -10. Just mixup 3+4 at the wall with multiple db+3s and you should be golden! There is no need to set 3+4 up at the wall, just use lots of movement and try to catch them with a "sudden" 3+4 for a wallsplat. Backdash and sidestep a bit to position the opponent to the wall for a good wallsplat with it. 3+4 looks like it has slightly more range than a db+3. Just stay at the tip of db+3's range then the opponent's back is against the wall with the 3+4_db+3 mixup of death. Yeah, -10 sucks, but it would probably be too good if it was safe, right?

#9 db+3 I personally do not generally like low attacks that do not high crush as much as ones that do, but I like Law's db+3 because it is faster than the average low poke at 17 frames. It grants +3 frames on hit and forces crouch. -13 on block. It has pretty reliable range as well, and tracking.

#8 df+1_df+1,3,2 While Law's df+1 is crappy, it is still very important. Only -1 on block, so easily followed up after, df+1,3,2 also has the ability to lock the oponent down with a mid,low,mid string to mix them up. df+1 only does a bit of damage but is still good when mixed with throws or low pokes.

#7) d+3+4_FC 4_FC df+4 At -9 frames, like after a 2,f+2 is blocked or after a b+1, you can use this move to attack them low with a fast high crush. After a WS+4 is blocked, you can use d+3+4. After any of the moves that are minus on block but are also safe on block, you can use d+3+4 to attack with a quick high crushing low. It is an important move because of it's speed and its ability to entice the opponent to crouch.

#6) 2,f+2_1,2,f+2 With this move you can bulldog the opponent. The second hit has long reach and is a mid. The first hit is a 10 frame jab. If you can master the 2,f+2 input, you should do well with Law, I think. Threatening with the third hit, the 1+2, which wallsplats and is -13 on block, it is a frametrap: if the opponent does anything but defend after the 2,f+2, they can be hit for decent damage. Just mix it up with low attacks and throws, or maybe movement. 1,2,f+2 is also a good move. If you want to push the opponent towards the wall, 1,2,f+2 is a great poke for that. -9 on block is not very good, but you have mental frame advantage similar to that of a b+2 on block, since there is another hit in the string.

#5) FC df,d,DF+3 Slide When mixed up with WS+1:2, WS+2~Tag, WS+3, WS+4, FC UB+4,d, FC UF+3,d, FC UF+3,4~Tag, FC df+4, uf+1,3, SS+3+4, or a f,f,f+3 from crouching, Slide is the low from crouching that makes all of the above attacks useful. Without Slide, all of those attacks would be left out in the cold. Slide is Law's big FC threat.

#4) b+4_b+4,b_b+4,3 Is high on the top ten list, of course. A 14f mid homing poke that can end in BT, but is always safe on block, even if you do not go into back turned. It is his improved 14 frame punisher as well, punishing things with pushback well. The second hit of the b+4,3 string is a high and is not hit confirmable.

#3) b+2_b+2,2_b+2,3,4 I want to say this move as b+2 OR b+2,3,4 because the first hit on its own is amazing. Tons of range, 16f, 16 points of damage, and safe, -9, b+2 is probably Law's best poke, despite it's speed. The fact that there is an entire string attached to it, the Junkyard Kick Combo, makes b+2 even more dangerous for opponents. If the second hit of the string hits on a CH, the third hit, a safe mid launcher, is guaranteed to hit as a combo. Marshall's version of the move is even better than Forest's since he can DSS cancel the third hit and continue his offense even on block with the frame advantage. The third hit of Junkyard Kick Combo is -7 on block. The second and third hits are delayable. b+2,2 also gets a special mention since it is Law's long range punisher. It will reach Paul after Law blocks Paul's QCF+2 for a punish.

#2) 4_4,3,2 Standing 4 is Law's threat...what they always need to be aware of. If you combo with b+2, then standing 2, your combo should only do about 3 points less than your df+2 combos with a 4,u+3 after the df+2. Good damage. Speed is this move's factor. 11 frames. It is also his best standing 11 and 12 frame punisher, since 3,4 is heavily nerfed in TTT2 and has less reach.

#1) df+2 Law's launch punish, his whiff punish, his CH hunting tool, his main big threat from standing when at plus frames, it goes on and on. There are just too many situations where Forest Law has to rely on this move. It is obviously his #1 move overall.

Notable Omissions

d+2 I do think d+2 is a great move, especially after a move that is -9 on block like b+2, to set up a FC. But I found myself getting counter-hit after having it blocked...often for massive damage. While d+2 does set up a FC, it is a highly telegraphed FC. Sometimes I use d+2, then a FC 2 to try to counter-hit whatever they do. this is a good Slide setup.

uf+4 I like Law's df+2 more than his uf+4 hopkick as a random threat. But uf+4 definitely has its place, since it is a true mid launcher with low crush and decent range for its speed, 15f.

BT d+3 While I still like BT d+3, it can get predictable if used too often.

b+3 I have been trying to use b+2 instead of b+3 as a long range move lately. b+2 is faster, and it leaves Law at close range with followup options. I still like b+3 though. b+3 is a powerful knockdown!

b+1,2,1~Tag This is definitely the most notable omission from my top ten. Many players would probably say this has to be in his top ten. But, 16 frames is pretty slow, I think. There is no spark when you get the first hit to hit as a counter-hit, which makes it often difficult to tell if you got a counter-hit with it, making it more risky. The third hit is very launch punishable, despite it's slight pushback. I have stopped using the first two hits as a poke, as well. The second hit is -13 on block, pretty bad. Not sure why Namco made it so bad. I think I would like Dragon Storm more if it was safe on the second hit, and maybe faster. As it is now, a df+2 is a much better choice.

f+1+2_f+1+2,d I really like this move, but I very rarely use it. I really should, though! +1 on block, a CH launcher, and a knockdown on normal hit. At the wall, you get a wall combo with a quick f,f+4,3.

f,f+4,3 Is Law's long range whiff punisher. Kind of a strange move, though, for that purpose. I personally prefer b+3 or f,f,df+2 for whiff punishment. But, f,f+4,3 is Law's best option for whiff punishment.

f,f,f+3 is linear, easily stepped. So FUN to use, though! oouuuuuwwwaaaaaahhhh?!

f,f+2,3 is very good, a hit-confirmable, 17 frame mid to high knockdown move. -17 on block might seem really bad, but there is some pushback.

d+1_d+1,3 is a good low move, despite its speed, 21 frames, which is a tad slow. I like the high crush, and it will knockdown with the second hit as a 2-hit combo on counter-hit.

2,2,1,2 I like this string, especially just the first two hits. I use 2,2 quite often as my 10 frame punish, since it is an easy punish and grants a back-turned mixup as well. The string has never jailed on block since its introduction in Tekken 4, however.

f+3+4 A ground-hitting CH launcher, I wish it was faster and an easier input. Obviously f+3+4 is not hard to do, but it is hard to use when playing as the aggressor because of how it is a f+ input. You will need to do f,f,b,f+3+4 to avoid getting Law's Knee Lift grab.

db+2 I rarely use both hits, but the second hit of db+2,4 is not too bad. The first hit is a true elbow move and is 14f. Slightly better on block than b+4,b, and slightly more damage.

df+4 This move has been growing on me. 20 points of damage, 13 frames, +3 on hit and on CH, but -8 on block. It has good range, and is slightly faster than b+4 and db+2.

FC UB+4,d This move is a good option from FC. It is fast at 14f and damaging. Kind of a get away move. More useful in infinite stages though. You might corner yourself if yo use it in a walled stage.

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#22 “Quote” Edit Post
Catapult Kick High, FC UB+4,d, can be the difference between a win and a loss sometimes when the time is almost up.

You can set up the move with any move that does into back turned like b+3,b, 2,2, db+2, or b+4,b. Law can either hold down-forward on the stick or down-back on the stick to go from BT to crouching. Holding df is faster than db, but df ends close to the opponent, and db creates some distance.

In general, Law's moves that end in back-turned are very good in some way. Fast 14f mid pokes with good range, homing moves, or 10f jabs. You can use a quick 14f mid poke or 10f jab string to get into BT, then go into FC by holding db or df, then use multiple Catapult Kick Highs to create distance while attacking the opponent with a damaging 14f knockdown mid at the same time.

You don't need to go BT before using FC UB+4,d, of course, you can just hold down or down-back, which is actually faster. Using a quick poke to go BT just makes it a bit more unexpected to mix it up.

You can even use Rainbow Drop, FC (UB_U_UF)+3+4, but this move is much more easily floated out of the air. Use Rainbow Drop only rarely. Catapult Kick High is infinitely better, and much faster, obviously.

Other moves you can use to set up FC UB+4,d from standing are db+1, d+2, d+3+4, f+1+2,d, (UB_U_UF)+3,d, UB+4, and d+1.

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#23 “Quote” Edit Post
FC 3

FC 3 is a pretty important move for Law. 16f, -14 on block, and -3 on hit and on CH, FC 3 has good range. It does 19 points of damage.

Slide, FC df,d,DF+3, is 19 frames at its fastest execution, so, it will always be slower than a FC 3.

Slide also recovers with Law on the ground. This is not much of a problem if Law uses Slide VS a standing opponent, but if Law uses Slide VS a grounded opponent, the situation is very bad for Law. The opponent can techroll, but Law can not, so the opponent will gain the momentum from Law when Law really SHOULD HAVE had the momentum. Being in crouching with the momentum is where Law wants to always be.

If Law uses FC 3 VS grounded, then they techroll, immediately using a Slide is a good idea. Slide is really fast and hard to block, but it also knocks down while giving Law a lot of momentum. Law can use a getting up 3 for free damage or he can get up after the Slide to get another mixup on the wakeup. A FC 3 can be used in this instance if the opponent refuses to get up. Remember, FC 3 recovers crouching! A Slide can then be used afterwards!

Do not use a Slide after a VS grounded 3, though, if the opponent quick rolls back. This will possibly make the Slide followup whiff.

I see some Law players get a FC 3 instead of a Slide sometimes too. I do this sometimes. But Law players should not be too distraught over getting a FC 3 instead of a Slide. It is only -14 on block, and -3 on hit can be a decent time to use a Catapult Kick High, FC UB+4,d.

I think of a FC 3 as a "Fake Slide" sometimes, even.

FC 3,4 also exhists. I was debating whether or not to mention it at all since the move is a CH laucher only and -17 on block, but it does have a purpose. Even though FC 3,4 is a crappy move, just because the move exhists makes Law's FC 3 a bit safer. The opponent will hesitate because of FC 3,4's exhistence. Just that makes FC 3,4 a decent mention.

Also, if you know that the FC 3 will hit the opponent airborne, like if they roll back a lot, use FC 3,4~Tag to get a safe Tag! Very useful for Tagging out!


I like 1,1,2 a lot, and 1,1,2,f+2 is just 1,1,2 with a -9 on block mid elbow attatched to it.

Law players should spam 1,1,2, especially if the opponent does not crouch it. The 1,1,2 string is -1 on block, so 1,1,2, 1,1,2, 1,1,2 over and over again is a very viable attacking string.

Throws are especially useful after a 1,1,2 because of how good it is on block. Hold down the 2 button to buffer the grab, or, you can even do 1,1 (hold 1), 2, 3 (release 1) to buffer a 1+3!

If your opponent crouches in-between the 1,1,2's, it's time for a hopkick, uf+4!

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#24 “Quote” Edit Post

This move is a pretty good high crush! 18f, RC, and the damage kinda sucks at 13 points. Launchable too, -15 on block.

The great thing about it is its good range and that it is +4 on hit. Nothing different on CH, pretty sure it used to knock down the opponent into FDFA position, it must have gotten nerfed.

Just don't spam it VS characters with 15f WS launchers.

BT d+3+4

Way back in Tekken Tag 1, this was Law's mid move out of BT, and it still can be! A vrey good, long range, damaging mid knockdown. Semi safe with the distance it travels.


This move is EXTREMELY important, and is often overlooked. VS moves that force crouch, a WS+4 is almost always the best option.

Unfortunately, Forest's WS+4 does not have anything available in terms of a stance cancel.

The tracking on Law's WS+4 is poor, as well as the damage, only 18 points. Probably the worst damage in the game for a WS+4.

WS+4 is 11f, -4 on block, and +7 on hit and on CH. +7 means a db+3 is uninterruptable, as well as a hopkick or b+2 or df+2. At -4 you can do someting like a d+2 to high crush and get into a crouch, or another good high crush like d+1.

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#25 “Quote” Edit Post
Since Forest's Dragon Storm, b+1,2,1, is 16f, too slow to use as an effective poke, I feel like b+4 is Forest's best mid poke. It can also be a great whiff punisher, and anti Eddy RLX stance, even! b+4 has an extremely low hitbox. Forest's Dragon Storm is still very good, however.

df+4 has it's place as a long range 13f mid poke. Use df+4 instead of df+1, since df+1 has such bad range and tracking and damage. Maybe use df+1 to set up a grab at range zero, though. df+4 has deceptive range, moving forwards. Just keep in mind that you can also use b+4 without the BT, and it will be a homing move.

d+3+4 is a big, important move with an unfortunate execution.

Some moves put Law in crouching on block or on hit, such as a Law Hammer of the Gods, f+1+2. If Forest wants to high crush with a low, but is unsure for some reason whether or not he is forced crouch, he might be forced to use d+2 instead of a true low attack because of how Namco nerfed Law's basic low kick from standing when they added d+4,3. d+4,3 does not high crush!

In FC, Law can use f,f+2,3 as a mid option with good range. It is safe, since Law can hit confirm it. It will wallsplat. JFJ said to me in a stream chat once that he looks at the opponent's health bar to hit confirm the f,f+2,3. If their health goes down, you can press 3!

uf,N,4 is a special version of delayed hopkick that only Law has that is a few frames faster than the generic one. It is -15 on block, but it does great damage. Try it as a Tag punish, or from a crouch.

I wanted to say that standing basic 4 was a poke, but it is -9 on block, which is a big nerf for Law in TTT2. Standing 4 is no longer a poke, it is only a fast CH hunting tool. On block, they get the momentum back.
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#26 “Quote” Edit Post
Long range moves or mixups


I often keep opponents at long range and repeatedly make them deal with a long range FC mixup: Slide, and f,f,f+3 done from crouching.

WS+2 has less range than f,f,f+3 and Slide, so to have Slide be a true mid/low mixup from Law's FC, you need a mid that can reach as far as Slide. Otherwise, opponents can simply backdash out of range of the WS+2, and they have eliminated the mixup: only Slide will reach then.

I personally do not know any other method to do f,f,f+3 from crouching other than simply f,f,f+3 as a crouch cancel. But, FC f,f,f+3 works very well if you make them expect a Slide.

Other long range options

b+3 of course is a great mid long range knockdown, wallbreaking homing move that is relatively safe on block.

Standing basic 4 is for when you try to keep the opponent at long range with a FC mixup, but they stubbornly, unexpectedly dash into Law's face. The risk to reward ratio is obviously very good.

The same idea goes for uf+4 and df+2 as with standing basic 4, somewhat. We all know a hopkick or a df+2 safe launcher can be devastating from any range, even long range, just clipping an outstretched limb, or catching them as they dash in.

And, b+2,3,4, Junkyard Kick Combo, has a place at long range, since the first hit, despite its somewhat slow speed, 16f, has such long range. Marshall's version of Junkyard is leaps and bounds more effective than Forest Law's, of course, Marshall's version having a DSS stance cancel at the end, and not simply always -7 on block for the third hit.

Just b+2 on its own can be a good long range poke. If they sttack after b+2 is blocked, take note of it, and finish the Junkyard after the b+2 the next time for a CH launcher!


Laws have many jab strings. Law's jab strings cover lots of distance. So, even if the first one or two hits of the jab string whiffs, if you can get them to block the last hit(s), you have successfully mounted an attack or a mixup. Great as a throw setup! Throws are especially good when mixed with jab strings because if the opponent uses a CH hunting move like a Law standing basic 4 or Dragon Storm, Law b+1,2,1, if it hits your character while you are trying to throw the opponent, it will not count as a counter-hit.
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#27 “Quote” Edit Post
Not a top ten moves list, but I want to talk about some of Law's best moves.


I should probably talk about Dragon Uppercut, WS+2, Law's big WS ~Taggable launcher. Law's Slide is not much of a threat without it.

First of all, how about that uninspired name? Namco just puts the type of move after the word "Dragon" for all of Law's move names. uf+4 is probably called Dragon Hopkick, and his df+1 Dragon Mid Punch.

Law's WS+2 is 15 frames, with good range. It has some high crush.

Law's WS+2 is, however, -18 on block. It has pushback in open stage, but at the wall, it will be -18 without any pushback.

-18 on block is extremely punishable. Without the pushback, it would be much worse, giving opponents their giant launchers, like Lili's Matterhorn Ascension, d+3+4~Tag, quite easily, which is 17 frames. But, with the pushback, it is only punished with moves that have alot of range, like Dragunov's f+1+2, or Law's b+4,3. But, again, no pushback at the wall.

Even Law can launch another Law's WS+2 at the wall with his short range basic uppercut, df+2, which also happens to be his best standing launcher, UF+4 Backflipper having about the same range as his df+2, but being slower, 18 frames, and -17 on block. Law's Backflipper is a true mid, however, and does more damage than his df+2. It recovers crouching, unless you Tag buffer it, in which case the inbound partner can come in and do a move standing up normally.

Law's Dragon Uppercut, WS+2, does 24 points of damage, just within the threshold of damage to give a spark when it hits. If it did 1 point of damage less, it would not spark when it hit. That is how awesome it is: Namco makes Law players think their launcher is doing tons of damage, but in reality, the launcher is just doing enough to spark.

Use Law's WS+2 in his FC game by first inputting down-back on the stick to get into crouching quickly, even if sidestepping or backdashing. Then, do the motion for a Slide, df,d,DF, then go back to neutral and press 2. That way, the opponent thinks Law will Slide, since they see the FC df,d,DF crouch dash, and they are likely to duck, leaving themselves open to Law's WS+2. There, simple. Not much else to say.

The mixup is one of the simplest in the game, low or mid. The mixup is also very punishable either way if Law gets the move blocked. Slide blocked can yeild a massive combo to the wall, and WS+2 blocked can be launched by many moves despite the pushback.

Forest Law has WS+3, a safe, 18f mid move out of crouching. It will knock them down and it will do 28 points. -8 on block, not particularily good on block, just out of the punishable range by 2 frames. If the wall is directly behind the opponent, it can wallsplat.

Law also has WS+1>2, a semi hit-confirmable 13f WS punch string that will knock down for okizeme. -17 on block, and the second hit is a high. Forest has no DSS.

Law's WS+4, and especially Forest Law's WS+4, is probably the worst WS+4 in the game. 18 points of damage, and +7 frames. I saw that WS+4 was +7 and I was thinking db+3 would be a good followup to a WS+4 hitting, but I got hopkicked by King many times, losing many rounds trying to use that seemingly good flowchart. Not so, +7 they can hopkick over db+3.

One trick I sometimes use is use a couple of Catapult Kick Highs, FC UB+4,d, then use a Slide to try to catch them off guard. But, that is gimmicky at best. UB+3,d can be used the same way. Be careful not to corner yourself when using UB+3,d or FC UB+4,d. Law is giving up ground.

Delayed Hopkick, uf,N,4, is -15 on block and can be done out of a crouch. It does a ton of damage. Just be aware that it launches them lower than df+2 or uf+4, so adjust your combos accordingly. 4,u+3, f,f+4,3 and many other typical df+2 combos still hit, however.

Law's version of delayed hopkick is faster than the typical delayed hopkick, too. Probably to make up for his total lack of long range launchers.

We all know Forest Law has no DSS stance or cancels for his moves, and that of course includes his 13f WS punisher, WS+1>2. So, if you mess up the somewhat difficult normal hit hit confirm and get it blocked, Forest is going to die!

The hit confirm window on Forest's f,f+2,3 is pretty easy. There is no way to mess it up if you use the second hit after you hit the first hit. You can be sure it will always be a combo. No need to worry about the first hit hitting, then the second hit getting blocked for a massive punish like with WS+1,2.

Since f,f+2,3 is a f,f+ move, it can be done from crouching, and it will have more range than WS+1,2. But it is much slower. 17 frames at its fastest possible input.

All in all, Forest Law could have a better mid launcher out of his crouch, I think. Most characters' WS launchers are only -12 on block, like Devil Jin's WS+2 or Jaycee's WS+1. The saving grace of Law's WS+2 is that it has lots of range, launching some stagger lows that other characters would need to use delayed hopkick or a crouch cancel to launch punish.

b+3,b (hits), BT DB, f,f,f, b to stop running

Obviously, b+3,b and regular b+3 are amazing moves not only for the purpose of homing, but for what this casual Street Fighter player calls "footsies." This means that b+3 will hit at long range when the two fighters on the screen are not attacking but are instead using lots of movement, trying to position the opponent towards the wall or trying to make them whiff so they can punish.

But, my personal bad habit after hitting a b+3 is to f,f,f run at them, what some would describe, including myself, recklessly. If you watch high level Tekken, you sill see them run at opponents, then more often than not tap back on the stick to stop running, or maybe do a sidestep or sidewalk to cancel the run. This is because it is very likely that you will not get a running unblockable tackle, but instead get a running "tackle," as in the Ultimate Punishment tackle. Not sure why it is called that, since it is neither ultimate nor a punisher in any way, ha.

But the point is that they can just hopkick you right through the Ultimate Punishment tackle, so make sure to stop the run and play safe, not reckless. Even the 3 running steps unblockable tackle has big drawbacks. They can sidestep and get your back for a massive VS BT launcher.

b+3,b,DB VS regular b+3

The nice thing about b+3,b, BT db is that it recovers crouching, so it will be a simple task to punish any whiffs with a WS+2~Tag, or, outside of WS+2's range, a Slide. I personally never use f,f+4,3, but that works from a crouch too and is pretty good I guess.

There is another level to this though. If you are facing a really smart opponent, they will block the b+3,b, DB, then use a move that would punish a Paul QCF+2 Phoenix Smasher, like a Jin f+4 or Feng b+1+2, moves with lots of range and speed, to punish the b+3,b,DB.

But, that is when you use regular b+3! Regular b+3 is -12 on block with pushback, but trust me, it feels like it is almost at even frames sometimes on block. b+3 has a sort of a guard stun animation when it gets blocked that makes it look safer than it really is. It fools many people. So, after the b+3 is blocked and they go for their slower long range punish like a Jin f+4, use a hopkick to launch their punish attempt! Yep, b+3, then mash out hopkick in classic Law fashion. It mixes up the speeds of the recovery on b+3. The window is so much smaller on regular b+3's recovery that you get the launch on them instead of the other way around.

So not only does b+3 have true homing properties, hit mid, wallsplat, wallbreak, and do pretty solid damage, 36 points, it also has a good mixup on BLOCK. Your opponent has to guess what to use as a punish attempt, and risk getting launched by a hopkick after a regular b+3 if they expect a b+3,b,DB to FC.

The only negative aspect of b+3 is that its speed is not the greatest, 23~24 frames. But look at it this way: f+1+2 is 20 frames, and that is Law's staple bound move. b+2 is another primary long range move and it is 16 frames, only 7 frames faster. f+3+4 is 27 frames! Holy cow that move is slow!

But you can use the hopkick on block strategy with many other moves. One good example is f,f+3 on block, which is -15, bad, but has great pushback. Opponents often get lazy and try to use a move that is either too slow or too short in its range to punish. So an uf+4 immediately after a f,f+3 is blocked can yeild a big payoff. f,f+3 lacks tracking, it is easily sidestepped, despite being a f,f+ move. It is also very slow, 21 frames at its fastest input possible.


I should mention this new bound move, which can also act as a long range launcher. It's pretty good! I even sometimes try to use it to catch opponents as they dash in in situations where I know Law's df+2 will likely not be able to reach. A good move VS low to the ground stances too like Capos' Relax and Ling's Art of Phoenix. Just be aware that it is not the fastest move, I believe it is 17f at its fastest?

BT d+3+4

This move crushes like a Devil Jin u+4 or Lars uf+3. Too bad it is not a only knocks them down, and there is no okizeme, since Law is so far away afterwards. It is still a great move from back turned though. I use it quite a bit! It is like an option select, meaning it will beat out many options from the opponent. It is safe on block too, I think. It gives some guard stun on block, allowing Law to turn around.

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