Steve's Top 10 Moves.

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#1 “Quote” Edit Post
Figured that I should do this because many character forums did this and may also help Steve players adapt to his nerfs. Don't forget to post your reasons as to why.
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1. Db+3,2 (good old low, free 3+4 d1 on knd, at the wall try d1+2 after db32, gives w! at correct angle)

2. F+1+2,1 (NC,really good)

3. Dck 1(now gives full juggle on hit, same juggle as ch df2 in T6)

4. Uf+1(good mid, low crush, non reversable)

5. B+2 (high crush, launch in hit, strict ff2 timing)

6. Fc df+1 (Fc mixup sexy time)

7. Df+1+2 (still a good longrange punisher)

8. Df+1 (mid poke)

9. Flk 1,d1 (NCc,free db2)

10. Qcf+1 (great range, mid, w!, mixup with db32)

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#3 “Quote” Edit Post
b+1 series - i13 CH move of death, first hit to FLK still very safe, 2nd hit to PKB good frames on hit
d/f+1 series - i13 fastest mid poke, other transitions are great for mindgames
1,2,1 series - i10, NCc, jails, good damage, -1/+5 on block if you go into stance, last hit for mind games
d+2,1 series, d+1, fc, d/f+1 - poking lows
d/f+2 - mid homing move, still very good despite no guaranteed combo
b+2/SF/f,f+2/iPAB u/f+2/DCK 2/ - whiff punishers in order of distance
qcf+1~flk/alb 2 - solid, safe mid moves that has crazy range and wall splats, mixup with d/b+3,2
all his ws moves - ws+1,2 fast, good damage, ws+1+2 launch on whiff or -19, ws+2 launch on CH
3,1 series - all NC, 3,1,1 for wallsplat, 3,1,f+1,1 for +frames, 3,1~flk for CH
iPAB d/f+2/d/f+1,2/d/f+1 - elbow launch/hc knd free d/b+2/CH on hit

If I can strictly use only 10 moves, however...

1,2,1~flk/pab mixups
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#4 “Quote” Edit Post
b+1(or b+1,2)
d/f+1(or d/f 1,2, does more damage than sf now and best 13f punish option)
d+2,1 ducking cancel
f/c d+1
f+1+2,1(best whiff punish without juggle)
d/f 1+2(SF)

Also I like u/f+1, d/b+3, b+2, d+1, and 1,1, d+1.
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121 series possibility for low, mid or stance and also jails.
down 3,2 great low gives free albatross 2 after knockdown.
1, df 1 leaves you in flickter stance to throw, frame trap or you could use a low.
D 2,1,2 series is a safe low after you duck cancel it and can also be used to frame trap.
df 1 great at close range
qcf+1 great mid wall splats hold back to flicker stance for high mid throw or low mixup.
down forward 2 great for incoming low and slower moves gives decent juggle.
Back 1 great high counter for a nice amount of juggle damage.
Back 2 great for high crush gives decent juggle damage
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The d+2,1 series really opens up offensive possibilities.
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I finally know my top 10 moves for
They are self explanatory.

1. B 1 (best counter hit move EVER - EMPHASIZED for reason)

2. PEEKABO u/f 2 (Shoryuken) - Looks extremely cool and great damage

3. Sonic Fang - ends pretty much most of my combos / decent damage

4. Duck 2 - great launcher

5. EXT DCK 2(hold)

6. EXT DCK 1

7. d/f 1 - great mid poke

8. d/b 2 - Classic move

9. FC d/f 1 - love using this in a match. it is great how it goes into PKB

10. FLKR B 2 - great CH move and creates space to follow up with 3+4 2
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I've been playing tons of Steve since i bought a ps3 a few weeks back. I'll put my top 10 in no specific order.

ch fishing, pressure tool from transitions, can throw in the d2 to poke or 2~f to maintain some pressure via pkb

112 and 121
112 to punish. 121 for beefy dmg on Ch. 121~f d1 to sneak in dmg

Df12 and df12~2

Flk1d1, flk1f1, and flk2
keep the opponent holding b.

only because im a scrub at heart and i love watching my opponent fly

Fc df1 pkb1
nice low poke

D21>2 d21dckcancel
Nice low poke that can build momentum

feels good when it hits.

Watch ya feet. Nice when opponent is scurred and just standing there.

Whiff punisher

how did I almost forget this move. Love using it at the wall after a knockdown.
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#9 “Quote” Edit Post
FC df1
PAB d1
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#10 “Quote” Edit Post
literally not one of you put ws+1>2. NOT ONE.

edit except gaibulbaneixsfgs.
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#11 “Quote” Edit Post
yes ws+1>2 is i think NH CONFIRMABLE within like 14 frames or something silly, but it's CH confirm for sure. Silly people still like to come in after ws+1 lol.
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#12 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by TheDinosaur
literally not one of you put ws+1>2. NOT ONE.

edit except gaibulbaneixsfgs.

Steve's Top 10 moves... not top 10 strings... <.<
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#13 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by KhronicKicks
Steve's Top 10 moves... not top 10 strings... <.<

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#14 “Quote” Edit Post
For me it looks like this

2,1 into stance
dck f2~dck

i wanna put more but i can only list ten
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b2 -->safe op mid launcher with 90 dmg + high crush. -10 but is just safe for 2 reasons: distance(just gan and jack can punish it evertime) 2)this game LAGS, so -10 are very hard to punish
d21/d21f3-->unblockable. free damage
df1 -->good generic mid, excellent on oki situation to pick up enemies as well.
b1 -->good ch move, tons of damage
ws1>2 --> the hcc is very easy for a mid 11f move, can make a lot of pressure
uf1 -->safe close the gap mid
42 --> love it when i want to go out from corners
ff2 -->good whiff punish
d1/fcdf1/pab d1 --> good homing low. the transtion into pab of fcdf1 and pabd1 makes them stronger than d1.
pabdf2-->safe mid launcher. -10 in this game is safe so for me it's a safe and fast mid launcher.
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#16 “Quote” Edit Post
I haven't been playing Steve for too long but I'll give my opinion.

b+1~b - Need I explain?
df1+2 - Great range, excellent for whiff punishing
b+2 - I myself need to use this more. High crush, NH launch, difficult to punish.
PAB d+1 - Great low, good for mind games and chip damage
PAB 2 - Easily one of his best moves. i14, safe, tracks, CH launch, built in parry.
121~f - NCc that does hella damage and transitions into PAB for more offense
df2 - i16 mid, tracks, safe, CH launch. Great tool to keep 'em in check from ducking
WS1,2 - Absolutely monster WS punish. i11 40dmg. Can be used out of duck cancel for bound.
ff+2 - To whiff punish those long range whiffs. Gives a free db+2 on hit.
3,1,1- NC, 47 dmg, KND, gives wallsplat, evasive. Found to be even better when combined with ssl.

Honorable mentions
ALB d+2
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#17 “Quote” Edit Post




2,1 & options

Df1 & options

Flicker 1 & options

Flicker 2

Sway right 2

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#18 “Quote” Edit Post
b+1~b Super safe CH launcher with a beefy hit box
df+1+2 Good range, decent damage whiff punisher. Ends alot of combos and wall splats high at the right distance.
WS 1,2 The most damaging WS 11 frame punisher I can think of. Needed for decent solo combos.
qcf+1~b Damaging, safe wall splatting move. Will wallsplat from far away.
iPAB df+2 One of Steve few elbows, if not the only one. Slower than a hopkick but decent damage. People like to duck right in front of Steve. You can suprise them with this and fucking Asuka can reverse it.
iPAB uf+2 Eats jabs for breakfest. Good move to use if you think the other player is going to try and jab you out of PAB.
FC df+1 Awesome move to start and offensive. +2 on hit and transitions into PAB
3,1,f+1 Good mid poke, safe. Hit confirmable into 3, 1, F+1, 1 ~b or whatever you want.
d+2,1~f+3~db If done right, safe low, mid poke. Has a high CH launching extenstion that not very useful in my opinion. Everyone and their grandma know to duck it and launch.
df+1 Series Good mid pokes and the such.

Honorable mentions:
3,1,1 Somewhat hit confirmable, Does good damage.
b+1, d+2~f High low transition into PAB. Has a mid extenstion for those who try to interupt at the PAB transition.
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#19 “Quote” Edit Post
Ok. New top ten. I have been playing Steve for like a couple months now so, here it goes....
*in no order*

1,2,1 - this is my counter hit go to string for like 43dmg. 10frames, jails, goes into PAB, or FLK. -3 on block +3 on hit. Has many transitions

df1 - mid, i13frames, +5 on hit, - 3 on block. Has many transitions.

d1 - low, i16frames, 0 on hit. This is "set up" or "defensive" poke. Do not be aggressive on hit. Just read opponent and adapt.

D2,1 and options. - this is my aggressive low poke. It had many transitions and they all should be, used.

uf1 - light mid poke that, jumps (crushes lows) cant be countered, spikes, advances foward, and is safe at -6 on block and +5 on hit.

4,2 - my favorite evasive move into an attack with steve. Steve ducks and sways right, then throws a mid heavy punch that knocks down and is unsafe at -13. But, Steve stays low in a ducking motion the entire time he throws his punch. Making evasion higher.
f3,1 - safe heavy mid poke. -6 or 7 on block, and launches on counter, knocks down on regular hit. Can combo.


df2 - this is my mid, medium poke. Its a plus that its safe and homing. I also use it as a whiff punish sometimes too if I want to be extra safe. I do not use this to catch counter hits. This is like a safe mid option to me but medium strength. Uf1 would be light. F3,1 heavy

3,2 (1)_3,2 into PAB. - this is my favorite transition into PAB (3,2~F). 3,2,1 is, safe.
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