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#21 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by novicez
I saw that guy on replay boosting... like 3x...

Still got the vid?? I could post it on there forum haha.. What a waster -.- hope he gets banned
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#22 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by novicez
I saw that guy on replay boosting... like 3x...

WOW, Then of course you should report this. Fuck the leader of the best team as a booster. Read this Kensjero, Fuck you.
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#23 “Quote” Edit Post
Any can join the Team HellRaisers, who like to raise Hell
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#24 “Quote” Edit Post
@commandoo i did tell you to play ranked more often, multiple times, having below 2k BP is not good, and we where moving up on the leaderboards os i had to make decisions and kick inactive people (not only you)

@ novicez i dont know who you saw boosting, but it clearly was not me, maybe you are confused with the famous name copyer, who boosts with copying famous names, like kane, and now, obviously me, and my team. maybe u meant SteveFoxFighter_ (note the underscore).

@ manga you should suck a dick u pethathic bitch , u think im going ot fight against someone from asia? thats a 2 bar if not 1, connection, but i guess your to stupid to think about that, and i would destroy you, ur so shit...

and for you all 3, before you are going to say my team is a boosting team, please, save everyone some time and name 1, just 1 player, who is boosting on my team, or even pulling or laggswitching, then ill maybe consider respecting you, especially commandoo and manga, commandoo ur just mad you got the boot, manga ur just mad because you got nothing else to do in ur life, so you are anoying people.

and after many months, commandoo has over 6000 battle points, man im glad you got removed ^^
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#25 “Quote” Edit Post
Are there any more teams?
Sandra Hochheim
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#26 “Quote” Edit Post
My Team: Russian Mafia
Lvl: 11
Members: 6 (I think so)
Specialty: Very good fighters with nice looking outfits ^^
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#27 “Quote” Edit Post
Team: XxPURExSKILLZxX ; Lv 70+; 2 months old i think; over 40 members(we keep track)
we are recruiting. Xbox team only. Send a message to DLXburgerNfries asking to join. or Jump to the page on the website WTF. Check out our youtube here

we are a team that basically trains hard and help eachother learn more about any characters in the game
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Sandra Hochheim
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#28 “Quote” Edit Post
Join our Team Russian Mafia with a big community

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#29 “Quote” Edit Post
I dont know for how long will WTF run but team "TEKKEN GREECE"
22 world ranked recruits!
Greeks and all Tekken-Heads alike are welcome to join!
We count 16 members and our team level is 57!
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Thread bump, I see the message stating that the service is unavailable.. but i still see people with team colors lol Anyone know of a way/Want to be on a team?
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#31 “Quote” Edit Post
The service is over. The website doesn't even load anymore!!

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