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-does a lot of damage
-safe. the frame data says -1 to +1 on block so depending on how short or far the person blocks it
-very low hitbox
-stuffs high moves
-huge range
-range gets weird at times
-hits when you don't expect it to hit
-It's best used when an opponent tags at a distance, or better, against a wall. You hit both, and either one gets a wallsplat.
-leaves you for further oki/techtrap games on hit. the start up is relatively fast given the range it provides and it is best used when your opponent is vulnerable when tagging in from a distance, d1+2 is an alternative if your opponent is too far away for you to be running in for a df2,1.
-is great for breaking the people who like to turtle and whiff fish from far away.

- 15frames
-on CH a jugglestarter?
-Still safe, but not so huge pushback on block like in T6.

ff 2,2 is definitely the way to go in every single damage dealing situation.
ff 2,2 works a lot better as TA if you SSR first i.e. less pushback.

ff+2,1 doesn't jail, it was always duckable.

- -1 on block
-if you go into sav its 0 on block like br which isn't bad.
-losing frames means he can now parry jabs with SAV b+2
Tell everyone that df1 is now -1 on block. It actually works out in your favour.

Gives them more incentive to swing after blocking df1. Cue more sidestep

shenanigans after df1 or using df1 extensions.

- -9? or -10?
- push back is good so it doesn't even matter.
- great ranged safe move
- not good to whiff, no matter how far
The start up animation is quite slow. It looks maybe 1 or 2 frames slower than

Law's b3 which is probably only due to the need for a ff input. People might be

tempted to duck it in reaction to the ff twitch, which allows for a ff 2

mixup/mindgame, but seeing as ff 3 is significantly negative on block, it's

probably not worth it. Just block it and then reverse the momentum.

ff+3 homes. Sometimes Nina players duck while sidestepping so it's normal. Other

than that, a normal sidewalk will immediately get caught by ff+3 regardless of


Alright this move is pretty good, sure, some people talk about it being slow, and

a high. But if your offense is tight, use it conservatively, and this move doesnt

get ducked, unless against random duckers. You may connect a uf+1 to bound after

this launcher lands. At max range, ff, d+2. First two hits of this juggle takes

quite a lot so the rest is freestyle.

the start up is too slow and isn't reliable catching opponents who knows when to

ss and when to stop. it's only effective in snaring opponents that abuses their

lateral movement. the animation that it has on block is also a give away that the

move is terrible on block. but given it's range, i guess it can be best used in

catching whiffs and characters that just tagged in.
ff+3, I knew people were making too big a deal of it, it's not that great, the

hitbox is really high and it's really easily crushed and it's not too fast, I

still prefer f+4 for tracking

for tracking purposes
It's no longer HC but you can kinda react to the twitch of their movement, which

is probably worth the risk unless they're gods of SS cancel.

STILL worth throwing out in some cases, though not that all often. BD after a

blocked f+2 and sometimes you may see magic.

+3 on block
being mid now (what's the significance?)
Was hoping mid u/f+1 would be great, but it's still too damn slow (like b+3).

uf1~f SAV
+3 on block

buffed on it's range(no more punishing woes anymore)
What I most keen on testing is just how many -14 moves Miguel can now reach with

f 1+2.
f+1+2 has the same range as d/f+4,1 now? I knew it had been improved, but not that much.

f+1+2's range, good grief it's amazing, he takes an invisible step forward.
Joined: Sep 2012
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reserve 2
Joined: Sep 2012
Posts: 4
From: United States
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reserve 3

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