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So what are your opinions on jins new top 10 moves after the changes from T6BR?
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I haven't played the game properly yet (aka proper controller), but here's my list so far, not in order.

- 2,1(<4)
- df+1,4 (Granted you don't get your old poking game anymore but a semi-safe 13f knockdown isn't really bad when you get down to play)
- b+2,1 (This move is still annoying rabid jab-chronic players worldwide)
- ewhf (to satisfy your Mishima needs)
- f,f+2
- CD+4
- f+4~f~df~b
- d+4/db+4 (The good old sneaky lows. d+4 is launch punishable now, unfortunately)
- (i)WS+2
- CDS 1<2 and CDS 4 from Zanshin (f+4~f on hit etc)

His core game hasn't changed much from what I see. Poke, poke, poke, bait mistakes and punish.
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#3 “Quote” Edit Post
- df+1<4
- 2,1
- b+2,1
- ewhf
- f,f+2
- f,f+4
- db+4/d+1
- CDS 1<2 and CDS 4

Dunno last two.. probably f4 when I can cancel better and idk.. does wd count as a move lol?
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#4 “Quote” Edit Post
1+2 - Nice 12f punisher, wall splat
2,4 - 10f punisher, wall splat
EWHF - Positive frames on block, CH Launcher, wall splat
CD4 - Hellsweep, combos in open space and against the wall
1 d3 - Annoying low poke that my opponents don't generally see
21 - High, mid string, pressure tool
df1,4 - Hit confirmable wall splat
b+2+4 or b+1+3 - Buys you frames to 2,4 or 1+2 the opponent in the face. Parries wakeup 4 for full juggle, parries Tag Crash for full juggle
b+21 - mid, mid, good range, NC
db4 - CH low juggler

ff2 - Safe everywhere minus the wall, pushes back, mid
ff4 - Positive on block
ff3 - Safe Launch
ws2 - ws Launcher
ws4 - Quickest ws poke
f4 - Neat range
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#5 “Quote” Edit Post
Top 10
123_4-4 does wallsplat and 3 gives a free ff4
cd3-tracking good oki after
df14_4~4- 4 does wallsplat and 4~4 gives good pushback on block and juggle on hit
db4-mentioned above :3
parry-some string enders can be parried of d+3+4
bf23~f- confuses opponents and 3 CH juggles
cds+4-ultra super fast sweep haha also gives a free ff4
cds+1+2- safe, good pushback, taggable, though both are high haha
b21- mentioned above~
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#6 “Quote” Edit Post
Gonna do this quickly then nap
here we go
123 +2 on block free d2 on hit
124 interrupts jab attempts after 12
21 high mid
214 4 delayable
4 13f fastest homing move CH free d2
df1 good way to start offense
df14 wallsplat hc nc
f4 spacing and can go into cds for juggle
ff2 wall splat safe chunky dmg
b21 alot of range +2 on hit crushes jabs
b4 good for wall splats deceptive range
d1 wall splats if no back roll free d2
ewhf can be used to pressure opponent or aggressive opponents that whiff strings
ecd1 whiff punishment
hs wd mix up
ff3 wd mix up +2 on block
ff4 +5 on block +8 on hit. hits grounded opponents
d4 high crushing unseeable low -14f
db4 CH juggle decent low damage
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#7 “Quote” Edit Post
b1 (you can cancel into dash moves, wave dash, or safe standing/Crouching or use one of CDS moves)
24 (fast punisher with wall splat proprieties to the right)
df14 (if df1 hits, the whole string hits [wall splat to the left])
db4 (you can get a full combo if hits as counter move)
b3(excelent filler in situations you can't get a bound)
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#8 “Quote” Edit Post
DF+1 series

No real order.
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#9 “Quote” Edit Post
Parry (This is the main part of how I play my Jin.)
df1 4_4~4
d1+2~f~df~b (Some enemies like to try and hit you while you're in CDS. I use the cancel to punish them for that, then they start respecting it so I can begin my CDS shenanigans.)
b2 1
d3 3
d4 (Although not as often as before.)

Other good moves
4 (Very fast and gives a free d2 on CH.)
CDS2 (Crushes quite a few things because of how low he is, and has an auto SS to his right.)
12 3_4
2 1<4
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#10 “Quote” Edit Post
df1,4_1 4~4
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#11 “Quote” Edit Post
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#12 “Quote” Edit Post
1. ewgf
2. 2,1,4 /df1,4>44
3. ff+4
4. b+3
5. 4
7. b+2,1
8. cds/sen 3/4/1
9. db4
10. d3,3
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#13 “Quote” Edit Post
I'm liking the synergy of almost everyone's similarity of choices....

I'm not ready to write down my Top Ten because I'm a High Risk player* but when i play normally or defensively. I definitely agree on you guys.

Plus Points for LP SPARDA.
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#14 “Quote” Edit Post
My top ten. ....just picked up Jin.

- jabs (all options)

- df1 (all options)

- b2,1.

- hopkick (hey I must have good timing or something lol) juggles on any hit.

- d3,3/d4

- cd2

- cd1

- ws2

- ff2

- db4
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#15 “Quote” Edit Post
f,f+2 Demon's Paw OF COURSE is Jin's best move. How could it not be? Safe mid wallsplat out of wave dash. It sucks compared to Devil Jin's though.

uf+4 Hopekick of course, the only Mishima with one. They made the combo from it on normal hit a bit easier in Tag 2.

db+4 This low does almost the same damage as Heihachi's db+2, only a few points less. But the difference is it is only -13 on block and it is a CH launcher! One thing to note is it misses grounded opponents, so make sure you use Jin's d+2 punch stomp type of a move VS grounded instead, or maybe b+2,1 with delay to try to pickup.

f,N,d,df+1 is fairly quick, and is -12 on block. This is Jin's big threat and whiff punisher. They raw Tag, they whiff, this is the move you should use. ~Taggable, too. The speed is not as good as an EWGF of course, however.

EWHF Of course has to be in his top ten moves, despite it not launching on normal hit anymore. Wallsplat, wallbreak, mega plus on block. It is a high, however, so you should never just spam it, it can still get you killed.

2,1>4 New in TTT2 is the huge delayability of the third hit, a safe mid. The first 2 hits are super good. I like 2,1 as my 10f punisher to keep them standing, personally, so I can follow it up with something like an uf+1+2 grab, d+4, EWHF, or whatever else that might pop up in my head, instead of 2,4 which does more damage and knocks down, yes, but it also gives no followups. I personally never use the 2,1,4~4 low option. I just think it's too slow to use, really obvious.

f,f+3 and f,f+3,1,2,3 f,f+3 is such an important move for Mishimas. I personally think f,f+3 is just as important for a Mishima user as Electric. The fact that it is a mid, safe launcher out of wave dash/crouch dash is such a huge boost to Mishimas' game. Devil Jin not having a f,f+3 that launches is the reason why I do not like him very much in TTT2 or in Tekken 6 for that matter. Jin f,f+3 can be sidestepped, so make sure you use homing moves if you suspect they will step you. WS+3 can be done out of wavedash, and so can standing 4 by doing f,N,d,df,f,N,f,N,4.

WS+2 Jin has always had a great WS+2. I often see Jins use WS+2 in unexpected times. It does make sense: a 14f ~Taggable true mid launcher, only -12 on block with decent range and hitbox.

df+1,4 Ok, nobody ducks this move, this is a safe wallsplat knockdown 13f punisher poke that does mad damage. Good for post wall TA! as a wall combo ender too. Of course, df+1 is a great move in itself. I personally never use the df+1,4~4 mid option. I just think it's too slow to use, really obvious.

d+4 Is personally a big favorite of mine. Despite it being very negative on hit, the fact that it high crushes makes it worth it. It compiments Jin's poke game. -14 is not too bad. Hits grounded, too, unlike db+4.

Notable Omissions

I did not include f+4 just because I think the move is kinda hard to use. Talking about the cancel for combos to make it safe and whatnot. My top 10 is based on real world use, not on paper.

d+3+4~Tag is an amazing 15f standing launch punisher.

2,4 Switchblade is one of the best 10f punishers in Tekken.

For CH hunting, I like Jin's df+2 alot! Safe on block! Kazuya's df+2 is -12!

I really like Jin's version of Hellsweep, LLRK, f.N.d.df+4, as well, I like the mini combo. But, it is a big risk, really bad on block. Use db+4 most of the time. You can use db+4 out of wave dash with f,N,d,df,f,N,f,N,db+4.

b+2+4 I almost forgot! The Jin parry! Oooh!

Standing basic 4 an amzaing move, homing, CH mini combo.

WS+3 good homing move, but Kazuya's version of it is better, his wallsplats.

WS+1>2 good 13f WS punisher or just a mid,mid poke with the delay or hold forward to the new stance.

Mental Alertness 1,2 is a hit confirmable wallsplat. The second hit is -14.

b+4 good wallsplat, -7 on block

d+1 good wallsplat, -7 on block

1,2,3 a good multi-purmose move. I use this as my wall bound, and it is also a good poke.

4~3 high and low crushes. Good at the end of the round, or in those situations where you can tell they want to attack.

d+2 Stomp move is a nice addition. Good for combos to floorbreak or just to get a spike.

f,f,f+3 His slash kick is very useful, I use it often. But maybe thats just because I use Law/Jin as a team, ha.

b+3 CH hunting knee much like Bruce's b+2, can cancel into Mental Alertness by holding forwards.

b+2>1 Safe long range mid,mid 15f poke. A great move.

1+2 makes them pay dearly with a wallsplat/wallbreak if they get their -12 move blocked. I would use df+1,4 as a mid outside of punishment, however, since df+1,4 is safe on block and 1+2 is -14, launchable by some.

Mental Alertness 4 is a punishable low but at the wall grants Jin a full wall combo by using WS+1,2 as the wall bound move.

Shitty moves

df+4 Worst bound move in the game. It's a high, the attack data lies. Very slow.

1,3~3~3~3~3~3 2nd worst bound move in the game. Gotta mash the 3 a million times after the 1 and the move never comes out. Or, maybe you get 1,3, the first 2 hits of Kazama Style 5-Hit Combo, which is an equally shitty move.

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#16 “Quote” Edit Post
"Real world use and not paper?"

In the real world, I personally use the f+4~cancel a whole lot more than ff+3, but whatever.
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Jin's top 10 moves:

Two years ago my roommate came home with a new game. At the time we were playing SC and WoW PvP and a little bit of LoL. This new game was in one of the genre's that I really didn't care for, fighting games. I had looked at MvC3 and SF and didn't really like what I saw. I wrote Tekken off as just another filler game for my roommate. As he got more dedicated to Tekken I started to take notice, I had picked up a couple tidbits about the game, such as it had a complex frame data system, Their was a WaveDash (movement tricks were a favorite of mine from other games) and just frame moves. I didn't start playing Tekken until a couple of months ago though. At that time I had already become a mishima player to the core but didn't want to use my roommates characters, so I decided to try out Jin. A couple of months later here is my perspective on Jins top 10 moves
10. d/f 1
This move is a very generic d/f 1, but it is integral to jins gameplay, first it set's up whiffs through sidesteps and kbd. Secondly it wallsplats in the direction that 2,4 doesn't so on whiffs at wall you will get a combo still. 3rd is the options out of it are useful to some degree. this is a great move for any character to have in the neutral game. Watch out though, it can be ss pretty easily.
9. b2,1
This is one of jins most infamous moves. b2,1 is extremely delayable, safe on block, 15 frames and has astounding range. as far as I have tested this move will punish pretty much anything in the game that pushes back but is - (examples are heihachi's ff2, pauls deathfist, jins own cds 1+2). it is -9 on block and is only +2 on hit so it limits your options in either case, however it does alright damage for the utility it presents and is useful in combos as well.
8. ff3
This move is extremely powerful, while it is hard to use as a newer player and is generally really slow, the properties are phenomenal. mid launcher that is +2~ on block and can be done out of a wavedash. Be careful though, it doesn't track that well and is slow. Once you can work this into your gameplay Jin reaches a new level of power. Use this with his cd4 as a 50/50 mixup from wd.
7. 2,4
I would consider this to be the best 10f punisher in the game, only competition is Jinpachi's. This move is safe on block (you can duck the 2nd hit tho), has pretty good pushback and wall splats. Such a strong move and one of the reason why turtling as jin is effective.
6. 1,2,3
I find that as I play against better opponents this move becomes less effective, but when used sparingly and in combination with the 1,2,4 it is still a great frametrap setup giving the same frames as ff3. Note that you can only step this to the right (jins left) and if the jabs connect you can't ss at all. doing this moved followed with either a ss, df1, 2,1, d4/db4 or throw is the basic gameplan. when you have conditioned your opponent to not do anything afterwards you can start adding in cd4 and more of jins powerful mids.
5. ff2
This move might be the poster boy of Jins play. Safe, wallsplat, 32 dmg, 15f, tracks well due to ff motion, long range. proper use of this move will propel your gameplay forward and is feared by your opponents.
4. db 4
20f startup, -13 on block, +3, 25 dmg. CH launcher. this move is amazing, every time I hit someone with this move, I think of solid play. This move doesn't high crush (would probably be too good if it did) but it is a great addition to jins poking game. d4 should be mentioned here too, as it complements db4 by being faster and high crushing. also cds 4 comes into effect as well due to it's insane crushing properties. if you mix up these 3 lows effectively the db 4 becomes the focal point of your game and since they are expecting the crushing/speed of the other lows the + frames on db4 just top it off.
3. ewhf
14f, +5 on block and ch launcher. While not an A class launcher like the rest of the Mishima's ewhf has a place in Jins gameplay just the same. As many have said, this isn't integral to his gameplay, but it should definitely be on your list of things to practice.
2. 2,1
This is one of the moves that Jins gameplay is based around. 2,1 is +6 on hit, -3 on block, 24 dmg and has some tracking. I personally love to throw this out and ss anything they have to use, also occasionally completing the 4 to show them that they can't attack after you use 2,1 is effective. once you get into your own rhythm 2,1 into jins lows and throws and ss whiff punish just set the pace of the game.
1. f4
Last but not least is f4. When you master the cds cancel for this move it really opens up in gameplay. -6 on block, +4 on hit (they can't do anything for fear of getting cds 1+2 in the face) and a 16f ch launcher with ridiculous range. not to mention the f4 cds cancel in combos. On top of that f4 has a huge hitbox. it will hit opponents grounded in a lot of situations, as well as capos and ling etc. I think that 2,1 is the move to build jin around but f4 is so powerful that it edges out any other move in jins arsenal.

Honorary mention:
CDS: Crouching Demon Stance is very evasive and offers a strong 50/50 w/ cds1 and 4... especially at the wall where cds 4 into ws1,2 combos. cds 1 is only -3 on block and the 2 is extremely hit confirmable. On top of that cds 3 is a +frame 52dmg high and cds 2 has a large ss built into it. Also the cancels from cds are apart of its mechanics as well. cds into ws, cd or ff moves gives jin a lot of tools to play with.

Parry: done with b2+4 or b1+3 Jins parry is amazing. Moves with very quick recovery frames aren't effected as much but any move that has a lot of block stun/recovery frames will be launched and a lot of moves will net a 2,4. getting used to doing the parry into ch ewhf on certain strings makes you look like a god and in general this parry is all but impossible to master.

All in all Jins gameplay is varied in my opinion. he doesn't truly accel at range 0 aggression but has the tools to be ok. He lacks comparative tools to the Mishimas and some others at defensive but still can do alright in that department. I consider Jin to be the pinnacle of solid gameplay. Speaking with high caliber NA's the typical response is that if someone beats you with jin they played that round better than you.
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#18 “Quote” Edit Post
I'd take away 123 and add ff+4 personally, its really good for bullying people at the wall and in oki as it hits grounded.
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#19 “Quote” Edit Post
that's a good point. I haven't been able to work it into my game a lot yet, but I think as my competency grows they will swap.
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#20 “Quote” Edit Post
IMO this is Jin's top ten he has good moves overall
1. EWHF good pressure tool
2. CD 1 Jin's Electric launcher. Not as good as EWGF for the Mishimas
3. b 2,1 Good pickup tool
4. 2,1,4 Good poke. Last hit delayable
5. ff 2 What's a Jin's top ten without this move. Great mid poke. Guaranteed knockdown
6. CDS 1,2 and 4. Good mixups tools
7. bf 2,3/1,2 Nice delayable string. Use the 3 option for Zenshin transition. I personally don't use it that much cuz i play on pad and its difficult to execute
8. 3,1,4 Good string to toss out and use. 4 can be low parried so mix it up by using just 3,1
9. 1+2 and 2,4 great punishers
10. Thows like u/f 1+2, d/f 2+3 qcb 1+3

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