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+Massive Juggle Damage
+Matching Armor
+Opposing personalities
-Slower Rage Allocation (Alisa -2's Bryan and Bryan -1's Alisa)
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But I always pick different teams
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Solid Turtling
Good Pokes
Excellent ground damage with simples stuff (Alisa's wr 2 - f+1+2 or Ganny CH b+1+2 - f+3+4);
Deadly wall setups and damage (DES and HHS)

Lack of strings
Lack of deadly mix-ups (though Ganny's mixups are pretty good by itself)
Average juggle damage without walls
Both lack reliable panic buttons
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Bob. Found they had really good synergy. Bob is really fast and powerful and in your face. Alisa for the longer range game and some bind setups (bob's are quicker though)
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Originally posted by -=Sn8kStryke=<~
I've got her paired up with Lei. Lei is mentally draining to play, Alisa is relatively simple, so it balances out. She also makes up for things that he lacks (forward range) and he makes up for things that she lacks (strong mixup game in open space).

They have some VERY strong TA wall juice, both ways, but juggles in open space and wall carry could be a little better.

I'm having decent success thus far. I, too, have stolen quite a few ideas from Chanel

Same here! I mean... Almost the same.
Actually Lei is my main char, so Alisa is his partner.
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Kunimitsu and Michelle have really good team synergy with Alisa.
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