Michelle Chang Punishment Thread

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A list of Michelle's block and whiff punishers including notes:

Standing Punishment:

impact frames, input, block frames, hit frames, effect/damage

i10, 1, +1, +8, 9
i10, 1,2, -1, +5, 19
i11, 4, -12, -2, 19
i12, d,df1, -6~2, 0, 18
i12, 2~b~1+2, -2, KND, 37
i12~13, ff1, -2, +4, 10
i12~13, ff1,4, -8, KND, 32
i13, b2,3, -14, -3, 34
i13~14, ff3, -14, Launcher, 27
i14, df3, -9, +6, 21
i14, f2,1, -13, -3, 22
i14, ff1+2, -6, KND, 45
i15, uf4,3, -18, Launcher, 23
i16, df2,1(~5), -18, Launcher, 31
i16, d1+2, -12, KND, 36
i19, f3~1, -9, KND, 33
i21, b1+2, -13, Launcher, 31


2:b~1+2; In order to master the i10 JF...Forget it...it's gone T_T.

b2,3_f2,1_df3 are good for punishing -13,-14 pushback moves respectively if you're having a bad ff3 execution day vs moves like Paul's -14 ws2 on block. Although df3 is the preferred easy option for +6 frame advantage when punishing -14.

These days, Chang's can only get after a ff3, ff2_dash d1+2 or f2+3 if you're using Julia/Jaycee

d1+2 is great vs pushback moves on block that ff3 cannot reliably reach such as Paul's Deathfist and Heihachi's ff2.

f3~1 has a guaranteed ff2 followup or you can go for oki. It can also punish Bear's -20 ff2 immense pushback on block.

b1+2 Is a great punisher for Kazama's (Jun and Asuka) -23 on block b3 as it will catch it's evasive hitbox.

While Standing (ws) Punishment:

i11, ws4, -15, KND, 28
i12, FC df2, -14, KND, 28
i13, cc (~u) 2~b~1+2, -2, KND, 37
i13, cc ff1,4, -8, KND, 32
i14, cc ff3, -14, Launcher, 27
i15, uf4,3, -16, Launcher, 23
i16, ws1(~5), -13, Launcher, 20
i17, cc (~u) df2~1, -18, Launcher, 31


ws4 has the tech catch followup with deep dash 4~2,1

FC df2 will give w! Bear that in mind when blocking Law's db3 when his back is to the w!

Tap ~u to cc to in order to punish -13~-14 blocked lows with Michelle's 2~b~1+2 as inputting the ff could result in a ff2 and you also lose a frame.

RE: cc ff3, just block a -14 low such as Bryan's qcb3 and do ff3 as the cc (crouch cancel) will be built into your ff punisher for it to connect. Or you could ff1,4 with that single frame error margin on -14 blocked lows,

With heavy blockstun lows (-20 or more) that have a small hit box that you wish to tag launch punish and not hopkick with uf4,3 eg. Law's db4 (where ws1~5 won't reliably connect). cc ff~df2,1~5 to take off that red life.

Whiff Punishment:

i12 ff1, range 0-3
i12 ff1,4, range 0-3
i13 ff3, range 0-2
i15 uf4,3, range 0-1
i16 df2,1, range 0-1
i19 f3~1 range 0-4~5

Let me know if there's any mistakes with the frames and I'll double check and edit

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Does Michelle have JCs f,f+1+2? i found that to be her best punisher vs DF and similar moves in t6. 40 dmg and great range.
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What're people's thoughts on db+4,1 as a punisher? It only seems to punish -20 but does great damage and leads into her main juggles.
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d+4,1 isn't NC. The first move will hit as a punish whilst the second will be blocked and punished itself.
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Originally posted by Jason4579
d+4,1 isn't NC. The first move will hit as a punish whilst the second will be blocked and punished itself.

I see. But wouldn't mixing up between d+4,d+4, and d+4,1 be a decent mix up on punish with d+4,1 leading to significant combo damage or are there much better options at -20?

EDIT: Disregard. I see df2,1 is a much easier punish at -20. I suppose d+4 is a okay low poke at that range
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df+2,1 is better by miles and you can tag out of it to take red life away too! I don't find a you for d+4, if prefer db+3 or d+3
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