Zafina Mindgames & Mixups

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7th Dan
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Hi guys, I don't know if this warrants a new topic but I feel that it might be a little different from the general discussion post so I created a new topic. If its inappropriate, mod please move this to the general discussion or delete it and sorry for the trouble (:

Well I created this in hopes that people can share their current mindgame & mixups or some ideas for it for people with access to the game to try to help everyone improve on their gameplay

To start things off, I posted in the general discussions that d3 can lead to many different mix ups from ws/fc/cc and more, and even mind games as suggested by angelo to sometimes bdc after it to bait whiffs.

Another one that my friend who plays mokujin taught me was to use df1 then followed by b1+2 (for the range and crush) to train people to try and crush you with hopkicks or duck to block low, which allows you to bdc to bait for whiffs or follow up with 2 or even db2 to confuse people.

Maybe everyone can share some of their own
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Zafina actually was my main despite my name(PandaXiaoyu).

The best mixups are when your at a distance. Sometimes I will randomly go in a stance and the opponent just gets confused. If they don't know how to play they rush and get a world of hurt.

My best advice is to stop after the 1st move for her stances movesets because people will suspect they should end. Mainly because the last moves usually end in a mid.

Use scarecrow for good pokes, and has good options.
Mantis is very scary at the wall because that stance has quite a few moves the can close distances.
Tarantula is great against high jabs and closing the distance. It is used the least, so it's probably the best mindgame stance.
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any KND move that gives sufficient adv to beat get-up kicks is a mind game starter.
b+3 is an amazing move in this situation as it is mid, hits grounded and is safe -3 on block

- run up 1+2 will CH any get-up kick attempt
- if they decide to tech roll, run up and mix b+3 with a low attack or throw

- db4,2 will CH any get-up kick attempt. 1st hit hits grounded and side rollers too.
- if they decide to stay down, do another b+3

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