TTT2: Jinpachi's Top 10 Moves

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#21 “Quote” Edit Post
Just a standing 4, neutral 4 or however you wanna say.
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#22 “Quote” Edit Post
In no specific order:

- 1, b+2
- db+2, 1
- 4
- db+1
- d+1
- df+1, 1
- db+3
- FC df+1/ FC df+2 (mixups near wall)
- df+2
- f+3
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Originally posted by Fogelstrom
Just a standing 4, neutral 4 or however you wanna say.

It's actually when 4 hits on counter hit. But it's only magic if you actually get a combo from it. Feng doesn't have a magic 4 because his only follow up is d+4, 1+2.

Jinpachi has a magic 4 because he can combo with it.
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