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Hmm, I am trying to find someone to team with Bryan, and I can't deicde between Alisa and Feng Wei, as well as zaf.
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I don't play Bryan often, but I think Paul is a pretty awesome choice!!!! Pauls d/f+1+3~5 grab to bryan is to damn good!!!! It might be the best tag-grab in the game because it actually gives Bryan the properties of a full taunt at the end of the animation, which I'm pretty sure is not punishable!
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Originally posted by smashbro
Hmm, I am trying to find someone to team with Bryan, and I can't deicde between Alisa and Feng Wei, as well as zaf.

I found Feng opened up a lot of Bryan's game with his tag bufferable moves, if you play Feng defensively it also gives Bryan the benefit of having breathing room to actually do stuff, which is beneficial if you're still developing a solid defense (which is REALLY important but often overlooked for Bryan players)

I think Netsu allegiance is super overrated but regarding Alisa she doesn't do much synergy-wise with Bryan and Alisa hating him just makes the team worse.
Originally posted by Manav
Which tag team partner do you people think can complement Bryan's gameplay comprehensively in all aspects? And please support your suggestions with reasons ty .

The successful ones who I've tried with him would be in no particular order:

Dragunov - Not because of Netsu, sure it's nice but not as important as people think.
The synergy of these two in terms of tag buffered combos and actual tag assaults is disgusting, Bryan can get a lot of damage from Dragunov's qcf+1 and contribute via wall carry to it among other things to an over average level.

Dragunov also has superb range, much like Bryan, Drag on the other hand operates on plus frames way more often than Bryan, once again giving you breathing room with Bryan since a correctly played Dragunov will F%*King kill anyone who gets cheeky even for the slightest second.

Lars - Sick wall damage solo and post TA, stupid damage, great range, he just works with anyone.
Also has contributes with stupidly beefy damage during W!tag assaults from Bryan's Taunt b+4.

Bruce - Amazing wall damage, also a great punisher, sick range and Bruce controls space much better than most characters, it's easy to get people to walls with Bruce just by people blocking, giving Bryan loads of opportunities to employ taunt shenanigans at the wall, since his Taunt oki away from the wall is kind of redundant now, there's not really any faults with this team that stick out to me.

Leo - I currently play Bryan with Dragunov, as well as Bryan with Leo, and Leo feels like a fantastic character to use with Bryan, like Bruce she has an exceptional wall carry, which favours Bryan, whiff punishing tools that benefit her being played as a defensive/whiff punish character, much like Bryan.

One of the key things I have noticed with Leo is she really adds damage to Bryans combo starters, I'm getting over 90 with her from Bryan's u/f+4, and tagging off fb+2 into Leo I'm getting mid 80's as a red health combo with no tag assault.

It's also worth noting that Leo's b+14 can pick up a lot of stuff you wouldn't expect of other characters, take this combo of Bryan's for example:
WS+1, fb+2, f+41, u/f+3, f+1, ff+2.

If you tag off Bryan's Jet Upper(fb+2) in the combo, Leo's b+14 will actually pick up from it and take red health and you're getting mid 80's again off one of Bryan's punishers.

All of these characters that I've mentioned as well are also exceptionally string on an individual basis too, they merge with Bryan as a team exceptionally well on top of being characters that stand well by themselves when you can't afford to tag Bryan back in if he's on low health.
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Bob and Bryan are each other's best teammates.
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I play Bryan with Forest. I'm starting to think I might be better with Bryan/F-Law than Hwo/Baek or Hwo/F-Law.

Bryan's uf+3 compliments Forest's ff+2,1,3 perfectly (You can even land Forest's 4,3,4 if you have enough room for the second hit to hit!) and Bryan can nearly always follow up Forest's ff+2,1,3 with his famous ff+2.

Reliability is very high (expect tons of versatility, synergy is nice), DMG is not so great (around 80 for a normal launch, around 110 for things like Forest's b+1,2,1 or b+2,3,4 and Bryan's 3,3,2 to ff+4.) Wall carry is usual, I don't use wall combos (although if I see an opportunity, I use Forest's 1,2,3 or ff+2,1,3 or even 4,3,4 if range is a bit long to a wall to wallsplat to Bryan's 1,2,3 or d+3,2.)
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I'm sure you can get a lot more damage than 80 on your regular launchers. Take Bryan starter for example:

u/f+4, QCF+3, d/b+2, f+4,1 B! TA! SSR ff+2,1,3 f+1, ff+2 - 91 damage

Try looking into doing SSR's when doing your TA's as they shorten the distance that your opponent flies after a string, which is how the combo above works.
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#27 “Quote” Edit Post
- Robots.
- Diagonal launchers so Bryan can follow up with f+1+2, f+4,1 (B!)
- Badass exclusive costumes.
- Bad synergy (Alisa -2's Bryan, Bryan -1's Alisa)
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