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7th Dan
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Can anyone with better knowledge of this lighten up my day?
so i went to and registered an account, then for the TTT2 account, now i'm stuck at the payment part, is there anyway i can pay with cash at convenience stores or with my phone? (softbank)
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Isn't there some sort of support line you can call. I am sure they can further on assist you.
Lucky Lili
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you are in japan, you are better off asking someone in japan rather than posting on an english tekken site where virtually no one has access to the game.

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Originally posted by NarooN
Angel was good in Tag 2, she was basically a re-skinned DJ for the most part.

Originally posted by Climbing Dragon
Here's the point: if you can't win a tournament with Lili, it's not because the character sucks, it's because you suck.

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