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#1 “Quote” Edit Post
just like the topic says ...

You decide the questions and Ill make it happen.
The tekken project Team will be in attendance for MLG Dallas on Nov5-7

I wanna grab everyone in the community to compile and ask 10 questions to the Tekken Project Team regarding TTT2. As a person with an opportunity to make this happen, I want you guys to fill me in with any questions regarding TTT2 and ill do it over the broadcast.

ALSO * If we(TZ) pick your Question I will plug in your name into the question and Promise recognition for the question.
Im not just gonna filter the questions to my own liking, instead ill be jumping back and forth on the forums, making sure that we all do this together.

lets make it happen.

We all have EXACTLY 1 month. Ill have all questions finalized up here on the main post.

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#2 “Quote” Edit Post
Cool, thanks for the sense for community!

Obviously a lot of people are eager to hear about returning Chars.
Is Devil Kaz, Kunimitsu, Jun, Michelle, P.Jack (Other Jacks), Gon, Dr. B, Forest Law, Alex back in the Game and will Chars like Devil Kaz, Jun and P. Jack be pallette Swaps or will they get theyr own new commandlist.

Second Question: Will they put in retro Stages and music from earlier Tekkens.
thrid: Did they finally realise that nobody gives a shit about Tekken Force/ Campagne Mode etc. (at least as long as it's done as poorly as it has been done befor)
And will they put in Tekken Ball/ other fun minni games.

that is all

Me personally just want Devil Kaz to finnally make a comeback to kick devil Jins emo ass.
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Tekken Project Team
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#3 “Quote” Edit Post
Good stuff -

I think we ALL want #1 thats for damn sure

-What characters can you tell us will be in TTT2 as "returning characters", and will be any returning features for TTT2.

NOT even 5 minuites Blaine is on the ball * Listen for your name before i ask on the broadcast!
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Ask him if walls will be in tekken 6, and if so will the levels be tekken 6 size, or tekken 4 size. Finally ask if characters will be able to carry as far to the wall as they could in tekken 6.
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#5 “Quote” Edit Post
1. will there be NEW customizations for the entire roster of ttt2 and can we get 2 player customizations on console?

completely character specific and i don't expect it to be asked...but can we get some better alisa outfits/robot parts/etc? i mean we didn't get shit last time. it'd be nice to get the light sabers from korea or some jack 6 type parts or something.
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#6 “Quote” Edit Post
1) As for the consoles, will the game be designed for the PS3 ?. If so, will the net code be adjusted for a better online experience with Tekken ?.

2) Is TTT2 going to allow 2 on 2 teams between players, thus letting 2 friends battle against 2 other friends.

3) Are they going to keep the same " Defeat one character, get the win " mentality, or are you going to have to defeat both characters this time around.

4) Is rage still going to be apart of Tekken.

Not so much of a question, but just remind him Heihachi is king.
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#7 “Quote” Edit Post
Aside from the record function, which improvements are planned for the pratice mode?
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#8 “Quote” Edit Post
Will there be 4 player in TT2?
2vs2 and 1vs1 would give alot of possibilities.
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#9 “Quote” Edit Post
I love it! Keep em commin!.

To be honest ill end up asking more than 10 questions.

You think we should ask y heihachis hair is black(young) in the trailer?

I'm definately gonna ask about rage.

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#10 “Quote” Edit Post
Will you keep scenario campaign or some other similar game mode ?
I hope not. Focus on practice mode please and keep up the god work!
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#11 “Quote” Edit Post
what has been done to improve matchmaking and general online stability?

which aspect of gameplay has seen the most attention?
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#12 “Quote” Edit Post
Hey filthy! When you brought up heihatchi's hair color you gave me an idea.

Please ask these two questions if you can.

1) We noticed in the trailer that there was a younger looking heihatchi with black hair. Is the team planning on making players able to choose different versions of their picked characters. ie: If I pick Jack and King Would I be able to choose from Jack,Jack-2,Gun-Gack,5,6 and P.Jack, and King 1-6 etc?

2) Could the team put the *(ARCADE)* version (not ps2) of the original Tekken TAG Tournament game as an extra in the console version of TTT2. With online?

See my sig. I really am trying to petition Tekken TAG 1 arcade version to be put on the newer gen consoles. I made a fan poster of it and posted it on FB and Harada-san liked it. So who knows, if we can put that in the spot light and have people sign the petition then maybe we can get this classic arcade game through the online store or the console version of TTT2.

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#13 “Quote” Edit Post
- when will you be able to show more footage, and reveal more info regarding new chars & gameplay changes? AOU 2011?

- will rage go back to TTT style?

- any plans to make a practice mode for the arcade version, like in KOF XIII?

- you guys made the original TTT in such a short time, yet you guys managed to have balance in terms of juggle damage. you even made each char has different size for lifebar.

so will TTT2 have endurance class ?
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#14 “Quote” Edit Post
aris mentioned the history of the "chicken" in tekken in his most recent podcast. can you ask Harada if he plans to put the original "chicken" idea back into tag2? for those that don't know, per aris, an actual chicken icon was supposed to appear on the screen if a player was turtling too much and the announcer would say "chicken." when they released tekken 3, that feature didn't work properly and the announcer instead says "chicken" when a counter-reversal is done. podcast#9:

i think that's a cool feature to have if players are turtling back too much.
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#15 “Quote” Edit Post
Q: Can we get a Tekken Ball Mode with 4 PLAYER TAG in this bitch??

Doing that Leo+Kazuya combo on a deathball with 3 of your drunk ass idiot friends pwns beer pong
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Originally posted by NoodleHead

Oh yeah? It is more of a racist if u can change Bruce's skin to pale white.
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#16 “Quote” Edit Post
- Do Namco plan on making a tutorial mode for beginners and even experienced players to get to grips with how the game works? Stuff like movement, throw breaking, juggles, walls etc should be broken down for players to get their head around everything in Tekken easier.

- Will there be any stages from previous Tekken games in TTT2? Possibly reworked with walls? Same goes with music, will there be any remixed music from previous games in it?

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#17 “Quote” Edit Post
i) Will TTT2 continue with the story of the series (as though it were TK7) in any way or will it be non-canon like the first TTT. I know some people are interested to know what fate befell Jin after his defeat of Azazel and what Lars got up to after the events of TK6 for instance.

ii) Will Unknown return in any way and will we ever find out the story behind her character (if any)

iii) Will there be customs in TTT2 like there were in previous games.
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#18 “Quote” Edit Post
I have always wondered why the characters are so close to the screen and the lifebar in the BR-console version, but in the original arcade-BR the chars are much more "outzoomed". Similar to the console T5.0-version, more space of the screen and not so zoomed in.

Can you please guarantee that the chars heads won't be so close to the lifebar, more outzoomed like the arcade version cuz it's just much more better and it also gives a more comfortable approach for players that like to move around a lot.

Please Harada, hear me out and make a change on this one!
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#19 “Quote” Edit Post
will there be advatages for big characters like there was in TTT?

mainly a bigger life bar or the ability to not be full launched by generic d/f+2.

ive been disappointed with marduk in T6 since he gets outranged by leo and quite a few other spritely characters, takes hits on the ground like no other, takes wall damage like no other, and has a horrible SS and backdash.

wasnt as big of an issue in DR because his range, frames, and movement were better, but now its just ughh.

itd be nice to have some of this offset by a bonus which is unique to big characters.

you can leave out all the marduk specific stuff and just ask about the bigs (or throw in the marduk stuff if you're feeling nice )
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#20 “Quote” Edit Post
1) Will it be possible to make the ranked lobbies so they are rank specific for example:
<rank> +1/-1 will be the only ranks that are selected via the server then you choose whether or not to accept the match based on the connection.

2) Will it be possible to make a death match feature where you will be able to have a death match?

3) Could online practice mode be a possibility?

4) For online matches could there be an option to allow handicap selection in player matches?

5) I know it has already been brought up, but will the netcode be improoved to make this a very playable game online?
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