Phoenix rising: the T6 BR Paul guide

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#1 “Quote” Edit Post
- Punishing
- Tracking moves
- Frame advantages and follow-ups
- Mind games
- Wallsplatting moves
- Advanced strategies
- Sidestepping
- BDC (backdash cancelling)
- Sway cancelling (hayashida step _ snakedashing)
- Hitting BT opponents
- Countering low stances
- Reversal spamming opponents
- Moves with properties that deserve a honourable mention
- Thanks
- Credits

The major work for this guide is done, but I will always correct and add things if needed. If somebody noticed an error/typo or discovered something new and worth including please be sure to post in this thread or PM me and I will edit the guide.

This guide is written in the standard TZ notation, should you have problems understanding something be sure to check the legend or the jargon dictionary.

The guide is intended for all Paul players, newbies and vets alike. Its purpose is to provide Paul strats ? from basics (like a complete move analisys with thoughts) to in depth strats (like frame advantages and followup discussions) ? and improve our games with Paul.
I?ll write down things in the next days, but the more you guys contribute the better this guide will get. Feel free to correct when you see an error, and post up things you think I missed.

Paul combos
Paul punishment thread
Paul frame data
Q & A

Paul is a solid character with a very good standing punishment, a sick wall game and a good damage output.
Nevertheless I can only agree to a certain point with ppl saying Paul is an easy character for newbies. He might be a good character for total beginners and button mashers, but in mid to high level play he is one challenging character to play with, and mastering him can be very hard. He does have quite a few weaknesses and you?ll need to know how to get around these things or you?ll have no success with him even in mid-level play. First and foremost, you?ve got to be aware of Paul?s punishable moves. He has tons of unsafe moves and strings, and throwing them out in the wrong situation will get you killed, period. He does have some other weaknesses like a below average WS punishment, a lack good and fast tracking moves and a general lack of usable mid moves with + frames on block for offense, but the worst aspect of Paul's game is definitely that he is a high-risk-high-reward char, and the risk/reward ratio is often not in his favour.

Paul is a very good turtle. Lots of moves that are unsafe on block and therefore almost always not an option when attacking excel when it comes to punishing. Futher, 2 of his main punishers (namely 1,2 and b+1,2) give you good + frames on hit, thus allowing some wicked mix-ups afterwards.
His standing punishers are very good and tie him with some of the best chars in the game in terms of damage, wallsplat capabilities and speed (Paul is one of the few characters who can wallsplat at 12 frames and one of the even fewer chars that can launch at 14 frames).
What keeps Paul from being among the best turtles in the game is probably the fact that he lacks fast CH starters that scare ppl enough to reconsider their pitbulling and the fact that his while standing punishment is pretty average. Other than that he's a very good defensive character.

10f: 1,2 (22 dmg, +7) _ 1,2,3 (30 dmg; should be used only if it kills them)
12f: b+1,2 (40 dmg, +4, forces opponent into crouch) _ d+1+2 (36 dmg, KND_W!)
14f: b+3 (launch, works only at close range)
15f: d/f+2 _ u/f+4 _ u/f+3,4 _ u/f+3 (all 4 launch) _ qcf+2 (57 dmg clean_38 dmg far, KND_W!)
16f: f,f+2:1 (44 dmg, KND_W!)
19f: qcf+1 (launch)
23f: u/f,N+4 (launch)

While standing:
10f: FC 1 (6 dmg, +6)
11f: WS+4 (21 dmg, +6) _ WS+1 (14 dmg, +8)
15f: u/f+4 _ u/f+3 _ u/f+3,4 (all 3 launch)
16f: WS+2 (launch) _ FC d/f+2,1 (49 dmg, KND_W!)
23f: u/f,N+4 (launch)

Whiff punishment:
Whiff punishing is always situational, but generally speaking you should rely on 1,2 _ d/f+2 (for safeness) and b+1,2 _ d+1+2 _ b+3 (if you're sure they won't be able to block these three) in close and qcf+2 _ f,f+2:1 _ f,f+3,4 _ qcf+1 at mid to long range.
qcf+2 is probably the best whiff punisher Paul has overall, it's great for whiffs created through backdashing or whiffs that leave them a little farther away, and d/f+2 is great for punishing whiffs created through SSing of whiffs that leave them close.

Learning Paul's punishers inside out will greatly improve your game. A lot of dmg will come from punishing stuff, and you don't ever want to let an opponent know that he can throw out high-risk-high-reward moves and get away with it.
Be sure to check out the Paul punishment thread in this forum (can also be found in the important links section above) if you want to know more about punishing moves of a specific character.

Tracking moves
Paul?s tracking is pretty bad, especially considering his homing move b+2 is so slow. He does have some good moves that track to one side, but again his overall tracking is below average compared to other chars. His tracking moves are:
d+4:2:1+2: tracks both sides - fast but punishable and only for in close
b+2: homing move, tracks both sides - slow but safe
f+3: tracks both sides - fast but unsafe
d/f+2: tracks right - fast and safe but only for in close
d/b+3: tracks both sides - fast but punishable
b+3: tracks left - fast but punishable and only for in close
d/f+1: tracks left - fast and safe
3: tracks left - fast and safe

Even though I would say Paul is a better turtle, with his high damage output he can still be played quite well offensively. He?s nothing like the Mishimas when it comes to applying pressure, but with the proper use of his safe moves and mix-ups he can do the job fairly well. He also has a relatively easy time in breaking turtles with his good quick lows, painful Demo Man and his grab game.
For scoring really big damage with him though you?ll constantly need to decide on the fly which risks you can take and which risks are simply not appropriate in a certain situation. This is a trial and error thing, so don?t be frustrated if you lose a couple of matches or get punished for trying something new. After all you?ll still learn from your mistakes, and a lost match can help you improve your game (when you carefully analyze what went wrong) much more than a won match.

Frame advantages and followups
With Paul being a high risk high reward character with tons of unsafe moves, applying pressure with him can be quite difficult against a good turtle that blocks his scary lows and knows how to punish his unsafe moves. Paul only has only a few moves that give +frames on block, and some of them are difficult to use because they are slow and high. With that being said, I?ll leave the moves with no good followups on block aside (u/f+2 (+8) is too slow to be really practical and d+1,2# (+20) and will push your opponent away killing any good pressure follow-ups).

The useful moves that give + frames are:

on block:
SS+1: +8
b+1+2: +3
1: +1
f+1+2: +1 and puts opponent in crouch

on hit:
f+1+2 on FC opponent: +10 keeps them in crouch
1: +8
1,2: +7
d/f+1~b: +7
3,2: +7
2: +6
d/b+2: +6
WS+4: +5
FC 1_d/b+1: +6
b+1,2: +4 and puts opponent in crouch
d/f+1: +4
SS+3: +2
d/f+1,1: +2
D+1: +2 and leaves you in crouch
1,4: +1 and leaves you in crouch
CH SS+3: +11

SS+1, f+1+2 and b+1+2 are all slow moves and as such not the easiest to set up unfortunately, so this shows Paul's lack of usable usable +frames moves on block pretty well. On hit is a different story, but on block he definitely got the short end of the stick compared to other chars.
Below is a list of follow-ups for the actually useful frame advantages. Please note that when I say something is uninterruptible I refer to most of the Tekken cast with their fastest move being i10. There are some rare exceptions though that could interrupt you (e.g. Yoshi's flash at i6).

SS+1 (on block)
Not really a spammable move because it?s high and comes out relatively slow, but nice to throw out every now and then because it gives a combo on CH. Know however that when the opponent blocks this you?re left at +8 and can try one of the below follow-ups:
- d/f+2: uninterruptible at i15, not duckable, gives combo on hit against a standing opponent and is safe on block
- qcb+2: if you throw this one out fast enough it's i17 and as such again uninterruptible; hits mid and is safe on block
- d/b+3: uninterruptible at i16, though launch punishable on block, so use this low only when you're sure they will keep blocking high
- d/b+4: uninterruptible chip damage low; but less damage than d/b+3 but way less risk if they block it;
- grabs: with the exception of d/f+1+2 most grabs reach after a SS+1 on block, so if you think they can't break them consistently you might as well use them

b+1+2 (on block)
Again a slow high that can't be used too often in a match. It can be useful every now and then when you're at a distance to the opponent, and +3 on block with a little pushback means you can try one of these moves afterwards:
- 4: at i12 this move cannot be interrupted post b+1+2 on block and nets you a full combo if they try; be careful though, this is safe on block but can get ducked, crushed and possibly evaded
- d/b+4: again uninterruptible at i12; low damage output but not extremely punishable neither
- d/f+1_d/f+1,1_D+1: your safe mid options for when you think they start ducking; these moves can be interrupted by generic i10 jabs or moves that are i11, but that shouldn't happen too often considering you can always throw out the first option above (the 4) to deal with people that try to attack after a b+1+2 on block

1 (on block)
The basic 1 check can work very well in an offensive role. It?s pretty spammable and great to throw out when you start an attack. On block you?re left at +1, thus giving you the below followups:
- 1,2: they cannot beat out a 1,2 followup unless they have a faster than 10 frames move; safe on block
- grabs: if you trained them to block 1,2 after a 1 check you might as well mix in some grabs if you think they cannot break them consistently; can be interrupted by fast moves
- d/f+1_d/f+1,1_D+1: these quick mid options are i14 and merely for when you got trained them to duck the 1,2 or grab followups after the basic 1 check; the moves will also beat out anything slower than 13 frames
- d/b+4: i12 and high crushing, therefore interruptible only by a few mids in the game (such as FC 1 punches); not extremely punishable but parriable and does only little damage
- d+4:2:1+2: demo man comes out in 15 frames and can trip the opponent after a 1 on block; this options is very risky because on block you'll eat a FC u/f,n+4 starter and they can interrupt and CH you with moves that are faster than 14 frames, however if you scared them enough to block high after a 1 on block demo man can be an option

f+1+2 (on block)
This one gives you +1 just like the basic 1 check above but forces the opponent into crouch on block. With your opponent being left WS you go for a very basic mix-up:
- 1,2: uninterruptible with WS moves but can get ducked or crushed
- d/b+4: they can beat out a d/b+4 only with i10 moves (generic WS+4's result in trading hits); can get punished on block and low parried
- d/f+1_d/f+1,1_D+1: your mids for when you think they stay in crouch to duck 1,2 or block d/b+4; safe on block but can get interrupted with fast WS moves

1,2 (on hit)
Now this is a real goody: +7 on hit and with it being good for attacking and being Paul?s main punisher for -10 to -11 you?ll get this very often in a real match. The followups are:
- d/f+2: i15, launches on hit and hits crouchers; they cannot beat out d/f+2 after a 1,2 on hit
- grabs: plenty of time to fit in a grab if you think it could connect; jumping moves take the opponent approx. 10 frames to get off the ground and your grabs come out in 12 frames so you won?t get crushed by any jumping move; you get the picture?
- d/f+1,1_d/f+1_D+1: if you think they?re going to duck after a couple of grabs but you?re not sure and want to play it safe use one of these followups; they come out in 14 frames and are therefore uninterruptible
- f,f+2:1: this awesome move comes out in 16 frames on perfect execution; is uninterruptible, hits duckers and is fairly safe unless they flashduck the 2nd hit
- hopkicks: same as d/f+1,1_d/f+1_D+1, but with more risk
- 3,2: comes out in 16 frames and will beat out anything; the second hit is safe but can be ducked on block so watch out
- d/b+4: your annoying low poke; don't overuse it, it can be lowparried
- d/b+3: i16 and therefore uninterruptible; risky if you abuse it because it?s launch punishable on block and can be lowparried

1 (on hit)
Being +8 on hit means everything from 1,2 works, as well as these two options:
- qcb+2: with perfect execution of the backsway part (meaning with fast input so that every directional input takes takes one frame and with the 2 timed perfectly with the b) SWY 2 comes out in 17 frames
- d+4:2:1+2: demo man comes out in 15 frames and trips certain characters after a 1 on hit (if it?s not a max range hit); even though this option is pretty unsafe (if they lowblock the d+4 you?ll lose half life and if you do it on the wrong chars it won't trip them and you can get punished), ppl often block high after a 1 on hit, so chances are you?ll get them with demo man. Don?t get too obvious with this however; use it sparingly after a 1 or you?ll die

2 (on hit)
A right jab gives you +6 on hit and you can followup with:
- d/f+2: i15 and uninterruptible unless they have a faster than i10 move
- d/f+1,1_d/f+1_D+1: i14 and uninterruptible
- hit confirm 3,2: uninterruptible and perfectly safe if hit confirmed
- d/b+3: i16 and high crushes, therefore uninterruptible by 10 frames high moves; risky

d/f+1~b (on hit)
This one gives +7 frames and you can follow-up with some nice mix-ups out of SWY. The follow-ups are:
- SWY 2: safe mid that cannot be interrupted even by jabs; will hit them also if they duck
- SWY 1: this safe mid hits duckers too but can get interrupted by jabs. If you delay the 1 though it will evade many high moves; also if they do a 1,2 and you delay the 1 you?ll evade their 1 punch and interrupt them for a CH juggle before the 2; a word of warning however: SWY 1 is very linear and can be sidestepped easily, even undelayed
- SWY 3,2,1: this will hit them if they block high, counterhit them if they go for 10 or 11 frames highs since it?s a technically crouching move and counterhit even 12 frames or slower mids; safe but can be lowparried and you should stop after the 3,2 if you think they?re going to duck the last hit

3,2 (on hit)
A great high damage poke string that is safe on block and can be hit confirmed to avoid getting the last hit ducked and punished. On hit you?re left at +7 with some pushback, for the below follow-ups:
- d/f+2: i15 and uninterruptible; safe
- d/f+1,1_d/f+1_D+1: i14 and uninterruptible; safe
- d/b+3_d/b+4: i16 and i12, both uninterruptible, these are your lows for annoyance; both are unsafe (at -17 and -13 respectively) and can be lowparried
- grabs: good if they turtle and can?t break them consistently
- hit confirm 3,2: another hit confirm 3,2 is uninterruptible
- f,f+2:1: at 16 frames uninterruptible; safe but they can duck the 1 and punish;
- SWY 3,2,1: this will hit them if they block high, can counterhit or crush them if they go high and counterhit 14 frames or slower mids; safe but can be interrupted by 13 frames or faster mids and get lowparried; again you should stop after the 3,2 if you think they?re going to duck the last hit

FC 1 or d/b+1 (on hit)
You can nail this special mid quite often if they pitbull you too much. At +6S (S means you recover WS) on hit you can continue with:
- FC 4 _ FC 3: your lows for annoyance; uninterruptible by 10 frames highs since your FC; unsafe and can be lowparried
- WS+4: uninterruptible safe mid option
- WS+2_FC hopkicks: unsafe options if you think they?re going to duck or do desperate stuff

b+1,2 (on hit)
Another great move: Being Paul?s main punisher for -12, -13 and far -14?s you?ll get this often too, and +4 on hit as well as putting them into crouch allows you to throw out some nasty mix-ups:
- d/f+1,1_d/f+1_D+1: in most cases characters quickest WS option is WS+4 at 11 frames, these i14 babes will beat out any WS retaliation that is slower than 10 frames; be aware that some characters have i10 WS options though and all characters can do the generic FC (d/b_d_d/f)+1 special mid crouch jab which is also i10, resulting in trading hits
- 4: same as above but will CH even i10 WS option for a full combo; this move will teach people to block high or stay in crouch after eating a b+1,2; safe on block but can get ducked and crushed with FC moves
- grabs: uninterruptible, but can be ducked if they stay in crouch and obviously escaped
- d+4,2:1+2: demo man will trip them if they?re going back to standing to block high, but again, it?s half of your lifebar on block, so use it sparingly
- hopkick: will launch them if they stay in crouch to block demo man or duck a 4 or a grab

d/b+2 (on hit)
This poke is pretty practical but even with +6 on hit, with the strange hit stun animation it leaves you with only a few options since jabs, d/f+2, hopkicks and demo man will miss and they can backdash out of some followups, so watch out. A few options are:
- d/f+1,1_d/f+1_D+1: these moves cannot be interrupted and will reach
- d/b+2: another d/b+2 cannot be interrupted
- 3,2: straigt forward 3,2 will come out in 15 frames and will beat out anything other than i10 moves
- d/b+3: it?s i16 and a technically crouching low, therefore uninterruptible with jabs or any other 10 frames high; as stated above though: be careful
- f,f+3_f,f+3,4: since hop kicks will miss because of the distance this is your option if your feeling lucky or if you think they?re going to duck; on perfect execution these moves come out in 16 frames
- f,f+2:1: comes out in 16 frames buffered and on perfect execution, meaning it will beat out anything other than i10 moves; this can also catch them off guard if they backdash after getting hit by d/b+2 to escape mixups; pretty safe unless they flashduck the 2nd hit;
- grabs with a 1 or 2 escape (1+2 grabs miss)_d/b+1+2 tackle: if you think they can't break them consistently

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#2 “Quote” Edit Post
WS+4 (on hit)
WS+4 is your main WS punisher up to -15 and gives you +5 frames to work with. It pushes the opponent back a quite a bit on hit however, leaving you with only a few options since again many things will whiff:
- D+1: seems to be one of the best options; safe
- d/f+1,1_d/f+1: will whiff on max range WS+4; safe
- d/b+3: will whiff on max range WS+4; not safe on block
- 3,2: will beat out anything other than i10 moves; safe on block but last hit can be ducked

d/f+1 (on hit)
This leaves you with less options at +4 on hit. You can follow-up with:
- 4: uninterruptible and gives a full combo if they try; safe but can be ducked and crushed
- jabs: uninterruptible
- grabs: a grab cannot be interrupted, so you might as well throw one out if you think it could connect
- d/b+4: your low for annoyance; can be lowparried
- d/f+1,1_d/f+1_D+1: safe on block mids, merely for when you think they are going to duck; these options would all result in both players getting hit if they went for i10 jabs, but again with CH 4 as an option post d/f+1 on hit chances are they won't attack if they know what's good for them

SS+3 (on hit)
+2 on hit means you don?t have a ton of options, but it?s still worth noting:
- 1,2: cannot be interrupted, but may get crushed or ducked
- grabs: if they block high and they can?t break them consistently
- d/f+1,1_d/f+1_D+1: i14 and hit duckers, but can be interrupted

d/f+1,1 (on hit)
This NC gives only +2 on hit, but with the thread of the last hit of the string (the 2 in d/f+1,1,2) to come out people usually don?t duck or attack after a d/f+1,1 so you can followup with:
- jabs: uninterruptible even if they try
- d+4:2:1+2: a great option for when you think they will block high trying to avoid the last hit; can interrupted interrupted and obviously blocked for massive damage
- grabs: can be interrupted, but as stated people usually don?t throw out anything immediately after a d/f+1,1
- continuing the string with the 2: doing d/f+1,1,2 will hit them if they start ducking the above two options; it?s safe on block with good reward if it connects

D+1 or 1,4 (on hit)
D+1 on hit leads to one of my favourite mix-ups. The move comes out in 14 frames, hits mid and can transition to FC if you hold D. Giving you +2 on hit leaves you with some (not very damaging but extremely annoying) options:
- FC d/b_d_d/f+3 _ FC d/b_d_d/f+4: these babes are very annoying; they do only chip damage, yes, but throwing them out multiple times in a match makes ppl do some desperate shit; chances are they?ll start ducking to block them which is where the next option comes in:
- WS+4: this mid move comes out in 11 frames and will therefore beat out every mid they may try (if they realize you stay in crouch after the d+1 chop are they won?t try to throw out something high because it could whiff and you could punish it badly) and it will hit them if they start do duck
* side note: Even though 1,4~D gives you only +1 it can lead to the same situation, but I seldomly use it because the 4 in 1,4 can be lowparried if you?re getting too obvious with it.

f+1+2 (on hit on crouching opponent)
Not something that you?ll get often in a match (even though f+1+2 is a great move to throw out it isn't the fastest move and to get the +10 frame advantage you?ll need to hit a crouching opponent), know however that if this connects you can do all the options above, plus:
- qcb+1: a mid option that hits them if they stay in crouch and juggles them on CH; since with perfect execution it comes out in 19 frames it cannot be interrupted, if they try you?ll get the launch
- qcb+3,2,(CH confirm)1: a low and relatively safe option (aside from the fact that it could get lowparried) that comes out in 20 frames on perfect execution; if they try to interrupt you you?ll CH them and can couterhit-confirm the string and input the final 1 for a total of 43 dmg
- b+2: comes out in 22 frames and is therefore interruptible by generic WS+4?s, but if you feel lucky it?s worth a try

SS+3 (on CH)
Unless at a very max range hit a CH SS+3 nets you a guaranteed D+2 (FC special mid punch) for further 9 damage (34 dmg in total), but if you prefer to go for a higher damage mix-up instead know that you're left at +11, hence you can followup with pretty much everything from above or moves that are i20 or faster. Just make sure you're being creative and keep them guessing.

Summing up, unlike many chars in the game Paul cannot chain (mixing +frames moves on block with +frames moves on hit to continiously apply pressure on an opponent) very well, because he doesn?t have decent block frame traps. For the majority of his traps and mix-ups to work effectively he needs to hit the opponent first.
I strongly recommend that you become familiar with Paul's frame data (if you aren't already). Knowing the properties of different moves on hit and block will help you in your decisions and improve your mix-ups. You should always know (at least more or less) if it's wise to attack or block after one of your moves has hit the opponent or if something gets blocked.

Mind games
As stated above, unfortunately Paul does not have many usable + frames moves on block, which makes custom stringing and mind games for him a lot harder than for many other chars in the game.
He does have a few traps however that can score good damage. In the below section I?ll talk about mind games that work even on block (as opposed to the mix-ups in the frame advantages section).

The key for efficiency in your mind games is a good knowledge of your enemy in order to be always a step ahead in your thoughts. First you should try to have answers to the below questions:
- How is her/his play style? (turtle/pitbull_impatient/looking for mistakes_low risk poking/high risk mix-ups_etc.)
- How is his knowledge of Paul? (Which of Pauls duckable strings moves will she/he duck? Does he/she have a good knowledge of Paul?s frame data)
- Which attacks does she/he usually use? (for attacking_for punishing_in panic situations)

Obviously mind games are always highly situational, but being able to answer the above questions will greatly improve the success rate.
With that being said, Paul has the following moves that can lead to mix-ups:

3,2 is a great poke since it has great range, naturally combos with a mid start, is pretty fast at i15 and can be hit confirmed to avoid the second hit getting ducked. Also, you can do simple mind games with it:
If you?re positive they won?t duck the 2 on block, throwing it out leaves you at only -3 with some pushback. Considering many moves that could interrupt your follow-ups won?t reach, if you think they?re unaware of the fact that you?re only at -3 and they?re impatient they might rush in, giving you the following options:
- 4: fast CH starter that might catch them if they dash in for an attack; safe on block but risky since they can interrup you with anything i14 or faster and they can backdash or duck it and whiff punish, so don't get too obvious with it
- b,f+1: if you?re sure they?ll come after you this one should evade most things and hit ?em; pretty unsafe option since you?ll get launched on whiff if you misjudged them and they backdash instead of attacking after a blocked 3,2
- SS: as stated earlier sidestepping after 3,2 is a great option; no risk and can easily give you free hits if they attack
If you know they will flashduck the 2 on block you can stop after the 3 (leaves you at -7) and try to catch them with a low which should hit right after they went back to standing:
- d/b+4: this low poke is fast and reaches; it's not extremely punishable on block, but they might lowparry you or crush you, so use it sparingly
If you think they?re going to interrupt your low by attacking immediately after the 3 on block you can always finish the string with the 2 for a CH (3),2 combo, though if they flashduck it you?ll get launched.

Another great NC poke that can lead into mind games. If you?re positive they won?t duck the second 1 on reaction throwing this out leaves you at -5 on block but pretty close and they usually don?t attack or duck afterwards because of the thread of the last hit to come out. Follow up with:
- d+4:2:1+2: unsafe option but will trip them and becomes especially lethal when they?re a few char distances away from the wall
- grabs: if they can?t break them consistently
- D+1_d/f+1,1_hit confirm 3,2: your safe mid options when they start ducking
- d/f+1,1,2: if they duck or try to attack you after a d/f+1,1 to interrupt you before you can do the mix-up finishing the string will net you a dash up into juggle_oki (if they?re smart and tech)

This one is nice for mind games if they don't know how to react to it. With the last hit of the string being either high or low no matter what and the string being pretty common among all kinds of players, it?s a quite safe bet to assume they?re going to duck the last hit. Stopping at the 2 on block leaves you at -10 but with the thread of the last hit to come out it gives you the following options should they not get back up immediately after ducking:
- D+1_d/f+1,1_hit confirm 3,2: these moves hit them ducking and are as safe as it can get
Once they realize you keep stopping after the qcb+3,2 they might try to jab punish you immediately after it, which is where you should starting to mix in a qcb+3,2,1 to CH ?em if they try to jab punish you and keep them guessing. Finishing the string with the 1 is safe on block but only recommended if you?re sure they won?t duck the last hit, because obviously if they do you?ll get launched.
Also, note that they can avoid the mix-ups and duck the final 1 by flashducking after qcb+3,2. In this case you should do d+4:2:1+2 to trip them immediately after they went back to standing. They can also avoid everything and punish a blocked qcb+3,2 with a simple generic d/b+1 punch.

SS+3 can be mixed up fairly well with SS 3,2 (cancel the sidestep with a f input and a n; e.g. SS~f~n~+3,2) _ SS d/f+4 _ SS d/f+3 _ SS qcb+2 (if they?re with their back to the wall).

SWY 1 can be mixed up obviously with the SWY 3 string but also with qcb~d+1,2 as a mind game since they might try to attack after the d+1 and get hit by the 2. Doing qcb~d+1,2 can be especially useful when they?re with their back to the wall, as it might result in a wall splat.

f,f+2,1~b cancel can give you a basic mix-up if you don't get too obvious with it. After it you can go for fast lows like FC d/b+4_d/b+3_d+4:2:1+2 or fast mids like d+1_ d/f+1_hit confirm 3,2. Even throwing in a SS after it can sometimes be effective.

Paul's oki is good but nothing outstanding compared to other characters. This is due to the fact that he doesn't have many moves that grant him good oki options. He has quite a few good options for grounded opponents, but he doesn't have any good spike enders neither, his juggles generally give him no oki at all in the open and most of the moves that give him followups are grabs.

Here's a list of moves and their respective okizeme followups:

Post wall B! d+1:
This wall combo is pretty much the mother of all mix-up's on a KND opponent with Paul. If you substitute your post B! wallcombo with a d+1 spike you can go for this oki with extremely high damage potential:
- qcf+1+2: hits them if they lie there (for about the same total damage as the d/f+1, d+1+2 wallcombo) and juggles them should they get up and don't block low immediately (giving a CC, qcb+1 B! into another wall combo); this option is unsafe so you should only really use it if you thing they're going to lie there
- qcf+3+4: with the initial cd animation looking just like a qcf+1+2 this is your option for when you think they're going to get up and block low to avoid the qcf+1+2; high splats on hit and is safe on block
Should you play against very skilled people and they start catching on this and stand up immediately blocking high and waiting for the qcf+1+2 you can also substitute the low option qcf+1+2 of this mix-up with d+2 and the mid option with qcb+2 for a lower damage potential, but a really unseeable mix-up.

Post B! f,f~d/f+1, qcf+2:
This juggle ender does a only few points less (approx. -5 points depending on the juggle length) than a post B! d+4:2:1+2 but gives a good WR oki afterwards, making the total damage often much higher than with a demo man. This ender can yield really good results in wall-less stages.
Since the qcf+2 sends them rolling they can?t tech, meaning you can run up for some good followups. All you have to do is start running as soon as possible (by buffering an f input into the recovery of your qcf+2 and inputting and holding a second f as soon as the recovery is over) for one of the below options:
- running UB!: if they try to quickstand they?ll get hit by the running UB! shoulder tackle for further 36 damage
- low run over stomp: if they stay down they get hit by the run over stomp for further 14 damage
- running 4 slide: if you input 4 while running you?ll hit them with a low slide for further 17 damage, but I wouldn?t recommend this option unless you?re 100 % sure they lie there, because this is avoidable by quickstanding and blocking low; you?ll get punished for trying and miss out the great damage the UB! shoulder would have done on your quickstanding opponent
- run up~qcf+1+2: catches them if they side roll to avoid the run over stomp; if they realize the only option to avoid the UB! shoulder or the run over stomp is a well timed side roll, run up and throw out a qcf+1+2 immediately to catch them

Post B! qcf+3+4:
Sacrificing the d+4:2:1+2 juggle ender for the less damaging (approx. -11 points depending on the juggle length) qcf+3+4 post B! leaves you with a few oki options.
Generally speaking this isn?t a huge option because as opposed to other chars spike enders the opponent can tech after this, giving you nothing more than a standing mix-up. Doing qcf+3+4 can sometimes be useful though, especially in stages without a wall and when you desperately need to rip off more points from the opponent's lifebar (because you?re going to inflict considerably more damage than you would with the guaranteed d+4:2:1+2 ender if you guess right obviously).
The post B! qcf+3+4 leaves you very close to them and allows you to input moves early enough for the following oki options:
- SWY 1: hits lie there and can bound backrolls and quickstands
- 3,2: picks up quickstands and backrolls for a full combo
- d+2: hits side rolls
- mix-up: if they tech you won?t get any guaranteed damage, but you can do a low_mid mixup (such as dash~d+4:2:1+2_dash~hopkick if you like it risky or SS+3_SS~hit confirmed 3,2_qcb+2 for less risk) or even mix in some grabs if you think they?re going to block high and can?t escape them consistently

Post B! qcf+1:
For even lesser damage (approx. -15 points depending on the juggle length) you can do a post B! qcf+1 which gives different oki options. Usefulness is pretty much the same as above, somehow limited but ok in wall-less stages.
A post B! qcf+1 allows you to input commands long before they touch the ground, and they will land FDFT. Just make sure to do a deep dash before the oki options or a f<f+4 (delay the second f a little to allow the dash to cover more distance) if you chose that option, because if you do a short dash or throw out a buffered f,f+4 you?ll whiff on backrolls.
Your options are:
- f<f+4: hits side rolls (they can?t side roll fast enough to evade it), lie there, quickstands for a WS+4 followup + further FUFA oki and backrolls for a WS+4, d+1 followup
- deep dash~qcb+1: hits side rolls (they can?t side roll fast enough to evade it), lie there bounds back rolls and KND?s quickstands FUFA for further oki
- deep dash f,f+3,4: juggles quickstands and backrolls BT for a b+1,2 B! dash d+4:2:1+2 combo but misses on side rolls and lie there
- mix-up: again, if they tech you won?t get any guaranteed damage, but you can do a low_mid mixup or use grabs

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#3 “Quote” Edit Post
SWY 1:
Juggles on CH and leaves them FDFA on normal hit. Since it doesn?t allow a tech roll you?ll get the below options:
short dash~SWY 1: hits them if they lie there, can bound quickstanders and backrollers and can counterhit and juggles wakeup kicks
dash, d+2: hits them if they lie there
dash, 3,2: picks them up for a juggle if they quickstand or backroll if done fast enough
qcf+1+2: hits them if they lie there and juggles wakeup kicks

CH qcf+3:
This one leaves them close in FDFT position and doesn?t allow a tech roll. You should followup with:
dash, d+2: hits them if they lie there
dash, 3,2: catches them recovering BT if they quickstand
qcf+1+2: hits them if they lie there and juggles wakeup kicks
dash, f+1+2 or dash, d/f+1~b SWY 1: bounds them if they backroll
deep dash d+1,4,2: hits them recovering BT for full 62 damage

SWY 2:
In order to escape follow-ups they must backroll if they get hit by SWY 2. They can do the spring-up by holding f to escape the ground follow-ups, but in that case a deep dash f,f+2:1 is guaranteed. If they don?t backroll or springup SWY 2 leaves them FUFT and doesn?t allow a tech roll, therefore dash, SWY 1 _ d+2 _ qcf+1+2 cannot be escaped.

Just like SWY 2, if they get hit by this they're left in FUFT at midrange and can't tech, therefore it requires them to backroll to escape follow-ups. If they don't a dash, SWY 1 _ d+2 _ qcf+1+2 is guaranteed. If they do the springup by holding f a deep dash f,f+2:1 connects.

(d/f+1,1,)2 or CH (d/f+1,)1,2
Chances are you won?t get this extremely often unfortunately, but if you do connect it the 2 will make them suffer sort of a crumple fallback stun that makes them fall backwards slowly and requires them to tech to escape follow-ups. If they don?t you can dash and pick ?em up with 3,2 _ d/b+2 for a juggle, if they do you can dash up and continue to applying pressure.

1+3 or f+1+3:
If you connect this grab they?ll be lying in FUFA for these follow-ups:
~3,2: catches them BT if they quickstand for additional guaranteed damage with d+1+2
~d+4:2:1+2: catches quickstanders BT and connects fully for 65 dmg or trips them and connects depending on how fast they get up; demo man also trips them if they try get up kicks and d+4 hits them if they sideroll
d+2: hits them if they lie there
~d/f+1~b SWY 1: bounds them if they backroll
deep dash d+1,4,2: hits them recovering BT for full 62 damage
b+4: hits them if they sideroll

On successful throw this one leaves them FUFT and spikes them so that they can?t tech roll. A d/b+3 is guaranteed after it, but you can do the following oki followups afterwards for more damage if you guess right:
dash, d+2: hits them if they lie there
d+1,4,2: hits quickstanders; d+1,4 can be hit confimed and you can stop after it in case it whiffs
3,2: can pick up quickstands for a f+1, f+1+2 B! combo
SS~qcf+1+2: if they roll up or down you can do a short SS to align yourself and qcf+1+2 will hit them on the ground or juggle them if they do wakeup kicks after the roll

opponent BT 1+3:
This backgrab looks lame but gives good oki:
~d+4:2:1+2: trips them if they quickstand or if they try wakeup kicks
d+2: hits them if they lie there
dash, f+1+2 or dash, d/f+1~b SWY 1: bounds them if they backroll
deep dash d+1,4,2: hits them recovering BT for full 62 damage

Ultimate Punishment (= d/b+1+2, 2,D+1,1,N,4,1,1+2):
Not only this does good damage, it also allows for oki follow-ups on an opponent in FDFT position if you connect it:
~3,2: catches them BT if they quickstand for additional guaranteed damage with d+1+2 or connects normally if they do wakeup kicks
d+2: hits them if they lie there
dash, f+1+2 or dash, d/f+1~b SWY 1: bounds them if they backroll
deep dash d+1,4,2: hits them recovering BT for full 62 damage

Walls are a very important aspect in the game, and Paul?s wall game is very strong. He?s a beast when it comes to wall damage and wall pressure and he can definitely hold his own compared to other chars.
I won?t talk about wall combos in this section (check the combo thread in the important links section if you want to know what is possible), rather I?ll talk about pressure strategies near walls.

Wallsplatting moves

Single move wall splats:
qcb+2: power wall splats, awesome safe mid, great for pressuring
qcf+2: power wall splats, ridiculous damage but unsafe on block
qcf+3+4: power wall splats, great damage mid, safe on block but slow
b+1+2: power wall splats, safe on block but high and merely for when you?re at a distance
d+1+2: power wall splats, launch punishable on block, only recommended for punishing something
u/f+2: power wall splats, useless
b+2: power wall splats if a wall is to your left or forwards if their back is close to the wall, safe on block (note: on CH you can get a power wall splat with a ~d+1+2 followup)
d/f+2: high splats, is safe on block
SS+1: power wall splats, huge + frames on block but high and not very fast
f+1+4: power wall splats, launch punishable on block
u/f+4 or u/f+3: high splats, unsafe on block
b,f+1: power wall splats, unsafe on block and high
(f,f+3,4),4 or (f,f+3,4),f+4: power wall splats, duckable _ unsafe on block
f+3: power wall splats

NC wall splats:
f,f+2:1: power wall splats; safe but doesn't jail on block; great for punishing or at a distance, but don?t get into a habit of throwing this out every time your opponent is at the wall
d+4:2:1+2: wallsplats at a distance from standing or as a juggle ender; depending on the hits you did prior to it and depending on how high it wallsplats them you can get a d+1,4,2 or even f+1+2 B! combo (add a dash first for both if needed); unsafe on block
FC d/f+2,1: power wall splats, unsafe on block
f,f,3,4 or u/f+3,4: mid splats, unsafe on block

NCc or CH wall splats:
qcb+3,2,1 high wall splats at a distance
d+1,2: power wall splats; unsafe and SSable on block
f,f+2,1: power wall splats and but is unsafe on block; can be used for mind games though (see below)
f+1+2 power wall splats; safe on block and mid
qcb+1: mid splats with a 4 followup; safe on block
2,3: power wall splats and comes out in 10 frames; unsafe and duckable
4: magic 4 can power wall spat if they?re close to the wall; safe but high

Wall splats out of grabs:
f,f+1+2: power wall splats, hurts if they escape it
d/f+1+2:qcf+2: power wall splats

Advanced strategies
Other than using the above safe moves for pressuring and mixing your options up well, there are a few advanced strategies that can have good results:

Using grabs:
Paul has two very good grabs that grant him a wallsplat on successful throw. Having these grabs makes his wall pressure even scarier, but you should keep a few strategies in mind to improve the effectiveness of your throws:
f,f+1+2: Doing an instant f,f+1+2 can have a much better success rate, as many people press 1+2 if they see a f,f dash and a grab coming out (against Paul they usually don?t duck much if they see a dash because of f,f+2:1). Do the grab as fast and precise as possible (with the 1+2 timed exactly with the second f), or buffer the first f of the dash into the recovery of a move (for example do a 1 jab and press f immediately after the punch; as soon as the recovery is over and Paul has pulled his hand back you input f+1+2), so that you?ll hardly even see the dash.
Never get obvious with this throw, if they escape it with their back to the wall you?ll land face first in the wall and you'll eat free hits.
d/f+1+3:qcf+2: Since in opposition to the above one this grab has a 1 escape it can be used as a mix-up to f,f+1+2. Taking full advantage of the fact that many people press 1+2 instinctively if they see a dash and a grab come out, doing a seeable f,f dash right before this grab can have great results.
One last thing: be sure that you can do the JF version every time before using this grab, as they can escape the second part (the Deathfist) of the non-JF grab by tapping b even if they didn?t escape it by pressing 1 in the first place.
If you?re at a distance, doing a crouchdash followed by a grab can have really good results. Nobody attacks or ducks against Paul with their back to the wall if they see a qcf-motion because of the huge amount of hitpoints a wall combo with Deathfist as a starter can take away from their lifebar.

f,f+2:1 and its variations:
f,f+2:1 is a good way to pressure opponents near walls as long as you don't get predictable or thow out the just frame version every time. f,f+2:1 is a NC, therefore if you manage to hit the first mid punch, the second will hit as well and you?ll get a wall combo for some sick damage. Since many good players expect the JF version however you?ll need to mix your options up however.
If you think they?re going to block the first and flashduck the second to punish, throwing out the mid mid non JF version f,f+2,1 can have good results. This option is also nice because on CH it will all go through. f,f+2,1 has two downsides though, firstly it?s punishable on block and lastly it won?t go through on normal hit, so if you throw this out and the first hit connects but doesn?t hit a counter you might as well punch yourself in real life for not having done the NC just frame version.
Another option that can result in a wallsplat is to do f,f+2,1~B and follow up with one of your wallsplat grabs, or even a SS or d/f+2 if you think it will anticipate them in their attack. Both options can be interrupted but may have success.

SWY1 and SWY 2:
These are great tools to throw out if your opponent's back is to the wall.
While SWY 1 it doesn't wallsplat on normal hit and results in a mid splat only with a follow-up, it is great for pressuring, because on normal hit you can follow up with a guaranteed d+2 for a 49 damage combo + further oki and on CH you can do a 4, W! b+1,2 B! wall combo. Also, you can mix it up with SWY~d+1,2 to splat people who think you just did SWY 1 and attack after blocking d+1.
SWY 2 is your safe wallsplat move that causes massive damage and splats on both normal and CH, basically an awesome move for ppl with their backs to the wall.

Wakeup kicks near walls:
Usually people don?t do wakeup kicks if they're lying with next to the wall, but you can sometimes bait one out by whiffing a jab or any other fast move with good recovery on purpose while they?re grounded. If you backdash immediately after it and if you?re lucky and the bait works their wakeup kick whiffs, and you can and get a wallsplat by punishing with f,f+2:1 or f,f+3,4.
Should you ever block a wakeup kick, know that FUFT wakeup 4?s can be punished with d+1+2 for a W!, and FUFT wakeup 3?s can be punished only with WS+4 (as Paul doesn?t have a i12 WS punisher that wallsplats) but can be lowparried for a d/f+1, d+1+2 (29 dmg) or a d+1,4,2 (28 dmg) followup or crushed for a wallsplat with one of your technically jumping hopkicks (u/f+3_u/f+4_u/f+3,4). Not that you?ll get this opportunity often, but good to know.

SWY 3,2,1:
This one can have really good results on opponents near a wall, where many people are used to eat demo mans because they seldomly block low with their backs to the wall. When they ever block SWY 3 they might try to punish you and you can hit confirm the 2 and input the final 1 for a wallsplat. Otherwise you can stop at the 2 and even followup with a grab that wallsplats (since with the thread of the 3rd hit coming out and W! them they'll most likely not even try to punish you) or even with a quick mid that wallsplats like u/f+4 (if you think they're going to duck the final 1).

Doing a d/f+1,1 can be a great setup for things near walls. Not only it's +2 on hit an CH and safe on block, wise people usually don't duck or attack you afterwards because they're afraid you could do d/f+1,1,2. The last hit is safe on block but won't connect even if d/f+1 hits a counter, it's only purpose is to hit people ppl that try to attack or duck. Chances are they won't do anything stupid after a d/f+1,1 and wait for the last hit to come out. This is where the fun starts:
f,f+1+2 or d/f+1+3:qcf+2: Using your grabs that wallsplat can have great success after a d/f+1,1.
d+4:2:1+2: Pretty punishable option, but as said they might not risk ducking after a d/f+1,1, so you might as well throw out a low that sweeps. Just be sure not to abuse it...
finishing the string (d/f+1,1,2): You're safe on block but left at -9 which kills any good followups for pressuring, but if you think they're going to duck or attack after a d/f+1,1 you should input the 2. Also, even if this is prolly the option with the lowest success rate at very least you showed 'em you're can finish the string anytime, thus making your above options less obvious and more valuable. When they're directly at the wall and the 2 hits them you can followup with a guaranteed demo man, it will all connect.

Evading and crushing:
With the constant thread of eating a wall starter, more often than not opponents attack you with quick and save moves with their backs to the wall. When you pressure them enough they?ll eventually throw out some quick short range moves such as jabs as soon as you give ?em an opening with a few +frames in their favour. In this case evading or even crushing stuff can have good results.
Backdashing to make ?em whiff, sidestepping and launching big whiffs with d/f+2 or splatting quick whiffs with d+1+2, crushing their highs with qcf+1 their short range moves with b,f+1 or even doing a delayed SWY<2 can all be good tactics to keep in mind wherever you think they got an opening for jabs or other quick moves near walls.


As with any other char, the key to consistently win battles with Paul is movement. With a good spacing and different techniques you can create whiffs, gain favorable position over your opponent, close gaps quickly or be less predictable in your attacks.
I won?t talk about all the movement techniques in Tekken, just the ones that I think are useful for Paul.


Needless to say sidestepping is extremely good for when you?re being attacked with fast linear moves or when you want to punish an opponent that throws out a stoppable string, but it can also be a very good option after attacks or strings that leave you with not too many negative frames on block, namely:

1,2 (-1)
4_f+4 (-4)
3,2 (-3 IF they don?t duck the last hit; hit confirming the 2 is a better idea however)
d/f+4 (-1)
d/f+1 (-2)
d/b+2 (-6)
f,f+2:1 (-4 with some pushback if they don?t duck the last hit)
f,f+4 (-2~+2 and they might try to interrupt a WS+4 _ WS+1 with jabs)
WS+1 (-4~-3)
WS+4 (-6)

Sidestepping after these move may result in a evaded attack and free launch for you if your opponent attacks with linear moves or moves that track in the wrong direction.
Aside from f,f+4 where you can obviously not SS down because you're left in FC, adapting the direction of your sidesteps to the tracking of the moves your opponent likes to use a lot is also a good idea. Very generally speaking moves tend to track in the same direction of the limb that is being used for the move, so for example if your opponent uses generic d/f+2 (right punch) a lot be sure to sidestep to his left when you think he'll go for it.

BDC (backdash cancelling)

This is probably the most important advanced movement technique in Tekken, and the first technique you should learn. There are more ways to cancel the backdash:

b,b, d/b~b,b, d/b~b,b, d/b~b,b, etc.

Cancelling the BD with d/b is the most common technique. The d/b input cancels the b and if you play on a Japanese or Korean stick and release the stick correctly after the d/b it registers as a d/b,b (with a buffered b input), hence allowing you to backdash with only one b input afterwards (as in b,b, d/b~b, d/b~b, d/b~b, etc).
Backdash cancelling works with every char, but with Paul being a sway char the technique is harder than with others since you?ll need to do the input precisely without doing a d by accident or a qcb sway will come out as soon as you hit b.
Muscle memory is key here. When practicing, try out different timings and memorize the one that moves you backwards as fast as possible. Note that if you do the inputs too fast you will cancel the backdash too early resulting in a shorter dashing distance, and obviously if you do the inputs too slow you don?t use the technique at its fullest potential.
Here's a tutorial vid I made for backdash cancelling with a Japanese stick:

b,b, d~b,b, d~b,b, d, etc. _ b,b, u~b,b, u~b,b, u, etc.

Cancelling the BD with a SS is also a good technique, since it can evade linear attacks and you can throw out SS moves without being too obvious with it. This technique is also easy to perform and it allows you to get to a favorable position (depending on wall _ FB! _ WB! Locations) while still backdashing and being relatively safe. Know however that cancelling the BD with d/b allows you to move backwards faster.

Sway cancelling (hayashida step _ snakedashing)

qcf, u~qcf, u~qcf, u~qcf, etc. _ qcb, u~qcb, u~qcb, u~qcb, etc.
qcf, d~qcf, d~qcf, d~qcf, etc. _ qcb, d~qcb, d~qcb, d~qcb, etc.

This technique allows you to move in every direction (forwards, backwards, SS up and SS down) and lets you throw out qcb, qcf or SS moves while spacing as the opportunity arises. You can also cancel the sidesteps with f and immediately followup with another f and throw out f,f moves.
Cancelling the backsway is a very good evasive technique as it will move you backwards, sideways and evade many high attacks with the sway motion. Also, you can pretty much instantly punish whiffs with qcb+1_qcb+2 during the backsway. Downside of this is that you can?t block during backsway cancelling, so if your opponent throws out a homing move that reaches you?ll eat it. Good spacing and combining this with regular backdash cancels is the key to prevent this.

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#4 “Quote” Edit Post
This is Pauls move list with my personal thoughts. I didn't list all the damages and frames (check the frame data link in the important links section above for further info - it's quite accurate), only when I thought that data was interesting.
The moves are listed in the same order as in they appear in the move list (with a few exceptions), and I included the important ones that are not in the move list.

Pauls punisher for -10 and -11. Average damage for a 10 frames punisher but +frames on hit allow for some strong followups (see frame advantages section above).

This NC is actually the start of a 10-hit combo. It's i10 and does 30 damage, but is punishable on hit for a good chunk and even worse on block. If you think this could kill them it can be used as a 10 frames punisher though.

High to low poke string, NCc but 18 dmg is pretty bad for a NCc. Can be used as a match ender but the 4 comes out somehow slow for that purpose. Only -11 on block means that you'll get punished by WS+4's. By holding d after it you can transition to FC for a basic mix-up (see frame advantages section above), but don?t overuse this move in general or you?ll get lowparried.

High, high NCc that does 41 dmg on CH and knocks down/wallsplats but is unsafe on block (-12) and can be ducked and launched.
Not a very useful string, though the 2nd hit gives a high damage combo on CH.

High to low poke string, again i10, NCc (29 dmg on counter), and again lowparryable. By holding d you?ll stay in crouch which is nice but -1 on hit and at least -12 on block (admittedly with some pushback) makes this pretty bad.
While the frame data says the last hit is -15 I think it's more likely somewhere around -12 to -14 because i15 WS punishers can be blocked..

Great multi purpose move. This i15 NC for 39 damage is safe on block but doesn?t jail so they can duck the 2 and punish if you throw it out mindlessly. This move can and should be hit confirmed to avoid getting launched, but the timing for the hit confirm is quite strict and requires some practice.
If the 2 hits a counterhit it will cause a stun where a deep dash~f+1+2_qcb+1_3,2 can be used to get a full combo.
This string works as a strong combo filler, as a post B! or post FB! move to send them flying to the wall and as an oki pickup in certain situations.

This one deserves to be in this movelist for one property alone:
CH 4 is a very common launcher throughout the game, as almost every char has this high launcher often called magic 4.
Paul's version of it is safe (only -4) on block, +6 on hit and gives a high damage combo on counter. At i12 it's great for hunting for those counter hits, and even though this move is high it opens up many possibilities in a match, especially considering Paul doesn't have any other move worth the risk at that speed (b+1,2 and b+1+2 are both unsafe and as such it's a bad idea to throw them out for anything else than punishing).
If you have problems with connecting the f,f,n+1 dash jab after the CH 4, a method that works for me is holding the 2nd forward input for a split second (the notation would be f,F+1). This helps me tremendousy with the timing of the jab. Also, be sure to do a buffered dash jab (input a f input during the recovery of the 4 and throw out the 2nd f as immediately after the recovery is over; the recovery of 4 is kinda deciving so be sure to practice the earliest possible frame for the 2nd f input). Connecting dash jabs in magic 4 combos isn't the easiest thing with Paul, but it's doable with some practice.

String with weird properties, no NC or NCc. The first two hits are NC at i12 for 33 dmg but h,h. If the first hit misses and the 3 hits a CH or if the first two hits miss and the 1 hits a normal hit (not a CH) it causes a fall back stun which must be teched to escape the f,f+3,4 launch followup. If both the first and the second hit miss or get blocked and the 1 hits the opponent on counter he will suffer a fallback stun where a quick qcf+2 or f,f+2:1 followup can combo.
Fun properties, but not much more. The final hit is a little delayable to hopefully bait out a CH, or get punished by 12f punishers. The string is gimmicky at best, not really useful.

Good damage mid poke that gives a slight + on block and puts them into crouch on block and hit. On CH it slams them back killing any good oki followups. +10 on normal hit (non CH) on crouchers which is nice but won't happen too often in a match, and the minor downside is that the move is a little on the slow side (i20) so it?s not really spammable in the open. It?s a good poke though and can be nice as an oki option as it will B! backrollers and get up kicks. This move is also useful in juggles where a b+1,2 won?t hit.

Not a good move, I seldomly use this. While it will evade some linear stuff with its built in SS and punish it, the move should really not be spammed. At i20 it?s not very fast, it?s -14 on block and therefore at least punishable for a good chunk on block (I say at least because some chars get even a launch), and chances are you would have evaded the opponents attacks with a manual sidestep too and could have punished with other things.

This poke string has its uses. It?s neither NC nor NCc, but the first two hits combo for 28 dmg and come out at 14 frames which isn?t bad for a mid start. d/f+1,1 also has close to no pushback on hit, allowing d+4:2:1+2 to trip the opponent if you like a risky high damage mix-up. The full sting is also safe on block, but it doesn't jail so they can duck the second 1 and WS punish.
If the first hit misses and the second hits a counter the rest is guaranteed and causes a crumple fall back stun that starts a nice oki guessing game (see oki section above). The last hit itself causes the same stun on hit.
The second 1 is delayable which can be used for baiting ppl into a CH (d/f+1< )1,2 which is all guaranteed, but you risk getting the 2nd hit ducked and punished. The string is still a good addition to Paul's game since DR, the good frames on hit of the first two hits as well as the last hit allowing for mind games on hit is nice, just be certain not to spam and mix it up with d/f+1 and d/f+1~b variations.

d/f+1 alone is a really good mid poke that gives +4 on hit. By inputting ~b after it Paul will go into SWY and it gives you +1 on block and +7 on hit. Sounds good on paper, but since you?re much more limited in your folloups I wouldn?t overuse this. Mix it up instead: use regular d/f+1?s, d/f+1~b and sometimes followup with a sway option. Do not always throw out a SWY move after a d/f+1~b or you?ll get predictable.

Top notch material here. This is arguably Paul's best and most used JS. It's safe on block (though with a good amount of - frames), hits mid, tracks at close range and has good damage potential.
Hits mid but doesn't juggle duckers unfortunately, but it's still a great move. Unlike unsafe hopkicks you can use this even if you're not sure if the move you just blocked was -15 or less. The move tracks to Pauls right and should also be used as the primary launcher after sidestepping something.

Mid mid NC that does 36 dmg but is -12 on block and isn't hit confirmable. Personally I almost never use the whole string because Paul has much better and safer options at that speed, the second hit is nice to have though for when the first hit gets blocked and you're fairly sure they're going to attack afterwards. On CH the second hit gives a whack breakable stun like CH d/f+4.
The first hit alone of this string is ok though, i16 mid with great range for 16 damage, safe (though -9) and gives +2 frames on hit an CH, leading into a basic mix-up afterwards with D+1_d/b+4.

Mid 28 dmg kick that doesn?t have much uses outside of juggles or wall combos. Though safe on block, it is pretty slow to use as a poke and the stun on CH can be escaped.

Awesome mid poke. It?s pretty fast at 14 frames, has good range and by inputting D+1 you can stay in crouch and start a basic mix-up (see section above). Also, d+1 is safe on block, gives +2 on hit and +6S on CH and has very little pushback, thus making d+4:2:1+2 a good (allthough risky) option if you connect d+1 on close range.
While it?s properties as a spike ender in juggles have been removed (opponents recover much faster now), it?s still an awesome move.

53 dmg NCc, KND/W!, sick damage on counter in rage mode. Pushback on block but still very unsafe, and the second hit can be sidestepped and launched. Good if you anticipate a move and CH the opponent with it but very risky, some chars even get a launch after blocking it.

By holding down the 2 you?ll get a power hit that stuns the opponent on block, removing its NCc properties. Not really useful in a match because the 2 comes out very slow and you can easily get interrupted. Due to pushback the only ok followup is f,f+4 to hopefully catch them off guard.

A whack string in the open, but great as a wall combo, as an option on BT and in certain oki situations. Against a standig opponent the last hit is -14 on block with slight pushback, and if they block the 4 you're left at -31 and open for an u/f,N+4 launch.
Admittedly in Tekken 6 this is now a real mix-up to d+1,2 because it comes out at the same speed, but the risk-reward ration is not at all in Pauls favor. Since (d+1,)4,2 is just a NCC and no NC they can just hold back and punish you for both this string and the d+1,2 mix-up, and the low kick in d+1,4,2 is less damaging than the punishment you will eat for the last hit of the string.

d+3 (or FC d/b+3 or FC d+3 or FC d/f+3)
This generic low does more damage and has more range than d/b+4, but comes out 4 frames slower at i16 and is launch punishable by most of the cast at -17 on block.
Paul already has enough lows that are launch punishable and do more damage at that speed, so I don?t find this incredibly useful.

Stupid. I don?t know why this is even in the move list. Nobody ever does this without the final
hit, and if the d+4 doesn?t trip and you stop at the 2 you?re left at -28 (-18 if you do the JF d+4:2). Newbies forget this exists, move on to the move instead?

d+4:2:1+2 (aka Demo Man)
Probably the best move in Paul?s arsenal. On clean range the 4 trips the opponent and the move naturally combos for 42 damage. Being i15 it?s also one of the fastest sweeps in Tekken. It?s unsafe on block (d+4 is -33 and u/f,N+4 punishable) but as long as you use it wisely it will do good things for you. Just be sure not to get obvious with this. A good strategy is to do qcf,N,d+4:2:1+2, since good opponents will most likely block high and be scared of attacking when they see a crouchdash because of qcf+2.
This move is also Paul?s most damaging combo ender in juggles and the last hit carries them far and makes them hit the wall quite often for further guaranteed followups.
Out of clean range the d+4 won?t trip the opponent, but you should finish the string because the last hit cannot be sidestepped anymore like in previous Tekkens and it has very good pushback (even though the last hit is unsafe too you shouldn?t get punished too bad, if at all).
Demo man can also be used fairly well as an oki option in close, with d+4 hitting grounded now and the whole string connecting as always if they teach to either direction and you're close enough.
It's also worth mentioning that d+4 is a great tool for facing sidesteppers in close, as it tracks wery well to both sides.
Advise for newbies: Practice this move (the just frame version) until you can pull it off consistently and learn the range you need to be for it to trip the opponent. Demo man is not an option in Paul?s game, it is a huge part of it.
If you have problems with pulling it off, other than learning it the old school way by doing a well a well timed d+4:2:1+2 with every button inputted precisely when the previous hits (the 2 exactly when the 4 hits, the 1+2 exactly when the 2 hits) you can also input a twice as fast d+4~4~2~2~1+2 command (make sure the inputs are linear with the exact same amount of time between them).
This technique might work very well if you're starting to learn demo man from scratch, but I wouldn't advise it if you're just seeking more consistency in pulling off the JF version but you have already learned it with the old school method. Because if you're used to pull off demo with the memorized timing of d+4:2:1+2 and by focussing on the visual clues on the screen to input the button exactly when the previous hits, this method is likely to mess up your timing. Instead of learning this new technique you might as well go back to practice mode and spend some more time on mastering the technique you have already learned.

One of Paul?s 12 frame punishers. While it does less damage than b+1,2, it will KND the opponent or give you a wall splat. It also has better range than b+1,2, so it is possible that you?ll need to rely on this one to punish certain -12 to -14 moves with pushback.
This move can also be used as a combo ender in wall combos or after a lowparry.
I sometimes see people throwing this out in the open hoping to anticipate something, and the only advice I can give you is don?t do that. I speak from experience. While that may be tempting especially if you're ahead on life and at i12 it will beat out tons of stuff, the move is -16 on block and therefore badly punishable.

d/b+1 (or FC 1)
At i10 and with it?s instant high crush this generic special mid this is a true turtle killer. Sure, it?s only 6 dmg at the risk of getting lowparried, but it leaves you at +6 and recovering WS for further follow-ups.

Very solid new poke. Hits mid, comes out pretty fast for its range, is safe on block and gives you +6 frames on hit to work with (see section above for followups).
This move also works in juggles and sometimes as an oki pickup.

16 frames instant high crush low hit. Ok poke, but -3 on hit and CH is bad, and it?s launch punishable on block, though obviously a i16 not blockable on reaction. Should be used primarily as a fast high crush.

d/b+4 (or FC d/b+4 or FC d+4 or FC d/f+4)
Generic instant high crush low poke for annoyance. Does only chip damage but comes out in 12 frames and isn?t extremely punishable at only -13 on block.
This is great for poking and for mix-ups if you don?t feel like risking a demo man or a more damaging low. Don?t overuse it though, because if they throw out one random hopkick or any other low crushing juggle starter you?ll regret it.

Paul?s second 12 frame punisher. NC for some really good damage and gives you +4 frames on hit as well as putting them into crouch (check section above for follow-ups). The 2 is delayable but outside of juggles nobody does this because delaying the 2 kills the NC properties and this shouldn?t be used as a poke anyway because it is -12 on block.
This also happens to be Paul?s most damaging B! attack.

Great damage homing mid that is safe on block, knocks on hit and gives a high damage combo on CH. The only bad thing about it is the fact that Namco nerfed its speed from previous Tekkens down to 22 frames which is pretty slow. Considering its use as a CH tracking mid and as a CH launcher it can still be useful though.

There it is, Paul?s 14 frames JS. With this move in his arsenal Paul is one of the few chars that can launch the opponent after blocking something that is -14. Admittedly it whiffs after some -14 moves with pushback on block, but it?s still a great move. It's jab punishable on block and high, so use it for punishing or catching ppl that SS to your left only.

An ok low poke, not very fast at i21 but very hard to see because of its animation. -13 on block and +1 on hit. Hits grounded.

A safe high for midrange, ridiculously high damage on counter or in rage mode. A good move to throw out every now and then at a distance.

u/b+2 _ u+2
New generic high punch that gives +9 frames on hit and CH. Nice in theory, but -12 on block and 15 frames to come out make it completely useless. There are much better and safer options considering the poor damage at that speed.

A mid jumping punch, good damage and +8 frames on block but not usable at all in a match because it takes 39 frames to come out.

A 15 frames juggles starter that does ok damage but is much more punishable on block at -17 compared to u/f+4 or u/f+3,4, so it has limited use. Crushes lows and has better range than u/f+4.

The shredder kicks, same as above (i15 juggle starter, mid, low crush) but less punishable on block at -12. These kicks do not crush punches anymore like in previous Tekkens but give a full combo now.

Paul's right hopkick JS. i15, hits mid and juggles crouchers. Since it's a TJ move, it crushes lows. Good move but not spammable because it's a little unsafe on block.

Highest damage JS on normal hit (non CH). At 30 damage it's brutal but it's slow and can only be used for blocked moves with horrible recovery (-23 or more). Unsafe on block.

Again, why is this even in the move list? Whack -18 on block, forget it exists.

Good NC. It does 44 damage, comes out fast, covers very good distance, tracks at midrange because the dash will realign yourself, wallsplats and is safe on block with so little -frames that SSing afterwards can evade many attacks. Good players will duck the 1 on block and launch you though, so be sure not to spam this move whenever you're at a distance and mix it up with occasional f,f+2,1~b's and f,f+2,1's.
If you have problems nailing this JF be sure to input the 1 exactly when the 2 hits (= with a little delay compared to a normal 2,1 input). Holding the 2 down for a split second can help you getting the right timing, as well as adding another button in between the 2 and the 1 (e.g. doing a f,f+2~4~1). This is really one of the easier just frames in the game, so getting it with great consistency should be no big deal with a little practice.

43 damage NCc, hits mid mid and wallsplats too. This should only be used when you think your opponent will try to duck the second hit of f,f+2:1 (but be aware that they can flashduck after f,f+2 and watch to react and punish both options properly) or when you think they will try to interrupt you after the 1st hit to avoid the f,f+2,1~b cancel mix-up's. Other than that this move is not extremely useful, and it?s also -12 on block and you can get interrupted between the 2 and the 1 with i10 jab strings.

Another good option for mind games. By holding back, you will cancel the second hit an can pretty much follow up with everything you want. You can catch quite a few people with this, especially if they?re scared of the second hit of f,f+2,1 an keep blocking or start ducking after the 1st hit thinking you thow out a f,f+2:1. In these cases follow up with jabs, fast mid pokes such as d+1_d/f+1, quick lows for annoyance, fast launchers such as d/f+2, 4 for a CH hunt or even demo man. I also much prefer a SS after it. As always however, don?t get obvious with it and mix your options up for good.

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#5 “Quote” Edit Post
The mid elbow followed by a low launcher. Horrible move, do not use this. It?s easy to see and to lowparry on reaction and -19 on block (though with very far pushback). It?s not even useful anymore against a BT opponent like in previous Tekkens, because they can easily BT u/f,N+3 or BT u/f,N+4 for a free hit while your low punch will miss, or BT b,b,d/f to evade it.

Cancel of the second hit, same as above, although the cancel is more predictable, and they have much more time to interrupt your mix-up after the 2 compared to the standing f,f+2,1~b counterpart. After the cancel f+grabs can be used (to do grabs out of WS) or even a basic WS+1_WS+4_FC low mix-up.

The first two hits of this are ok because they launch and cover a quite good distance quite quick. f,f+3,4 should be used merely to punish stuff from mid to long range, but it?s -13 and on block so not launch punishable by most of the cast, and sometimes people wait for the 3rd hit to come out for punishing.
The first two kicks are technically jumping and low crush, the last 4 is safe on block but high and duckable. The move can be used as a bait with opponents back to wall if they don?t expect the 3 kick that wallsplats, although it is not very effective for that purpose, unless they?re getting up in front of a wall. In this case you can f,f+3,4 hoping to catch them recovering and follow up with the 4 if they stay grounded to avoid the f,f,+3,4 and get right up after it. Still not extremely useful, and Paul has better options for pressuring people near walls, but it?s nice to know it?s there.

Mid option of the above string. First two hits are the same with the same properties, the last hit still knocks down but is mid and unsafe on block (-14).

Same as above but with a low ender that comes out a bit slower, doesn?t trip and is launch punishable on block. Not really useful in this version of the game (aside from the fact that it left you without oki follow-ups, this used to be Paul?s strongest wall combo in previous Tekkens but does not work consistently as a wall combo anymore) and kinda obsolete.
You could use it as a low poke if you think it could connect but be aware that you?ll get juggled on block. Paul has better and less obvious low options.

A good mid juggle starter for midrange, though with the downsides that it takes long time to come out and it can get sidestepped easily. If you use it wisely w/o spamming it and in combination with your tracking f,f+2:1 at midrange though the move isn't bad: safe on block and can be followed up with a WS+4_WS+1 to beat out tons of stuff or with a SS to create whiffs, it crushes lows, juggles on any hit, does ok damage and can even be used as a midrange oki option sice it hits grounded and will juggle them if you hit them early enough while they try to quickstand or do get up kicks.

90 damage unblockable. Takes 63 frames to come out and thus nobody gets ever hit by this. Its only use is to punish certain moves that nobody uses anyway? Scrub stuff.

Evasive high move that does good damage and is ok if you anticipate an attack. Downside is it?s duckable, bad on block and half of your lifebar on whiff if you don't anticipate something with.
Not a move that you can use often, but if you connect it know that they must backroll (they can?t tech after it) to escape oki follow-ups.

Definitely one of the best moves in Paul?s arsenal. This high JS comes out in 19 frames on perfect execution, high crushes, has very high damage potential and is safe on block, though -7 and duckable. Still a great move.
qcf+1 can also be used as a juggle filler for good damage or post B! to carry them to the wall or to set up oki options.

qcf+2 (aka Deathfist)
Paul?s signature move, pretty unsafe (-15 on close and -17 on far range block) but most of the cast can't get a launch due to pushback. This mid is i15 on perfect execution, does 38 dmg on normal hit, 57 on clean hit, 45 on normal CH, 68 on clean CH and can do roughly 50% in rage mode. It also has some basic tracking to the right but can be sidestepped/sidewalked fairly well. It's generally not advisable to use deathfist for attacking too much, against better ppl you'll get punished or stepped and launched almost all the time.
The move is mainly a good long range punisher for blocked moves that have enough pushback to make your other i15 punishers (d/f+2 and hopkicks) miss, and it's arguably Pauls best whiff punisher for most backdashed whiffs (for SS whiffs use d/f+2) being mid and at very good speed, range and damage.
Another aspect of Deathfist people usually do not talk about is a psychological one. Though this move is not really usable for attacking, people fear it because of the outrageous damage potential it has. Having such a powerful tool in your arsenal plays with peoples minds. Chances are they?ll duck much less and block high when they see a qcf motion or when they?re with their back to the wall, which increases the usefulness of your lows and duckable highs.
For i15 deathfist execution training, select Asuka as the dummy, go to practice mode - defensive training and have Asuka do her 1,2,3 string. Now practice interrupting her with qcf+2 after the blocked 1,2 but before the 3. If you hit her you did a perfect i15 deathfist, if both your qcf+2 and her 3 trade you did an i16 deathfist (one frame too slow) and if her 3 hits you before you hit her your deathfist was i17 or slower. You can also put command history on during all of this which allows you to see your inputs. A perfect i15 deathfist should be displayed as a d,d/f,f with each directional on one frame and no additional ones and the 2 perfectly timed with the f.

Low out of your crouchdash. +1 on hit which is ok, but launch punishable on block. It does only 18 damage but isn?t u/f,N+4 punishable so compared to qcf,N,d+4:2:1+2 this move is a little less risk with much less reward on normal hit.
On counterhit it knocks them down close in FDFT position which is great for oki followups.

WS+4 out of your crouchdash. i13 at fastest execution but you can extend the qcf crouch dash for good range. Great mid poke at 21 damage, only -6 on block (which makes sidestepping afterwards a real option) and +5 on both hit and CH.
Good tracking to your right but can be easily SSed to your left at close range and if done instantly, so be sure to mix it up every now and then with moves that track to your left and lows.

qcf+1+2_FC d/f+1+2
A low launcher with good damage potential, but comes out slow and can easily been seen and blocked on reaction. -14 on block means most characters can?t get a launch, but that?s only if they don?t lowparry it on reaction.
Not extremely useful in the open (aside from the fact that it crushes highs very reliably), but can sometimes be used as an oki option. Hits grounded.

Safe mid launcher out of cd. Can be followed up with a pretty hard full combo or with a mini-combo. -9 on block and the move is a little on the slow side, so I?d say usable: yes - extemely useful: no.

qcb (or SWY)
Paul?s backsway is a very good addition to his game. The sway motion can evade some short range highs, though if you do a move out of SWY and input the qcb+button as fast as possible you will hardly even see the backsway motion, nullifying the evasive properties which are only effective if you input the button late. This makes these evasive properties less interesting combined with his moves out of SWY. Paul's SWY moves are very good, and you want to have them coming out as soon as possible instead of trying to make use of the very unreliable evading properties of the backsway.

An awesome move, hits mid and slams them down face first on hit giving you some very good oki options against an FDFA opponent, is safe on block (but -9 so I don't recommend attacking afterwards), has impressive range and juggles for some sick damage on CH. There is really no reason not to use this move unless you're playing an extremely SS happy opponent (SWY 1 is close to Paul's most linear move).
This is also one of Paul?s B! moves, and can be used as an oki option to B! opponents trying to get up, and it hits grounded.

Yet another great mid out of SWY. Safe (-8) mid that knocks/wallsplats on any hit and comes out pretty fast. A very good option for pressuring people with their backs to the walls.

High crushing low hit. Launch punishable on block, but if they try to WS punish you you can continue the string (see below).

SWY 3,2,1
This one is very good. The first low hit alone is launch punishable but if they try to punish you and you have inputted the mid 2 it will interrupt them and the 1 is guaranteed. SWY 3,2 is jab punishable but again if they try to punish and you inputted the whole command the 1 will knock them. The last hit is safe on block due to pushback but high and since the string doesn't jail in BR anymore they can duck an punish it,.
The start of this string also crushes highs, and the string is easily hit and counterhit-confirmable. If you see the 3 sweep the opponent you can input the whole string for good damage, and if they get hit by the 2 for whatever reason (if they try to WS punish the 3 _ if they attack after they get hit by the 3 _ if the 3 misses and the 2 connects) you can hit-confim the string and and input the final 1.
Awesome string that starts with a low that is hard to punish and can do good damage. The last hit can easily be ducked and punished if they block the first two hits, so I would recommend stopping at the 2 if they block it and occasionally throw out the last hit so that they don't get into a habit of jab punishing you immediately after a SWY 3,2.

SWY 3,2,3
Variation of the above string with a low ender. Not extremely useful since good players will duck after a SWY 3,2 anyway unless the 2 catches them off guard or the first 3 hits a counter, and in these last 2 cases you should input SWY 3,2,1 for better damage anyway. Also, the last hit comes out slower than the 1 in the variation above and is unsafe on block and lowparryable. Couple that with the fact that most players will duck after a 3,2 anyway and you'll see why this isn't a good option.

Safe mid WS punch that has its use for punishing some selected -10 moves but is i11 in most cases. Can also be used for punishing certain stuff for a floater and doing high damage combos after f,f+4 and has some tracking to the left (as opposed to WS+4). Other than that there isn't much use for this move in Pauls game since WS+4 is superior in both range and damage.

Your mid i16 WS launcher for the lows with bad recovery on block. Very good damage potential but -14 on block.
At i16 it's one frame slower than average WS+2's in the game, but it's not such a big thing since it has better then average range and a very low hitting hit-box, and Paul has hopkicks to punish selected -15 moves thankfully.
This should be used as your punisher for moves from -16 up to -22 on block.

Your punisher for the quick lows from -11 up to -14. Good range and a slightly better on damage then what other chars get for a blocked -11 low, unfortunately though this is also Paul's only option for blocked lows from -12 to -14 where half of the cast gets considerably better punishers.
qcf+4 from standing is also a great mid poke as explained above.

FC u/f+4 _ u/f+3 _ u/f+3,4
The same hopkicks from standing can be done also from fully crouching, with the same properties and risks. These hopkicks are very useful for punishing -15 stuff from FC though.

FC u/f,N+4
Paul?s high damage WS juggle starter for punishing the big sweeps. Just like the above hopkicks this one works from FC too at the same speed than its standing counterpart. Still unsafe on block obviously, so it should be used only for punishing stuff that is -23 or worse.

FC d/f+2
Just like f,f+2 from standing, this shouldn?t even be in the move list. Useless.

FC d/f+2,1
Fully crouching mid mid natural combo that knocks/wallsplats for some good damage but has almost no use. At i16 it?s slower than your juggle starting hopkicks and it?s punishable on block at -17 even with the pushback it causes. Could be used to get a wallsplat when your opponent is at the wall and you block a low, but consider youself lucky if an opponent gives you an opening for a 16 frames FC punishment near a wall.
The move is hit confirmable and the 2nd hit is delayable which would be an awesome thing if stopping after FC d/f+2 wouldn't leave you at -17 and in their face. Admittedly you might escape the punishment from time to time because your opponent might be waiting for the 2nd hit to come out, but it's still a high risk for a relatively low reward.

FC d/f+2,2
Same as f,f+2,2 from standing, pretty much useless.

FC d/f+2,2~B
Same as f,f+2,2~B. Not useful because it's pretty predictable, but better than throwing out the second low punch to say at least.

FC D(60 frames),u+3+4
Useless. If you ever hit this there's a followup though: turn around to your opponent in real life, look at him and tell him he?s an effing scrub.

A nice CH starter out of SS. Does good damage but I would have preferred this move being a mid considering how slow it is. Nice to throw out every now and then, but don't expect it to be extremely useful. +2 frames on block which is nice.

Very good low hit. A little on the slow side too but has a somehow deceiving animation. SS+3 is only -13 on block, does good damage and gives you +2 frames on hit. On CH you're left at +11 for a free D+2 (unless at a very max range CH SS+3 where a D+2 whiffs) and further 9 damage accordingly which is great, especially if these 9 points more could kill them. Alternatively you can always skip the guaranteed D+2 and use the +11 frame advantage for a high damage mix-up. Hell, you can even do a qcf~n~d+4:2:1+2_qcf+3+4 mix-up if you're at a distance because nobody ever attacks after eating a CH SS+3.
This move hits grounded too and is very good for pressuring people near walls.
If your opponent is aware of this move a SS can also be used fairly well for mindgames, and SS+3_SS cancel~3,2 is a damn good and unseeable mix-up.

d+2 (on grounded opponents)
Good oki stike. Gotta love fisting grounded people... If they manage to stand up and block it you?re left at -12 (and can get punished by 12 frames or faster WS moves) which is pretty standard for stomps/punches on grounded opponents.

10-hit combos
Scrub stuff, I won?t even cover them.

1 escape, 35 dmg on successful throw. Switches sides on successful throw, leaves them FUFA and gives good oki options.

2 escape, 35 dmg on successful throw. Switches sides on successful throw, gives no oki afterwards as you?ll be lying on the ground just like your opponent.

2 escape, 40 dmg on successful throw. Doesn?t wallsplat but gives +4 extra damage for wallhit if a wall is to your right. Gives no oki in the open.

left side throw (any throw on opponents left)
1 escape, 45 dmg on successful throw. Though it leaves them FUFA and would give good oki, side throws are not useful because they always have the same escape.

right side throw (any throw on opponents right)
2 escape, 45 dmg on successful throw. Though it leaves them FUFA and would give good oki, side throws are not useful because they always have the same escape.

opponent BT 1+3
Unescapable, 50 dmg. Leaves them FUFA and for good oki.

opponent BT 2+4
Unescapable, 50 dmg. Looks brutal but gives no good oki compared to the 1+3 backthrow.

1+2 escape, 40 dmg on successful throw. Leaves them FUFT and very close for a guaranteed d/b+3 or great oki.

d/f+1+3:qcf+2 or d/f+1+3:qcb+2
1 escape, 38 dmg on successful throw. Wallsplats if your opponents back is to the wall (+4 dmg for wallhit and gives a guaranteed combo). Unlike the just frame version of this grab, the second punch (the qcf+2) of he non-JF version can be escaped by tapping b even if the first part connects.

1 escape, 40 dmg on successful throw. +4 extra damage for wallhit if a wall is to to your back, but gives no wall followups or oki in the open because you'll be lying on the ground if the throw connets.

1+2 escape, 38 dmg on successful throw. Wallsplats if your opponents back is to the wall (+4 dmg for wallhit and gives a guaranteed combo), but be warned: if you?re opponents back is to the wall and he escapes this you?ll land face first in the wall, take 10 damage and eventually eat some free hits.
Switches sides on escape. Gives no oki in the open.

Tackle, fun if you can connect it in an actual match. 2 escape as soon as it connects or 1+2 flip-over reversal right before the tackled player would hit the ground. This does 5 damage and has follow-ups on successful tackle.

d/b+1+2, (1,2,1,2,1_2,1,2,1,2_1,2,1,1,2_2,1,2,2,1)
Ultimate punches, up to 5 in a row inputted alternatively unless after 3rd hit where you can switch. The escape is always the opposite punch the opponent is doing, and an initial 2 punch can be reversed by inputting 1,1,2. After 3 punches you can do an arm breaker with 1+2.

d/b+1+2, 1+2
Arm breaker, can follow 3 jabs, escape is 1+2.

d/b+1+2, 2,D+1,1,N,4,1,1+2
The Ultimate Punishment, does 61 damage and can only be escaped if the first punch (the 2) is blocked or reversed. This is the reason why good good players will mash 1 or go for the 1,1,2 right punch reversal if they get tackled by Paul. That?s unfortunate, but makes your other options that do not start with a 2 get escaped less.

b+1+3_b+1+4 (timed with an enemy mid or high attack)
Attack reversal, can be chickened by inputting f+1+3 or f+2+4 depending on the limb that attacked (for example if a 2 punch got . Though really good players can chicken it, that rarely happens even in mid-level play because the frame window is quite tight and you would need to be ready for the reversal to chicken it, so this is still a good tool. Depending on the attack you reversed a different animation will occur, and some of them leave you in good oki position.
This reverses mids and highs, but some moves (e.g. elbows and knees) in the game cannot be reversed.

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Here's some random info, mostly stuff that is worth mentioning but non long enough for a separate section.

Hitting BT opponents
Paul's options on BT opponents are pretty limited because unlike other chars he doesn't have a high damage string that is guaranteed on BT opponents and he doesn't have a move that stuns BT opponents and gives followups neither.
Other than using backgrabs, you can juggle them with d/f+2_u/f+4 and do a f+2, f+2, b+1,2 B! d+4:2:1+2_qcf+2_f,f+2:1 combo or do one of the below strings:
3,2, d+1+2: i15 mid NC string followed by d+1+2; inescapable to their backs for nasty 75 damage (39 + 36)
d+1,4,2: i14, starts with a mid and hits BT for 62 damage
f+2,3,1: i12, connects on BT for 59 damage; is guaranteed also at an angle of 90 ? or more; the first two hits are high and duckable unfortunately
d+4:2:1+2: i15, at clean range it trips them as usual, out of clean range the d+4 won't trip them and the rest hits them in their backs for 65 damage
d/f+1,1,2: i14, connects on BT for 51 damage but the damage is only 1 point more than a backgrab; connects at an angle of 90 ? or more though, making it a much better than option than sidegrabs with their predictable escape
qcb+3,2,1: i20, connects on BT for 70 damage and won't trip them on counter if they're BT, but comes out very slow unfortunately

Countering low stances
Some low stances in the game will make highs and even some high hitting mids whiff. Here's a list of mid moves that will connect on certain stances:
AOP (Ling): can be punished with f+1+2 _ qcb+1 (these two won't B! her stance alone) _ d/b+2 _ 3,2 _ d+1 _ b+2
TNT (Zafina): can be punished with f+1+2 _ qcb+1 (these two will B! her face first for her stance alone) _ d+1
RLX (Christie/Eddy): can be punished with f+1+2 _ qcb+1 (these two won't B! the stance alone) _ d+1

Reversal spamming opponents
When fighting people that spam reversals, other than chickening them Paul has a few options that can make them wish they were not so blatantly obvious with their reversals.
qcf+1: launches
b+3: launches at close range
f,f+2:1 or FC d/f+2,1: with the first hit being an elbow and the second being guaranteed if the first hits, these moves are a good option too; f,f+2:1 works very well at a range; both moves knock _ W!
b,f+1: evasive elbow, knocks _ W!
SS+1: evasie elbow, knocks _ W!
qcf+3+4: mini-launcher out of qcf, good at midrange
any low (preferrably something damaging like qcf+1+2 or d+4:2:1+2): if they're reversing mids and highs you get a nice opening for a damaging low

Moves with properties that deserve a honourable mention
3,2 or d/b+2: these quick mids hit pretty low and can pick-up a lot of technically jumping moves (even Ling's forward roll AOP f+3+4 or even her normal forward roll f+3+4 if you hit her early) and tons of other stuff and stances (e.g. ChrEddy's HSP, Alisa's SBT and DBT) for a floater

Thanks to:
- So Ronery, Dilly, StreamerX, Night Child, Sharog, Shinjin, Runemaster, USMCOgre and WCMaxi for sharing strats
- ShadowSprinter for testing stuff with me that I couldn't test alone in practice mode
- tyler2k and his Manifesto in the Drag forums for the inspiration

Written by BlackPriest exclusively for
This may be distributed freely but please leave everything (including thanks & credits) intact.

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Good thread. I need to learn to play Paul like he's T6 Paul. I still play T4 Paul lol.
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Originally posted by USMCOgre
Good thread. I need to learn to play Paul like he's T6 Paul. I still play T4 Paul lol.

and you played T4 paul badly.

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look man the move doesnt track sidestep, but if you sidestep it will hit you
steves b+1 isint safe because it only auto guards high and mid, but you can cancel it and block all lows
Jaycees u/f+4,3 is launch punishable on block but if you try to punish it the 1 follow-up will hit you
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Originally posted by Shinjin
and you played T4 paul badly.

I was the Euro champ! I sent Aenica back there with soap in hand lol.
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Originally posted by USMCOgre
I was the Euro champ! I sent Aenica back there with soap in hand lol.

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Great thread, Priest!
Looking forward to see the completed guide.
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Originally posted by USMCOgre
I was the Euro champ! I sent Aenica back there with soap in hand lol.

that dude was all backward and shit, you see the way he plays, with hands crossed like he's no idea what he's doing, clearly bad.

naw he's cool, he used to stay at my house on his trips to england when i played tekken serious.
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look man the move doesnt track sidestep, but if you sidestep it will hit you
steves b+1 isint safe because it only auto guards high and mid, but you can cancel it and block all lows
Jaycees u/f+4,3 is launch punishable on block but if you try to punish it the 1 follow-up will hit you
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nice thread it helps other players to learn more info about paul...
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Thanks for the kudos guys.

Ogre: lol!

I started working on the frame traps and followups because I guess that's what you're all are waiting for in the first place... I'll add more stuff later, bear with me.
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Originally posted by Shinjin
that dude was all backward and shit, you see the way he plays, with hands crossed like he's no idea what he's doing, clearly bad.

naw he's cool, he used to stay at my house on his trips to england when i played tekken serious.
Serious question: Did he stink as bad as he did when he came here? He seemed like he was allergic to all forms of hygiene.
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not as far as i remember, but seriously i never used to wash either, just sit in a room and play tekken 24/7 so i prolly wouldn't have noticed.
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look man the move doesnt track sidestep, but if you sidestep it will hit you
steves b+1 isint safe because it only auto guards high and mid, but you can cancel it and block all lows
Jaycees u/f+4,3 is launch punishable on block but if you try to punish it the 1 follow-up will hit you
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I usually smell of napalm

Most of the time anyway
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5 star rating for maximum manliness

I think it would be nice if you talk about his grab game, too.
E.g after a successful certain throws like df1+2 you can mix up some attacks to wake up game.

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Sure, I'll definitely talk about post grab wakeups in the oki section. Bear with me however, I'm currently working on the moves list which could take a few days...
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Nice, edited.

I thought it wasn't. But it isn't practical for baiting out CH, is it?

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