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This guide is dedicated to all Dragunov players who've stuck with Dragunov through the thick and thin, from DR to BR.

This is also dedicated to Roy who told me at Strong Style that he dropped Sergei.

Important Links:
Here's a couple links to important sites and pages on Tekken Zaibatsu

First and foremost this guide is written in notation native to TZ found here

General Tekken Information:
Tekken Zaibatsu
Sergei Dragunov Forums

"Cliff Notes" Guide to Dragunov:
Combating Top Tier: Sergei Dragunov

Level Up Your Game:
Episode 7 - Dragunov (Transcript available here)

Dragunov Frame Data:
Dragunov Frame Data (English)
Dragunov Frame Data (ina - Japanese)

Dragunov Mechanics:
Dragunov BR Punishment
Dragunov vs Cast Discussion
Dragunov Q & A Thread

I wrote this over the course of a few months so there's possibilities of typos, errors, or things that just don't make sense, they'll be corrected one way or another.

This manifesto is not written in stone, it's meant to evolve, please PM me about anything.

This was written for the community, as such will accept knowledge from the community.

This guide is not 100% completed, I'll work on it more as time goes on.

This guide is not meant for people who are brand new to a Tekken game, there was a great beginner video made for Tekken 5 and not too much has changed since then. This guide is not meant as a complete frame data and damage guide, Ina Tekken has that pretty much covered and Icege's frame/hit analysis for Tekken 6 is still basically 100% accurate (except for a few property changes from T6 to BR) as well as Frame Data and Frame Data Discussion by Aris.

So exactly what, or who, is this guide for? Well basically this guide is for everything else in the Dragunov universe. If you're new to Dragunov and just need a push in the right direction, or if you're somewhat familiar with Dragunov and want to know what you should or should not punish, or if you're a seasoned veteran with Dragunov and want to talk frame traps and pressure, then you've come to the right place.

I'll be honest, if this is your first character that you plan to play seriously in Tekken, then I suggest changing to a more beginner friendly character, such as Paul and Feng, who get similar damage with less risk. If you've been bouncing around with characters for a few versions now and have a decent grasp of the game, then welcome.

Sergei Dragunov was introduced in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and at the time was easily one of the worst characters in the game. This was due to a large portion of his moves having abysmal tracking as well as many moves being negative frames on hit. Couple with the fact that his quickest attack was 10 frames and he was living in an 8 frame world, Dragunov was far too slow to mount an effective offensive.

The one thing he did right, though, was that he hit like a freight train and getting launched by him meant 55+ damage without a wall. When he did gain momentum near a wall, he could rely on unparalleled 50/50s to quickly end matches. These 50/50s combined with one of the strongest back roll catches in the game (e.g. d+4,4) meant that recovering from KND against Dragunov was a constant danger.

Punishment Basics

In a game all about launchers, one would tend to think that combos are the path to victory, but often victories are decided 15-20 damage at a time. If you can't successfully punish your opponent's attacks, you're going to get walked all over and are bound to lose.

Standing Punishment
10f ? 1,3 or 1,2 or 2,1
12f ? 4,1 or d/f+4
14f ? b+3 or f+4,4 or iWS+1+2
15f ? d/f+2
17f ? f+1+2
18f ? qcf+1
22f ? qcf+2

While Standing Punishment
11f ? WS+4
12f ? WS+1+2 or WS+1,3
15f ? WS+2
23f ? u/f,n,4

Wake-Up Punishment:

Since a good portion of Dragunov's game comes from keeping the opponent on the ground as much as possible, you're going to have to get good at wake-up punishment to keep the pressure on. Once your lose your momentum after KND, it's very hard to get it back.

FUFT Punishment:
Wake-up 3 ? WS+1,3 for close range wake-up 3
Wake-up 3 ? WS+1+2 for any range wake-up 3
Wake-up 4 ? 4,1 for close range wake-up 4
Wake-up 4 ? d/f+4 for any range wake-up 4

FUFA Punishment
Wake-up 3 ? WS+1,3 for close range wake-up 3
Wake-up 3 ? WS+1+2 for any range wake-up 3
Wake-up 4 ? 4,1 for close range wake-up 4
Wake-up 4 ? f+4,4 for mid range wake-up 4
Wake-up 4 ? b+3 for any range wake-up 4

FDFT Punishment:
Wake-up 3 ? WS+1,3 for close range wake-up 3
Wake-up 3 ? WS+1+2 for any range wake-up 3
Wake-up 3 (clean) - WS+2
Wake-up 4 ? 4,1 for close range wake-up 4
Wake-up 4 ? f+4,4 for any range wake-up 4

FDFA Punishment:
Wake-up 3 - WS+2
Wake-up 4 - d/f+2_f+1+2_qcf+1

Unfortunately Sergei has no 13-14 frame WS punishment, therefore you're going to have to rely on WS 1,3 or WS 1+2 in order to punish FD wake-up 3.

Grabs, Throws, and Attack Throws:

Dragunov's grab and tackle game is one of the strongest in Tekken because unlike most of the other tacklers, save for Craig, his grab game has near to 0 risk. The only risk Dragunov encounters with his grab game is during a command tackle, in which case the opponent can reverse the tackle via 1+2 flip over. Though if the tackle is initially reversed, he's still at a tremendous advantage due to both punch and arm bar reversals. But if the tackle connects completely, then his follow ups are not reversable, only escapable.

Grabs andThrows:
Standard Throws: 1+3, 2+4, f+1+3, f+2+4
Side/Back Throws: Any throw to their right, left, and back (being inescapable)
Crouch Throws: d+1+3, d+2+4
Transition Throws: f,f+2~1+2, 1,3,2~1+2, 1,3,1,2,1,1,4,1,3,2~1+2, d/b+3~1+2
Instant Throws: f+1+4, f+2+3
Near Instant Throws: f,f+1+2
Inescapable Throws: Back throw, u/f+3+4, Ki Charge f,f+2~1+2 (and all extensions)

Attack Throws:
Attack Throws: Clean d/f+3, iWR 4, WR 3, FDFT D+3
CH Attack Throws: CH f+3,3, CH (SS+2),3, CH d/b+3, CH qcf+3
System Attack Throws: qcf+4~1,3,4,2, qcf+4~2,4,3,1

Tackle: d/b+1+2=1, d/b+1+2=2, d/b+1+2=1+2
Tackle Out of KND: FCD 1+2~1+2
Tackle Transitions: b+4,2,1+2, SS+2,1+2,1+2
If You're Tackled: 1,1,2 (punch reversal) 1+2,2,2,2,2,2,2 (arm bar reversal)

Honorable mentions:
Mid reversal: b+1+3_2+4
Low reversal: d/f+1+2

Post Wake-Up Punishment Oki:

Building on the idea of ?chaining,? it's possible to string follow up attacks with great success post wake-up punishment. Not only are they difficult to predict, but will also help keep the opponent on their toes. This isn't a definitive list for post wake-up punishment, but hopefully this will get you started.

Standing Punishment:
d/f+4 - Even though the frames aren't the best for d/f+4 on hit, the spacing on d/f+4 post hit is incredible and it gives a quite a few options.

iWR 2 buffering off d/f+4 - Pretty straight forward iWR 2 buffer using a d/f+4 as the start of the buffer. After pressing d/f, rotate the joystick forward and hold it in that position, as soon as the frame opens, quickly tap f,f and finally 2. I guess the notation would be something like d/f+4~[F]~f,f+2

Some people also feel the need to SS after a d/f+4 check and since you're at an optimal range, a b+3 check will catch them if they SS/SW.

4,1 - With +8 frames to work with on hit, you definitely have the advantage over your opponent. More options can be found here.

Wake-Up Punishment:
WS+1+2 - The oki options for post WS+1+2 are quite limited and usually a gamble due to their recovery distance. The best option is definitely WR 2 since it will catch back rolls and possibly late recoveries. Other than that, you should just wait to see what they do and act accordingly.

WS 1,3 - The is probably the only time in the game where you'll be able to use qcf+4 with great success. If they tech roll up or down (and crouch guard) out of the KND post WS 1,3, qcf+4 will be able to hit giving the 50/50 chance at additional damage and oki options. Be warned though, if they decide to back roll instead, the qcf+4 will more than likely whiff and you may get launched.

Homing and Tracking Attacks:

No point to beat around the bush, Dragunov's tracking is still horrendous. Here's a list of the known tracking and homing moves to ease the pain.

b+3 ? 14 frame high homing attack, used primarily to stop quick SS
f,f+3 ? A more versitle attack, +frames on block as well as good damage and W!

Single Moves (with tracking):
d+2 ? 18 frame low with tracking to both sides
d/b+3 ? Slower low with launch properties, it's possible to KND without chance of launch

Parts of strings (with tracking):
3,1,<2 - 2 tracks nearly 360
f+4,4,3 - 3 tracks nearly 360
4,3 - 3 has some tracking
b+4,3 - 3 has some tracking
1,3 - 3 has basic tracking

Wall Splats:

Always opt for wall splats as you'll get the most out of your 50/50 and pressure game with their back to the wall. Here's a list of W! attacks, please note some are repeated multiple times due to their properties.

Single Attack splats:
f,f+2 ? Wall splats to the back
f,f+3 ? Wall splats to the back
u/f+3 - Wall splats to the back
f+1+2 - Wall splats to the back (high splats)
iWR 2 - Wall splats to the back (non-CH)
WS 1+2 - Wall splats to the back
WS 3 ? Wall splats to the back

NC wall splats:
b+4,3 - Wall splats to the back
WS 1,3 ? Wall splats to the back

NCc splats:
1,2,1 - Wall splats to the back
d+4,4 ? Wall splats to the back
d+4,1,3 ? Wall splats to the back/left

Special directional splats:
b+4,3 - Wall splats to the right
3,1,2 - Wall splats to the back/left
d+4,1,3 - Wall splats to the back/left
f,f+3 - Wall splats to whatever direction they are SS'd to
Wakeup 4 ? Wall splats to whatever direction they are SS'd to (CH)

Misc. Splats:
1,1,3 ? The 3 splats to the back
2,1,3 ? The 3 splats to the back

Splat traps:
These are pretty much limited by your imagination, be inventive and own face.

(any +frame block) 1,2,1
u/f+3 (blocked) iWS 1+2

Maximizing Wall Damage:

Well now that I talked about your standing wall splats, it's time to talk about maximizing your wall damage. In T6, Dragunov could W! and then immediately SS and then bobble the opponent for additional damage by using 3,1. 3,1,2 has been tinkered with and will realign on W! making it one of the most consistent wall combos for Dragunov, but unfortunately this realignment has drastically reduced his ability to squeeze additional damage out of wall splats. Luckily if you're already off-axis, the realignment can easily be countered by SS giving the older T6 style re-bobble.

Click here and here
to get an idea of how much damage potential there is using this technique.

Now obviously those are extreme cases, pre-wall splat the combos were only 2 hits long so the opponent wasn't sent flying post W!, but it should give you an idea of how much more damage you can squeeze out of basic combos.

How To:
SS to whatever wall you're closer to (if the wall is closer to your left, then SSL) and then immediately 3,1. You'll pick them up off the wall and now can perform a mini-bobble dependent on your proximity to the wall and how many hits prior was your combo. The longer the combo was, the less amount of additional attacks you can fit in.

d+4,4 ? The most consistent follow up regardless of positioning and number of hits prior.
d+4,1 ? Useful when a wall is close by for re-wall splat possibility
d+4,1,3 ? Useful when the wall is to your right for re-wall splat, also it's Dragunov's most consistent wall combo so should be used as the final wall combo of choice.

Back (Opponent BT) Catches:

Not back roll catches, but instead attacks/strings that catch the opponent BT as they are recovering. The criterion for most of these are the opponent KND in FDFT and Sergei standing near to them, usually post throw/attack throw.

The Catches:
b+2 ? The most basic, safest back catch that Sergei has. On hit, a WS 1+2 follow up is guaranteed and on whiff is ?safe? from guaranteed retaliation (50/50 situation, always duck).
b+2,1 ? A slightly riskier but far more rewarding catch compared to b+2, by hit confirming the initial b+2, you can finish the string as b+2,1,3 which is NC to the back. After which there are options for additional guaranteed damage, such as WS 4, d+4,4 or CC d+3+4.
d+3,4 ? You should notice a pattern by now, d+3,4 is a really good post KND option. On catching opponent BT, the string is NC and will leave the opponent BT. The +frames on hit aren't that great so you shouldn't necessarily rush in, but you can wait to see what the opponent will do and punish accordingly.

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While Sergei lacks a large list of +frame moves on block, the moves that he does have allow for a series of pressure strings called ?chaining.? By mixing in +frame moves on block with standard hit confirming as well as CH confirming, it's possible to continuously chain your opponent looking for a clean opening for KND.

+/even Frame Attacks on Block: (in descending order)
iWR+2 - +4 on block
b+4,2,1 - +4 on block
b+1+2 - +3 on block
f,f+3 - +3 on block
4,4 - +3 on block
1 - +1 on block
2 - +0 on block
d+1 - +0 on block

Example Block Chains:
iWR+2 (+4) d+1 (+0) 1,2 (CH confirm, -7/KND)
b+1+2 (+4) 4,4 (+3) WS+1+2 (safe against most w/ push back, -14/KND)

Example Block & Hit Chains:
4,1 (hit, +8) iWR+2 (block, +4) f,f+3 (block, +3; hit, W!) 1,2 (CH confirm, -7/W!) w/ opp's back to wall
d/f+3 (hit, +6) b+4,2 (CH confirm, -7/+8) <= start new chain on CH

The Disappearing d/f+2:

Originally Dragunov was introduced with a non-generic d/f+2 launcher, therefore has a unique animation, launched on normal/crouched hit, and was 10+ frame punishable on block. This was balanced by the fact that Dragunov had one of the longest ranged launchers in the game and could punish certain moves that were normally unpunishable by launch, Law's WS 2 immediately comes to mind.

Fast forward to T6, Dragunov's d/f+2 range has been toned down and instead his f+1+2 now launches on hit and has replaced d/f+2 as his long range punisher. This change is fine as f+1+2 gives incredible carry in T6 as well as tremendous damage.

Jump ahead to BR and for some reason his d/f+2 range has been tinkered with again and once again it?s for the worse. Previously in T6, Dragunov?s could punish moves like Miguels SAV d/f+2 with his own d/f+2, but once again he?s forced to rely on f+1+2 to punish. This also extends to new characters, most notably Lars. Dragunov is currently the only one in the cast who can not punish u/f+3 with a d/f+2 launch, leaving him to punish with b+4,3 instead. Also don?t expect to launch a whiffed Lar?s u/f+4 anytime soon as once again d/f+2 as it will completely miss.

What has happened:
To be honest, I?m not sure myself, it seems that sometime during the nerfing/fixing of d/f+2 the people at Namco somehow screwed up Dragunov?s d/f+2 hit box. I don?t have conclusive proof, but if it isn?t fixed by console release (it wasn't), there will be concrete data.

The Art of 1,2,1:

CH 1,2,1 is absolutely one of the strongest moves in the Tekken universe and luckily it's properties have remained intact since Dragunov's introduction in DR.

What is it:
1,2,1 is NCC 3-hit string that comes out at 10-frames, gives wall splat, and is hit confirmable (even without hit confirming the final hit, the string is only -12 on block). As such it is probably the most feared move in Dragunov's arsenal and makes attacking Dragunov at close range a gamble.

Additional information:
Interesting enough, someone at Namco decided that 1,2,1 should have some additional properties tagged on, so in T6 the final hit in the string stuns on CH becoming a (difficult, though guaranteed) combo starter.

So if they?re out of range of the 1,2 and decide to punish your whiff and get hit by the final 1, they will be stunned for free combo.

The Art of Hit Confirming (1,2,1):

The difference between hit confirming and not hit confirming 1,2,1 is a -12 on block frame penalty. While this doesn't seem like a huge problem, quite a few characters get wall splat off 10-12 frame punishers (i.e. Heihachi, Jin, Lili, Lars, etc.) and losing your momentum at the wrong end of a Mishima 1,1,2 is not the way to win matches.

Learning the Basics:
Simply put you'll be using the 1,2 input/animation as your confirm window and be using the initial 1 as CH confirm check. You're looking for counter hit on the initial 1 and this can be anything from a visual clue (a brief part of their animation immediately interrupted) to an audio clue (the animation is nearly invisible because you interrupted them early in the attack, but the ?kiyah!? can be heard). The input window isn't very large, but large enough to confirm CH before the final 1 must be input.

First and foremost hit confirming CH 1,2,1 with greater than 95% accuracy is no small feat and you shouldn't expect to be flawless right away. Start small, practice counter hit confirming on basic frame traps such as d+1 and b+1+2, once you get a feel for the animations you can graduate to the next level.

Hit confirming 1,2,1 in the middle of the field is a little trickier, but the same rules apply. You'll be looking at the initial 1 for CH, if you interrupt them, finish the string off. It takes a little practice, but in the long run you'll come out ahead.

Things to Look Out For:
Stances and transitions are very hard to distinguish from opponent attacks, as such it's very important to know your opponent's stances before the match begins. Finishing a 1,2,1 thinking it's CH when they ended up dropping into a stance without attacking, will cause you to lose whatever momentum you had. There are certain stances that immediately will be followed by an attack (e.g. Lars SE and DE) and in this case alone will 1,2,1 work most of the time, otherwise characters like Anna and Lei usually won't so be careful when fighting them.

Learn From Your Mistakes!
There have been plenty of times where I'll 1,2 and see the CH after the fact, but because I didn't initially see CH or pressed the final 1 too late, I won't KND them. This isn't necessarily a failure because it allows me to realize that I could have finished the 1,2,1 string. What you don't want happening is using 1,2 and it hits CH and then not recognizing the attack was CH, as you'll learn nothing from this. Instead always be on the look out for your mistakes and try to improve on them. You might not fix them today but if you notice your mistakes enough, you'll fix them eventually.

1,2,1 Traps:
Any attack (or in some cases, strings) that leaves you with +frames on block at near 0 range can be constituted as a 1,2,1 trap. There are a few attacks that are +frames on block that do not always leave the opponent at 0 range, therefore are more viable with the opponent's back to a wall.

Anywhere in the stage d+1
Anywhere in the stage b+1+2
Anywhere in the stage b+4,2,1
Anywhere in the stage 1 check

With the opponent's back to the wall f,f+3
With the opponent's back to the wall iWR 2

The Art of Hit Confirming (beyond 1,2,1)

While Dragunov is pretty light on hit confirmable attacks, he does have a few hit confirmable moves. Please note that nearly all the strings below require CH first.

Basic (Stomp Follow Up) Confirms:
Confirming at its lowest level, if these moves connect, then a free stomp is guaranteed.

CH d+1 - If the d+1 is CH, then they will be knocked to the ground giving a free d+3+4 stomp follow up.

CH 4,3 - If the 4 is CH or the 3 is CH, then they will be knocked to the ground giving a free d+3+4 stomp follow up.

b+1+2 - If b+1+2 hits them on CH or if they're crouching, then a free d+3+4 stomp is guaranteed. If they block the b+1+2 successfully, then you have +3 frames to play with.

Easy Difficulty Hit Confirmable Moves:
Here's a couple of moves that require basic hit confirming

4,4 and 4,CH 4 ? The 4,4 string is an interesting move, on block, the string is about +3 which sets up WS 1,3 and WS 1+2 KNDs even though WS 4 is a much safer option. On normal hit, the final 4 KNDs but the 2nd hit on CH grants a f+1+2 style launch. As such you'll be confirming the CH to combo, otherwise use a WS option I mentioned above.

CH b+1 - A little trickier as the follow up isn't automatically input in the string, for b+1 on CH, a blue spark will appear signifying the f+1+2 launch follow up. Be warned though, when in rage mode, b+1 will spark on normal hit as well as CH making the hit/launch confirm much more difficult.

CH f,f+4 - Basic CH follow up, normally f,f+4 will hit them leaving them recovering WS, but on CH they'll be knocked to the ground giving a WS 4 follow up to 1,3,2 B! or similar style wall carry option.

Medium Difficulty Hit Confirmable Moves:
Moves that entail a little more risk or a little more skill involved to perform.

f+2,4 - Fairly safe to use though mildly hard to confirm makes f+2,4 a good candidate for this section. You'll be looking for abrupt animation stops as your f+2 comes out, then simply input the 4. Even without confirming, f+2,4 is safe on block and can even be delayed to bait out CH launches.

3,1,2 - While 3,1 isn't the safest move to throw out, the string is still useful near the wall due to being the final 2 being delayable as well as hit confirmable. When the 3 is blocked and the following 1 hits, then input the final 2 and you'll KND them slightly to your left.

(enemy) BT b+2~WS 1+2 - While not quite a individual move or string, it can still be a huge part of Dragunov's ground based oki game. BT b+2~WS 1+2 is primarily a close range oki option where the initial b+2 may catch the opponent BT as they recover standing. As such it should only be used as an option where it can catch the opponent BT. It's a fairly simple hit confirm, press b+2 and if it hits them as they are recovering, let the stick go neutral and hit 1+2.

b+4,2,1 - This one takes some practice, but once you can see it, you're in the clear. Since b+4 strings are i15, you'll be watching the initial hit for CH. If the initial hit interrupts their attack, then let the whole string continue. The difficulty in this NCc string isn't so much the hit confirm as it is improperly throwing the string out, the last hit does not jail leaving the possibility of being launched.

High Difficulty Hit Confirmable Moves:
The cream of the crop, these attacks represent the ultimate in risk required, skill involved, and possibly a combination of both. Not for beginners.

(enemy) BT b+2,1,3 - This one is tricky as the probability of getting a BT b+2,1,3 in BR is much less than it was in DR due to a few reasons, but overall it's still worth mentioning. Basically you're going to have to input the 3 command between the b+2 and 1 animation, which is a very small window, therefore the b+2,1 animation will act as the hit confirm. If you see the initial b+2 land (as you input 2), you can then input the final 3 for the sweep giving a miniature (or decent) damage combo depending on wall location. This is the big daddy version of BT b+2~WS 1+2 and the risk is much greater as well as the reward.

d/f+1,4 - A similar confirm to b+4,2,1 but with a smaller window to go by, it is much more difficult to properly confirm. With the lack of a damage sprite on CH, as well as lacking an extra "buffer" attack in between the two hits to create a window as there is with b+4,2,1, d/f+1,4 is very tricky to land successfully. Also similarly to b+4,2,1, d/f+1,4 ends high and does not jail, therefore can be ducked and launched. Therefore you need to be on top of your game to CH confirm the d/f+1.

d+4,1,3 - I was split as to whether I should post this or not, but it is possible to CH confirm the string, as such deserves to be mentioned. You'll be looking at their legs to confirm, on standard hit there is no abrupt animation and it looks like you barely nicked them where as on CH, their leg goes into the air which signals that the remainder of the string is guaranteed. Now d+4,1,3 and d+4,4 CH confirming is a two-fold problem, it's not only that CH d+4,1,3 is incredibly hard to confirm but also the properties on d+4,1,3 are absolutely terrible. Both d+4,1,3 and d+4,4 do not jail on hit and end high, therefore are launch punishable on initial (d+4) hit. So one may think, "Well d+4,1,3 doesn't jail and if I don't get CH, I'm getting launched, so how about using d+4,1 and confirming the final 3?" No dice, d+4,1 also does not jail on hit and is high, therefore is also launch punishable. So what should you do? Good question, I'll leave it up to you to decide.

WS 1+2 vs WS 1,3

On the surface the moves are similar, both moves are a 12 frame while stand move, both KND on hit, and both can wall splat (under certain conditions).

Additional Information:
During the change from Tekken 6 to BR, WS 1+2 no longer can be used as a wall carry tool. I'm not sure why they made this change as in Tekken 6, b+2,1 was the preferred carrying tool post bind, due to total carry and consistency.

Pure Speculation:
AFAIK there were no insane wall carry combos that included WS 1+2 so most likely this was a nerf to close range, wall oki. It's possible that, at max range, Dragunov could bait a whiff and at the max wall splat range for WS 1+2, it could be abusable, but realistically I can't see this happening or being practical at all.

Since WS 1,3 is i12, Dragunov can punish any close range, wake-up low with WS 1,3 making his low wake-up punishing a guaranteed wall splat. For this reason, it's not in the opponents favor to wake-up 3 kick while near the wall. The good news is that it's possible to bait out a wake-up 3 if they feel that whatever you just whiffed is punishable. This is due to wake-up 3 launching on CH and FCD D+3 launching on clean hit, if an opponent sees an opportunity, they'll most likely take it as risk versus reward is normally in their favor.

Going more in depth into the frames, wake-up 3 is normally is -12 on block while FCD D+3 is -14 on block. That means that FCD D+3 launches on normal hit and is launch punishable by only a few of the cast (namely Bob, Raven, and Kazuya) making risk versus reward tremendously in their favor. Once you factor wake-up 3 being only -12 on block, making it unlaunchable by all of the cast, one can see why wake-up 3 isn't that bad of an option.

How to Fight Reverse Happy Players

Playing against reversal happy players can be frustrating, especially as a newer player, but they tend to fall into patterns that you can exploit (e.g. newer Asuka's tend to milk b+1+3_2+4 near the wall for W! + B!).

The Chip in Their Armor
The major flaw with reversals is that during the reversal animation, the character can not reverse certain attacks, notably knees and elbows. Since Dragunov has two elbow launchers, qcf+2 and f+1+2, it's definitely in your advantage to be be on the look out for reversal traps.

Unreversable Attacks
qcf+2 ? Standing launcher, extremely strong against reversals, though not safe on block
qcf+1+2 ? Usually safe due to push back, but will KND giving running options post hit
iWR 2 ? Parryable, but not reversable, this will usually stop opponents from reversing
qcf+4 ? Knee system attack throw, not the best option but fairly strong
iWR 4 ? Similar to iWR 2, Dragunov will knee AT the opponent. Tons of damage and oki.
3+4 ? Launch on normal hit, safe on block, and tech frame for additional options
f+1+2 ? Straight forward standing launch with tremendous carry, a strong option
Any low, preferably d/b+3 ? They're reversing mids & highs, not lows, so might as well launch

4,1 (on hit) Follow Up Discussion:

While 4,1 may not be the strongest 12 frame punisher in the game, it's unrivaled ?safeness? and +frames on hit make it an extremely versatile string.

Being +8 on hit allow for some strong follow up options:
1,2,1 ? Straight forward, hit confirming 1,2,1 will interrupt any option the opponent may try.
u/f+4 ? Safe on block and low crush any low/s-mid poke they may try.
f+1+4_2+3 ? Since it takes the opponent approx. 10 frames to get off the ground, a 11 frame instant throw will always interrupt them.
d+2 ? A similar situation to Sergei's instant throws, d+2 comes out in 18 and u/f+4 takes ~10 frames to get airborne, therefore d+2 will interrupt them right as they're leave the ground.
f,f+3 ? Will interrupt SS/SW and will W! if near the wall, coupled with +frames on block for more options post block make this an incredible follow up. Warning: Opponent may duck if they think a f,f+1+2 is coming out.
d+1 ? Similar to f,f+3, gives a trap on block and will KND them nearby on CH giving a free d+3+4
iWR 2 ? Obviously this is for when you are 100% confident in your execution, +frames on block, possible d+3+4 follow up on hit, and full combo on CH.

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Innocent Frame Traps:

Hopefully before reading this far into my guide, you've read my "combating top tier" synopsis of Dragunov at a whole (found here). In there I talk about how Dragunov is so heavily dependent on frames for pressure, but with so few +frame moves on block, it can be hard to gain momentum. Luckily there's a few system tricks you can use to make something out of nothing, literally.

The Traps:
Basic 2 check
The most nonthreatening trap Dragunov has, with a range greater than a basic 1 as well as a smidgen of basic tracking, a basic 2 check can make something out of nothing. Even though the move is even on block, a simple 2 check can set up a good portion of Dragunov's traps and tricks.

d+1 Trap
I love this trap, if the move could consistently hit low stances such as Ling's AOP or extremely low attacks such as Lili's d/b+4, this would easily be in Dragunov's top 10 moves. You are left in standing while they are in FC, therefore (unless they're Lee or Lei) their quickest WS option is 11 frames. Therefore your 1,2 hit confirm will always beat them, unless their WS option has a high crush on it, which is rare but possible.

qcb+2 Traps:

Here's a few set ups for qcb+2 that you can use following certain moves on block. The major criterion for deciding a valid set up are as follows:

  • The move is less (better) than -8 on block, otherwise the number of frames will not be great enough to evade or you will probably get interrupted.
  • The move leaves you at about mid-range on block, as close range will be interrupted and long range will whiff.
  • You aren't playing against a d/b+3 happy Hwoarang, yeah, long story.

u/f+4 ? People are inclined to attack following a blocked u/f+4 or jockey for position
4,1 ? The string is -8 on block, but are left with just enough space to make qcb+2 valid
f+3,2 ? Most players will try to jab after this move for some reason, b+3+4 is a safer option
qcf+1 ? Works due to the sheer number of -12 launchers on block, SS then launching is safer

Please note that these same traps are also valid to follow with b+1+3_2+4 reversal.

Basic Combos:

These are some basic, introductory combos to get new players started. None of the combos require deep dashing or too strict timing, so they should be fairly straight forward to execute.

The Combos
d/f+2, 4,1, 1,3,2, B!, f,f, 3,1,2
d/f+2, 4,1, 4,1, d+4,1,3 (B! saving wall carry)
d/f+2, 4,1, 2,1, f+4,4,3 (B! saving wall carry)

qcf+2, f+2,4, f,f+2, B!, f,f, 3,1,2
qcf+2, f+4, 2,1, f+4,4,3 (B! saving wall carry)

WS 2, f+2,4, f,f+2, B!, f,f, 3,1,2

qcf+1, b+2,1, 1, 1,3,2, B! f,f, 3,1,2
qcf+1, b+2,1, 2,1, f+4,4,3 (B! saving wall carry)

u/f+4, d+4,1,3
u/f+4, d+3,4

CH f,f+4, WS 4, 1,3,2, B!, f,f, 3,1,2

qcb+2, 4,1, 1,3,2, B!, f,f, 3,1,2
qcb+2, 4,1, 2,1, f+4,4,3 (B! saving wall carry)

f+1+2, f,f+2, B!, 3,1, d+4,4

Bobble Mini-Combos:

Dragunov had a knack at picking up opponents as they were recovering for additional damage in DR and if you played DR long enough, it became second nature to immediately d+4,1,3 if you saw certain moves connect. Here's a list of moves that still will give a miniature combo on hit, since some damage is better than no damage.

When opponent is recovering (not B!) d+2 (bobble) WS 4, d+4,4_1,3

When opponent is mid-air u/f+4, d+4,4_1,3
When opponent is mid-air u/f+3, d+4,4_1,3
When opponent is mid-air 4,1, d+4,4_1,3
When opponent is mid-air b+1, d+4,4_1,3
When opponent is mid-air 1,3, d+4,4_1,3

When opponent is mid-air 4,4, WS 1+2

When opponent is mid-air 2,1, 1,3,2 B!
When opponent is mid-air 3,1, 1,3,2 B!
When opponent is mid-air 4,1, 1,3,2 B!
When opponent is mid-air d/f+1, 1,3,2 B!
When opponent is mid-air qcf+1, 1,3,2 B!
When opponent is mid-air b+2, WS 1, 1,3,2 B!
When opponent is mid-air b+2,1, 1,3,2 B!
When opponent is mid-air f+2,4, f,f+2 B!
When opponent is mid-air WS 4, 1,3,2 B!
When opponent is mid-air (SS+2),3, 1,3,2 B!

When opponent is mid-air b+1, 1,3,2 B! (range dependent)
When opponent is mid-air b+4,3, 1,3,2 B! (range dependent)

When opponent is mid-air 1,2,1, 1,3,2 B! (1,2,1 must fully land)
When opponent is mid-air WS 1,3, 1,3,2 B! (WS 1,3 must fully land)

Attacks that Wall/Ground Break:

Situational awareness (such as current location on the stage and distance to wall) is pivotal to success during matches. By using modified combos to manually break walls or the ground, it's possible to squeeze more damage out of your combos that would normally not be possible.

Moves that wall break without a combo
These are attacks that will wall break while the opponent is standing. While it may seem that these same attacks can wall break during a combo, this is often not the case and one should refer to the next section for a complete list of combo wall breaks.

CH 1,2,1
CH f+2,4
WS 1,3
WS 3

Moves that wall break during a combo
These are attacks that will wall break while your opponent is being juggled. Dependent on splat height or amount of hits leading to the splat, some options may not be viable to wall break.


Moves that wall ground break without a combo
These are attacks that will ground break while the opponent is standing.


Moves that ground break during a combo
These are attacks that will ground break when used during a combo, due to the range of a couple of the moves, they may not be viable to use during a standard combo.

SS 2
iWR 2


Ki charging (pressing 1+2+3+4 simultaneously) is normally used as a taunt during the end of the round and is usually frowned upon in most Asian countries. Seeing someone Ki charge in normal play is a rare sight and is usually limited to Jin and Leo players who have strings with charge options available. Both characters have additional strings and properties post charge that can hurt a lot. The major benefit of Ki charging is that attacks performed after the charge are CH whether or not the opponent is attacking or not, though the opponent can still block. The major flaw is that you can't block and all attacks against you are CH as well. Risk versus reward, the opponent definitely has the advantage, but it becomes a very deadly game of cat and mouse as both players will be trying to land the first blow.

Ki Charge System:
Unlike most 2D fighting games, Tekken has no block damage by default (often refered to as "chip damage") therefore in order to knock out your opponent, your attacks must actually hit the opponent. A little known side effect of Ki charging is that all attacks that are blocked by the opponent will take a percentage of the blocked attack as damage, essentially making the attacks do chip damage. This number is roughly 10% of the damage that would have been taken if the attack wasn't blocked and as long as the player's attacks are blocked, the Ki charge persists until it's time runs out. As I've already stated numerous times, one of Dragunov's strongest points is that he can continuously pressure the opponent without giving up too many frames. Couple this fact with being Ki charged, he can essentially chip away his opponent while retaining a slight frame advantage making him nigh-invulnerable to retaliation.

Nice to Knows:
As I've already stated, Ki charging persists as long as the opponent has not been hit, hits you, or time has not run out. A recent change to T6 is that throwing the opponent (or being thrown) will allow the Ki charge effect to persist as long as time is still available. This makes throwing a valid, although very dangerous, strategy for conserving your Ki charge.

Ki Charged Tactical Moves:
iWR 2 - No two ways about it, you're most likely going to be using iWR 2 to get frames and corner your opponent. Launch on "normal" hit and +frames and chip on block.
f,f+2~1+2 - JF Sparks, comes out slightly faster and is inescapable.
b+1 - While not the best option, b+1 gives full combo on hit and can be used as keep out.
d/b+3 - High crush, low that attack throws at clean range and trips at near max range.
qcf+3 - Same risk with higher reward, high and later mid crush property frames can save your ass if your opponent goes on the offensive while you're charged.

Ki Charged Tactical Strings:
1,3,2~1+2 - A combination of chip damage and the "JF" grab, extremely risky.
d+4,1,3 - Since the entire string is NCc and W!, this is a strong low option.
d+4,4 - Similar to d+4,1,3 except slightly lower damage and W! directly to their back.
b+4,2,1 - Good damage and is +4 on block, the same risk with much greater reward.
1,3,1,2,4,1+2 - Dragunov's strongest chip damage string, fairly safe w/ push back.
1,3,1,2,1,1,4,1,3,2 - Same risk as his normal 10 string but with better reward, possible to stop the string before the last hit for manual bind if W!.

Miscellaneous Nice To Knows:

Here's a miscellaneous list of things that didn't quite fit in the sections above. Maybe if I compile more moves and/or data I'll make it into their own sections.

Useful Counter Strings and Attacks:
These are specifically move a counters move b and are mostly character specific.

qcf+1+2 - Counters low stances such as Ling AOP and Zafina TNT
WS 1+2 - Can punish Ling's AOP low attack, one of the only characters who can
3,1 ? Can interrupt/pick up Ling's kangaroo type rolls
iWR 2 - Will catch Chreddy RLX movements/attacks on flinch, otherwise will run past them.
b+2 - Interrupts/tracks Feng u/f+2 evasive punch

Weird Stuff:
There are moves with some strange properties, here are a few of them.

f,f+4 counts as airborne even though it doesn't low crush.
qcf+3 hit box is unique to say the least, the first few frames are neither mid crush or high crush, the middle of the animation is a high crush, and finally at the end of the animation it's both high and mid crush which can save your ass on whiff.
3,1,<2 though been toned down since T6, it still has nearly 360 tracking when performed correctly.
1,2,1 the last hit can still CH even when your opponent is directly behind you.
d/b+3 similarly to 1,2,1 can KND the opponent when they're directly behind you.
CH (SS 2),3 even though the 3 will hit an airborne opponent, the camera will shift as if the attack throw occurred.
3+4 can interrupt and launch wake up kicks.
f+4,4,3 the 2nd 4 on CH gives magic 4 launch but only allows for d+4 follow ups, the 3 on airborne opponents at close range allows for 1,3,2 follow ups. Therefore for a magic 4 bind combo, one must do CH (f+4),4,3, 1,3,2 B!

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Move Analysis:

This is just a quick analysis of Dragunov's individual moves/strings. There will not be frame data for all the moves listed below except for a few selected moves. All the frame data can be found at Ina Tekken and the data is fairly accurate as not much has changed from T6 to BR.

The order of the moves listed below are in the same order as they appear in the Japanese BR Dragunov move list.

The PDF can be found here.

The Moves:
1,1,3 - Three hit string, but not NC/NCc. The first two punches are NC but doesn't give the best frames on block or damage on hit, so should be avoided as your 10 frame punish of choice. The final 3 can be delayed and will KND on normal hit.

Second Thought: The delay can be used to bait out a wall splat if their back is to the wall, but other than that, the string is pretty weak.

1,2 - One of Dragunov's 10 frame punishers. Hits initially high, then hits mid. It's very good against players who will use a launcher and you're not sure if the move is -10 or less. That way if they plan to duck the "punishment" to WS launch, the 2 will hit them FC and stop their attack. For this reason alone beginners should only be using 1,2 to punish 10 frames.

1,2,1 - Arguably Dragunov's best move, read the entire section on 1,2,1 for analysis.

Second Thought: Learn this move inside and out, or die.

1,3,2 - Dragunov's medium range bind string. Can transition into a throw by pressing 1+2.

Tidbit: Unlike f,f+2, the final 2 on CH will not knock them on their ass for a follow up.

2,1,3 - Three hit string high ender that is neither NC/NCc. Was primarily used to wall carry in T6 but has been replaced by the more damaging, easier execution f+4,4,3.

Second Thought: This move is antiquated and needs to be removed/reworked in the next version.

2,1,4 - Three hit string that ends in a low poke. Decent match ender if you never abuse it.

Tidbit: Dragunov's only +frame low on normal hit.

3,1,2 - Dragunov's post bind string of choice. Decent damage, decent wall carry, way easier to execute compared to T6 3,1,2. The first two hits are NC but doesn't jail on block making it risky to throw out as a poke.

Tidbit: The initial 3 hits lower compared to T6 and makes his ground pick up oki much stronger as well as making his post bind 3,1,2 more consistent.

4,1 - Dragunov's 12 frame punisher that is safe on block, jails, and is +8 on hit giving Sergei some wicked mix up options. While it isn't as strong as Bob's f+2,3 or Lar's f+2,4 12 frame punishers, its risk vs reward can't be beat.

Warning: Even though 4,1 is safe on block and is +8 on hit, it should not be used as a poke.

4,3 - Dragunov's 12 frame NCc string that replaced his magic 4 from DR to T6. While his damage potential has been toned down, CH 4,3 to d+3+4 stomp still hurts. Unsafe on block.

Tidbit: While the 4 has poor tracking, the 3 tracks almost 90 degrees to either side. Hopefully they don't interrupt you by the time it comes out if they SS'd.

4,4 - An interesting move, to say the least. The first 4 is his standard 4 kick and then he jumps and comes down with his right leg. On normal hit it KNDs but the final 4 on CH gives a f+1+2 style launch where f,f+2 can be used to bind them.

Tidbit: If your opponent's back is to the wall, WS 2 followed by 4,4 will leave the opponent BT with high wall splat, although the follow ups aren't the best.

3+4 - A high, safe launcher type attack that gives combo on normal hit. Dragunov jump kicks and then falls to the ground where there is a tech frame as soon as he touches the ground. In order to combo off of 3+4, the Sergei player must successfully tech the fall, otherwise there is no guaranteed follow up.

Tidbit: Make sure you are teching to the correct side or you may be wondering why you can't land the combo, namely tech roll to the left.

f+2,4 - Good combo filler, safe NCc, delayable 4 attack that gives combo on CH, and wall splats on successful hit. One of Dragunov's strongest moves and one of his only CH bait launchers.

Tidbit: While the iWS 4 follow up has been removed, his does have two different and consistent follow ups, namely 4,1 and 4,3. 4,1 for close range wall carry and 4,3 for close range bind.

f+3 - Not much to say about it as the move since you're going to get nothing off of it on normal hit or CH. The only thing I can really say about it is that it used to low crush in DR and I assume it still has some crush frames.

Second Thought: f+3 should not be -10 on block, seeing as how both of the options are unsafe in one way or another, f+3 alone should allow for mind games.

f+3,2 - Two hit NC string that doesn't jail on block but is about even on hit. Very deceptive frame opening after the final 2 hit. Can set up a 1,2,1 hit confirm if they decide to attack with anything other than a 10 frame move.

Tidbit: While Ina says this move is +1 on block, it's closer to -1.

f+3,3 - Two hit NCc string that isn't safe on block, but is range dependent for punishment. On CH and within clean range, the final 3 with change to a d/f+3 clean range style attack throw and will do additional damage.

Tidbit: At max range this string is safe against most of the cast on block, but it also will not shift to attack throw on CH.

f+4,4 - Dragunov's 14 frame punisher that's inexplicably even on hit. Unfortunately doesn't have the range required to punish certain -14 frame moves such as Steve DCK 2.

Second Thought: Although f+4,4 is probably supposed to be Dragunov's 14 frame punisher, you'll find that b+3 (even though it's a homing move) will be the preferred i14 punisher. Unless you're absolutely sure f+4,4 will reach, you should opt to use b+3.

f+4,4,3 - Dragunov's strongest and most consistent wall carry finishers. If the f+4 is blocked and the second 4 is CH, it will launch but will give nothing consistently. If you follow up with the 3 though, the 3 will hit them mid-air and will allow you to follow up with 1,3,2 for bind.

Tidbit: The final 3 in f+4,4,3 has complete 360 tracking around Dragunov, while I don't suggest finishing the string unless they're airborne, it's nice to know it's there.

f+4,d+4 - Dragunov high to low poke. Not very fast for a poke, but it can get the job done.

Tidbit: While f+4,4 is a NC, f+4,d+4 is NCc increasing its usefulness.

f+1+2 - Dragunov's 17 frame launcher/punisher. Impressive range and very high damage potential with its long, fairly simple wall carry.

Tidbit: With the opponent's back near the wall, f+1+2 can get high wall splat on hit.

d/f+1 - Dragunov's 13 frame, close range, mid poke. Can be used as a mid-air check to guarantee 1,3,2 bind follow ups.

Second Thought: d/f+1 really should have some basic tracking to both sides.

d/f+1,4 - Dragunov's 13 frame NCc string, gives free d+3+4 stomp on CH. Though it's safe on block, it doesn't jail making it fairly risky to just throw out. The 4 can be delayed to hopefully catch your opponent off guard.

Tidbit: While difficult, d/f+1,4 can CH confirmed for knockdown.

d/f+2 - Dragunov's standing 15 frame launcher. Good reach, good damage potential, launches on any hit. Used to be the 2nd furthest reaching d/f+2 but was nerfed (inexplicably) with the T6 to BR generic d/f+2 nerfs.

Second Thought: Its range and hit box has been so tampered with it's almost not worth using.

d/f+3 - A short range attack where he comes down from above with his left leg. A decent poke that can catch grounded opponents on flinch. On clean hit, the attack shifts to an attack throw for additional damage and oki options. d/f+3 is also the key to Dragunov's forced KND oki options.

Tidbit: Will shift to attack throw on CH against an opponent wake up kick increasing its usefulness.

d+1 - A bad ass single strike attack. On block, sets up for CH 1,2,1. On hit forces the opponent into crouching. On CH gives a free d+3+4 stomp follow up. Useful as a quick wall bind if there isn't enough time for f,f+2 or b+3+4 options.

Second Thought: This move is awesome, always has been, hopefully always will be.

d+2 - Dragunov's bread and butter 18 frame, instant high crush, low poke. Great tracking, invisible low that's even on hit and +4 on CH. Unfortunately its range has been slightly toned down, but overall the move is still excellent.

Tidbit: d+2 also works as a flinch check, if you hit them while they are grounded and you notice a flinch, immediately follow up with WS 4 for possible small combo or WS 1+2 if their back is to the wall.

d+3,4 - d+3 alone is great range low poke that can hit grounded, but d+3,4 has limited applications. The only use for d+3,4 is that the final 4, on CH, causes an ass stun that must be escaped by teching. If the opponent doesn't successfully tech, then a d/f+2 launch follow up is guaranteed. The entire string is NCc but the final 4 can be interrupted greatly reducing its strength without CH.

Second Thought: The final 4 should come out faster to better catch CH.

d+4,1,3 - Three hit string that is NCc and KNDs on CH. The string doesn't jail on block making it very risky against strong players. As such the string should only be used for low pick ups and low splat wall combos.

Second Thought: Dragunov has two low starting NCc strings, both are low the first hit, high the remaining attacks, and neither jail making them nigh useless against solid comp.

d+4,4 - Fairly similar to d+4,1,3 in properties and usefulness. d+4,4 is a two hit string that is NCc and knocks the opponent on their back on CH, therefore requires them to tech roll backwards (or spring board) to escape follow ups.

Tidbit: d+4,4 is also Dragunov's most consistent post bind attack

d/b+2,1,2 - Toned down from DR, d/b+2,1,2 has lost its NCc combo starting and picked up a few other tricks in exchange. The first two hits (d/b+2,1) are NC, but unfortunately jab punishable on block. The last two hits d/b+1,2 are NCc giving the DR style launch if the 1 is CH. The entire string is delayable and the final hit is now only -14 on block, making it unlaunchable by most of the cast.

Warning: While the string is -14, it still doesn't jail, making it susceptible to SS and launch.

d/b+3 - Dragunov's instant high crush, low sweep that gives combo on hit. While the damage potential is less than a similar style sweep, d/b+3 is only -18 on block making it u/f n 4 safe.

Tidbit: d/b+3 has some wicked tracking, so much so that chances are you'll see it sweep the opponent if they're behind you.

d/b+3~1+2 - A throw transition out of the d/b+3 sweep. If your opponent has been prone to block the d/b+3 sweep, it's good to throw this out and mix it up. The speed of the cancel has been improved from DR to BR.

Tidbit: This throw cancel seems to be best suited as an oki option with their back to the wall as they are recovering from grounded.

b+1 - A long range high combo starter on CH. The move has some low crush frames as well as a small auto SS. On CH b+1, a blue spark will appear and they will stumble backwards. If they do not break out of the stun, a f+1+2 launch follow up is guaranteed.

Warning: When in rage mode, b+1 will cause spark on normal hit, not just CH. Make sure you properly hit confirm while enraged.

b+2,1,3 - Never, ever use this move out in the open. Its applications are limited to wall splats and trapping the enemy back turned, other than that forget this string exists.

Tidbit: On catching an opponent BT, this string is NC

b+3 - Dragunov's 14 frame high homing move. Crappy frames on block, crappy frames on hit, decent frames on CH. Much better than f,f+3 for stopping SS due to many players ducking on reflex thinking that a f,f+1+2 throw will come out.

Tidbit: While b+3 is the fastest homing move in the game, it has no other stand out properties.

b+4,2,1 - Three hit NCc string that deals mondo damage on CH. The string is hit confirmable and should be confirmed to avoid being launched. The string is +4 on block so it's also a good pressure string if they aren't aware of its weakness.

Tidbit: With rage and CH, this string hurts, a lot.

b+4,2,1+2 - Similar to the string above, except Dragunov tackles the opponent instead of finishing the string with a punch.

Second Thought: All of Dragunov's tackle strings are trashy, the tackle should really come out faster.

b+4,3 - Dragunov's two hit NC string. Wall splats slightly to his right on hit and is safe on block, though the -frames are trash. Doesn't jail on block making the string risky to throw out often. The 3 kick has decent tracking in a pinch.

Tidbit: A quick iWS 4 can catch most options post b+4,3 for bobble to bind.

b+1+2 - Dragunov's multi-purpose close range strike. On hit knocks the opponent to the ground for a free d+3+4 stomp, on block is +4 giving some pressure options. Also can be used as a strong bind after close range wall splat.

Warning: This move can be reversed.

b+3+4 - Dragunov's high and mid punch parry. Since it's a punch parry, the attack is unchickenable. Gives free d+4,1,3 or d+3+4 stomp on hit.

Tidbit: If a punch is parried with the wall directly to your left, it's possible to iWS 4 pick up the opponent for full combo.

b+2+3 - Decent range unblockable with evasive properties. Dragunov leans back high crushing and has some evasive mid dodging properties, when he punches he quickly rocks forward gaining more range on the attack. The unblockable has almost no tracking to either side.

Tidbit: This unblockable wall splats at almost any range if your opponent is anywhere near the wall

(Bonus) Tidbit: The unblockable hits very low for a mid, it's possible to hit grounded characters on flinch/wake up.

u/b+2 - Small auto-SS high poke starter, on CH leads to free bobble start to combo/wall carry.

Tidbit: Best used with a manual SSL followed immediately by u/b+2.

u/f+2 - Mid-jumping/lunging attack. Dragunov jumps at the opponent and comes down with some type of judo chop. Low crushes and KNDs on CH for free d+3+4 stomp. Fairly limited in application and use.

Second Thought: The move is fairly risky for its CH follow ups.

u/f+4 - Dragunov's safe jumping mini-launcher. Similar to Bryan and Lars' u/f+4 except does no bind on hit nor leads to full combo. Has deceptive range and tracks fairly well to Dragunov's right, but has a tendency to miss certain low attacks, even though he crushes them easily. Only guaranteed follow up is d+4,1,3 for combo and qcf+3 for mediocre oki.

Tidbit: If u/f+4 hits with the wall directly to your right, it's possible to iWS 4 pick up the opponent for full combo.

(Bonus) Second Thought: Seriously, why does this not have a real follow up? It's slow enough to be jabbed out of the air and doesn't hit low enough consistently to compensate for its short comings.

u/f+3+4 - Unescapable throw. While the damage has been increased from DR, the speed has been reduced and is easier to react in time to.

Second Thought: After whiff you might feel the need to move ASAP to escape retaliation, don't. Take the grounded hit or wait until you think it's safe to move.

f,f+2 - Dragunov's 15 frame decent range mid. Can be used as a mid-range bind attack either mid-air or near the wall.

Tidbit: On CH causes a small stun that can be escaped, therefore only quick lows or low hitting mids are guaranteed, qcf+1+2 seems to be the best follow up.

f,f+2~1+2 - The throw cancel for f,f+2. Dragunov spins with his punch and grabs the opponent with his other hand. This throw cancel can be cancelled by holding back, which can lead to custom tricks and attacks.

Tidbit: When ki (1+2+3+4) charged, the throw cancel is unescapable.

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f,f+3 - Dragunov's slower, more strategic homing move. Does huge damage, wall splats on hit, and is +3 on block. A very powerful single strike kick.

Tidbit: Extremely strong with the opponent?s back to the wall due to +3 on block and W! on hit.

f,f+4 - In DR, this move actually used to be good. f,f+4 used to high crush and low crush making the move actually not suck. Only -1 on block, +frames on hit, hits grounded, and launches on CH. It sounds decent on paper, but as I've said it doesn't crush anything so you'll constantly get hit out of f,f+4, tracks for shit, and requires CH damage.

Second Thought: When you compare Dragunov's f,f+4 to similar moves such as Anna's and Paul's f,f+4 you can see that Dragunov really got the short stick. A major overhaul of the move is needed for the next Tekken game.

qcf+1 - While this move used to have poor range and inconsistent tracking in T6, qcf+1 has tremendously been improved in BR. qcf+1 is a high launcher that's safe on block and slightly tracks to his left. Leads to pretty good damage and decent wall carry. Delaying the 1 input (e.g. qcf<1) gives the attack some nasty range and a few high crush frames during the qcf dash.

Tidbit: Being only -2 on block allows for some strong SS options.

qcf+2 - Dragunov's strongest standing launcher. Crazy damage potential and crazy wall carry. This is also Dragunov's most punishable launcher so throwing it out with your back to a wall isn't a wise decision. Delaying the 2 input (e.g. qcf<2) extends the range slightly but primarily gives high crush frames until near the hit frame.

Second Thought: High crush frames throughout qcf+2's animation would help it out drastically.

qcf+3 - A near invisible low slide with some interesting properties. Crappy frames on hit and launchable on block, primarily used as a poke or grounded hit. On CH qcf+3 turns into a running 3 attack throw for additional damage.

Second Thought: The move really shouldn't be so crappy on hit or it should at least give oki options on CH.

qcf+4 - Step in knee that on hit turns into an attack throw, much safer than its DR version. On hit you can input 1,3,4,2 or 2,4,3,1 for an additional command attack. If they don't break the command throw, you'll get additional damage and grounded oki follow ups.

Tidbit: Can hit certain evasive stances, but takes too long to come out to be practical.

qcb+2 - Dragunov's sway away/evasive launcher. Initial animation crushes highs and may evade most mids/lows.

Second Thought: An extremely useful launcher, just be sure not to whiff.

iWR 2 - Dragunov's signature spammed move in T6. +frames on block, KNDs on hit, launches on CH for full combo. Tracks slightly to his left but can more easily be stepped in BR. Has reduced range compared to his T6 version so whiffing this move in an opponent's face more than likely means getting launched.

Tidbit: Can hit grounded opponents on certain flinches.

iWR 4 - Since iWR 2 has been toned down in T6, iWR 4 looks nicer on paper. Since DR, iWR 4 is now safe on block, still does the attack throw on hit, and tracks to his left. Does good damage on hit and sets up some grounded/BT oki.

Tidbit: Can be used as a post-bind option to set up wake up oki.

WR 3 - Warning, this move cannot come out of iWR 3 so Dragunov must be fully running in order to execute this attack. On hit Dragunov performs an attack throw kicking them up into the air.

Tidbit: Exactly the same animation (slide and attack throw) as CH qcf+3.

WS 1,3 - Dragunov's signature WS 12 frame wall splat attack. On hit Dragunov KND the enemy setting up some unique oki (check the section below for more) and with opponent's back to the wall, the move fully wall splats them for a b+1+2 B! follow up.

Tidbit: Since Dragunov is missing a true 12-14 NC wall splat from standing, iWS 1,3 will be your non-CH string of choice. While it?s lacking the push back of qcf+1+2, it isn?t plagued by wall splat problems and it?s much less punishable at -10 on block.

WS 2 - Your 15 frame WS launcher, going from T6 to BR, the move spins them in the air making the T6 style 4,1 combo filler very difficult to execute. Instead of using 4,1 you can use f+2,4 to catch them mid-air and then f,f+2 to bind them for combo.

Tidbit: WS 2?s range is horrendous and will not launch most staggering, blocked lows (e.g. Baek d/b+4). So if a blocked move is worse than -23, make sure to use u/f n 4 to punish.

WS 3 - WS 3 is a move with very limited applications. At 17 frames it's slower than WS 2, KNDs and wall splats on hit, not safe on block but with the push back it becomes safe.

Second Thought: I find that this move is only useful coming out as iWS 3, since qcf+3 will no longer work as it did in DR. iWS 3 works as an awesome mid-range KND/wall splat and has a very deceptive animation.

WS 1+2 - Dragunov's longer range WS 12 frame punisher. Not safe on block, but safe against most characters due to push back. KNDs on hit but also forces KND while mid-air removing any ability to use it as a wall carry attack. Pretty strong move against characters who can't punish it consistently.

Tidbit: qcf+1+2 is extremely useful as it can cancel stances quite effectively such as Ling AOP and Zaf TNT. For a mid, WS+1+2 hits at the very bottom of the hit box increasing its usefulness.

SS 2,3 - A two hit NC that's decent at interrupting some attacks. The last 3 can be delayed and if the 3 is CH, shifts to a d/f+3 style attack throw doing additional damage and giving grounded oki.

Tidbit: When the 3 hits an opponent mid-air the camera shifts suddenly as if it was a standing CH, attack throw shift. A 1,3,2 follow up is guaranteed if the camera shifts when they're hit mid-air.

SS 2,1+2,4 - I never get a chance to use this, but it seems to be included as a mix-up to SS 2,3 to trap people who try to duck the second hit. I believe the 4 can be delayed and if the last 4 is CH, it stuns the opponent giving guaranteed follow ups.

Second Thought: A near useless string, realistically this string should only be used as an alternate to SS 2,3 and the final 4 should only be input if you anticipate your opponent to attack right away. Either way, fairly hard to predicate successfully.

SS 2,1+2,1+2 - Another mix-up to the SS string series. Instead of doing the 3 kick at the end, Dragunov lunges at the opponent with a d/b+1+2 tackle. Limited application since the tackle comes out fairly slowly.

Second Thought: Another slow ass automatic tackle. Why!?!

FCD D+3 - Most characters get a full combo launch off of FCD D+3, but not Dragunov. Instead he basically scissor kick takes them down followed by a leg lock attack throw.

Second Thought: Good damage on hit, but he'll get more damage out of FDFT d+3.

FCD 1+2 - The infamous living dead crawl from DR. Useful to escape certain follow ups which can reduce opponent oki options. Dragunov is left BT to the opponent but usually has a good amount of spacing between each other.

Tidbit: A good amount of players will be able to anticipate FCD 1+2 and will dash in for oki. If they dash in, BT 4 or BT d+3 will stop them in their tracks.

FCD 1+2~1+2 - The move that everyone wanted added from DR. Basically Dragunov tackles out of living dead giving all his standard tackle follow ups. Unlike the d/b+1+2 tackle, FCD 1+2~1+2 requires 1+2 input to escape.

Tidbit: Even though the move requires a special break, you can still be flipped over if timed properly.

d+3+4 - Dragunov's grounded enemy boot stomp. Requires the enemy to be grounded to work.

Tidbit: If the enemy is not fully grounded when used, Dragunov will d+3 poke.

1,3,1,2,1,1,4,1,3,2 - Sergei's 10 hit string attack.

Tidbit: The final 2 does not bind the enemy but luckily you can stop the string before the final hit if they're near the wall.

1,3,1,2,4,1+2 - Sergeit's 6 hit string that's safe against most of the cast on block.

1+3 - Standard 1+3 throw, on "hit" the 1+3 grab puts the enemy to left. On escape the 1+3 puts you to their left.

Tidbit: An extremely strong tool to use to gain favorable position over your opponent.

2+4 - Standard 2+4 throw, on "hit" the 2+4 switches sides with opponent and leaves them KND near you. If your back is to the wall, the throw leaves them directly next to you giving some 50/50 oki options. On escape you switch sides with the opponent, very useful if you back is to the wall.

Warning: Even though it looks like a d+3+4 stomp is guaranteed after switching sides with them with your back to the wall, they can recover in time to block and punish it.

To their left 1+3_2+4 - Oki

To their right 1+3_2+4 - Oki

To their back 1+3_2+4 - Inescapable BT grab. Poor damage for a BT grab and gives crap for oki.

Second Thought: The animation is identical to Nina's and Anna's BT grab, except for some reason theirs does 10 points of damage more. I have no idea why.

f+1+4 - Dragunov's first instant grab. Once again, fast execution and the throw does improved damage. On "hit" Dragunov switches positions with the opponent so it's very useful with your back to the wall.

Second Thought: It seems that people break out of this throw much more than the f+2+3 instant throw. This might be due to players panicking and hitting 1 or simply because of players using 1 checks for spacing or frames.

f+2+3 - Dragunov's second instant grab. Once again, quick execution and deceiving start up animation make his instant throws extremely dangerous. On "hit" the grabs moves you to their left and at their side.

Tidbit: For some reason the f+2+3 seems to have slightly more range than the f+1+4 throw. No proof, just experience.

f,f+1+2 - The beat down or the ass kicker. Whatever you want to call it, this throw looks like it hurts. Leaves the opponent grounded next to you giving some great oki options.

Tidbit: Immediately after the throw finishes, a single b+2 will catch any recovery leaving the opponent BT. Read the section below on grounded oki for more.

d/b+1+2 - The input command for Sergei's standing tackle/take down. Opens up additional attacks on successful hit. More on his tackle series and system below.

Tidbit: The tackle can be canceled by immediately inputting 1+2 or 3+4 (d/b+1+2~1+2_3+4) and Dragunov is left recovering in WS. While the cancel itself isn't very effective, it does look confusing.

d/b+1+2~1 - Sergei's tackle to back break. Leaves you at your opponents back on hit with them FCD giving some good dashing oki.

Tidbit: Of all the moves that leave the opponent FCD with Sergei behind them, this is the move where people always seem to play it safe. A simple d+3 check usually does the job for additional damage.

d/b+1+2~2 - Sergei's tackle to leg break. Leaves you at your opponents feet with them face up. Not great oki options but is much less dangerous because of no opponent FCD D+3 option.

Second Thought: I've personally never tried it, but due to how you recover, it may be possible to buffer in iWR 2 and hopefully catch them on a back roll.

d/b+1+2~1+2 - Sergei's tackle beat down. 5 more damage and the same oki options as d/b+1+2~2

Tidbit: IMO you shouldn't opt to use the 1+2 follow up. A good portion of players just button smash 1+2 while being tackled and will most likely escape this option.

d+1+3_2+4 - Crouching throw, good damage and a very small break window. Basically an instant, crouch throw. Can lead to iWR 2 oki back catches.

Second Thought: It's very hard to land a crouching throw as there is almost no reason to crouch against Dragunov. Good luck trying to use it.

b+1+3_2+4 - Dragunov's reversal grab that can reverse most high and mid kicks and punches. Due to a wide range of animations, he can reverse many attacks that other characters can not. As with other reversals, his reversal can be chickened.

Second Thought: Reversals are incredibly strong near walls. It often throws a monkey wrench into their plans and they are almost never ready for the oki follow up. Learning the possible oki options off the different animations will improve your game tremendously.

d/f+1+2 - One of the few characters in the game with a low reversal. Depending on the hit, Dragunov either spins them around and breaks their arm or flips them around and knees them in the back of the head. Depending on the type of reversal decides the available oki option.

Warning: Not all lows can be low parried and those same lows can not be reversed

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Suggested Changes to Sergei Dragunov:

What exactly is Dragunov missing?
Without ego, I can say these are four things Dragunov needs:

1) Dragunov's complete lack of high crush attacks makes him easily pitbulled and while qcb+2 can stop a good portion of pitbulls, it's absolutely horrendous on whiff. Two low, instant high crushes (d+2 and d/b+3) aren't enough, he needs a mid option and preferably it launches. To be honest, a good start would be qcf+2, at -14 frames it's his most punishable launcher and the damage potential isn't much greater than qcf+1 at -2 frames. The animation is already there, but there's no high crush except for the qcf dash motion.

2) Dragunov's punishing is sub-par compared to the rest of the cast. While he (arguably) has one the best 12 frame punishers, that's all he gets until 15 frames. f+4,4 is a joke, it has no range and it is his 14 frame punisher? Seriously though, have you seen what some other characters get at 12 frames? Bob gets f+2,3 which is an unsafe wall splat NC with long range, Lars gets f+2,4 which is a less unsafe wall splat NC with insane range and both of those moves come out in 12 frames. Nina's f+3, which is a long range wall splat NC at 14 frames and other characters such as Bryan, Ling, and Lars can get full launches at 14 frames. f+4,4 needs to seriously be improved, preferably to a KND/wall splat and/or give it the range it deserves. As it stands right now, it's completely unusable.

3) u/f+4 needs to be improved in more ways than one. While it is (thankfully) much less prone to whiffing against certain lows, the move is near useless in T6. At least in DR his u/f+4 gave a full combo (u/f+4, SSR, d+4,4, d+4,1,3) which did decent damage and had some wall carry but has been destroyed by the d+4,4 "reworking". The move is slow, still suffers from tracking issues, and doesn't give a decent combo on hit. Obviously compare Dragunov's u/f+4 to Bryan's and Lar's u/f+4 to find out what the move should be closer to.

4) Dragunov's chain mix ups are not valid mix ups. Namco kinda got this right by buffing b+4,2,1 and b+4,3 but everything else was left by the way side. There's seriously 6 strings that are useless because either the ender is high no matter what, or they end in that idiotic tackle. The tackle cancel is too slow, no one in their right mind falls for it, I haven't seen it work since Dragunov was introduced in DR.

"Ok, now that I heard what he's missing, what would you like to see Tyler?"
I'm not going to give you the standard "improve tracking" complaint, that's obviously going to plague us forever, so here's a list of things that should be improved.

1) Make his +frames moves (iWR 2 and b+4,2,1) on guard +5 frames instead of +4.

2) 3+4 on hit should give combo no matter which way Dragunov techs.

3) Off axis combos need to be brought back to their T6 incarnations, why was this nerfed?

4) f,f+4 needs to crush high or low. I don't care which one, just give me one of them.

5) 3,1 should not be launch punishable, make it -8 on block and -13 on whiff or make it jail and be -10 on block, but either way 3,1 should not be 15+ WS launchable. We already have plenty of moves that are.

6) u_u/f+2 should really give mini-combo on CH, something like CH u/f+2, 4,3, B!, d+4,4 similarly to Dragunov's CH (f+2),4.

7) d+3+4 push back on hit should be slightly reduced. As it currently stands, using d+3+4 removes any further oki options killing our ground pressure.

Suggested new Moves/Strings:

BT 3

You'll often encounter this problem with iWR 2, either they'll recover not in your favor or they'll SS and iWR 2 will whiff. A good portion of the time, they'll just be out of range where they can't punish you, but Dragunov's BT options are so poor that nothing will allow you to counter-attack them. So there's this awkward moment where neither character can hit each other and it's just frustrating to experience. The other major problem is when you forcefully cross over your opponent as they wakeup or as they tech, since most good players are aware of BT d+3 and the remainder of his moves from BT being either being high, low, or s-mid; it's in their favor to duck your options.

Therefore Dragunov needs a mid option out of BT that isn't complete garbage. It could be some type of side/back kick similar to Raven BT 3 that KNDs on hit. It doesn't have to necessarily wallsplat, but if it did wall splat, it can be the typical -12 on block that Namco currently favors (for Dragunov).

What this move brings to the table:
As stated, there's currently no reason to standing guard against Dragunov when he's BT, with mid options that can be evaded by ducking, the risk vs reward is incredibly in the opponent's favor. The move would also strengthen his crossover game, especially near the wall, where a KND mixup can work wonders.


u/f+4 had a garbage hit box in DR, but it at least got the job done. It, on paper, was comparable to Bryan's orbital heel, a jumping, safe launcher with decent wall carry. Dragunov's bread and butter combo was u/f+4, SSR, d+4,4, d+4,1,3, the combo did decent damage and had semi-adjustable wall carry. It gave Dragunov a tool that he so depesrately needed in DR, namely a safe launcher. Fast forward to T6, Dragunov's u/f+4 has had its hit box improved so it doesn't so blatently whiff on most low attacks, but d+4,4 has changed from a low oki pick up to a 2-hit NCc push away. This normally wouldn't be a problem as characters are given new strings/properties to compensate for their shortcomings, but not Dragunov. Sergei's u/f+4 combo has gone from a decent damage combo with semi-adjustable wall carry to a mini-combo that is entirely dependent on wall positioning to get any damage from it. It's interesting to see this shortcoming come forth during a game where a new character gets a similar tool with incredible wall carry and damage potential (e.g. Lars' u/f+4, f+1,2,3~DE 1, f,b+2,1, B!).

What this move brings to the table:
d+4,2 would be a low,mid close range oki pick up that would give small combo on hit. The frames on pickup would be only enough to allow 1,3,2 which can be done by forcing the opponent to be picked up BT, therefore d+4,2, 1, f+4,4,3 wouldn't be an option. This string could also be used for close range oki near the wall, a problem that Dragunov currently has with 3,1 pick up since it can not be used near the wall, as there is no time to fit in a bind move therefore only the entire 3,1,2 string will connect.

Frame Changes:
My suggested frame changes to Dragunov, basically they're just changes to moves that make absolutely no sense to me and really deserve to be changed.

d+3 - There should be no reason that this move is launch punishable, I've read that this move is anywhere from -15 to -18 on block? Why? d+3,4 isn't NC, d+3,4 is punishable on block even when the d+3 connects, and CH d+3,4 gives no ass stun. Compared to d+2, d+3 is slower, does less damage, -frames on hit, and is launch punishable on block. For what, more range?

d+4,1,3 - The whole string needs to be changed. d+4 shouldn't be so poor on hit, d+4,1 shouldn't be launch punishable on duck as well as be 14 on block (one or the other is enough), and finally the entire string is incredibly poor on block while still being duckable for launch. The entire string should jail on initial d+4 hit seeing as how you still have to pay a 12+ frame punish on block premium.

b+3 - The fact that b+3 is -9 on block isn't as painful as only being +3 on hit. Since b+3 does not launch on CH anymore, doesn't transitition to an additional attack/attack throw, doesn't KNDs/wall splats, isn't better frames on CH than on normal hit, then why is this move so bad on hit? Keep the -9 on block, move the +frames to +5 on hit, and we'll talk.

qcf+3 - You can make an arguement as to how much this move is great/crap and both would be valid, but qcf+3 is in serious need of revamping. Similarily to d+3, qcf+3 is a move that would be far more useful if it wasn't so inexplicably bad. Compare Dragunov's qcf+3 to Nina's qcf+3 and Lars' f,f+3+4, both Nina's and Lars' attacks KND on CH giving oki/pickup options, while Nina's qcf+3 is about -5 on hit and Lars' is about even on hit. Obviously Lars' f,f+3+4 is the superior on hit, but also takes more frames to come out, so even though it's a tad over adventageous, it also can be ducked on reaction. Now some may argue that Dragunov's qcf+3 on CH switches to an attack throw, therefore is the best of the three, but the problem is the attack throw allows the opponent to recover way too fast as well as leaves the opponent too far away from Dragunov, essentially killing any possibility for oki. Making this move more inline with Nina's at -5/6 on hit would tremendously help it out.

b+4,2,1+2 - No need for introduction, the tackle transition is way too slow to be viable, speed it up by 6-10 frames. As it stands it is completely unusable in standard play, let alone mid/high level play.

Written by Tyler2k for exclusive display on Tekken Zaibatsu
This write up may be distributed freely but please leave everything intact, especially credit.

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Placeholder if needed.
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Placeholder if needed.
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Thank you so much for this tyler2k. The work is greatly appreciated.
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Originally posted by tyler2k
Suggested Changes to Sergei Dragunov:

"Ok, now that I heard what he's missing, what would you like to see Tyler?"
I'm not going to give you the standard "improve tracking" complaint, that's obviously going to plague us forever, so here's a list of things that should be improved.

1) Make his +frames moves (iWR 2, b+1+2, and b+4,2,1) on guard +5 frames instead of +4.

2) 3+4 on hit should give combo no matter which way Dragunov techs.

3) Off axis combos need to be brought back to their T6 incarnations, why was this nerfed?

4) f,f+4 needs to crush high or low. I don't care which one, just give me one of them.

5) 3,1 should not be launch punishable, make it -8 on block and -13 on whiff or make it jail and be -10 on block, but either way 3,1 should not be 15+ WS launchable. We already have plenty of moves that are.

6) u_u/f+2 should really give mini-combo on CH, something like CH u/f+2, 4,3, B!, d+4,4 similarly to Dragunov's f+4,CH 3.

7) d+3+4 push back on hit should be reduced. As it stands, using d+3+4 removes any further oki options killing our ground pressure.


Tyler you really know what drag is missing . I like your opinion regarding what we dragunov players want to see. Special mention on number 2) 4) and 5) overall great guide
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Really nice piece Tyler, you break Drag down very well.
While reading, I had a note here and there, but forgot it all along the way while reading the rest. I'll get back to them later but really, they're are all small things.
Thanks man.

Btw, what I would like to see changed on top of a lot of things you mentioned (faster takedown string, crushing ff4) is a big change for qcf4.
I'd say make it his i14 punisher, track right or both ways, keep it safe and the extension escapable. The move's still useless atm.
Oh and I really like the d42 idea!

Edit: skimmed through it and remembered some stuff:
-I like how you put an emphasis on 121. I think the move deserves it.
-I don't think d1 is such a great move as you think it is. It's linear as hell and a simple db4 will stop your momentum. Once people know this it's not that great anymore.
-I think f24 deserves an honorable mention. You can pressure your opponent by doing f2 and delay the safe 4 for a ch bait. f2, db3_ff1+2 are simple mixups.
-3+4 is fine as it is. Just tech left, nothing to it. Also, don't know if this has changed inT6 or BR, but in DR you can 3+4, get up and stomp.
-Is 13124,1+2 safe in br? in dr it was launchpunishable...

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Originally posted by sandilord
I'd say make it his i14 punisher, track right or both ways, keep it safe and the extension escapable. The move's still useless atm.

Edit: skimmed through it and remembered some stuff:
-I like how you put an emphasis on 121. I think the move deserves it.
-I don't think d1 is such a great move as you think it is. It's linear as hell and a simple db4 will stop your momentum. Once people know this it's not that great anymore.
-I think f24 deserves an honorable mention. You can pressure your opponent by doing f2 and delay the safe 4 for a ch bait. f2, db3_ff1+2 are simple mixups.
-3+4 is fine as it is. Just tech left, nothing to it. Also, don't know if this has changed inT6 or BR, but in DR you can 3+4, get up and stomp.
-Is 13124,1+2 safe in br? in dr it was launchpunishable...

I've read that f+4,4 is even on hit, holy crap, is that true? There's absolutely no reason to use it if so, I never realized that.

d+1 does have a smidgen of tracking to the left and on CH to your side, d+3+4 is still guaranteed. Either way it comes down to mind games, don't forget about low parrying, d/f+1+2, as well as SS launching. My post was just to whet "your" whistle, by no means is 1,2,1 the end all for that move.

I totally forgot to include f+2,4. I'll include it when I get a chance to work on the guide more. I love this move and it deserves recognition.

I never use 3+4 and every time I seem to find a time to use it, I always forget which way to tech and end up getting just WS 4, d+4,4.

AFAIK the 6-string is safe from most launches with push back, I'll test this weekend.


BTW, this is exactly the discussion I want for this "guide" I want it to be open to suggestions and changes including inclusions to the guide. I've had no chance to work on it this weekend and this week is looking busy so I won't get a chance for major revisions until this upcoming weekend.
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Nice guide you constructed there Tyler.

There's some typos that you probably know "d/f+1,3 should be d/f+1,4". I'm pretty sure you can delay the last hit of the string since it will still hit even if d/f+1 is on CH.

- b+2, u/f+3, and d/f+4 weren't mentioned in the move analysis though I'm sure you are going to add it in the guide later on.

- We know that b+2 is 15 frames that leaves Drag in WS position but it tracks quite a bit to his right. I still wonder why Drag has four different 15 frame punishers NC anyway.

- What's the tracking of d/f+2? I know it doesn't track to the left at all but what about to his right side?

- u/f+3 is pretty decent when the opponent is against the wall. You most likely won't get jabbed out of this compared to u/f+4 as much and you'll probably wall splat the opponent with u/f+3.

- 3,1<2 could be used as a BT catch but if the initial 3 doesn't hit, you pretty much have to gamble with the mid at the end of the string so I wouldn't use this option unless you want that crazy damage.

- d/f+4 is one of Drag's longest poke at 12 frames. I find this very useful from mid-long range especially if your opponent loves to rush at you. However, this move is linear as shit so if you throw it out right at your opponent's face, I would expect you to get ss launched.

- I think d/b+4 deserves a mention a bit. It's a 12 frame low that high crushes but leaves you at -2 on hit and pretty much -13 or -14 on block. The damage is pretty bad but it's mostly enough to finish your opponent if they are in rage. There's no reason to duck against Drag right? ;p

- After CH f,f+2, you can follow up with QCF+1+2/QCF+2. You can just do a d+2 as well.

Since the DR combo for u/f+4, ssr d+4,4, d+4,1,3 is gone in T6/BR, I wish we could have u/f+4, ssr, d+4,1, d+4,1,3 if Drag can't get a B! compared to other characters >_>.
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Originally posted by drkhades
- u/f+3 is pretty decent when the opponent is against the wall. You most likely won't get jabbed out of this compared to u/f+4 as much and you'll probably wall splat the opponent with u/f+3.
IMO, uf_u_ub3 is one of Drags better moves. It's speed is ok (i17 I thought), VERY low hitbox for a jumping mid so this will crush and hit every low. As you said, it splats at the wall, it's safe and a great keep out move. You can throw this out in many situations.
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Fantasic work Tyler, I've learnt alot from reading through it already.

I know you despise this move, but you probably should include it in your throws/grabs section all the same. They still have there uses in low level play.

Originally posted by meowcat
I think you've missed the b+2,1,3~1+2 'Transition Throw' and CH b+2,1,3 'Inescapable Attack Throw' however.

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i dropped asuka as one of my mains so im back in this dragunov game. doesnt seem like i missed to much though. this bible is solid good work t2k
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Nice to know:

Wall on right side: CH df+1,3, iws+4, 1.......
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It seems all BR moves were transfered to console.
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wow! good stuff tyler! must read for any drag player!
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Great guide, good to see some heads out there are as foolish as me and continue to main Drag. Hopefully i'll have something to add in the next couple of weeks but seeing as T6 has been out for so long it looks like you covered almost everything already.

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