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Looking for TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 information on Miguel? RIGHT HERE:

Hey all,
This is basically a post for everyone new to the Miguel forums.

Basic rules apply;
-No spamming.
-No flaming.
-Stay on-topic.
-Good spelling / grammar so people can understand you.
-Check if you can find the answer to a question before you ask it!

Some of the character specific forums are full of trash, hard to find things, and there's an argument every second thread. I don't think that many Miguel players want that here. So let's pleaaaase try and make sure that we stay being a quality place. Trash will be deleted.

Anyway, on to the directory part:

Miguel General Discussion
The "manly man" thread. Basically it's for general Miguel strategy discussion.
Since the release of BR, this is the new strategy thread + BR changes to Miguel.

Miguel Movelist
Movelist w/ frame data where we know it.

Miguel Juggles
First post has a compiled list of all his juggles.

Miguel Movies
Links to Miguel movies.

If you can't find something in one of these threads, please try search for it! That's what the "search forum for..." box is for. If you've tried finding something but can't, feel free to post up or PM me.

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