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Originally posted by MacNuzz
*Terrible pun inbound*
Hey Stud, if the video is good, I'll give you an... OSCAR LOL
lol. I'll just talk about the importance of spamming b+3 for thirty minutes and cancans for the other thirty minutes. Video complete!
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Originally posted by StudBuddha
b+3 and cancans

You're missing 1+4 mixups and reversals
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Originally posted by Miss Rochefort:
if i had to pick one, it would be Steve
i want his c0ck inside me XDD!
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My eyes T_T
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Anna=washing machine
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Originally posted by Fergus
My eyes T_T
Fergus this is a serious question but when you make a tutorial can you use this music.

can cans op

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I feel like no one is actually taking advantage of 2,1,4,1's potential as a 1 hit TA! filler with the last hit connecting unscaled (18 damage). Its not actually hard to make the last hit grounded(depending on the partner) but as far as I've seen, no one ever used this "tech".

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