Hwo's UB help. please.
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is it still possible to do the hwoarang's unblockable in a combo up to now.?
if yes, teach me please. since tekken 3 was released, i became addicted and a fan of it. but in TTT2, i'm just a newbie.

when i'm done doing the bob/bryan/baek's B!~5 followed by (hwo) 3+4,f+3,1+4, Hwo stays on the floor and the other character can't hit and Hwo finishes his UB. i tried doing 3+4,f+3,1+4~5 and 3+4,f+3,1+4~f to give other char. a chance to be hit by Bob's d/b+2 or etc. but still, Hwo continues his UB without any hit from his tag.

please help me.
this are the videos that i'm trying hard to make:
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TTT2 prologue combo. Not possible in TTT2 unlimited. Got to Q,A with these questions.

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