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One of a kind
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After v?rification this combo works with Eddy but only on Kuma/Panda

Yes....But in T6:BR it works on all characters.
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Originally posted by One of a kind
That is not a combo. Its a setup.

d/b+3 , n , 4 , 3 , n , 4..................

Watch some matches of Spero Gin or Slips....

Actually, I posted it first in my video then sleps copied. Whether his was comboing or not I don't know, but when I recorded it it was definitely a combo. Opponent was holding DB to block (and I'm pretty sure we tried holding back as well) and you cannot turn around quickly enough to avoid the low hit.

Needs very precise positioning at the wall so they can't turn around.

My criticisms of that video still live on in another thread somewhere I'm sure. It was almost all ripped from my videos, some of it wrong.

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