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Orlando BOOM
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Post any vs character guide, anti-character requests and any video links here on this thread.
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mach one
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been labbing vs raven lately. here's some meta i find against these raven moves:

33 on block safe catch all: block 33 then ssl, df3.
if she does 334, it will whiff against ssl and df3 will punish it. finish the string to maximize. if you press df3 too soon it will become FC 3. still a punish.
if she does 334b, she'll still get hit by df3 as long as you are not too late. reversal doesn't work on knees. PC not fast enough.
if she stops at 33 you can confirm to stop at df3 to stay safe. focus on her left foot. you see it stays still in the air for a few frames, you press 1+2.
or you can take the risk and duck 334 or launch 334b of course.

34 on block: punish with df31+2. she can hold F to avoid df3 but will still get punished by the 2nd hit.
she can also use the teleport parry to get behind you but recovers very slow. after df31+2 recovery you still have time to d4. if she does it a lot you can use a single df3 to trigger parry then turnaround and launch with df21.

41 on block: f1+2 beats everything except throws and d4, which can be beaten by holding DF.
she can turnaround quickly with b3+4. it's -16 but blockable. this makes her completely safe. so don't abuse f1+2, or any punishable moves. if she always does this, backdash war drum.
raven scrubs love to abuse her BT PC. in this case 441 can pierce thru PC and launch.
if they use BT f43 or BT d3 to mixup with PC, db41 beats all three.
side note: it's nearly the same meta after you punish -12f with 2b1+2, except PCs will trade. normally you wouldn't use this punish on raven but if your back is against the wall and you want out it's worth a shot. if you succeed you will get out of the wall and may also get a wall bounce.

43 on block: launch punish with df21, which also beats 431 and 434.
433: duck with DF then launch, which also beats 431 but not 434.
catch all: d2.

1+2 parry: if it's a jab or jab string that triggers this, there's usually enough time to intercept her mid air. optimal punish is to dash under her then turn around 441.

f23: on hit you can consider challenging with ws4. if she uses db2 your ws4 will trade. then you can pick up with ff1. she can ss your ws4 tho so condition her to check first.

f3: very annoying move.
f3 alone on block: can punish with 11. but she can go BT at -6 only with f3b then duck or reversal.
f3b on block: df3 beats everything except PC. 441 or d41 can beat PC.
f32: block and punish with df31+2.

df2 on block: launch punish with 441. can also beat the mid extension but not the high.
df23: duck then ws1.
df24: block then df21.
catch all: d2.

df44 on block: to be on the safe side you can punish with df231 instead of df21. in case she does df443, you will escape under her. this can also intercept df44u teleport mid air for combo.
if she always does df443, ss and launch of course.
df4 alone: block then df21 if you're willing to take the risk.

db2 on block: similar to 41 meta except her PC can beat yours now. it's funny how more disadvantage gives her more option here.

db3 on hit: you can beat her ws1 or ws2 with f1+2. although this can result in a full launch if she goes for spin to win. near the wall it's worth a shot.

b4n4: block then df31+2. or single df3 to bait parry.
b4 on block: punish with magic 4. this also beats b4b4 for a launch. and since b4n4 jails. it's safe to buffer 4 every time you block b4.

b1+2 on block: punish with 11, which also beats the mid extension where you can CH confirm the 3rd 1. but the low is uninterruptible.
b1+23: block low and launch.
if she always go for the mid you can counter harder with df42bf1.

u33_u3d3: this is fuzzy guardable. the low is 5f slower than the mid. the high is even slower so not even worth mentioning. block the mid and punish with df21. block the low and punish with ws1. she has more shenanigans after the low but ws1 will catch them in mid air. then you can pick up with ff1 for combo.

uf3+4 on block: punish with df21. this also beats uf3+4f4 but can't beat the other 2 extensions.
uf3+43+4: block and df21.
uf3+44: low parry. try to input df repeatedly instead of holding it. this way it also beats uf3+4f4.

ff3 on block: frame changes with distance. better stick to the good old 11.

ubb3+4 optimal punish: sidestep to avoid, then run up to her and wait for her to stand up, then 441 in the back.

haze 3: block and punish with FC df2. she can't do shit except teleport parry, which will still be launch punishable after you whiff FC df2 and then turn around.

haze 4: if you block this at close range. punish with df31+2. if it's too far then she can PC thru. so have 441 at the ready.

BT f3+4: punish with a single df3. she can hold F to teleport but you'll be safe.

qcf4: whiff punish with f31. block punish with df42bf1. also on block df21 beats everything except reversal.

guaranteed punish:
punish with 11: f23(close), ff4(close).
punish with f21 or f24: df1+2.
punish with df31+2: 434, f32, f1+2, uf3+441+2(and variation), ff2(at wall), ws1, ws3+4(close), haze 1, haze 1+2(close), BT 1+2, BT f1.
punish with df21: df24, b223, u33, uf44, uf3+43+4(and variation), BT 3+4.
punish with ws4 (or FC df2 at wall): 23, d3, d4, db3, db4, BT d4.
punish with ws1: b221+2, b1+23, FC3, FC4, BT ff3+4, qcf2.
punish with ufn4: FC df3+4, BT d3.
always duck the 2nd: 23(lp), 41, db21.

generally speaking i think this is an easy match up for julia. she can punish raven's main keepout move qcf4 very well. ff1 and ddf1 also destroy her CD approach. 2b1+2 doesn't work well with BT characters but raven has very few -12 moves anyway. one of julia's main weakness is tracking but raven doesn't have any safe launcher or whiff confirmable launcher so her ss punishment for quick pokes isn't great. another is that julia doesn't have a generic 12f d4. that can be a problem in dealing with raven's BT pressure. but it is compensated by having df31+2 which beats reversal and 441 which kills PC.

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mach one
Joined: Apr 2005
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VS EDDY: another easy matchup for julia. in general she's good vs gimmicky characters, especially the ones relying on low stance and range evasion.

how to deal with these eddy moves:

12f on block: RA beats all of eddy's options. d3 also beats all. db41 beats all except fastest hsp 4. df3 beats all except PC.

124 on block: RA beats all. 1 jab can intercept all.
124 on hit: launch with uf43, which also beats 1243 mid air, but takes more damage from 1244.
1244 after 12 on hit: duck for 2~3f then uf43 quickly into half a launch, which also beats 1243 mid air, and is safe vs 124b with option select input.

13[d] on block: ff3 or ff1+2 beats all but timing is strict. too fast won't reach hsp db. too slow can't beat PC. d1+2 beats all but hsp db, after which eddy can launch with ws13. d41 beats all but hsp db. trades with hsp db, ws4. fff21 can pick up hsp db which is airborne till 36f. but hard to be fast enough to beat PC. theoretically possible.

34 on block: jab in between to float. or ss the 2nd hit and punish with df21.

4: whiff punish with f31 or fff1, or ss df21 with whiff confirm. can be stepped either side.

1+23: block punish with b1+2. whiff punish with fff1 or ff df21.

f214: block punish with 2b1+2 or df31+2.

f3 on block: similar to 12f meta. RA beats all. d3 trades with hsp 4 in favor of julia. can pick up with ff1 after trade. beats everything else but no combo. df3 also trades with hsp 4 and can also pick up with ff1. loses to PC. beats everything else into air combo. db41 beats all but hsp 4. 1 jab can float hsp 4. recovers fast enough to block hsp 3~4. but gets high crushed by 3, b3, d3+4, and PC.

f4 on block: RA beats all.
f43: block f4 and swl.
f433+4: block f43 and swr.
f43+4: cannot hopkick. block and punish.
f4b on block: similar to f3 meta except d3 and df3 loses to hsp 4.

f3+4 on block: check with df3, which can't be avoided, not even with eddy's b1+2. eddy can use PC to go thru df3 but julia can still block after df3 recovers, or even PC back. also there's always 441 to kill PC if you get a hard read.

df1: on a hard read julia can dodge and launch with ssr 3+4 whether he does the extension or not.

df2: whiff punish with f31 or fff1. ssl punish with df21 whiff confirm.

df3: same as 13.

df4: block punish with ws4, fc df2, or ws3.

df3+4: block punish with b1+2. whiff punish with f31 or fff1.

d23 on block: d1+2 for easy damage. ff1+2 same damage with chance of wall bounce. ff3 less damage but better oki with chance of free fff21. b1 less damage with chance of launch.

d3: block punish with ws1.

d43 on block: punish with ws4 or fc df2.
d43 on hit: eddy is -8. free fc mixup for julia.
d4 on hit: eddy is -5. uf1 trades with d1, recovers before PC impacts, beats everything else giving either launch on CH or ff1 pick up on mid air intercept. if eddy does fc df4, julia's df1 will counter and give +14.

db23: block punish with b1+2. whiff punish with fff1.
db2 on hit: eddy is -7. you can confirm whether he's doing the 2nd hit and still be in slight frame advantage. the key is to watch his right foot position.

db3 on block: db3n4 can counter your ws1 or ws3. guaranteed punish is B&A. if eddy does db33, BnA will float him.

db4 on block: punish with df31+2, which also beats extension. df42bf1 can counter extension too.

db1+2: on a read you can counter it with b1.

db3+4 on block: d1 can punish. crushes the extension too. but can be avoided by either stance transitions.
db3+4d: df3 can pick up but can't beat db3+4 extension and can also be avoided by db3+4b. b3 does less damage but beats everything and can launch any rlx attacks.
db3+4b: b3 can punish. optimal punish is f31, df3 into air combo.

b14: same as f4 meta.

b2 on block: 11 can punish but can't beat the extension. d2 is guaranteed punish.
b24: optimal punish ssr df21. easy punish duck ws1.

b33: block and pick up with df3.
b3f: block punish with 2b1+2 or df31+2.

b4 on block: df3 can interrupt b44 but not b43. b43 can be fuzzy parried.

b1+2: can beat shotgun or uf1 sometimes but can't beat df3 or ws3. on a read counter with b1.

ub3: eddy's PC is very slow. after blocking any of his -3 or more moves you can use uf1, or b1 to check and if he uses ub3, you can still block it after your moves recover. he just takes hit for nothing. for magic 4 this limit lowers to -6 for you, e.g. after your ss3 blocked. also you can 441 thru PC in most cases. if you are neutral or plus, 1211 also beats it. the last hit will trade with ub3 if you start the string at -1.

uf3 on block: fc1 can punish but can't beat the extensions or transition.
uf33: block punish with b1+2. whiff punish with fff1.
uf33+4: low parry.
uf3d: ff1 can pick up but very hard. ws4 is more reliable.

u44: duck and float with BnA or uf43, which are also mixups if eddy just does u4.
u43 on block: ws4 trades with rlx 4. beats everything else. you should always low parry it tho.

uf4: ssr punish with df21.

u3+4d: transits very slow. can pick up with ff1 on reaction. df3 can also pick up but must be fast.

uf3+4: only 10f punishable in S2.

ff23: hard to low parry due to delay. block punish with ws1. but watch out for mid mixups.

ff3: -14 on block but no punish. i14 ff3 not long enough. whiff punish with ss df21 or swr 441.
ff33 on block: pick up with df3.
ff3b on block: f31 pick up.
ff3d on block: d1+2 can punish. ff3 does less damage but gives better oki or free fff21 if eddy attacks or gets up. b1 can be blocked if eddy gets up quickly. otherwise it hits RLX and trades with rlx 4 but can still pick up with f34 after the ballerina stun ends.
catch all: ss df3+4 or deep sw df423. whiff punish ff3 and float the transitions.

ff4 on block: punish with d1+2 at close to mid range. no guaranteed punish at tip range. fast ff1 can beat all attacks but can be avoided by hsp db. extended ff1 can reach hsp db but can't beat PC. ddf1 can reach hsp db and beat PC but can be crushed by hsp d3+4.

fff3: block and pick up with ff1 or BnA.

fc3: block punish with ws1.

fc4: unlike generic fc4, this is not launch punishable. block punish with ws4 or ws3.

fc1+2: block punish with df31+2. 2b1+2 is inconsistent due to pushback.
fc1+21+2: same.

fc3+4 on block: -13~-17 depending on range. close range punish with df21 or d1+2. tip range punish with df31+2.
fc3+4b on block: close range punish with d1+2 or ff1. tip range punish with deep dash ff1.
fc3+4d on block: punish with d1+2 or ff1.
to be safe just do ff1+2 with slightly extended dash.

fc df4: block and pick up with ff1 or BnA.

fc db4: -10 but no punish.

ws13: block and pick up with df3.

ws2: block punish with 2b1+2.

ws3: block punish with 2b1+2 or df31+2.

ss3 on block: punish with d1+2 or ff1.
ss3b cancel into hsp total 50f. PC starts at 58f. so you can always interrupt with d1+2 on reaction. no need to worry about bumping into ss3. it's i25. you can't be that fast.
ss3d cancel into rlx total 38f. rlx 4 fastest attack i15. rlx db quick get up 14f vulnerable. so if you are on point you can always interrupt with d1+2 on reaction.
ss3, b on block: punish with d1+2 or ff1.

ss4: you can block the 2nd hit even if the 1st one hits. but the 2nd hit is only -1 on block. you can beat everything with ws4. if eddy blocks it his df3+4 will be out of range for punishment. but he can always dodge your ws4 so still need to be careful. if you block the 1st hit the 2nd will usually whiff. then you can punish with ws4 or fc df2. however sometimes it won't whiff and you end up blocking both hits. in this case your ws4 will whiff even if eddy simply holds back to block.
ss4b: if ss4 hits it is the same meta as f3 on block.

ss1+4: block punish with ws1. or ff3 if range is an issue.

ss3+4 on block: only punishable when the 1st hit is blocked and the 2nd whiffs, in which case is -16 to -18 depending on range. punish with f4>1 so you can have a little more time to confirm.

hsp: most attacks can hit hsp. eddy relies on mixing up PC, hsp 4, hsp d3+4, and hsp db for defense in hsp. if you can handle these moves properly, other hsp moves will not be much of a threat. and he will be very afraid to go into hsp.

hsp db: 25f airborne, then blockable.

hsp 1: 8f PC. block and punish with ws4 or fc df2. or 441 on a hard read.

hsp 24: RA interruptable. 2nd hit same as ss4 .

hsp 3: same as ss3.

hsp 4: block and pick up with d23. eddy can evade your d2 with d3+4 but will still get hit by the knee. the only difference is you get a slightly better juggle.

hsp d3+4: block and pick up with df3.

rlx: fastest attack is rlx 4 which is i15. fastest way to stand up is db or ub which remains vulnerable for 14f.
julia's anti rlx moves: f4, f1+2, df1(close), df3(close), df4, df3+4(1st hit), d3, d4, d1+2, db1, db3, db4, b1, b3, b1+2, uf1, uf4, uf3+4, ff1, ff2, ff3, ff1+2, ws1, ws4(close), ss2, ss3+4, f32, f34, and a few more that don't happen too often.

rlx 13: same as 13 meta if you block both.

rlx 23: PC interruptable. same as ws3 on block.
rlx 24: 12f interruptable. sidesteppable. same as f4 meta on block.

rlx 3,4: 1st hit is -15 on block. if you punish with ws1 and eddy does the 2nd hit, he will float but you can still continue the juggle with ff1.

rlx 3~4: block and pick up with ff1.

rlx 4: block punish with df31+2.

rlx 43: optimal punish stand up df21.

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