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Japan EVO Champ uses Geese in a long set and manages to beat another legend.
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This is actually an anti geese question. Can 123 be ducked on reaction? Been in practice mode with the computer set to do 121 50 percent of the time and 123 50 percent of the time but not having much luck tried going by sound but by the time he makes that grunt sound he does when he does the 3 in 123 the kick is already making contact and forcing me to block.
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for those that don't know, geese received a nerf on the newest patch [ver. 2.30]

b+3,2 - The 1st hit of the move now has 3 more frames of recovery added. (From -9F to -12F). On hit, it is now -1F instead of +2F. The tracking properties on the 1st hit of the move being unintentionally improved depending on when you made the input for the 2nd hit is now also fixed.
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