Steve/Bryan Combo Request

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Hi guys, can i request for Steve/Bry combos? been watching alot of knee and dongdong using ste/bry and it just awesome how good they are together, thank you in advance!
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yes this team is really good. but your request is already answered. just by watching knee, you'll know what combos to do with the team. i would say going into practice mode an finding out your own an maybe better combos is a better idea.

personally what I think combo-wise what you should do is
bry any launch but lets use jet upper bf2
bf2 ff4 ta ste ssl ipab b1121~b flk 1 alb2 bry ff2.
ste ch b1~b ext dck1~5 bry ju~5 ste ff2 b! df121~b flk1 alb 2. good wall carry and takes red health. its really good
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Joined: Apr 2013
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Thanks Phantom! Honestly i have to say that even by watching i still have difficulties in the sequence of the combos since its all in my mind, but i will definitely practice, specially bryan coz im unfamiliar with him.

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