round start, whats your move?

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here is what I use to get first strike and maybe control the flow of the rest of the fight.

1+3 or 2+4 (sometimes I add a f)

D2+4 (opponent crouching) stay crouching if it whiffs is a good strategy IMO since most matches start with HIGH or LOW attacks and standing grabs.

d3+4, 4, 4, 2 gets blocked a lot
you can d3+4, 4, 2 to change it slightly

d3+4 into any mid attack cause they expect another 4 to hit low.
d3+4 into d2+4... same situation. your opponent is a trained monkey that blocks low when he sees d3+4.

1, 2
1, B ,1 helps me to read my opponent with not too much risk. the 1 has a %50 chance of whiffing the first throw of the match. this can set up a guaranteed throw after throw if you can get it right on the first frame after a whiff. your already standing at the perfect distance. most people don't hold D on a whiff'd throw. the macro throws also cancel throws so you have another %50 chance the second time around if they try a second throw.

2 not as quick as 1, although I don't know the frame data so I'm not sure.
2, 1
2, 1, 1
2, 1 , 2

B, 2 is better if you want to use 2 while your opponent recovers from a blocked punch. I NEVER start with 2 if my opponent is a good player or has fast jabs. good players always use the quickest jab to start. no one is using slow kicks to start a match. so don't practice all these other slow punches and kicks as starters. if they hit, chances are your opponent is noob.

bb, this is the same for every character. usually puts you at an exact distance from your opponent. even more distance if you both bb. this brings up way more possible moves and strategy that are identical to how you play regardless of being a starter. no need to list your options here but its still a good first move since it basically removes any chance of damage to either player. a gentleman's starter perhaps.
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Your standard choice should be to back off. There's too much risk involved in most options at the beginning of the round. That being said:

1 jab is a good round start, same for 2,1. If it hits I usually go for GS. I've noticed people who are good at escaping throws might not be as focused at escaping at the very beginning of the round.

F+4 is a pretty safe option if your opponent likes to SS at the beginning of the round.

SS, hopknee is good if you're expecting a linear move. Also good to crush lows/throws.

I don't use it much anymore, but if you can guess that your opponent will attack at the beginning (ex: EWGF), reversing the attack with B+1+3 or B+2+4 will give you a huge psychological edge for that round.

Make sure to mix up all your options otherwise you'll get owned. And if you're in doubt, you're better just to back off.
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3rd Dan
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good tips. I def agree that people who can reverse throws just dont expect it in the beginning of a match. I noticed that people like launchers at the start of a match so they can launch+juggle+bound+juggle. kings launcher is uf+4 with the knee.

if you throw and your opponent bb. then you can bet he will try to come in quick right after the wiff. this is pretty good since you know exactly when they are coming at you and you know its going to be a juggle starter. you can time your b+1+3 for the arm throw. sometimes they will try to close the distance with some flying kick but you can see that one coming and do a b+2+4.

both counter throws will bring your opponent closer to the wall and maybe force a bb roll into the wall.

really though. that uf+4 is good if you get it on first frame. everyone else seems to like juggle starters as first move now so they can do %80 damage after bound juggle. this is standard stuff but king can do it too. I don't see the standard 10 hit combos as being strong with king. I do see lots of oki traps with all the flying shit king does. ofcourse timing is key to an oki trap.
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backstep and b+3 (if they wiff)
sometimes b+1, 2. it depends.

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